Bar Pick-up


A special thanks to mnwild2001. We worked together to make this piece several years ago and it was a fun experience of writing part of a story and then seeing where someone else took it and then seeing their response when I picked back up where they left off. I just think it is time this was shared with others and hope they enjoy it as much as we did.

Thank-you SexyGeek for Editting and Reviewing this!


He’d stood her up! She fumed as she looked at her watch, AGAIN! God, she was pissed!

Their marriage had flat lined months ago and this had be a last ditch effort to breathe some life back into it. She had dressed especially sexy tonight, wearing the things that she knew turned him on the most; a sheer blouse with a wisp of a bra, a skirt with a side slit up to mid-thigh. She had worn her hair wispy and flowing, hinting at a more ethereal beauty. Her only piece of jewelry, a pendant hanging between her breasts accentuating her ample cleavage. She was a knock-out and she damned well knew it. It was his loss and she kept trying to remind herself of that fact.

She stayed at the bar, the better to present herself. She was now on her 3rd drink, and that was probably a bit much. One or two were more her norm.

Then she saw a man out of the corner of her eye. To say he walked up to the bar didn’t do his movement justice, he strolled with a confidence and calm surety that few men ever mastered. Dressed in a business suit, clean cut and clearly in town only for business, he stood out in this bar like a peacock among a flock of geese.

“This seat taken?” he asked casually even as he proceeded to slide into it.

She smiled and as she shifted on the stool, the skirt fell away leaving even more of a view that his eyes took in with a smile on his lips.

“I’ve been watching you and it looks like you are here alone, a state a woman as beautiful as you should never be in. I’m sure you’ve noticed every eye in the bar is on you,” he said with a winning smile that made her pussy moisten.

She shook her head. She’d been so concentrated on her annoyance and anger at her husband, and the drink in her hand she hadn’t really been paying much attention to any of the other patrons. But at his indication she glanced around the bar and she saw that indeed, several eyes were taking her in, both male and female and she felt herself flush a bit with pleasure.

“Let’s go,” he said as he stands, taking her hand and pulling her to feet.

He guided her out of the bar, and not surprisingly led her to the hotel next door.

She had chosen this bar to meet her husband in no small part due to its proximity to this very hotel and it had been her intention that he become so turned on seeing her that he’d want to bring her here. Now she found she didn’t give a damn about him, and was willing to do just about anything this handsome stranger led her to.

With his right arm wrapped around her waist and his left hand holding her left arm he guided her leisurely but directly through the hotel lobby.

She inhaled his scent. His cologne was light but musky and was perfectly intoxicating. Somehow it made her mind think sex in a way that she could not control or understand.

He led her straight to the elevator and they were able to walk on as if it merely awaited them, and was waiting on his or her pleasure. He put his key card in and pushed the button once they were on, her eyes widen as she realized the button was to the penthouse!

“The penthouse?” She asked in surprise.

“Yes,” he replied, “I do everything first class.”

He came closer, pressing her body between him and the back of the elevator. His hand expertly cupped one breast which yearned to be free of the bra fabric.

He had just a hint of a five o’clock shadow which grazed her cheek as he nuzzled her neck.

Her body was inflamed, her cunt lips were wet and her breathing was getting increasingly ragged.

She whispered in his ear ever so softly, “My name is Karen.”

He whispered back, “Mine is Jason,” and he returned to nuzzling her neck.

She whispered back, “Jason, I am entirely yours night.” She couldn’t believe her own boldness.

“I know,” he said and she sensed that he was smiling even as she moaned softly into his ear.

The doors on the elevator opened, and she’d had no further chance or need to respond.

He unlocked the door, and she walked in just a couple of steps as he kicked the door shut. He moved to stand behind her in the hallway of the room before she’d gotten more than those couple of steps and pulled her close to his chest. She could feel his warm breath on her ear as he cupped her breasts in his strong hands.

She looked at herself in the hallway mirror. Who was this girl giving herself to this hunk of a man? She felt like she might as well be looking at a stranger. This woman who was so ready to submit to the will of a man who clearly knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to take it was no one she knew, but she looked hot.

But more than that, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları it was not just that he took for himself what he wanted, he gave as generously, giving her what she needed, bringing her passions higher with every caress.

Watching him play with her body only excited her more. He slipped a hand under her bra and tweaked the nipple, a touch full of confidence with just a hint of pressure that went beyond tenderness.

Karen scooted her ass back into Jason and felt the pressure of his cock, now fully satisfied in the knowledge he was as excited by her as she was by him.

Keeping his right hand on her breast, his left traveled south, over her belly, then over to her thigh to slide back and to cup her buttocks. He squeezed and lifted simultaneously so that his hard cock was firmly wedged into the crevice of her ass.

She ground herself back into his hardness, amazed at how thick and solid it felt. He moaned encouragingly in her ear and she felt herself flush with pleasure and excitement.

His hand moved from her ass, back to her thigh, sliding up from within the slit of the dress to reach inside and to rub against her panty clad pussy. It was her turn to moan again as the pressure on her nether lips brought her excitement higher making her shudder and grind like a wanton bitch in heat. As he increased the pressure, she felt more animalistic and found she liked releasing herself to her passions.

The pressure of his hard cock pressed against her ass as she ground back, with his hand applying pressure to her pussy in front was quickly becoming too much for her, and in just a couple of moments she was screaming her passion for anyone to hear as she came.

Slowly he reduced the pressure on her pussy, but did not release her, allowing her to calm down a little. Her legs felt weak and she wasn’t certain she could walk. She’d already had an orgasm and she was still dressed and in his hallway!

She felt so slutty and that turned her on even more.

Breathlessly she turned into him and whispered huskily, “What do you want?”

His reply was even and measured…and completely self-assured, “Everything.”

She replied, “I already said I was entirely yours tonight, take it all.”

Forcefully, he repeated himself, “Everything.” His eyes locked on hers and under the force of his will her eyes dropped.

She had a rush of adrenaline. No one had ever been so clear with her, or lusted after her this way before. A heretofore unrecognized submissive side of her took over as she kept her eyes lowered her voice quavered with a touch of excited apprehension.

“How may a slave-girl please her Master?”

“Get me a drink,” he said, motioning to the wet bar in the living room.

As she turned to walk away he gave her a quick swat on the ass. She glanced back with a “come on” look that even surprised him and brought a smile to his face.

Once at the bar she asked, “Whiskey, Master?”

“Yes, and pour one for yourself.” He said this as he joined her at the bar.

“I prefer white wine,” she said casually.

He grabbed her ass possessively, pulling her closer to him forcefully. “Did I ask ‘what you preferred’?”

“No, Master.” she responded meekly.

“A ‘Master’ commands, a ‘slave-girl’ does.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

“No, Master.”

“Good, then proceed.” He released his grip and sat in a chair to watch her.

She poured the two drinks and carried them to him, handing one to him and keeping the other. He motioned her to sit, but with no other chair, she was forced to kneel at his feet, a difficult thing with her tight dress, but after some contorting she did manage.

He took a sip as she did. Her eyes met his momentarily to see him staring at her, but again under his gaze she was forced to lower her eyes. The whiskey burned as she drank, but as she finished her drink he took her glass and set it down with his.

He pulled her up, into a kneeling position. Placing a finger under her chin he lifted her face up so that he could look directly into her eyes and she could not look away from the power and hunger in his eyes.

“Dance,” he said finally, simply as he pushed a button on a remote that started the stereo playing sultry music.

She got back to her feet and started to sway and dance to the music. She felt embarrassed and self conscious, never having been much of a dancer in her own opinion, but as she took note of his avid attention she began to lose some of her nervousness.

“Strip,” he commanded as the song changed.

She stopped dancing and reached behind herself to pull the zipper.

“Did I say to stop dancing?” he asked simply, with his eyebrow raised.

“No, Master,” she answered and resumed swaying her body as she worked to get the zipper down.

She swayed and moved to the music, working the zipper lower slowly until she could slip the dress off her shoulders. She worked her dress down revealing first her lacy black bra, and then still lower revealing her matching black thong, and then she slipped it off completely stepping out, leaving it crumpled on the floor.

Then she turned slowly, so he could admire her bra enclosed breasts and her thong split ass cheeks equally, and then she reached behind herself, unclasping her bra. She let one strap fall and then the other, holding the cups up longer to maintain the suspense and then one slow inch at a time she allowed it to slip down freeing her breasts to sway and bounce with her and the music.

She then began to work her thong down, a half inch down on the right, half an inch on the left, slowly working the sides down, but not enough right away to reveal anything. She turned, presenting her ass for viewing, having noted his particular interest in her ass, and worked the thong free of her ass. She heard a gratifying intake of breath of pleasure coming from him. She bent over all the way, leaving her ass high in the air, and she pushed the thong down her legs, and then stepped out of it.

She turned slowly, still swaying so he could see her trimmed snatch, and then the music changed. It was Shakira, “The Hips Don’t Lie”, a song she’d always found exciting and easy to move to.

She shimmied to the music, her hips swaying and the words moving deep inside of her, like a lover fucking her deeply into her very soul. She felt her body respond even as if she were being taken by the song, and it was reflected in her dance moves as they slowed and became even more sensual, more erotic.

“The hips don’t lie…” Her dance was one of yearning, for enticing her Master, begging him to use her as she wanted/needed to be used.

He watched, despite himself completely mesmerized by the raw sexuality. He had never seen a song change a 21st century confident woman to pure sex slave in such a short period of time.

Her skin glowed in the light from the fireplace, her eyes half closed, even as her hands slid over her own body, twisting her own nipples, slipping an occasional finger between her moist slit.

She was turning into a marvelous slut, just learning both how to be attractive to a real man, and for the first time, how to be truly aroused herself.

He stood up, as that song came to a close, and in the pause between songs, “Undo my shirt and my belt, slut,” he commanded her.

She opened her eyes and danced toward him, not stopping as she had remembered his stern admonition earlier.

She came close and teased as she unbuttoned his shirt, still swaying to the music. It now was just a background for what was about to come. She ran her nails over his hairy and tight chest, then slipped them down his abs to his waist so she could undo his belt.

She leaned into his strong chest and she rubbed her breasts against him, moaning softly as his hair tickled her sensitive nipples pleasantly.

He broke off contact and she emitted a quiet whimper, her body yearned for more, and he knew it just as much as she did.

“On your knees.”

She knelt, still swaying best as she was able from this position.

“Open my pants, and show me how you can worship my cock.”

She unbuttoned his slacks, and pulled down the zipper. Opening his pants allowed them to drop to his ankles. She grabbed hold of the waist band of his underwear and pulled it down, freeing first his hard cock that bounced in front of her face, and then his balls that swayed seductively beneath his proud member.

“Prove your worthiness,” he said simply, smiling down at her.

She grasped the shaft and licked the head which was a deep purple. Normally she didn’t much care for oral, but tonight staring at this commanding man’s powerful cock she wanted nothing more than to please both him and it. She toyed with the rim between the shaft and head teasing him.

He arched his back to prevent his knees from buckling and while she wanted to tease him more she found her newly awakened hunger for the cock driving her to take more of him between her lips.

She splayed her legs for balance but the sight was enticing as he looked down at her.

She looked up at him and he stared deeply into her eyes. He loved the look of complete submission on her face even as she was excited by the complete command in his eyes.

She started to deep throat him, relaxing her throat so that it submitted completely to his cock.

He leaned back, his toes curling with pleasure, making standing a greater challenge.

“Tell me what you are,” he commanded.

“I am ‘your’ slave girl.” She says softly, barely getting the words around his thick cock, still sliding between her lips.

“What else?”

“Your bitch, Master.”

As she said that he guided his foot forward and positioned it against her gaping cunt. She couldn’t resist the temptation and rubbed her pussy against his foot, moaning around his cock as her cunt pulsed with pleasure.

“You’re a bitch in heat aren’t you?”

“Yes Master, your slutty bitch.”

At that he withdrew his meat from between her lips, and pulled back his foot, making her whimper in undisguised want and disappointment. That whimper became a gasp of surprise as he spun her on her knees and with his hand to the back of her head forced her face down into the carpet.

“Then I will take you as the bitch you are, with your ass up and head down like the slut you know you are.”

As he positioned her and told her this, she was facing the mirror and looking at herself. She moaned again in rising excitement.

“Yes Master! Please fuck your little slut!”

She never felt so slutty, so dominated, so sexy and lusted after. Her pussy was wet, and hungry for cock. She wanted to be taken so badly and whimpered with her need.

Her face was in the carpet and she was so low her nipples scraped against the carpet sending shivers throughout her over aroused body, her every nerve aflame with the excitement and her burning need.

She saw him crouching behind her as she felt his cock tease her cunt lips. He rubbed the head of his manhood against her soft pussy folds with short thrusts that only hinted at penetration, and gave a sense of restrained power.

The teasing made her moan, and squirm as she tried to push herself back onto his powerful cock, but he held it back teasing her, and smacking her ass for her insolence, while chuckling at her wanton need.

“What do you want?” he asked, still calm and in control, and even if she couldn’t see his face in the mirror she could hear the smile in his voice. He knew his control was complete and that she was more than ready to please him.

“Your cock Master!” She exclaimed and then she shamelessly begged, “Please fuck your little slut.”

As she said “slut” he plunged his cock into her with a force that ground her into the floor. Had she not been so wet, his huge thick cock would have torn her, as it was it filled and stretched her cunt and made her moan with pure lust.

His deep and steady thrusts sent her face into the carpet, the hurt was so delicious, and seemed to intensify the pleasure. He palmed her breasts rolling the nipples between thumb and forefinger further adding to the combination of pain and pleasure.

It served to make her more the wanton slut, his willing and shameless bitch.

“Harder Master! Please fuck me harder! I beg of you, I need this. Make me your little bitch. I am your personal slut!”

The long litany of pleads and words just poured from her lips as she rocked her body back to meet his powerful thrusts. Her pussy pulsed and squeeze around his delicious cock. Each time he rammed his way into her she felt her whole body shiver and another wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her threatening to drown her in a never ending sea of orgasms.

He continued the fucking even as she was beginning to feel weak, her moans were mere whimpers as she felt her body used by this man, her Master.

Then in a final act of domination he grabbed her hair and yanked it pulling her head back.

“Look at your Master as he fucks you.”

She looked back and lusted like she never had before. Then he slammed himself deep into her a final time and unleashed a load of cum into her aching pussy. He held her there, one hand holding her hip, keeping his cock deep in her pussy, the other holding her hair so he could stare into her eyes.

Finally he released her, and she collapsed, sliding forward on the floor, rubbing her breasts against the carpet, giving her another bit of pain that made her body shiver with pleasure.

He took a step back, and then he ran his foot against her cunt causing her to moan weakly as it brought more pleasure to her.

“Yes my bitch, I suppose you think we are done.”

He stepped back and sat back in his chair. “You would be wrong. Come clean your Master.”

She obediently got back up onto her knees, and crawled to him. She took his cock in her hands again and began to gently lick it clean.

She wasn’t used to her own taste and was surprised to find that she liked it, and despite her physical weariness she eagerly took to licking every inch of his cock, clean. Then she worked lower, and began to bathe is balls with her tongue.

She was being rewarded for her effort quickly as his cock began to re-harden, he moaned in surprise and pleasure and with a hand to the back of her head he pulled her mouth close to his crotch.

She took that as further encouragement and re-doubled her efforts. Licking and sucking his balls in turn, and then moving her lips and tongue back to his cock.

“What a wonderful little slut you are,” he said smiling down at her, and she smiled with pleasure and the cock in her mouth.

“Yes Master. Do I please you?”

“I have a treat for you, come with me,” he said as he rose to his feet, and taking her hand he lead her to the sliding door that led to the balcony.

He had her step out in front of him, and then he pushed her gently against the rail, her breasts dangling over the railing into the air and she could see the street below. Her body shivered from the cool air and the thought that she might be seen up here both frightened and excited her.

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