Barbaria Act 1 Epilogue

Barbaria Act 1 EpiloguePersonal NarrativesNerine, Drax, Flavia, LeoNerine, body slave to Princess AlexenaI feel sorry for the new girl, Flavia. She is very delicate, very pretty. Obviously so sensitive. Rather like myself in many ways. So I understand all the better what she is going through.At the same time, when I say I am sorry, I am also glad. Because whenever a new girl arrives, it takes the pressure off some of the slaves of longer standing like myself. To some extent we get less attention pais to us. That is something to be gratefurl for, at least.It won’t last, but it helps.I wondered what she thought when she was brought in to watch Myron coupling with me. Horrofied, I suppose. Revolting. Disbelieving. But in time, she’ll get over it. She’ll become like all of us who have to bow the knee to Barbaria.Acclimatized.Acepting slavery.Poor Flavia. I was there when she had her first whipping. How she screamed as they striped her in turn. What a frenzy of revolt her body was in. I thought my eardrums must split with her shrieking. But it made no difference. They just whipped as they say they would… stripe after stripe after stripe… whaling the white flesh into purple weals.Oh poor Flavia.But then, we have all gone throught it.The Princess Alexena had her brought in again this evening, stripes or no stripes. And into the iron pillory she went. Six more guards were brought in to ravage her.Oh the awful sounds!And the sights!Oh poor Flavia!They reduced her to a slavering jelly of female flesh. No longer responsible for her actions nor her reactions. In the end she became as a****l-like as those who were pillaging her body. It was a pitable spectacle. But one, I know, which Princess Alexena and other member of her Court, who watched, enjoyed greatly.I do not think that was the last time that Flavia will be locked into the iron pillory and given to the Palace Guards.At the moment, the apartments of the Princess are quiet. We slaves stand idly awaiting her return from some state business. For each one of us, the future stretches interminably ahead… into abject wretchedness.We have been made slaves, and now we all know we shall remain slaves forever. To be used. To be abused. To serve and to suffer.Drax, Overseer and Slave TrainerMy favorite among the new arrivals from Cipri is the flaxen haired girl Cindra. Not only because she is tall and superbly shaped but because she had spirit.She resisted me from the outset.And I trashed her mercylessly.That casino siteleri is no more than the duty of an Overseer. All the same, the girl still has spirit. Even if it is a suppressed spirit. You can see it in her eyes; you can feel it as you touch her. That spirit still seethes inside her and dare not find outward expression. For Cindra now knows, if it ever does, she will be whipped into a jelly of demented flesh.By the gods! Already she had taken more severe thrashings than three average girls to get her into the state of submission she already is. Nut still that stubborn spirit remains. I know it. Outward appearances aren’t everything. Oh yes… oh yes… it’s lurking still deep down inside her and, until that spirit of hers has been finally tamed, it cannot be said she is a slave girl fit to serve the Lady Judilla.The other three of the new arrivals are already fit, but not Cindra. That I know. That I shall ultimately tame her – and fully – is not in doubt. It is simply the way and the means. It is, however, a problem one can contemplate happily.Last evening I had my assistant Bela bring her to me.Knowing the girl’s reluctance to perform fellatio, that was what I at once ordered her to do… for I was lying naked and ready to receive the pleasure of her mouth. Despite knowing the consequences, she could not help reacting adversely. I saw the revulsion in her eyes; I heard her pleas and protests. Then I ordered Bela to cane the girl soundly.When the girl was brought back to me, I repeated my order. Sobbing heart-renderingly, she obeyed it. Believe me, it was a most gratifying moment. Not only had I enforced her submission, but her mouth was so wet and warm one might have considered it loving and, despite her aversion for me, she sucked very well. In fact, I gained the impression that, as a free woman, she had enjoyed the act of fellatio. It was simply because she was forced into it by a man alien to her that she rebelled against it. However, as I have said before, I knew how to deal with rebels in the city of Nexos, capital of our great State of Barbaria!I did not allow myself to climax in this girl Cindra’s mouth but, a little later, fucked her instead.There was no doubt, by the feel of her body, she was still hating still resisting.Oh that stubborn spirit of hers! I became more than ever convinced there is a lot of work to do on her yet, before she is fit to serve the Lady Judilla.Flavia, personal slave of Princess canlı casino AlexenaUnless you have been whipped, as I was… secured by cords to Princess Alexena’s bedpost… you cannot imagine the excruciating agony of it. The agony of the body… of the mind… and of the spirit.Before one had been whipped, one can only imagine the pain. That is terrible enough. But, believe me, the actuality is far, far worse. Indeed, it is incredible. Impossible to describe adequately, so awful is it. Just one single stroke of the whip contorts the mind as well as the body, yet the strokes go on and on and on.I can assure you that, while one is being whipped, one prays for the release of death.However, it is a release never vouchsaved one.Oh the devils… the devils… who rule Barbaria, and it is the women who are the worst. By far the worst. They shame my own sex. They are evil beyond anything I could have previously possibly envisaged. Monsters! Monsters!Oh how can I endure such an existence of such utter shame and horror?And of such agonising pains?But what alternative is there for me?The escape route to death is denied me. So what else is there? No longer, indeed, is there any hope. This Barbaria ruled the world, as we know it. Who can possibly rescue me? In my heart, I know the answer. No one. I am now destined to be a slave forever.A slave of Princess Alexena.She who delights in tormenting and degrading others.It was she who, yesterday, had me brought back to her apartment. Brought back still covered in the weals raised by her whip. There to be fastened again into the cruel iron pillory. There to be ravaged again by six b**sts chosen from the ranks of those who guard her Palace. The vileness of it was beyond all description. As it had been on the first occasion. Yet, to the Princess and her acolytes, it was a commonplace matter. Something that could – and often did – happen everyday.Something to amuse them in their dalliance.It could have been music. It could have been dancing.As it was, it was my body… hedeously assaulted by brutish males. That was the entertainment which diverted them most.Monsters! Monsters!One could weep for them.Oh yes, one could weep for them if one had any tears left which had not already been shed on oneself.As I lie chained and naked in my cell, I know they will come again for me soon. For the amusement of my Mistress.Leo, new slave of the six-teen year old KarenaThat afternoon, they killed me as man.They did kaçak casino not snuff out of my life. That would have been pointless, but they flogged out what remaining guts and manhood were left in me.She-devils!Six-teen year old she-devils!Did they really know what they were doing?But, of course, that was only a beginning. There is a lot more amusement to be had from me yet. Sexual amusement, particularly. There seems no end to the games they can devise.I with my Mistress…I with both of them…I with the slave girl of Miss Zena…I with the male slave of Miss Zena…Oh… oh… ohhh… the disgusting horror of that male contact I am forced into. He too is equally revolted, I am sure. They love to make us do things to each other of which even a****ls would be ashamed.We have no choice.Unless one prefers to be whipped beyond all reason.Oh, by the gods, sometimes I wish they would literally whip me to death. At least then, it would be all over.The quietus of death…For those who fardels bear, it is something much to be yearned for.Yet… oh yet… how long have I been a slave of Barbaria? Scarcely more than a few weeks. It is ridiculous that I should have been reduced to such a condition!Cringingly abject!Grovellingly servile!And to a six-teen year old girl.Yet it is a fact.Shortly, I shall be sent for. I am sure of it. This afternoon they have been drinking. Their thinkling laughter comes to me as I toil at menial tasks. Soon I shall be used to amuse…She-devils. She-devils.Oh how I hate them!Yet, I know, when the moment comes, I shall go grovelling on my belly to please as best I can.Whining…Begging for mercy…Utterly submissive…As a slave of Barbaria must be.For long galleys creamed their way over the wine-dark sea.Though the wind was fair, slaves sweated at the in oars in order to increase the pace of the vessels. For this was a Barbarian fleet setting out in search of plunder again. For gold, for jewels… yes!For the mechanical artifices of a previous civilisation… yes!But, above all, for human beings. For slaves. The life-blood of Barbaria.The fleet sailed under the command of Captain Varian. But the orders for the expedition had been issued by Princess Alexena. She was the supreme authority in Barbaria… and everyone was fully aware of it. From the commander of her fleet down to her newest slave, Flavia.Whips cracked in the galleys.What did it matter if flesh was ripped?What did it matter if slaves died of exhaustion?There was plenty more flesh to be obtained.Plenty more slaves to be captured.That was why this new Barbarian expedition was setting forth.Before long… surely… oh surely… it would return… laden with treasures!End of Act 1.

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