Best Wife Swapping Sex Experience – Part 1


Best Wife Swapping Sex Experience – Part 1deleteddeleteddeletedAt our first encounter, we saw each other naked on cam (obviously face hidden). After that, we regularly started chatting and soon we became good friends and we shared our mobile numbers. Since both of us belong to different cities, it was really difficult to meet.Finally, after months of cam and phone sex, we met in real and had passionate sex in a hotel. I just can’t forget our first sexual encounter where my wife proved that she had been banged by many guys. I would like to inform you that we both were not virgins when we met. Both of us had experienced multiple partners before we met each other. We were frank enough to share our past experience with each other.After dating for 5 years, we decided to get married. It was really difficult for me to convince my parents because of the age difference but they finally agreed and we got married with the blessings of our families.Our first night after marriage was not different since we already had that ‘suhagraat’ moment many times before marriage. I had fucked her almost in every position.Our married life started and it was full of sex. We used to watch porn together and used to follow the same positions in real. We used to talk dirty and abuse each other badly while having sex.After 1 year of marriage, it was getting a monotonous thing for us daily. Both of us are aware about our high libido for sex and we were looking things to spice our sex life.I always had the fantasy where I can see my wife getting banged by someone else and I will bang other girl in front of her. I really wanted to talk to her about my fantasy. But I was a little scared like how will she react because while getting married, we promised each other that our past relationships with other people don’t matter and after getting married, we will stay loyal to each other.Back of the mind, I always had that thought that my wife can’t stay on one cock throughout her life. I knew someday she will open her legs for some other guy. Finally, my wife trapped me one day where she caught me watching ‘wife swapping’ porn. She started laughing and asked me whether I was planning for any such experience.I was surprised by her question and very smartly gave her a reply that there was no harm in doing that. She ignored my answer at that moment and just smiled.We had awesome sex that night. She again surprised me by playing ‘wife swapping’ videos the next day. For a few days, she kept doing this thing and I have been quietly following her where we both used to watch ‘wife swapping’ porn and end up having sex.One fine night while having sex, she confessed that she wanted to watch me having sex with another lady. I smiled and asked her whether that meant she wanted me to watch her with some other guy. She started laughing and accepted what I said.Both of us were very happy to share our fantasy. I asked her since when she had this kind of fantasy. Her reply shocked me. She had this fantasy right from the first day when I met her online. She told me that she was confident to convince me for this kinky stuff.Now our main discussion started like who should be the lucky couple with whom we will be having fun. We really don’t want to involve any known couple.Shruti suggested the best option, “Let’s search our partners like how we searched for each other”. I was really impressed with güvenilir bahis the idea and I quickly created one email address and we started searching online.It was a long time since both real internet players were online and this time, we are doing this together. It was really fun to do sex chat. For some of the viewers, we shared our cam as well where we did live sex for them.After 10 days of search, we finally ended up meeting one Delhi couple (Khalid and Asma). Both of them were in their 30’s. They told us that they never had wife swapping experience before.We decided to continue our chat for a few days and only if both of us were comfortable, we will plan for a real meet. We shared our number and started a video chat. I was really horny looking at Asma for the first time. Her looks and assets were something which can get any guy on his knee.Khalid and I started flirting with each other’s wife on cam. Here Shruti was dying to take Khalid inside her. She confessed that she had been banged by a Muslim guy before marriage and now looking at Khalid, she just can’t wait to taste the circumcised cock once again.Shruti started forcing me to set up the meeting as soon as possible. Even I was not able to control myself since this will be my first encounter with a Muslim girl.Finally, Khalid broke the ice and agreed for a real meet. We decided to meet at a different city where no one knew us. Khalid suggested Goa for our fun. Both of us booked our room for 4 days in the same hotel.Shruti and I were very excited about this meeting. We decided to meet at the airport where we will be reaching from Mumbai and Khalid and Asma from Delhi and then from the airport, we will head towards the hotel together.We reached Goa and while coming out, we saw Khalid and Asma waiting for us since they reached before us. While going towards them, Shruti whispered in my years: “Look at my circumcised dick waiting for me”. I knew if given a chance, Shruti would be ready to get fucked even at the airport.We greeted each other and both of us very happy meeting for the first time. Both the ladies started talking to each other and making themselves comfortable for the coming hours.We reached the hotel and checked in our rooms. We decided to go to our room and then meet in 1 hour after getting fresh. Our rooms were side by side.After getting inside the room, Shruti hugged me and started jumping like a mad lady. She started shouting, “Our fantasy will come true soon”. I asked her, “Did you like them?” to which she replied, “I just can’t wait to get banged by my new fucker, Khalid”.We both started laughing and took shower together. Well, we didn’t try to have sex since we wanted to keep ourselves hot for our partners.We decided to meet in 1 hour but Khalid and Asma rang our bell in 30 minutes. Shruti and I were still in the shower and we were shocked like how come they came so early.I came out wrapping a towel and opened the door while Shruti was still inside the bathroom. I was glad to see Khalid and Asma on the door. Looking at me, Khalid said, “Ohhh sorry guys, I think we are little early” and they started going to their room.I stopped them and asked them to come inside. Khalid asked me to confirm with Shruti first if they can come inside. I told them that there was no need to confirm with Shruti as she was already waiting for them.Khalid started blushing türkçe bahis and Asma was continuously looking at me in the towel. Both of them were already in a Goan attire where Khalid was wearing shorts and a T-shirt while Asma my soon-to-be-fucking lady was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I could see her big boobs cleavage and those big booties for which I can die for.I gave a nice smile to Asma. Both of them came inside our room and they were seated on the sofa which was just beside our bed. I again went inside the bathroom and informed Shruti that they were sitting outside.Me: Do you want me to get your shorts from the bag?Shruti: No need, dear. Let me go outside wrapping a towel. I would suggest you also to come like this only.We went outside together. Khalid and Asma stood up and they started apologizing to Shruti for disturbing us. Shruti started laughing and she hugged Asma.Khalid said, “Guys if you want some time to get ready, we can wait outside”.Shruti, “Come on, that’s fine. We are already comfortable”.Shruti and I then sat on the bed and started talking to them. Asma looked at my hard dick which was ready to come out. Here Khalid was getting mad looking at Shruti.Khalid said jokingly, “Did you guys already started and is that why took so long?”Shruti replied, “Of course, we would have. But I think in this trip, we had some other plans” and all of us started laughing.Khalid got courage and cunningly replied, “What other plans, Shruti?”Shruti said, “I will let Asma reply on this. Asma, tell your husband why we are here and why you guys are before time in our room”. Hearing this, we all started laughing again.Me: Guys tell me what’s the plan now?Khalid: Both of you have already set the plan. I would prefer staying in this room.Shruti: What plan, Khalid?Khalid: A little slip and your towel could change the room’s atmosphere.Shruti: This towel will not come off out unless someone tries.I, looking at Asma, “Shruti are you talking about my towel?”Shruti: Both of ours, dear.Khalid to Asma, “Asma, I think someone is challenging us”.Asma replied, “Then, what are you waiting for, Khalid. Show your talent!”Khalid: Asma I think you should go ahead and take charge.Asma stood up from her place and came near us. Shruti started laughing and was looking at me. I was almost ready for the show but Asma shocked everyone by pulling Shruti’s towel, making her nude in front of everyone. This move surprised everyone but Shruti was a very sporty woman and she didn’t try to hide. Shruti was fully nude in front of everyone.Shruti held Asma and asked her to complete the dare. “Dear, there is one more towel to remove and I think that will make you happier”. Khalid was completely horny now and was looking at nude Shruti. He stood up and came near her.Asma: As you say ma’am.Saying this, Asma came near me and while kissing on my lips, she removed my towel too. Here I grabbed Asma and on the other side, Shruti had already started eating Khalid’s lips.Suddenly, the room atmosphere was changed. I started eating Asma’s lips while pressing her boobs. Soon I removed her top and licked her cleavage.Khalid had already accessed to Shruti’s assets and he started sucking her boobs. Both of us were lying on the bed side by side. I removed Asma’s shorts and she was in her bra and pantie.Shruti removed Khalid’s clothes and she started sucking Khalid’s cock. güvenilir bahis siteleri I made Asma nude while looking at Shruti. The clean white chut of Asma was in front of my eyes now. I couldn’t wait and started licking her chut.Asma: Wow Rahul, just eat me.I started fucking her chut with my tongue deeply.Shruti: Kitne din se kata hua lund chusna chahti thi. Aaj is lund ke paani ko poora khatam karungi main.Khalid: Chus raand saali abhi toh tujhe chodna baaki hai is lund se.Shruti: Chudwane ke liye hi toh aayi hun tujhse, jitna tu chodega utna Rahul teri biwi ki chudayi karega. Dekh kaise raand ki tarah apni chut chatwa rahi hai.Khalid got up and threw Shruti on the bed and he started eating her chut like me doing with his wife. Asma was pressing her boobs, “Rahul, please fuck me and fuck me hard”.I got up and put my lund inside Asma. Just with a single slip, it went inside. Asma started moaning and shouting, “Fuck me, aaaaahhh”.Shruti: See Khalid, your wife is getting fucked by my husband. If you want to take revenge, then fuck me hard and more hard than Rahul fucking your wife”.Khalid: Don’t worry, I will fill all your holes with my lund.Khalid wanted to do something different than what I was doing to his wife. He made Shruti stand in doggy style and he started fucking her chut. Shruti loves this position and I was enjoying the way my wife was getting screwed by someone else. Shruti told me that before marriage she was fucked by 5 guys but looking at her now, it seemed the count was way more than that.Here Asma was not ready to surrender and now even she started talking dirty, “Meri chut ko faad do, Rahul. Jor jor se chodo mujhe. Apna lund chuswao mujhe”.I removed my lund and came on her face and started fucking her mouth. Trust me. she was another expert lund sucking lady. She licked my whole dick.Shruti Looking at Asma, “Wow Khalid, you made your wife expert in lund sucking”.Khalid: Like you even she has tasted many lund.I was little surprised listening to this because Khalid told me that his wife had never tasted any other guy. We kept going with our fucking session and I removed my lund from her mouth and again inserted my lund in her chut. But, this time, I was in a standing position.Khalid was banging Shruti brutally. Shruti was enjoying each moment.I was about to cum and I asked Asma permission whether to cum inside. Khalid said, “Yes dude, do it inside because even I will be doing the same with your wife.”I came first and left all my liquid inside Asma and I surrendered myself to Asma. Here Khalid had changed the position and was fucking my whore wife in the missionary position. He was eating her lips too. After 4 minutes of fucking, Khalid cummed inside Shruti.All four of us were lying naked on the bed and looking at each other’s partner.Shruti: Asma, how was it?Asma: That was ultimate fun and now I know how our next 4 days is going to be. We need to plan something, Shruti.I was little confused like what exactly Asma was trying to plan for the remaining days.Me: Khalid what was that? You said I will be the second guy who will be fucking Asma but you just revealed she already had lots of guys.Khalid and Asma started laughing and Khalid apologized to me for lying. He confessed that they already have been into swapping for a long time with many couples and he didn’t tell me this before because he thought that I might not like that.I was actually happy to know that they were well experienced. And I knew that the coming days would be fucking awesome and we will be getting a variety of sex.I will share the experience of the remaining days in the next posting.

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