Birds of a Feather Ch. 05


Readers beware: In this chapter, my two main characters have an unexpected encounter that takes their sexual experiences in a different and unanticipated direction. ONCE AGAIN I CAUTION READERS, this section contains various sex acts. M/F, F/F, MFF, oral stimulation of the penis, the anal area and the vagina with cum swapping/swallowing, strap-ons and some water sports. While many readers find this very erotic and a big turn on, others may find it offense. If this not your cup of tea, please feel free to read another story. As usual, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. If you have not read chapter one and two, I would suggest you read it first. It lays the groundwork for this chapter and the other chapter. (|)


Birds of a Feather, Chapter 5 (all hooked up)

Kathy asks, “You know what I did with the other people this weekend. Tomorrow, the next day or sometime in the future is that going to upset you and you hate me for it.”

“What did you do that I didn’t do? We both fulfilled some of our fantasies and given the chance, as long as you were there and willing, I would do it all again.”

Kathy started smiling and said, “Two things I have to tell you. First, your ass is stuck with me for the rest of your life. Second, can we please go to bed, I’m totally wiped out, and we have to get up a little early tomorrow morning.

I took Kathy by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. She lay down, and I spooned behind her with my arm around her, holding her right breast. We were both sound asleep in a couple of minutes


Chapter Five

Next morning, we were both up before the alarm went off. It felt good to have someone there to share breakfast with me. After breakfast we showered, brushed, dressed and were on our way to the plant.

We arrived about half an hour earlier than I had agreed on with MR. Horton, and went straight to the central office. I was surprised to find Lorie; Mr. Horton’s personal assistant was already there.

We exchanged greetings, and she told me Mr. Horton was already in the office, waiting for me.

Kathy took a seat in the outer office, and I tapped on Mr. Horton’s door then walked in.

Mr. Horton came around the desk and extended his hand. We shook hands, and he motioned for me to have a seat.

A million thoughts were rushing through my mind. I was wondering why Mr. Horton wanted to talk to me in private and wondered how he was going to take it when I told him about Kathy.

Mr. Horton set back down at his desk. He looked over some papers on his desk for a few seconds.

Finally, he started talking, “Frank, what I’m about to talk with you about needs to stay between us for the time being. You already know the history of my company and what it has allowed me to do for my family and me. Now, what I need to know from you, do you still like your job and are you happy working here?”

The question surprised me, but I had no problem answering with an astounding “YES.”

“Good, in that case, can you enlighten me a little? For the past few months, you seem to be under a lot of pressure and not happy with your job. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

I thought for just a few seconds then explained everything that was going on, up to but not including recent developments between Kathy and me. I decided to hold off on that until I found where this was leading.

He asks if I thought I could handle more responsible if given the opportunity.

I assured him I was prepared to handle any job he needed me to do.

Again, he seems to be taking the time to get his thoughts together.

Then he told me he had been talking to the owner of a large company similar to ours. They had made him an offer that would allow him to retire and leave the company as well off, in not better than it was now.

He told me Bud Hamelton, his General Manager, would be retiring about the same time. The new company would only be sending one person to replace him, and all the other promotions would be from within the present company employees.

He asks if I thought I could handle a promotion from line manager to shift manager.

I assured him if given the opportunity that I would give it my best.

He told me there would be other promotions. He reminded me our conversation was to remain confidential until he could make it official.

Then he told me most of the personal changes he intended to make. The names included Kathy and Cindy along with several others he considered for various promotions.

I thought this would be the ideal time to tell him about Kathy and me before he made any final decisions.

I told him I needed to share some very personal information with him.

I walked to the door and asked Kathy to come in the office.

Mr. Horton looked a little confused as the two of us walked in and set down.

I told him the things we had just talk about would remain between the two of us, no matter what he decided after escort bahçelievler I filled him in on the latest developments.

“Kathy and I have been friends or what we called work buddies for years. All that changed this past weekend. That’s when things just seem to happen between the two of us. It was not intentional or planned, it just happened. We feel that it was meant to be. It is our intention to live together until we both got our divorces from our current sources. Then we’re were getting married. If Kathy isn’t pregnant already, she soon will be. We both want a family.”

Mr. Horton showed no reaction to what I had told him so far, so I continued.

“Anything that happened in our private lives will not affect our job performance.

While I was talking, Kathy was nodding her head in agreement.

When I stopped talking, Mr. Horton gave a little laugh, shaking his head from side to side, and only said, “Maggie.”

Now I was confused; I knew Maggie was his loving wife, but I had no idea what he was talking about now.

He must have seen the confused look on both our faces.

He said, “You know Maggie and how honest but crude she is at times. Last spring, at our company picnic, Maggie noticed the two of you sitting across from each other at one of the picnic tables. You were just talking, laughing and seem to be enjoying yourselves


Maggie was watching the two of you when she said, “Life sure can be fuck up sometimes. Just look at those two. Both are married to a couple of assholes, and they look so good and, so hot together. It’s a damn shame they’re not married to each other.”

We all laughed, and I think Kathy and I both were a little relieved.

He told us he appreciated us being honest and up front with him. Then he asks Kathy if she were offered a promotion sometime in the future, would she be willing to take it.

She assured him she would.

We stood, and started to leave the office.

Mr. Horton said, “Okay, we’re through with our business talk, now let me tell you, I’m gonna call Maggie and tell her about you two. Don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation for dinner in the very near future.

I told him we would be honor and looking forward to the call.

I asked Kathy to wait in the outer office for just a minute.

I was still curious about something, and I wanted to ask Mr. Horton before I left the office.

When I turned to face him, Mr. Horton was smiling at me, “Why did I tell you?”

He caught me off guard with the question, and I just nodded.

“Frank, you’ve been working for this company a long time. Maggie and I think of you as family. True, we think of everyone here as part of our extended family. But some are closer than others. You just happen to be one of them. I had talked with Maggie about my concern over the obvious changes I could see in you. WE were both concerned and wanted to find out what was going on and if we could help.”

I guess I was flattered, surprised and, pleased all at the same time. “Thank you Mr. Horton, that is quite an honor. I hope I’ve put your mind at ease and you know you can count on Kathy and me to do whatever you need us to do. I am little curious, who else have you told about selling the company.”

Mr, Horton laughed, ” I have only discussed it with you, Bud and Lorie here at the plant and of course all my family knows. The only reason you know now is because Maggie and I were concerned about you, and we need to know where we stood with you. I still expect you to keep this between us, but I have to tell you that I’m very happy for you and Kathy.”

I thanked him again then we shook hands and this time he put his arms around me and gave me a big fatherly bug.

As Kathy and I walked around to the plant entrance, she asks if I could talk about anything Mr. Horton and I had discussed.

I told her, “Not at present but I could tell her it was all good.”

Kathy waved at Beth and Cindy as she walked through to the next building where she worked now.

I turned and walked down the aisle toward my office. Several of the workers spoke as I passed. I saw Beth talking to another one of the workers. When I got closer, she looked at me and smiled, “Morning Frank, We’re ready to kick ass.”

As I approached Cindy, she gave me her usual high five, “Gonna be an awesome day Big Boss Man.” She loves to tease me about my promotion to line supervisor.

I thought, “Great, everything is going as usual,”

As I open the door to walk into the office area, I glanced across to the next aisle.

Everyone was busy getting ready to start work except Allison Moore.

She was looking straight at me with a big Cheshire cat grin then gives me big thumbs up.

I smiled back and walked on into my office, wondering why she was so happy.

The morning went fast, as Cindy had said, it was an awesome day.

I called the auto repair shop about the middle of the morning. They told me Kathy’s car would be ready escort balgat by the end of the day.

I met Kathy in the cafeteria, and we had lunch with Cindy and Beth. We talked about many different things but nothing at all about the past weekend.

I saw Allison coming through the line and ask the girls if they might know why she would be giving me the big grim this morning.

Cindy and Beth both looked at me then each other.

Cindy said, “We can talk later, but there is no need for concern.”

The afternoon went just as well as the morning. I had everything wrapped up and ready to go by 4 PM sharp.

I arrived at the parking lot a little before Kathy.

Cindy and Beth saw me waiting and walked over. I looked at them with a little questing smile.

Both were giving me a big smile. They knew what I had on my mind. Cindy told me to wait until Kathy got there and we would talk.

I was a little surprised when Kathy walked up, put her arms around my neck and give me a big kiss.

Beth and Cindy cheered her on as I could feel myself blushing.

When Kathy broke the kiss I told Cindy, “Okay Girlfriend, give it up, what’s the deal with Allison.”

Cindy said, “First, let me say, I talked with Allison at last break, and she knows we’re talking to you.

Sunday morning, she and her husband Brad drove past your house on the way to visit her Mom. They saw our car as well as Dan’s car parked in your drive and was fairly sure they knew what was going on.”

Kathy and I were a little shocked, and I ask, “What the hell would make they think anything was going on?”

Beth and Cindy looked at each other for a second then Beth said, “Because they’re part of our group.”

“Your group, what are you talking about?”

Kathy inhaled and put her hand over her mouth, ‘Oh Holy Shit, Allison, and Brad… you gotta be kidding.”

The light finally comes on, and this Dumb Ass realized what they were saying.

“Let me get this straight, the four of you, Dan, Katie, Kathy and me, now Allison and Brad. So tell me, who else?”

Cindy said she couldn’t give us names without their permission, but there are about twelve more people.

I glanced over at Kathy, and she had a look of disbelief.

Cindy said should just relax, give it some time, and if we wanted to get more involved, she could make it happen.

We agreed to go along with Cindy’s suggestion. Then everyone hugged, and Kathy and I headed to the repair shop

We were both silent for several blocks. I was thinking about what Beth and Cindy had told us, and I assumed Kathy was doing the same.

Then she looked at me and asked, “Frank, do you like fucking me in the ass?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the question, “Kathy, I love you, and I love sex with you, including fucking you in the ass. Why do you ask?”

Kathy smiled as she said, “Because I like it, not all the time, but I do like it. How about you, do you like it up your ass?”

I knew I needed to be very honest with her, “Yes I do Honey. It is a very sensitive area but a real turn on for me.”

She took my hand in hers, pulled it to her lips and kissed it softly. “Loving you is what makes me feel so good.”

I squeezed her hand, knowing I didn’t have to say anything, she already knew.

When we arrived at the auto repair shop, I was very impressed with the shop and the guys working there, so I decided to leave my car for service and a tune up.

As we pulled away from the shop in Kathy’s car, she asked what I had in mind for dinner.

I told her I would be okay with take-out.

She was smiling when she asks if the pizza place on Tenth Street would be okay with me.

I told her that would be fine.

When she turned the corner onto Tenth Street, I started laughing, “You sneaky little shit. The toy store is in the same strip mall as the pizza shop.”

Kathy looked like a kid at Christmas. “You have all you need to take care of my ass, but I need some help to take care of yours.”

We both laughed as she parked about half way between the toy store and pizza shop.

We headed to the toy store first.

When we walked in, I noticed that the same young woman from our first trip was working again today.

There were two guys, in their mid-twenties, talking with her. She was polite but seemed a little irritated with them.

We went to the back corner just looking at different things in general.

Finally, the two guys left, and the sales clerk walked back to where we were.

“Hello, you two, good to see you again. How can I help you?”

We laughed and told her we were about as dumb today as we were the first time. She asks if we had tried any of the things we purchased the first time.

I think we both blushed a little at the young women’s bluntness but told her we had enjoyed everything so far.

“Well, the other couple’s not here this time, they’re from out of town and only come by when they’re in town. My name escort batıkent is Amie, and I’ll be happy to help you any way I can.”

We introduced ourselves as Kathy and Frank.

Kathy was blushing as she told Amie we wanted to see some strap-ons.

The three of us walked over by the display of strap-on harnesses and inserts.

Amie said, “Kathy, Frank looks like he could do well without a strap-on, so I assume you’re looking for one to use on him and maybe other people.”

Kathy and I were blushing a bright red.

Amie laughed as she apologized for being so blunt.

“Please forgive me, sometimes I meet customers that I like, and I’m very comfortable talking with them. When I do, I tend to forget myself. I’m so sorry if I embarrassed you.”

I explained that it wasn’t a problem, all of this was still very new to us but was also quite exciting. Plus, it was a real turn on for both of us.

Amie gave us a wicked little smile and asked, “Frank, are you saying I turn you on?”

Now I was beet red, and Kathy was laughing her ass off. “Cut out the shit you two, remember, we came in here to shop.

“And so you did,” Amie laughed, “I suggest we start with the harness, then look at the different inserts to go in it.”

Amie told us it was closing time, and she needed to lock the front door.

I looked at my watch then looked back at Amie.

Amie Laughed “We close at six on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This is a very quite part of town the first of the week except for the pizza shop.”

She selected three different harnesses and laid them out for us to look over before she headed to the front of the store.

We were discussing the differences in the harnesses when Amie return.

She told us she liked the one with the wide, padded nylon straps.

A thought ran through my mind, and I started smiling.

Kathy and Amie both noticed and Kathy asks, “What’s so funny, share it with us, and we can laugh too.

I ask,” Amie, How do you know you like this one is better, have you ever tried it?”

Now it was Amie’s turn to blush.

Kathy started smiling then and ask, “Okay Amie, tell us, how do you know, did you try this one and have you tried any of the others?”

Amie was still blushing as she nodded her head.

Kathy asks her if she would tell us about it, maybe we could get a few pointers.

The phone rang causing all three of us to jump.

Amie answered the phone and told us it was her Mom. She talked with her Mom confirming she would meet them at the pizza shop a couple of doors down.

Then Amie walked away from us and started talking very softly. We couldn’t hear what she was saying, but we did hear her giggle a couple of times.

When she ended the call, she walked back over the where we were standing.

I noticed she had a very mischevious smile on her face.

She picked up the harness, motioned for us to follow her as she walked over to the dildo display.

She selected four different dildos’ that would work with the harness and placed them on a small table at the end of the counter.

Amie was watching us as we looked at the toys.

I picked up one that was about an inch around but it was about 9 to 10 inches long.

I ask, “Wow, what would you use this one for?”

When I look up, Amie was watching Kathy and me, as though she was trying to read our reactions.

She had a very somber look when she asks, “How good are you two at keeping secrets.”

We had no idea where all this was heading, but I did know how discreet Kathy and I were and told Amie as much.

Amie took the toy from me, looked at it then back at us.

Kathy and I were not expecting what comes next.

Amie said, “My Mom, sister and I love this one up our ass while Dad is fucking our pussy and he likes it up his ass while we are fucking or sucking him.”

I heard Kathy gasp, and I knew I was standing there with my mouth hanging open.

Amie smiled and asked if we would like to hear more.

Kathy quickly responded, “HELL YES.”

Amie picked up another toy. This one was bigger around but not as long as the first one she showed us.

“We like to use this one in our pussy or ass when it is just us girls playing. We also used one like this to learn how to deep throat Dad’s cock.”

The next one was a double dildo with one smaller than the other was. “Kathy, you’ll like this one, the little one can go in the ass and the big one in the pussy.”

The last one was an unusual design. It had one dildo the same size as the small one on the double, but the top was a short section to hold it in the harness, but it was open in the middle.

Amie used a sanitized wipe to clean the toy then fitted it into her harness.

“This is our family favorite. Frank, your cock would go through the hole, and you can put the dildo over the top or on the bottom, depending on Kathy’s position. That way you can fuck her ass and pussy at the same time.”

Amie was holding the harness up in front of me as though she was waiting for me to take it.

I looked at her and Kathy, they both were smiling at me. “You’re joking, RIGHT?”

Kathy stepped over beside me, reached out and caressed my cock through my pants.”Honey, will you please do it for us, Please?”

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