Blackmail by Black Men

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Cindy followed Ben into an office. He was her supervisor and they’d been flirting for the past three months. She didn’t know why, because he was out of her class. A recent graduate from the University of Georgia, he was a lady killer: handsome, tall, blonde, built, and popular with all the girls in the office. On the other hand, she was ordinary with shapely legs, an hour-glass figure and a small set of tits none of which drew attention from other men in the office.

He didn’t turn the lights on. She walked into his open arms and his mouth covered hers in a passionate kiss. Surprised but pleased she responded to him as thought it were perfectly natural.

“I’m going to make love to you,” he whispered. His hands found her bra snaps and expertly unfastened them through her thin blouse.

Pleased with his intentions, she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it open, and removed the cups from beneath her baseball sized breasts.

Eagerly, he slipped his hand between her waist and panties and pulled them around her narrow hips toward the floor and said quietly, “Take them off.”

She bent at the waist, and pulled them over her feet. As she did so, his hands cupped her breasts and his lips sought one nipple and his hand enticed the other.

“Why me?” She asked enjoying his hands on her tits. His erection was prodding her stomach, and she stroked it through his khaki’s.

He responded by bucking his cock back and forth, “Unzip my pants,” he said as his mouth found her other nipple and one hand slipped through her tangled pubic hair to rub across her slit.

She struggled with the zipper but finally got it down and fished his erection through the opening in his boxer shorts. It was long, hard, and oozing pre-cum. She felt his finger separate her pussy lips and enter her wetness. She sighed and moved her hips in rhythm with his finger.

Ben felt her respond to his manipulations, and he removed his finger to quickly discoverer her aroused clit. With enthusiasm he massaged it in all directions.

A low moan escaped her mouth as the most sensitive part of her body was aroused. Her pussy lips separated, her cannel became lubricated, and she anxiously awaited the next stage of the process.

“Turn around,” he said in a commanding voice

Her eyes had become accustomed to the dim light in the room, she turned to face a desk, and she leaned forward placing her hands on the flat surface.

“Are you protected? He asked.

“No, I’m not on the pill.”

Damn,” he said struggling with his sagging pants to find his wallet and a condom.

She heard the ripping sound of plastic and watched him roll the condom down his shaft.

“Are you ready? He asked using his feet to spread her legs further apart.

She reached behind her back to guide his cock to her opening. Taking a deep breath she waited breathlessly.

Once at her portal, he shoved himself into her in one rapid stroke.

She groaned and bent forward to allow him better penetration.

They fucked with his forward and upward strokes being met with her returning movements.

Within a minute she knew she knew she wasn’t going to climax vaginally, so she used a finger on the clit to increase her arousal.

He had great stamina and stroked her for what seemed a long time. He felt and heard her climax when her body tensed and she groaned at her release. Her organism increased his excitement, and he plunged into her harder and harder. His temperature rose, sweat fell from his face and neck to her back, until his gradual build up reached its peak, and he filled the condom to overflowing with his sperm “Thank you Cindy,” he said as he slid from her, removed the protection, and left turning the light on.

She stood there half satisfied because she wanted and needed another orgasm. Damn, she said to herself as she wiped herself dry, restored her clothes, and followed him out of the room.

Unbeknown to the two fuckers, a see-in-the dark camera automatically turned on when the door opened, and two guards witnessed the entire affair being glad they weren’t busy. Normally, these kinds of tapes erased themselves after fifteen minutes, but the securing guard made a copy of the segment from when the door opened until it closed.

“Brother Lorenzo, I believe you and I have a better that fifty-fifty change of getting us some poontang,’ Clifford said. “I believe we have the evidence to incriminate two members of the staff for having an affair which is against company policy.’

“I agree, let’s have a beer after work to plan how we can use the tape to our advantage.” Lorenzo said with a smile on his face.

* * * *

The following Monday, Cindy opened an eight by eleven and one-half inch inner office enveloped and removed the contents. Between two sheets of blank paper were two pictures: one a greenish color showed a man and woman fucking doggie style, the other was a clear picture of Cindy getting dressed. She quickly shoved the pictures back into the envelope wondering why Ben gungoren escort would have their meeting taped and why he would send her the pictures.

Just before lunch she stopped at Ben’s office, “Mr. Curtis, may I come in I’d like to talk to you about an important matter.”

“Certainty, Ms. Wright, please close the door and have a seat. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised about how good you were the other day,” he said, “but it was a onetime event. I’m not looking for a long term affair.”

“Thank you, I think,” Cindy said, “but I came to ask you why you sent me these photos?” She placed the envelope on his desk.

He opened the envelope and looked surprised, “Where in hell did these come from?” he asked aloud while looking at Cindy in panic.

“I thought you sent them as some cruel joke.”

“It wasn’t me,” he said, pondering the source of the pictures and wondering who had them.

“If it wasn’t you, then who did it and why?”

He sat for a long moment before his eyes lit up., “I know where these came from let me check. Thanks for bring these to me. I should have some answers before the day is over.

Oh his way back from lunch, Ben stopped at the security desk and asked the African-American male sitting there if he could speak with him during his break. Ben and Lorenzo Sillis arranged to meet at three thirty in the cafe.

As soon as Clifford returned from his lunch break Lorenzo told him about his meeting with the white guy on the video, Ben Curtin. “I’m going to meet with him in the Café during my break.”

“Good, are you going to show him the other pictures and what we want to keep quiet?”

“Yes, we agreed last week to keep quiet about the tape if the female would sleep with us. I’ll show him the other pictures and make him an offer he can’t refuse,” Lorenzo said, laughing about the Godfather cliché.

At the appointed time Ben entered the café, looked around, saw Lorenzo, and sat beside him. “I could have you fired for keeping that tape and sending those photos to Cindy,” Ben said, angrily staring daggers at Lorenzo.

Another envelope appeared on the table Lorenzo said, “Open it.”

Ben did and looked at three photos. The third was a clear picture of him zipping up his pants.

“I can have both you and this young lady fired for having a sexual affair in this building.”

Ben grimaced and said, “It seems we are at an impasse. Both of us have evidence to get the other fired. I don’t believe any of us wants that to happen, so what do you want?”

Lorenzo smiled. “The girl.”

“What? You want Cindy? Are you crazy?” Ben asked questions in rapid fire succession.

“Cliff and I want the girl, the same way you did, it’s either that or we’ll all lose our jobs.”

Ben was dumbstruck. Cindy was nothing special to look at, her breasts weren’t large, she did have a nice shape, and was a great piece-of-ass. He’d even thought of having another go with her himself. “I don’t know, I can’t speak for her. “I don’t know her feelings about African-American men,” Ben said fearful of losing his good paying job, and felling sorry about the decision Cindy would have to make.

“There’s no rush, but we would like to know by the end of the week so we can start looking for new jobs. Both Cliff and I are retired military, and know how to treat a lady. Talk with her and get back to me by Friday.”

* * * *

Ben waited until just before five before calling Cindy into his office. “I’m sorry I got us into this situation, but we’re being blackmailed, “he said anxiously wringing his hands, running them through his hair, and drumming them on the table.

“How and why are we being shaken down?” She asked with an innocent look on her face.

“Two security guards have the video and pictures in the office we used, and they planned to expose us for having an affair in the building. You know, of course, what we did was against company policy,” he said stating the simple fact.

“Can’t you have them fired for using the company’s video system to badger us?”

“Yes, if we don’t give them what we want they’ll give the tapes to the administration and we and they will be fired,” he said waiting as long as he could before telling her what it was they wanted.

“Tell me, what do they want?”

Reluctantly and hating himself for putting her in this position he finally said, “You, they want you.

“Me what could they possibly want with me? She asked being quiet for a minute or two. “Oh my god, they want to fuck me. Is that what they want?”

“I’m afraid that’s what they want,” he said felling horrible for having put this kind of pressure on her.

“Why, I’m not the kind of woman most men want?” She asked not understanding their logic.

“I think it’s because they believe you won’t say no to save your job, and you’re white,” he said, “but I’m not going to put any pressure on you. It’s your decision to make, and I’m sorry because it’s my entire fault. If I was thinking with my head rather istanbul escorts than my dick we or I should say you wouldn’t be in this position.”

“I’ve never been with a black man before let alone two. What do they look like? She asked, trembling for the first time.

“They’re both good looking athletic types; who are retired military. I would say they’re in their early to mid forties,” he said trying to be as good a face on the situation as possible.

“I don’t think I can do it,” she said I can’t imagine myself sleeping with two black men.”

“You don’t have to make a decision until Friday. Why don’t you take the elevator to the second floor and walk down stairs to the lobby so you can check them out,” he said hoping she wouldn’t be turned off when she saw them.

“That’s a good idea. I’ll do that and we can talk again tomorrow,” she said, leaving his office, returning to her desk, picking up her purse, before heading for the elevator. Her stomach was in turmoil, her heart was beating rapidly, and she was perspiring. Why did I ever allow Ben to take me into that room and fuck me? She asked herself as she rode the car to the second floor.

She stopped at the head of the stairs, but she couldn’t see much. They were as Dan described them: black males, probably less than six feet tall, with slender builds. Walking slowly down the stairs she surveyed them as closely as she could without being blatant. They were good looking for black men, but they were black men.

All she could think about on the way to her apartment was having sex with two blacks. She wasn’t hungry, so she went to her computer and looked for porn sites. It took her several hours to find a site with video’s on interracial sex. She was appalled. They all had cocks like stallions, and in most cases used them as weapons.

Very few of the woman involved seemed to enjoy themselves. They appeared relatively normal sucking long, thick cocks, and relieved when they were done fucking. Some of them even seemed to enjoying having jism ejected on to their breasts, faces, and mouths. But during the sex act itself most of them seemed to be in agony, especially the petit females who couldn’t take more than a few inches of the long, black shafts.

By midnight she was sure she couldn’t go through with what they wanted. Sex was supposed to be enjoyable as it had been with Ben, but she wasn’t going to be sexually tortured. In addition, she’d never known a black man well enough to have a conversation, let alone have one invade her most intimate space, her most precious asset. Her decision was made.

* * *

She hurried out of the house the next morning, and stopped along the way to buy a newspaper to begin looking for another job. It wasn’t until she walked into the lobby she remembered her identification badge was laying on her dresser.

Darn, she thought to herself. I’m going to have to get a temporary badge from security. She gritted her teeth, walked stoically to the desk, and stopped at the counter.

“May I help you Ms.? A pleasant well spoken black man asked.

Looking down she said, “I forgot my ID and need a temporary.

“Yes ma’me right away,” he said turning to a cubby with the temporary ID forms. “May I have you name and company affiliation?”

“I’m Cindy Wright and I work for ABC Communications,” she said as quietly as possible, but noticing his name, Clifford, on his name tag.

He smiled at her, filled out the form, and had her sign a separate form. “There you are Ms. Wright, your all fixed up. Is there anything else I can do for you,” he asked in a perfectly innocent way. There were no leering or suggestive remarks; he simply worked in a professional way.

As she walked away trembling she heard, “Have a nice day.”

He didn’t seem too bad.

That afternoon she followed the same procedure as on Monday. She more closely observed the two black men behind the counter. Aside from the fact they were black they seemed just ordinary guys in their forties.

At home on the internet, she looked for true or fictional stories about white females having sex with black men. The true stories, if they were true, made the experience seem pleasurable. As was stated over and over in the sources she read, “If you go black, you’ll never go back.”

However, many of the fictional stories showed for the most part a different side of how a black man treated a white woman. In some cases, it was rather rough, but in a majority of the stories the woman like being fucked and looked pleased and willing to doing it again.

Both “fact” and fiction showed women enjoying sex with black men even if they did have gigantic cocks. Her search of the internet gave her two different perspectives. In the videos the woman usually seemed in pain and didn’t enjoy being rammed by a large, black rod, but in the home made videos and stories she read the perspective was different.

On Wednesday, she purposively left her ID badge in the care, and waited until she could get bayrampasa escort a temporary one from the other man. This gentleman’s name was Lorenzo, and he treated her in the same professional manner. Being a little less anxious, she noted his hands and well kept nails. She left the counter believing the two men were not the stereotyped hoodlums seen on TV or read about in the paper.

At lunch, she sought out Jami Smith who had a reputation of sleeping around. They sat together and after chit chatting about the weather and office politics. Cindy whispered to Jami, “I’m considering having sex with a black man. Do you have any experience with them?” Cindy asked, hoping she wasn’t over stepping her bounds.

“Why would you ask me?” She asked sternly.

“I apologize. I’ve just hear rumors and thought maybe you could give me some advice?” She said as cautiously as she could.

Jamie smiled. “I understand an ordinary girl like yourself can’t get fucked by a white guy so you want to go black. Yes, black guys go for white chicks.”

Cindy was insulted, but she held her tongue because she wanted a woman’s advice. “Can you give me any specifics?”

“Ya, they don’t all have cocks the size you see on porn sites, and my experience is there’s no difference between a black and a white guy. It all depends upon the guy. I’ve had good and bad both ways. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes, thank you a great deal. I just want to get as much information as I can before I actually do anything.”

“You’re going about it the right way. Good luck,” she said, walking away.

She stewed all day Thursday and until late Friday afternoon before she went to Dan’s office. “I don’t what to do it but I will,” she said reluctantly. Call and tell them I’m willing, but it has to be some place safe.

* * * *

It was agreed they would acquire two adjoining rooms in the Hampton Inn, and the door between the rooms would be unlocked with Ben in one room. In addition, the men would wear condoms, there would be no kissing or fondling, no fellatio or cunnilingus, and Cindy would apply lubricant. They would each get one ejaculation and the tapes would disappear.

Cindy was scared and nervous while waiting in her room. She was wearing only a white terry cloth robe, tied with a belt, and a six pack of condoms and a tube of KY Jelly in a pocket. Pacing back and forth trying to stay relaxed and calm; she jumped when there was a knock on the door.

“Okay, were ready,” a voice said.

She looked at Ben.

“Everything will be okay, I’ll be right here.”

Cindy walked through the door trembling with Ben beside her. Clifford and Lorenzo were standing by the bed in pajama bottoms. She decided she would take charge of the situation. “I’m going to take off my robe, apply some KY Jelly, and lay on the bed. I want to watch you put on the condoms. All we’re going to do is fuck. Each of you get to come once.” she said trying to put on a confident front.

“Ms. Cindy, you’re even more beautiful than your pictures. Both Lorenzo and I are married and we know how to treat a lady. The three of us are going to have a good time,” Clifford said, smiling while looking at her and Ben and then Lorenzo.

“That’s right Ms. Cindy we’re gentlemen and won’t do anything you don’t want us to do.”

Ben said, “Who’s going first?”

“I am,” Clifford said.

Ben and Lorenzo left the room.

When the door closed, he said, “Take off your robe and lay in the middle of the bed.”

She removed the robe, applied some KY Jelly, and got onto the bed.

He removed his pajama bottoms revealing a long, thick, semi-hard cock.

She gulped at its size

“I’d like to put a pillow under your hips.

He did, but she kept her legs closed. The springs in the mattress depressed as he crawled on to the foot of the bed. She watched him move close and with his hands spread her legs. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with this, but she said, “Put on a condom.”

She watched him stroke himself erect, roll the sheath the length of his cock, used his hand to her spread her legs, and placed the tip of his cock at her entrance.

“Don’t hurt me,” she said trembling.

“We’re going to have fun. This is going to be one of the best evenings of your life.”

She felt the head of his cock penetrate her pussy lips. It didn’t hurt. To her surprise he bobbed the tip in and out of her opening, it tickled. He stopped and pushed a little deeper. It didn’t hurt and felt good, he pressed a little deeper and stopped. After a minute he stroked her slowly at that depth. She instinctively widened her legs as he entered a little deeper.

Over a ten minute period he did the same thing over and over until he was completely encased by her flesh. Cindy’s pussy was filled, it felt good. The entire time he smiled down at her and continually asked if she were okay.

She always nodded yes as she concentrated on his cock and smiling face. It was a nice face and a big cock. She was comfortable and no longer afraid.

She was fearful when he dropped to his forearms with his face only inches from hers. He had a smile on his face and smelled of Listerine and deodorant.

“Would you like to kiss? He asked.

She shook her head no.

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