Cathy’s Big Job Break Ch. 4


Lisa seemed to be in a state of shock after giving her aunt Dian, two shattering orgasms. She seemed to be unaware of what she was doing, but yet she knew that she did something that her aunt would be very disturbed about. The poor naive girl wasn’t the least bit aware of the fact that she was being manipulated

She was still just staring at her aunt’s pussy and I don’t think that it had yet registered in her mind as to what she had just done, much to her aunt’s delight.. Her fingers were still buried deep in her aunt’s pussy as Dian’s cum was leaking out all around Lisa’s hand.

As Dian was getting her breathing back to normal, Lisa was crying and moaning, more to herself than anyone else. “Oh my god, what have I done? what is my aunt going to think of me after what I just did to her? “Oh my god, she’ll think I’m a slut and disown me. I do love her so much.”

Then she was startled out her depression, when Dian said, “Oh honey, just keep your fingers in me, they feel so wonderful in my pussy.” Lisa, “I love you as much as you love me, but right now I love you more than you can imagine. Another thing, sweetheart, all women are sluts at times, and those are the times that we get the most extreme pleasure from our sexuality. Honey, will you put all your fingers in me and start twisting them so that I can feel them touch every crevice of my pussy, you just don’t know how much pleasure you’re giving me.”

A sort of warmth came back to Lisa’s face; her aunt telling her how much love she has for her and how much pleasure she has given her aunt. Then, with the feeling of being loved and wanted, she said to her aunt, “I really do love you so much and if I can give you pleasure without you thinking that I’m bad, I’ll give you pleasure and do whatever that you want me to do, just please love me.

“As of now, I want you to call me Dian, I want you to love me, as I do you, just like Cathy and her mom; they love each other in every way. They are totally honest with one another and they enjoy having sex with one another, the question is, Lisa, can you love me as Cathy does her mom? Will you always be one hundred percent honest with me? Look at them, they are hugging and kissing one another as they watch us, now that’s love.”

“I promise I’ll always tell you the truth and never lie to you. Before my parents died, your sister, my mom, told me how much she loved you and told me that any time I stayed with you, I should be ladylike and respectful of you and never to do anything naughty when I was with you, or anytime.”

“And you did. When they died, you were only fourteen and I was so proud of the way you behaved when you moved in with me, you were a perfect angel, but now you’re a woman so we’ll act like two loving women. I saw you grow from a young lady into a woman, and a very beautiful woman at that.”

Mom and me were taking this all in and we were starting to do a little more than kissing and hugging, we both had taken off our smocks and were really getting each other worked up to a point where we would soon be having sex in front of Dian and Lisa.

Dian looked at us while Lisa still had her fingers deep in Dian’s pussy, gave us a big smile, and then continued talking to Lisa, “When your mom and me were just young girls, we loved each other very much. We did everything together and we told each other our most personal and intimate thoughts to one another. After our parents went to sleep, we would get into bed together and we talked all about the different boys and girls that we liked.”

“That had to be so cool, aun, I mean Dian, I mean telling each other all your secrets and being in bed together, I wish I had a sister.” Lisa was saying this as she was still moving her fingers around in Dian’s pussy, acting as if she was completely unaware of what she was doing. “Did you ever talk about, like sex?”

“Talk about it!! Honey, your mom and I had more fun in bed playing with each other. Damn, I can remember when the first time we masturbated, we were very young. And the first time I came, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I told your mother about it and she said that as hard as she tried, she couldn’t cum, so guess what, I gave your mom her first orgasm. Speaking of masturbation, how come I never hear you masturbating, don’t you ever do it?”

“Well, uhh, yes,” Lisa said with a shy voice. She slowly continued, “when you’re out or when, uh, you have one or some of your women friends over and you go into your room and make a lot of noise, like, uh, you were having sex or something. I would get excited thinking about what you were doing and wished that I could be in there with you, but then I would go to my room and masturbate thinking of what you were doing.”

“You sure are the little sneaky one, aren’t you,” Dian said with a warm smile. “So!!! you would go into your room and play with yourself. O h honey, if I only knew I would have brought you into my room and we would have spent the night playing with each other, just like me and your Antep Bayan Escort mom. Now do you know what I want you to do? Take your fingers out of my pussy and put all of my juices in your mouth and tell me how I taste compared to your pussy juices.”

Lisa looked at me and mom, feeling a little embarrassed with us watching. If she only knew. Cameras and monitors were set up everywhere, even at the desk of the pretty receptionist as well as privy clientele doing some shopping, and I’m sure that there had to be a few watching us on the other side of the mirrored wall..

“So how do I taste compared to your love juice? After you give me your answer, I’ll taste you and then I’ll tell you how I think we compare.”

Lisa had no way out so she slowly pulled her fingers out of Dian’s cunt, and with it, her cum drenched and dripping hand, and slowly brought to her mouth. She looked to see if we were watching, along with almost everyone else in the building that she wasn’t aware of. Then she stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked them dry, finger by finger, to make sure that she didn’t miss a drop.

“Oh honey,” Dian said. “you must have been very thirsty or you must have loved the taste of my love juices. So what do you think, is as tasty as yours?”

“Why do you think that I taste my, uh, cum. That would make me slutty and dirty, wouldn’t it?”

“C’mon, kitten, I don’t know of a women that doesn’t try a taste of her own cum when after she masturbates, I do and I know that Cathy and her mom do, are we sluts and dirty. We are strongly sexual women, so what about you, and be honest?”

“I thought that I was being so bad and dirty because I always tasted myself, and I thought that I had to be the naughtiest girl alive and would go to hell for doing it.” Then she looked my way and asked, “Cathy, do you and your mom really taste, you know, your pussy juices?”

“I always did and I know that my mom did, when we were alone, but now that we finally realized that we both loved each other so much sexually, that I love sucking on her pussy and she loves doing it to me. We are so happy now, and like your aunt and your mom, me and mom plan on going to bed together as long as we’re together, and I know that you’ll take your mom’s place in bed with Dian. I think that maybe we should all get together and have a nice party some day. Also, you and Dian will love my mom’s cum, she is a squirter and tastes delicious.”

“That’s a great idea,” Dian said, ” Cathy, how about tonight? In fact I’ll talk to Niki and Tracy and have them come as well. See what you did, you’ve got me all excited like a little school girl. Lisa!! we’re going to go home know and get everything ready for tonight, O.K. Kitten?”

They left and took some of their clothes that they purchased with them and the rest will be delivered after they are finished being made up.

“Mom, I’m so horny, can we take a little break and go to the bedroom and make love? I just want to taste you, suck on your titties and just kiss you all over. Watching Lisa was really something, but I bet tonight when you squirt your cum into her mouth, she’s really going to be shocked.”

Before mom and I got very far on the way to our bedroom, Niki had paged us over the intercom and told us to meet her and Tracy in her office right away. Mom looked at me and said, “I wonder if we did anything wrong, maybe she didn’t like the way we treated Lisa and Dian. Honey, I love you and don’t want go back home, ever; I just want to stay with you and Tracy and Niki, I didn’t realize I could be so happy.”

I held mom’s hand as we hurried to the office and see what Tracy and Niki wanted.

“We have some serious business to talk about, so let’s get to it. close the door, Cathy.”

I could see the frightened look on mom’s face, thinking maybe we messed up and that Niki was going to get rid of her, or maybe both of us. Mom quickly spoke out and said, “I hope that I didn’t do anything wrong, Niki, and if I did, Cathy didn’t have anything to do with it; whatever I did, I did it on my own.” Mom was almost in tears.

“Do anything wrong!!! Mom, you and Pussy were outstanding, both of you were brilliant, you two are so natural. I had my intuition about Pussy and I knew that she would be great, but wow, mom, you and Pussy have that magic about you. Dian was thrilled and has given us a blank check because of you two, plus she is going to bring in every rich bitch that she knows, and she knows a ton of them, to cum and meet the two of you and with our designers, we’ll have half the celebs of this country in here soon.” That brought back a nice smile on mom’s face.

“Mom, here’s the deal, we don’t want you to go back to that ass-hole that you call a husband. We told you before, Tracy and I want you and Pussy to be one family with us. We’ll do extremely well in business, have plenty of fun, and all the sex that we can handle. So here is what propose, are you willing to be our mom and live together as a family, or do you want to go back to the same old drudgery and a sexless marriage? What I’m saying is, we would like you to divorce that idiot that you call a husband.”

“Gee, I never gave that a thought, I mean about a divorce. I thought that my life was going to be what it was, but now I see something I really enjoy and with people that I really love as well. Who would have thought that I’d end up with three beautiful, sexy daughters that would treat me so great and truly love me. Yes, I would love to stay here as a family, and yes, now that I’ve found happiness, I don’t want to be with that man anymore. I truly did love him at one time, but that was along time ago.”

“Let’s all give mom a hug and kisses, but first, I have some papers that I need you to sign, then the lawyers will take it from there. If you didn’t agree, we would have been hurt, however, since you have agreed, let me tell you, as well as show you pictures that I had a private detective get of your husband, soon to be ex, and his teen age secretary. I called this detective yesterday, that has done a lot of work for me, checking out some of my employees, as well as clients; he’s the best and the quickest.”

“Oh my god,” mom said when she saw the pictures, “He’s never done that with me, but I have to admit, she is young and she is very pretty with a great body, maybe that’s why.”

“You still don’t get it. Mom, you’re a hundred times more beautiful and sexy than this slut, you haven’t met her yet, but you will very soon.”

“I don’t know if I can do that, Niki, I just don’t know how I can face her. Do I have too?”

“Don’t worry about it, mom. Now Pussy, do you have a problem with what we’ve talked about so far. Us, family, divorce or anything else that we’ve discussed?”

“Not at all, Niki, my poor, I mean, our poor mom has suffered long enough with him, and as far as me, he never was part of my life, except when he spanked me, but that was more for him. Yes, I’m all for it. Now tonight will really be a party, we’ll have something to celebrate.”

“Mom, why don’t you go and get ready for tonight, we will be along shortly, I just want to go over some things with Tracy and Pussy.”

“First of all, Pussy, I hope you don’t mind us being like sisters and sharing Mom?” I nodded that I wasn’t and gave Niki and Tracy a big smile and a nice kiss. “This is what I plan to do. I’m going to have my receptionist call this slut and tell her that she has won an expensive set of sexy underwear. She will have to be down here at a specific time to collect her prize and I know that the greedy bitch will come, or should I say, cum. You and Tracy will give her my special orange juice, and essentially, do what you did with Lisa. I’ll have that so called dad of yours down here, have him sign some final divorce papers with my very competent lawyer, and I know he won’t argue about it because we don’t want anything, he can have the house and all the assets that are jointly held. Is it a plan? Let’s get ready for our party, oh, I also invited our sexy receptionist, Laura. Dian’s limo will be here in two hours to pick us up.”

When we went up to our room, there was mom, in the shower and playing with all the gadgets. She found one that controlled a dildo, that I was unaware of, that came out of the floor and pumped up and down as well as rotated, pulsated and vibrated; It was in the corner of the shower where the pulsating water hit your clit. Niki explained to me that you could squat down and have the penis shaped dildo, (it looked like a very well endowed man’s cock,) fuck you as the pulsating water played with your clit as you supported yourself by the bars that you held on to as you squatted; that was going to be my next treat.

“Mom, stop playing with that,” Niki yelled, we’re coming in and we want to take a quick shower for Dian’s party, We caught mom just in time, otherwise she would have fucked herself silly with that dildo. “Damn, Pussy, I can’t believe how horny mom is, I’m surprised that she didn’t sit and watch T.V. with you while she masturbated when you lived at home.”

Niki convinced mom that once we got to Dian’s place we would have all the sex that we wanted. Niki told us that Dian was married, for a short time, to a man that was a pioneer in the early stages of computers and had many patents, needless to say, he made billions. Niki thought that her husband died at an early age because Dian and her girlfriends fucked him to death. We all laughed, but I think that Niki was telling us the truth. One thing that I do know, when it comes to sex, our liberated mom will give her as much sex as Dian can handle, and then some.

The limo arrived and the five of us got in. The driver, a well built black man and very handsome, introduced himself to us and told us that his name was Tyrone, but he told us to call him Ty, also he was naked from the waist down and mom’s eyes couldn’t stop looking at his big black cock He opened a bottle of champagne for us and poured us all a drink and told us to enjoy the ride, Dian lived about thirty minutes away, and if we needed anything to just ask him. Mom asked us if she could sit up front with Ty, we all laughed and told her to sit where she is, we didn’t want to get into an accident.

We were all feeling kind of giddy when we arrived after finishing two bottles of champagne. As we got out of the car, I looked at this beautiful mansion that Dian called home, it could have been a hotel it was so large.

We were greeted at the door by a sexy young lady that had a maids uniform that consisted of nothing more than a see through apron covering her front, her behind was completely uncovered. She welcomed us all with a kiss, (yummy), and then showed us in. Dian’s handsome body guard was the next one that we met and after greeting us, he said that he would let mistress Dian and Lisa that we have arrived.

While waiting, we were served drinks as well as some very exotic little goodies. The walls were covered with beautiful erotic paintings. There was a large one that showed two women taking advantage of a well endowed male that was all tied up, another one was a huge dog mounting a very beautiful woman and yet another one with three women in a sexual position so that they were all pleasing one another at the same time.

“I’m so happy that all of you could come, I plan on us having a good time and doing any perverted things that you want to engage in,” Dian said with a laugh. ” . But first let’s take our drinks and go into the theater and watch my boys and girls put on a little show for us.”

We all hugged one another with a kiss, but I couldn’t believe the transformation in Lisa, there was no question about it, she was going to be Dian’s young sex toy. Dian had on a body clinging, black mesh dress that had her nipples sticking out through the holes and the rest didn’t leave much to the imagination, and it just went down far enough to cover her butt. But what Lisa wore, was something else again. Lisa had on a gown that didn’t cover anything but what was between her breasts and her pussy. It was like a one piece, near dress. The top pushed her little breasts up and out, it was cupping her breasts from underneath and the sides, squeezing them so that her breasts and nipples were puffy. The bottom was elasticized to pull up on her mound with a certain amount of pressure and accentuate the hood of her clit. Also, she had a thin silver chain that were attached from each side, to her pussy lips with clamps, to keep them spread open, and they were very wet.. What an awesome sight, Lisa had a big smile on her face.

“I see you like Lisa’s dress, Cathy,” Dian said to me. “Niki and Tracy made this for me a while back and I loved wearing it at my parties, but now I want my little sweetheart to wear it, doesn’t she look adorable, you just want to eat her all up, hehe.”

I knew mom was excited, I could smell her sex as we walked side by side.

“Now, my beautiful friends, I want you to sit back and enjoy the show. O.K. sweethearts, we’re ready for you to come out.” They came out smiling, her bodyguard and her driver, the one that brought us here, they were all very attractive as well as had fantastic bodies. The two girls, the one that greeted us at the door and another very sexy looking young woman.

Music came on and they started dancing, the music was like something you would hear out of Africa for mating rituals. They were grunting and grinding as they started to strip until they were all completely naked. They were all void of any pubic hair, the men as well as the girls.

Mom was on one side of me and Lisa was on the other side, both of them, mom and Lisa just staring, along with me, at the beautiful bodies and cocks on the men. I really don’t think that Niki Tracy or Dian paid too much attention to the guys and paid more attention to the young girls.

I believe for me, anyway, it was the first time I had seen a naked man and it really turned me on. The men grabbed the girls and started grinding their cocks into the girls as they danced, in a matter of a minute, both men had full size erections, I mean like big. Mom let out a big moan as she stared in awe at their cocks.

Dian called out to my mom, “Linda, do those cocks turn you on? Would you like those cocks to give you some fun?”

Mom was all but drooling and was in such a state of arousal, that all she could do was nod her head approvingly. Dian took her by the hand and led her to the little stage.

She told the four on the stage that they were to have their way with mom. “Listen children, I want you to strip this beautiful lady and then do everything you can think of to make her happy. I understand that she hasn’t had a good fuck for a long, long time, so make her happy.”

Dian came back and sat with us and watched as they started ravaging mom and in a matter of a very short time, mom was as naked as they were. She was being showered with kisses and tongues all over her body. Watching my mom being taken like this was getting me, along with the others, very horny and wet, I could smell all of the excited sex juices that filled the little studio.

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