Charity Begins at Home Ch. 02


Mom was acting kind of weird again. For the last week she had been acting real depressed and seemed very distracted. Like, once in a while I’d get the feeling I was being watched, and I’d glance around and find her staring at me with a kind of spacy look on her face. Not scary-spacy, but like she was really lost somewhere in thought. Like I said, just kind of weird.

It didn’t help that Sarah was gone for two weeks with a friend who’d won a 12-day Alaskan cruise. That meant that I wasn’t getting my fill of incredible sex that had now become a staple in our brother-sister-lover relationship over the last 4 months. We laughed when Sarah joked before leaving that she wished she was the one who won the trip so she could take me, only that we’d never see the outside of the cabin because we’d be sucking and fucking our brains out.

Of course, the reason my sister and I didn’t go at it all the time at home was our mom. I mean, what mom wouldn’t absolutely freak to know that her two children, adult they might be, were enjoying incredible incestuous sex?

Now, the reason that Sarah and I remained living at home with mom was at her request. We had some property to take care of. Not really a farm, but we grew enough apples and strawberries to keep extra money in the household, and mom had a real job that prevented her from doing it all herself.

So, it kind of put a damper on sex between my sister and I since we had to either wait until mom was away from home on her job, or sneak some fun whenever we could. I will admit that a blanket under apple trees can be a very exciting place to have some fun quickie sex.

Back to mom: our dad split when I was twelve. Just up and disappeared. Mom got over it pretty fast, though; well, at least from the perspective of a then pre-teen like me. And as for Sarah and me, let’s just say that he wasn’t much of a dad to begin with so neither of us were too torn up about it. He was really never around much when he did live with us, so his sudden departure wasn’t near the emotional let-down one might expect. Mom was very loving and was always doting on my sister and me, so neither of us were exactly wanting for affection.

I remember my mom only dating maybe a half-dozen times since then. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the opportunity because men hit on her all the time. I know because a lot of them did so openly even when Sarah or I was around. We got used to it — well, we had to get used to it — since our mom has always been a really pretty woman. I’d even say that she’s sexy and men have always picked up on that real fast. That was definitely a trait that was passed down to Sarah.

Mom is about 5′ 6″, with long blond hair and a really pretty face. She’s not skinny, but she has a real nice shape to her with full boobs and long, nicely shaped legs that she often showed off with short skirts or shorts. She never dressed like a slut or anything; she just didn’t play the modest routine. Put her in a bikini at the lake and I swear that men would fall over themselves staring at her. Sarah and I got a kick out of watching that happen over the years.

Still, mom didn’t find an interest in the many men who came on to her. She once confided that after my dad first bailed on us that a lot of married men were quick to make passes at her to “help” her get through the abandonment of my father. She didn’t take any of them up on it, though, and I’d guess that’s where she built up her general distrust of men. So that left me to be the man of the house for the last six and a half years.

Anyways, even though mom had been in a funk over the last six or seven days, she was still her usual, loving self. Whenever she did go through her periods of depression, she never withdrew from my sister or me, and sometimes even got more affectionate. I’m not entirely sure how it made Sarah feel, but it made me feel like I was one of the few men in her life she knew she could depend on, and I was pretty proud of that.

I came home after a morning of working out with some friends and found mom in my room. She was sitting on my bed in her fluffy blue robe with a glass of red wine in her hand. She was just kind of staring at the wall and didn’t seem to notice when I came in.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Hey, punkin,” she replied after she shook herself out of her lost thoughts. “I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

“It’s… my usual time,” I said.

She looked down at her half-full glass of wine. “Then I guess I started drinking earlier than I thought,” she said with a chuckle.

Mom really didn’t drink all that much, and she didn’t appear drunk. I passed it off as part of her funk. She just sat there on the edge Antep Escort Bayan of my bed and stared at me with a little smile on her face.

“You’ve really grown up to be a very handsome young man,” she said with a certain sparkle in her eyes.

“That’s just the mom in you talking,” I replied as I set my duffle on the dresser. “You’re supposed to say things like that even if I have three eyes and an incurable rash all over my body.”

Mom laughed with that bright enthusiasm that everybody knew her for.

“Well, in your case I’d say it even if you weren’t my son,” she said as she got up off my bed and stepped up to me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “You and your sister are the only good things ever to come from your father.”

I guess mom really was in a mood or a little tipsier than I thought because she rarely, if ever, brought up my father in a conversation. She tipped her head back and finished her drink.

“I think I’ll take a bath,” she said, setting her now empty wine glass on my dresser as she walked by me and out of my room.

After she walked down the hallway to her bedroom I picked up the glass and took it into the kitchen. Given mom’s apparent condition I half-expected the kitchen to look like a mess, but it was neat and clean. In fact, nothing at all looked untidy or out of place as one might expect from someone dealing with depression.


I had gone back to my room and changed into a clean tank top and loose gym shorts and was sitting on my bed thumbing through a sports magazine for some time when I looked up and saw my mom again. She was standing in the doorway of my room, still in her blue bathrobe but with her blond hair wet and clingy.

“What’s up, Mom?” I asked casually.

She didn’t reply but stood there staring at me with a far away look in her eyes. I couldn’t tell if there was sadness or some other like emotion in her eyes, but I could tell that something pretty heavy was going on in her mind.

“You okay, mom?” I asked.

“It’s been a long time,” she replied quietly.

“A long time since what?” I asked.

“Since you were a baby,” she said, looking a little misty eyed. “Since you were a little boy.”

“I kind of had to grow up,” I said with a chuckle.

“Yes,” she said, than with a growing smile said, “and you and Sarah both did a very good job of that.”

“Thanks,” I said shyly as mom walked over to my bed and softly sat down on the edge.

“I remember when you were just a little baby, suckling at my breasts,” she said in an odd voice as she reached down and cupped her boobs in her hands through her robe. “It felt really good when you kids — but you in particular, for some reason — sucked on my nipples.”

I chuckled at the thought, more out of nervousness than anything else.

“It wasn’t easy to wean you,” she said. “I just couldn’t get enough of your little mouth on my tit. It would get me all turned on and I’d have to screw your father afterward.”

When I said earlier that my mom was acting weird, I hadn’t expected it to be quite this weird. But it was about to get even weirder.

“I haven’t had sex with a man for a while,” she said as she set her hand down my bare leg. A shock ran through me at her touch. “A very long while.”

I was speechless, not just at the idea of my mom vocalizing her absence of a sex life, but because she was starting to run her hand up and down my thigh.

“You know,” she continued, “I hear you’re quite the ladies man.”

“Uh… where did you hear that?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“Sarah kind of mentioned it,” she said. “She said that one day there will be a very satisfied wife out there thanks to you.”

I still didn’t know what to say.

“I want to see what they’re seeing,” mom said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I want to see what I’m missing.”

With that mom’s hand slid all the way up my thigh and into the leg of my gym shorts, immediately locating my package. As her hand clasped around by dick and balls, her robe fell open and exposed her naked right breast.

“Mom?” I said with a squeaky voice.

“You’ve been the man of the house for a lot of years,” she said as her hand fondled my dick, “and right now your mom needs a man.”

I didn’t know what to do. This was all so completely weird — as if having regular hot-pig sex with your own sister wasn’t weird enough — but I couldn’t help it as my mom’s warm hand on my prick began to get me excited. It didn’t help that my mom was so good-looking to begin with and that I was now getting an eyeful of one of her full, round breasts, capped with its large rosy nipple. Despite the age difference, it looked just like Sarah’s.

“Oh, Sarah was right! You really are a man!” she said with a big grin as my dick instinctively grew in her hand. She undid the tie of her robe and pulled it aside to reveal her other breast and I was witnessing as perfect a pair of tits as my sexy sister’s.

“Oh my God, mom,” I sighed as she began to pump my shaft.

“Mama needs some lovin’ from somebody she can trust,” she said. “And you’re the only man I can trust right now. And since Sarah’s not home…”

Mom let go of my now erect member and pulled her hand out of the leg of my gym shorts. She stood up from the edge of my bed and stripped her robe off, revealing a fully naked and beautiful body. I stared in awe at her silky white skin with hardly any stretch marks, full round breasts that refused to sag from age, and a neatly trimmed bush nearly as blond as the hair on my mom’s head. To put it simply, she was as fucking gorgeous as Sarah; maybe even more so with her re-emerging self-assured maturity. I briefly wondered if Sarah knew just how perfect her genes were and what she had to look forward to in the next twenty years.

“Forget that I’m your mother,” she said. “Just think of me as a woman who needs a good fucking right now.”

With that my mom climbed onto the bed with me and straddled my legs. She grabbed my silky gym shorts and quickly pulled them down around my knees, causing my erect tool to spring free. Her eyes wide open and a smile on her face, mom bent forward and unashamedly sucked my cock into her mouth.

“Mom?” I shouted, utterly shocked.

It’s one thing to try to imagine your mother giving head, but it’s a whole other thing to actually see her doing it. But when it’s your own tool disappearing into your own mother’s mouth, it’s downright mind blowing. But here she was, my sexy mother sliding her mouth up and down on my dick while her breasts hung from her chest and swung back and forth grazing my thighs with her erect nipples.

Her still-wet hair tickled at the flesh all around my groin, leaving streaks of water behind. She had one hand cupped around my balls as her head bobbed up and down my cock. The head of my prick seemed to be pushing into the back of her throat, yet she didn’t gag at all. I couldn’t help but think my father a moronic fool or leaving something this incredible behind. My mom was a cock sucking expert, even better than Sarah, if that were possible.

“God, that feels good,” I sighed.

Mom lifted her head off of me for a moment and said, “It’s going to feel even better, punkin.”

Mom lifted her body off of me and grabbed at my shorts again, sliding them all the way down my legs and off my feet. She threw her leg back over me and crawled on her knees until she was straddling my hips, my hard-on pointing directly at her steamy sex. She leaned forward and slipped a hand under my head, pulling my face up and forcing her breast into my mouth. I could see where Sarah got that little move, too. I responded instinctively, opening my mouth and taking the rubbery flesh inside, just as I had done so many years before but without the context of sex between us..

She let go of my head but I didn’t let it fall back down onto my pillow, instead keeping my mouth anchored on her sweet nipple while she used her free hand to reach down between her legs, grasping my hard meat and directing it to the lips of her dripping pussy.

“This has been a long time coming,” she said as she let her weight settle and my manhood slid deeply into her until she seemed to be sitting with all of her weight on me, fully impaled on my dick.

Keeping her weight forward on her arms to keep her breast in my mouth, she began to gently rock on me, sliding up and down on my rock-hard shaft. The pleasure was incredible. In fact, my 41 year-old mom’s pussy felt just as firm as Sarah’s, and just as wet.

“You suck my tit even better than when you were a baby,” she purred. “You’ve been practicing.”

I wasn’t about to admit that I had been getting plenty of practice with my sister’s ample charms, but there was something both very comforting and very exciting to have the nipples that had nourished me as a child now feeding a sexual hunger. I reached up with my hands and clutched the soft, pliant flesh of my mom’s full tits and massaged them as I let one nipple fall from my lips and moved my mouth to the other, lavishing the same attention on it as I had the one previous.

“That’s putting fuel on the fire,” she said as she increased her tempo riding my prick. “You’re gonna make Mama a very happy woman in a minute.”

My mouth full of my mom’s rubbery nipple and my dick sliding deep inside her hot sex tunnel, I withdrew my hands from her tits and moved them down to her butt. I grabbed my mom’s ass cheeks and held on as I began to rock my hips upward to meet my mom’s thrusts.

“Mmm, my little man likes that, doesn’t he?” she squealed, rocking harder to meet my upward thrusts, driving my cock even deeper inside of her. “Although, you’re far from little! Mmm!”

“My God, mom,” I moaned as I switched my mouth to her other nipple and sucked it in again.

“Your Mama likes that, too,” she said, her voice getting low and husky. “Really likes that. You’re gonna make your Mama cum. Your big man cock is gonna make your Mama cum.”

Although I would never have thought it possible, my mom actually picked up the tempo of our union even more, smacking herself down hard on me and nearly smashing my balls with each rocking thrust.

“Jesus, I’ve been needing this,” she said, her voice getting a little higher. “I’ve been wanting this for so long.”

I could feel my mom begin to shake on me. I could feel her trembling echo through my entire body as she continued to ride me hard. Her full breasts were swinging so hard I couldn’t keep her nipple in my mouth any longer and settled for having the soft flesh of her tits slide back and forth along my cheeks as I sank my face into her ample cleavage.

“I’m cumming, punkin!” Mom growled. “Mama’s cumming!”

My mom squealed loudly, over and over as her entire body seemed to tighten up. I could feel the muscles of her vaginal walls grip hard at my member as she continued to ride me furiously.

“Oh yes!” she shouted. “YES!”

Still in the midst of her climax, mom sat completely upright but didn’t stop bouncing herself on me as I continued to hold on to her butt flesh as much as I could. I watched in absolute awe as her massive melons bounced sweetly on her chest. Moving my gaze downward I watched my dick disappear time and time again into my mom’s tight snatch. The whole erotic vision in concert with the intensity of our fucking was too much for me to handle and I quickly found myself on the brink of orgasm.

“Oh, my God,” I said as my balls seemed to catch on fire as the heat radiated through my abdomen, making my guts tighten.

“That’s it, honey,” Mom purred, egging me on. “Cum for Mama! Mama needs your man cum deep inside her!”

There was no holding back. The unbelievable vision of my mother fucking me, riding up and down hard on my cock, and the most incredible sensation of her hot and tight cunt literally sucking my sperm out of me, I felt a rush of semen fire through me as one of the most intense orgasms I had experienced up to then seemed to turn my whole body into one huge jolt of electricity.

“God, YES!” My mom screamed as my balls ejaculated their contents deep inside her and she seemed to cum again, sharing in my mind-blowing climax.

Still she bounced her perfect body on me, the tight physical bond of my dick deep inside of her, squeezing my jizz out of her drenched pussy until it was running down my balls and between my legs. My mom continued to ride me until my staff finally went limp and she had to roll off of me, panting heavily and smiling with far more than maternal satisfaction.

After we both caught our breaths, my mom rolled over into my arms and held me close, her head on my chest. I instinctively reached up with my hand and began to stroke her still damp hair.

A few quiet moments later, her face still turned away from mine, mom said, “Please don’t think about the rights or wrongs of what we’ve just done. Please just know that, even if this never happens again, you’ve made your Mama very happy today.”

“Will it… will it ever happen again?” I asked carefully as my mind considered the sexual relationship I still craved from my sister.

“That’s up to you,” Mom said, turning her head up to face me. “All you have to do is ask.”

“Are you saying that we can do this again if I want to?” I asked, absolutely excited at the idea. “If you want to?”

“The line has been crossed,” she said. “There’s no un-ringing this bell. So, yes… anytime you want to fuck your mom, punkin, you just let me know.” She thought for a moment with a twisted smile. “Well, anytime your sister isn’t around. That might be a little hard to explain”

I chuckled at the thought of having to carefully split my life of incest between my mom and sister. I felt an obligation to both.

“I think we can work around that,” I said.

“I’ll leave that up to you,” my mom replied. She snuggled her face back into my chest while reaching down to fondle my cock. “After all… you’re the man of the house.”

The man of the house with not one, but two sexy women who craved my attentions. I could see that I had my work cut out for me.

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