Subject: Cheering Brother Up Jordan rang the doorbell for the third time. Finally, he heard the loud music stop and someone walking towards the door. When the door opened Jordan’s nose was hit with a mixture of alcohol, cigarettes, weed and smell of sweat coming from inside his brother’s apartment. Bruce was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt, his hair was disheveled and his always perfectly shaved face was covered with a dark, three-day stubble. A cigarette was smoking in the corner of his mouth. “Wanna hang out?” The younger of the brothers asked. Despite a six year difference between them, they were the same height, though during the past few weeks Bruce seemed to have shrunk a an inch or two. “I brought beer.” Jordan added and raised a six pack he was holding. “Now you’re talking.” Bruce replied, with a serious look on his face. Then, he grabbed the beer from his brother’s hand and before Jordan could step through the door, he shut it quickly. Jordan was about to ring the doorbell again, before his brother opened them with a wide smile on his face. “Just kidding! Come on.” He swung his arm in an inviting gesture. Jordan shook his head, but couldn’t help not to smile. He walked in and shut the door behind him. He looked around the new apartment while his brother put the beers on a small coffee table and tried to make some room on the couch for his guest. The place was a mess. The floor was covered with empty beer and liquor bottles and cans, pizza boxes and dirty clothes. Bruce handed his younger brother a can but moved his hand back in the last moment. “Aren’t you too young to have beer?” He asked looking at him teasingly. “That never stopped you.” Jordan replied and grabbed the can. “Where did you get it from anyway?” Bruce asked before taking a few gulps from his can. “The fridge.” His brother did the same. “Parents didn’t mind?” “It was their idea.” Jordan lowered his eyes a little. “They’re worried about you.” “Yhmm.” Bruce turned around and sat on the sofa ignoring what his brother just said. They were right to be worried, Jordan thought. After Cecily broke up with him after six years and basically threw him out from their apartment, without a reason, the twenty-five-year-old wasn’t in the best condition. The first few days were the worst, he stopped going to work and spend his days drinking himself into unconsciousness. Now he started going to work again and even hanging out with his friends, but weekends he spent alone, drinking and getting high. Jordan decided to visit him to make sure he’s ok and maybe cheer him up a little. And because during the past few years they grew apart a little, he thought it would a good chance to get closer to his brother. “How are you doing?” Jordan asked sitting on the couch next to him. “Oh, you know…” He brother started with a joking tone, while lighting up his bong. “Taking it one day at a time.” He took a deep whiff and held his breath for a while. He handed the bong to Jordan. The younger brother tried to inhale as deep and as long as Bruce did, but he started coughing loudly to his brother’s amusement. “Dude, weed does not agree with you.” Bruce stood up and headed for the fridge, while his brother tried to breathe normally again. “But I know what’s your poison.” He added with a bottle of tequila in his hand. “Now you’re talking!” He said mocking his brother. They emptied the bottle and six beers in two hours. They were listening to music, playing on Xbox, and having a few laughs. Sometimes Jordan could almost see his brother’s light up with laughter like they used to. Jordan sensibly avoided bringing Cecily up, and his brother was grateful for that even though he didn’t say it out loud. “So, what’s new with you?” Asked Bruce not taking his eyes of the screen. Both of them were leaning towards the tv, with controllers in their hands, focused on the game. “Huh? Oh… Same old really.” “Really? You picked your major yet?” “Nah.” “Don’t you have to decide, like ’till next week?” “Not ’till the end of the month. And until then, I’m not going to think about it.” Bruce hissed. “Well, that’s smart.” He said sarcastically. Jordan didn’t reply. Instead he took advantage of his brother’s distraction and shot his character. Bruce hit the pause button. “Seriously man. You gotta start thinking about your future.” Jordan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Since gaziantep escort when do you care about ‘my future’, Bruce? Since we emptied that tequila?” “I always care about you.” Bruce replied with a serious look on his face. Jordan sighed and leaned back against the sofa. “Look, man…” He begun, rubbing his eyes. “I just don’t know what I wanna do, ok? I’ll figure it out later, or just choose whatever.” “Look, all I’m saying is that I think you could do something great with your life and I don’t want to waste this opportunity.” Jordan looked at his brother as though to make sure that it’s really him saying that. “What about law school? You’ve always had a knack for civics and with your… logical reasoning and ‘charisma’…” He made air quotes. “You could be really good at it.” Bruce kept pushing. Jordan didn’t speak for a few seconds. They maintained eye contact for a little too long, the younger boy still checking if he didn’t mishear. Bruce never talked about him that way. Never admitted what he thinks about Jordan’s achievements and skills. And not because he didn’t vare, he just wasn’t that kind of person. He’d joke and tease his brother for being a nerd rather than admitting that he’s secretly really proud of him. Finally, Jordan got up. “Man, you’re nearly as drunk as you need to be.” He looked inside the fridge. A bottle of vodka caught his eye. Bruce quietly looked at his younger brother filling their shot glasses. “What should we drink to?” Jordan asked, slurring his words a little. “The future.” Bruce replied in a mockingly serious tone, to light up the mood. They didn’t move for a while, smiling at each other. Again, maybe for a little too long. Maybe it was all the alcohol and weed but the two brothers started feeling a weird sensation somewhere in their stomachs. Neither of them said anything and emptied their glasses. Jordan flinched and closed his eyes at the taste, and when he opened them he noticed their legs were touching. He must have sat closer when he got up for the vodka and now their exposed shins and knees were touching. The two started at the point where their legs touched and then looked at each other. They held eye contact for long while again. Jordan reached for the bottle again, but Bruce leaned towards him and put his hand on the bottle pushing it down gently. When the bottle landed on the table again, he put his hand on his brother’s thigh. Jordan looked at it slowly moving up, towards his shorts, with a corner of his eye seeing his brother’s face inches away from his. “I have to go the bathroom.” Jordan said quietly, standing up quickly. Too quickly. He felt dizzy and banged his leg against the table on his way to the bathroom, but didn’t pay attention to it. He locked the bathroom door and leaned against the sink. He started at his reflection in a dirty mirror and tried to gather his thoughts. What was that? What did it mean? Why did he do that? Why do I feel this way? What did he try to do? The questions kept coming, but his drunk mind couldn’t answer any of them. He knew it felt wrong. But one part of him knew he liked it, because if he didn’t, he would have pushed the hand away, or run out the door not into the bathroom. He splashed his face with cold water but it didn’t help. He dried himself with a towel and looked in the mirror one last time. “You have to stop this, before it’s too late” He told himself. As he opened the door he was quietly hoping to see his brother passed out on the couch. Instead Bruce was standing right behind the door. Jordan jumped a little when he saw him. “Jesus, you scared…” He didn’t finish because his brother grabbed him by the waist and pinned against the wall so abruptly Jordan banged his head. Bruce held his face close to his brother’s, strange look in his eyes. His breath was shallow. He was fighting with himself, hesitating. Jordan didn’t resist when Bruce finally leaned forward and the two kissed. They held their lips together for a second, before making out passionately. “Bruce…” Jordan said softly between the kisses. He put his hands on his brother’s chest to push him away, but something stopped him. Instead he felt his brother’s pecs flex and relax as he moved his arms around his little brother’s body. “I’m not gay.” He said finally, trying to sound stern. “Me neither.” suriyeli escort Bruce replied before moving his mouth lower, kissing Jordan’s neck. “We’re brothers.” Jordan protested. “So?” Bruce replied pushing one of hands behind Jordan’s shorts’ waistband. Jordan didn’t have an answer to his brother’s question. When he felt Bruce’s hand squeezing his bare butt cheek he moaned quietly, despite his efforts not to. Without realizing it he raised his leg and put around his brother’s waist, pulling his hips closer to his. He felt his hard cock pressed against his brother’s and looked down. Maybe it was that he was wearing shorts that concealed it better or just pure illusion but Bruce’s bulge was significantly larger than his. And for some reason it made his heart beat faster. Meanwhile, Bruce was focused on tasting every inch of his brother’s exposed neck before finally grabbing Jordan’s other leg and wrapping it around his waist. He put his hands on his brother’s ass and picked him up. They started making out again when Bruce started carrying his brother towards the couch. When they landed on top of each other, Bruce started taking his brother’s clothes off impatiently. Meanwhile Jordan completely intoxicated with his brother’s body on top of his, and his manly smell filling the air, he paid no attention to what Bruce was doing with his hands. He was focused only on his lips and tongue. It wasn’t until his brother broke the kiss to take Jordan’s shirt off the younger one realized he was naked. Bruce looked at his naked brother’s body before kneeling in front of him and raising his legs above Jordan’s head. Without hesitation, he started rimming his brother, trying to force his tongue inside his tight hole. Jordan moaned in ecstasy and covered his mouth with his hand trying not to make too much noise. With his other hand he started stroking his brother hair, pulling on it gently, urging him to bury his face even deeper between his buttocks. Jordan’s cock was fully hard and oozing buckets of precum when Bruce finally laid down next to him, his right hand hugging him, his left reaching underneath his smooth ball sack and lower, between the buttocks. While they were making out Jordan helped Bruce get naked, and before long the two brothers were laying naked on the narrow couch, making out like there’s no tomorrow. Jordan bent and spread his legs, instinctively allowing Bruce’s hand better access. He moaned as he felt one of the fingers enter him. Jordan reached down and took his brother’s cock in his hand. He was used to holding his own cock and maybe that’s why his brother’s felt so much bigger. It was longer by maybe three-inches, and maybe twice as thick. In any other situation Jordan would think it’s unfair. But now he enjoyed how big it was. The younger of the two was so busy admiring his brother’s cock he didn’t realize when Bruce managed to put three fingers inside his brother’s butt. Jordan kept moaning between the kisses as his brother hand moved in and out of him. “It feels so good…” Jordan whispered with his eyes closed. “Do you like it? Does it hurt?” His brother asked but Jordan was in a completely different place. Overtaken with pleasure he didn’t hear his brother’s question. “Fuck me…” He moaned finally, to their surprise. Bruce hesitated for a moment before climbing on top of his little brother. He put Jordan’s left leg on his shoulder and let the right one wrap around his waist. He positioned the tip of his cock at his brother’s hole and looked at him. They made eye contact, hesitating before what they thought was the point of no return. The moment of hesitation seemed to last forever before Jordan finally nodded his head gently, as though to give Bruce permission. He pushed forward and his thick dick started entering his brother’s ass. Jordan arched his back and winced in pain, but did not protest. Instead, he tried to pull his brother’s hips closer to him with his leg. Bruce was worried he was hurting Jordan too much but did not pull back. He started moving his hips back and forth, gently fucking his brother who starting to relax. Finally, Jordan opened his eyes and leaned forward grabbing his brother be the back of his neck. He pulled his face closer rus escort and they started making out again. Jordan’s tongue entered Bruce’s mouth as Bruce’s cock was penetrating Jordan’s ass. The younger brother was moaning with each thrust enjoying his brother’s cock hitting his prostate time and time again. Both men were covered in sweat when Jordan suddenly broke the kiss. “Harder…” He said biting his lip. “Please harder…” Bruce smirked in reply and pulled out. He helped his brother get on the floor on his stomach and quickly jumped on top of him pinning him to the floor. He wrapped his right hand around Jordan’s chest and with his left he started stroking his cock completely immobilizing him. He pushed his dick back inside him again and started fucking him much faster than before. Jordan was completely surprised with his brother’s eagerness but all he could do was moan loudly as his butt received hard pounding. Soon, both brothers were moaning loudly having messy, rough sex on the floor. Jordan’s ass was beginning to hurt but he paid no mind to that. All he could focus on was his brother’s warm body pinning him to the floor, his warm breath on his neck, the smell of his body… He noticed Bruce started to get tired but neither of them were close to cumming so he came up with an idea. He told his brother to sit on the couch and soon, he was impaling himself on his cock while Bruce played with his nipples. Jordan was moving his hips back and forth riding his brother without mercy. He put his hands on his brother’s muscled chest and he replied with putting his hands on his little brother’s hip. Although soon, he reached further behind him and squeezed both of Jordan’s buttocks. Seeing as Jordan bit his lip and moaned he squeezed them a little tighter and even spanked his buttock gently. “You like that?” Bruce asked with a smirk. Jordan nodded eagerly. He moaned loudly as he felt another, harder spank. And then another. And another. His ass must have been red when Jordan leaned forward to kiss his brother on the lips. Bruce swept away wet hair from his brother’s forehead. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled as Jordan continued to rock back and forth on his brother’s lap. Suddenly Jordan’s smile went away and he flinched as though in pain. Bruce thought he should pull out but instead Jordan picked up the pace. His eyes were closed and mouth was wide open as he moaned so loud he was almost screaming. He curled his toes and pinched the skin on his brother’s chest as pleasure overcame him. Warm sperm shoot out from his cock onto his brother’s stomach and chest. Still in a trance, Jordan leaned forward and started to lick his sperm off his brother’s chest. Then, he kissed Bruce passionately and as they made out the older brother felt the sweet-sour taste on Jordan’s tongue. Finally, Jordan pulled away and put his hand through his wet hair. He was still sitting on his brother’s lap with his hard cock in his ass. Bruce watched him, his eyes opened wide in disbelief. “What was that?” He asked with a smile. “The best orgasm I’ve ever had” Jordan answered smirking. They sat like that for a while catching their breaths. Then, suddenly, Bruce put his brother’s leg on his shoulder and grabbed him by the chest with both arms. His cock still in Jordan, he skillfully rolled them both on the couch so that they were laying on their side facing each other. Their bodies became so entangled neither of them were sure which leg or arm belonged to whom, but it didn’t really matter, as long as Bruce’s dick stayed inside Jordan. He started moving his hips back and forth, more gently this time. They were kissing passionately, completely intoxicated with each other. Bruce grabbed his brother’s penis and started stroking it slowly, but gripping it tightly. The two brothers moaned for a long time as they kept making love. Finally, Jordan felt his brother’s cock twitch and soon after that he felt his warm cum inside his body. Bruce didn’t release the grip on Jordan’s cock until he too, came. When the pleasure finally subsided the two looked each other in the eyes. They didn’t say anything but their looks said everything. They knew what they did was wrong. They understood they had to keep it a secret. They weren’t sure if they could live with that. But those were worries for another time. For tomorrow, when they get sober and have to face the reality of what happened tonight. For now, they didn’t worry about anything. As long as they laid in each other’s arms, everything was fine.

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