Christening My New Bed


I had just gotten a place of my own — my first place. Everything was new, including a bed which needed to be put together, with the help of my two best friends. Annie and Stephen ended up coming over that evening to help set up the bed. Or, more accurately, Annie came over that afternoon after both our classes were done and helped set up my bed. Stephen showed up considerably later, bearing alcohol — beer for himself, wine coolers for his girlfriend, and Bailey’s for me — and an attitude that said “fuck, am I glad to be off work and with my two best girls.” It wasn’t just his attitude that said it. Those were the first words out of his mouth when he walked in. Yeah, I’d left the door open and unlocked. I figured that Annie and I had screwdrivers and hammers and nail guns to protect us against anything short of a gun; the flimsy lock on the door wouldn’t have stopped a gun.

Stephen set the alcohol down just inside the room, came to us, kissed us each in turn (Annie on the lips, myself on the forehead), and flopped himself on my newly-constructed bed. I scowled at him.

“You’re lucky your girlfriend is handy with a toolbox, or that bed frame could have collapsed around you, and then where would you be? Looking foolish, that’s where.” I grinned down at him.

He grinned back, but his grin was not entirely innocent. “She is rather handy with a tool, if I do say so myself. And then again, so are you.” He laughed and sat up quickly, hooking an arm around my waist and pulling me down onto the bed with him. “What say we christen this new place?” He kissed me soundly. I responded enthusiastically before pulling back to murmur, “sounds good to me.” I pushed my mouth back down onto his, letting my hands push his shirt up and roam over his chest. I straddled him. Stephen’s hands came up to rest on my rear, lightly squeezing. One hand went up my shirt to feel over my back and under my bra while the other pulled my hips farther down into him. I could feel he was hard under his jeans.

I pulled my lips from his to sit Ataşehir Escort up and shuck my shirt. I went to undo my bra when his hands stopped me. They reached around to cup my breasts through the lace covering them, and I felt another, smaller pair of hands undo the clasp behind my back and ease the straps off my shoulders. Annie. Stephen pulled the bra from me and tossed it across the room to join my shirt. His lips fastened on one nipple as Annie’s tongue touched my back; I gasped at the dual sensation, fighting the urge to hold his head to my chest. He liked to be in control, as far as that went — maintaining control while giving others the illusion of having it. He loved using his mouth, and he was good at it. And he was teaching his girlfriend.

As Stephen played with my breasts with his tongue, teeth, and lips, Annie traced designs on my back and shoulder blades with her tongue. Sometimes she kissed my back; often she nipped at it with her teeth. I felt something wet on me, something very much not from her mouth, but her mouth was what followed that drop, licking it up slowly, sensually. She nipped at me when she had finished. She crawled around to our side and kissed me. Bailey’s. She tasted like the Bailey’s Stephen had brought for me.

She broke the kiss to unbutton Stephen’s shirt. I rocked back to watch, and he took advantage of the space to reach across, grab my jeans, and undo them. As soon as his shirt was off he slipped a hand inside and stroked me under my panties. I sucked in a breath and arched my back, bringing my hips up off of his and closer into his hand. Annie started on his jeans and slipped a hand inside. She brought his penis out and started to stroke it. Stephen’s hand faltered for a second, but resumed its ministrations as steadily as ever once he’d gotten control of himself.

I found myself coming closer to orgasm, rocking against his hand, riding it. My breath came in short whimpers. “Please…please…please.” Stephen chuckled a bit and stopped his hand. My Bostancı Escort eyes whipped open (I hadn’t realized I had closed them) and I frowned at him, pouting a bit in protest. He closed his eyes then and leaned his head back. I glanced down; Annie had her head in his lap, and was working her own talented mouth around him. I grinned. I knew from experience how good she was with her mouth. I was sure Stephen was enjoying himself. I watched for a little bit, then rocked myself against his hand, still in my pants, to remind him I was there. He opened his eyes then.

“I know you’re still there, sweetheart. I was enjoying the moment, but I never forgot about you.” He moved one finger along my slit and rubbed it against my clit to make his point. I moaned softly in appreciation. He pulled his hands from my jeans, and cut off my protest. “Take off your pants and underwear, and sit back.” He grinned. “Let’s have a little show.”

“Cheeky bastard.” I grinned back at him, enjoying every moment. I sat up on my knees and pulled my pants down them, then moved around so I could take them off. They ended up by the rest of our clothes. My clothes, mostly. I sat back up on my knees so my crotch was nearly face-level to him. I hooked my thumbs in my lace panties — they had matched my bra: black lace that only covered enough to do the job they were originally intended for — and pulled them off slowly, giving Stephen and Annie, as her eyes were focused on me, the show he had requested. I crawled forward to kiss him, then, still on my hands and knees, I pulled Annie off of his cock and kissed her, too, tasting him just a little on her tongue. She sat up and back as we kissed, and would have pulled me with her had Stephen not pushed me back gently.

His hand on my shoulder pushed me back to sit against the pillows we’d mounded at the head of my bed earlier. Now it was his turn to crawl to me on all fours. He didn’t have far to go, but stopped when he was kneeling between my feet. He grinned ferally, then leaned Kadıköy Escort down to lick at my center.

“Oh, god!” I hadn’t realized I was going to speak until it was done. Stephen really was good with his mouth. His tongue flicked in and out of me, and around my lips and clit, until I thought I was going to explode. His breath hitched, and I felt his fingers inside me. I cried out again, but was silenced this time by Annie’s mouth on mine. I moaned into her mouth as Stephen’s mouth and fingers worked in tandem on my sex until finally I tore my mouth away from hers and screamed as I came.

Stephen’s fingers slowed and finally stopped, but his tongue kept flicking lightly over my clit until I reached my hand down and laid it on his head. He looked up at me, then his eyes flicked to Annie next to me. I looked at her and saw she had sat up and was working at herself in earnest, her eyes never leaving the two of us.

“Shouldn’t we be helping her?” I asked a bit breathlessly. She opened her eyes and smiled at me wordlessly. Stephen crawled up my body and licked my lips.

“Tonight is about you.” He kissed me then, letting me taste myself. We all have our kinks. Stephen likes to be in charge, usually. I like tasting people, including myself, on others’ lips. Annie is somewhat submissive, likes to be told what to do sexually. Or at least she doesn’t like to make the decisions. “Let’s give her a show, shall we?” He kissed me again, and pushed into me. I was still wet, and still horny as hell. I pushed up against him, not just with my hips but with my entire body. He let me push him back onto the bed, and I once again straddled him. I ground myself down on him, riding him hard. He was close, but I also wanted to make this look good for Annie, too. I heard a whimper come from her, and knew she was close too. Stephen reached up to fondle my breast, forcing me to move only my hips, giving her a wonderful view not only of my backside but of our joining. Annie cried out and I knew she had come. I sped up and clenched down on Stephen, and he followed her. I slowed down, and eventually stopped as he grew somewhat softer in me, but never pulled out. We rolled over onto our sides and Annie crawled up next to us and curled up behind me, pulling the comforter up over us. We were out within seconds.

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