Chubby Housemate goes for a Ride


I always thought Sue was hot but had never done anything about it. She had been a great friend for many years now. Just last week though that all finally changed, and boy what a change! Just for a little history first…Sue and I had worked together for years now. We had always been close, and I suppose you could say we had a special bond. Living together and working together made us this way. I always looked at her differently at work and she at me, but I just thought that’s normal considering the situation with us living together as well.I had been in a relationship with Missy for nearly a year and we decided to step things up and rent a place to live together. Considering the prices though we couldn’t afford much. That’s when Missy came up with the idea of asking whether Sue wanted to rent a place with us. It was the financially smart thing to do considering Sue rented a small shitty place on her own.Six months into these new living arrangements, I found out that Missy was cheating on me and I kicked the whore out on her ass. It wasn’t that simple; of course, as I was pretty shattered at the time but that pretty much summed things up. This, of course, left Sue and myself living together on our own.The ‘new change’ all started the night of our work party. The night was great. Plenty to eat and of course plenty to drink… In fact, way too much to drink. Anyway no need for ‘small talk’, it was a great night. I finally hit the sack about 4am. I wasn’t looking forward to work the next morning since 8am starts are bad at the best of times but were worse after a big night!’Andy, ANDY!’ Sue yelled. I opened my sleepy eyes and looked up at the clock. It was 8:15am! Shit, I was late! kolej escort I jumped straight up mumbling something incoherently before turning and rushing to the bathroom. It was only as I was quickly showering that I realized I had slept totally naked and Sue must have seen everything I had to offer when I jumped startled out of bed! I felt a tingle and looked down to see my cock becoming hard at the thought of Sue seeing me naked. My mind raced, but there was no time for anything but getting to work… albeit late!I got to work 45 minutes late with coffee ready for me. The boss had been out with me ’til the end of the night so he was very understanding. Luckily it was a quiet day that went surprisingly quick considering how bad my head was feeling, and I soon pulled into the driveway relieved to be home. It’s only when I walked inside and saw Sue that I remembered the morning. What would Sue say to me? What would I say to her?’Hey Sue, I’m home!’ I stupidly yelled as I entered the house. Original hey!’Hi Andy, how was your day?’ Sue responded with a smirk. We chatted for a while about the day. All was fine and normal. Not a word was spoken about that morning. We had the usual dinner together in front of the TV and settled in to watch a movie.The movie was pretty boring, and my mind wandered back to that morning. I couldn’t help but get a hard on as I started to fantasize about Sue. I looked over at her as my mind raced.’What are you smiling at?’ Sue said as she turned and looked my way. Shit, busted I thought.’Oh sorry, didn’t realize I was.’ I stupidly replied. I had to say something as she knew me better than anyone and must have known something sihhiye escort bayan was on my mind. After a while I spoke up. ‘Well actually I was just thinking about what happened this morning.’ I sheepishly said looking away. Silence…I looked back to see Sue with a huge smile on her face. ‘Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that…’ she teased, then laughed. ‘Haha, not really. A bit of a shock hey! Do you always sleep naked?”Most of the time I do. Not that I even remember getting into bed last night. What a night hey!’ I said trying to change the subject. But, Sue was having none of that.’So do you always wake up happy like that?’ she replied with a cute giggle.’Huh?’ I stupidly responded before remembering that I had woken up with my usual morning glory hard on. ‘Oh yeah I do, well most of the time… never remember what I dream about though!’ trying to lighten up the situation.’You know Andy, you have a nice cock… and tight little ass too!’Holy fuck! How do I respond to that? The answer… more silence. Awkward silence this time, before Sue spoke, ‘Sorry Andy, I shouldn’t have said anything. I didn’t mean to make you feel weird about it. Let’s just forget it huh and continue with the movie?”Sure!’ I responded turning back to the movie. We watched the rest of the movie, although I didn’t comprehend any of it. All I could think about was Sue. She liked my cock!?!? Wow! I smiled again to myself.’There it is again… that smile!’ said Sue.I thought for a moment before I spoke. ‘Well Sue you know I think it would only be fair if I got to see what you saw… you naked I mean… haha,’ trying to make a half joke out of it. But there was Escort sincan just a long pause, until finally Sue spoke.’I don’t think so buster!’ Shattered! Did I just fuck everything up?!? I thought to myself. Then she continued ‘But I will compromise…’ I looked over to see a cheeky smile on her sexy face as she unbuttoned her blouse. Fuck yes, was all my mind was thinking! ‘I’ll show you these,’ she said as she pulled her big boobs over the top of her black bra.They were awesome! The best tits I had ever seen. The way they sat, hung over her bra was just amazing. Sue wasn’t a skinny girl by any means. I suppose you would call her chubby. Just average height but had the curves of a real woman. She had an average size waist and a tight looking ass (although slightly bigger than normal – she often just wore leggings around the house), but carried a little more weight around her tummy. Then came her boobs… wow! They were big beautiful at least DD boobs with big, hard nipples. She had a really pretty face and a pale complexion. She was my kind of woman! Anyway back to the story…I just stared at her boobs. I couldn’t speak. I realistically was kind of hoping to see a flash of her ass or something, but here I was only inches away from her two massive boobs. They were so full, so plump with dark nipples that were definitely showing her arousal.’So what do you think? I know they’re a bit on the big side, well fat side really, but I like them!’ Sue said as she cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples, smirking again.’Wow Sue… they’re um, um beautiful… perfect in fact!’ is all I could say, not taking my eyes off them.’Haha… yeah sure. Perfect my ass,’ was her sarcastic response. ‘So if you like them so much did you wanna touch ’em?’ she said as she reached behind herself and undid her bra, removing it and her blouse completely, giving me the perfect full view.Touch them? Wow, I’d fantasized about seeing and feeling her big tits for years so this was a dream come true.

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