Clothing optional beach

Clothing optional beachWhere I was travelling it was very hot and I thought of going to the beach for some sun. I check on my computer to see if there were any Clothing optional beaches in the area and there were.I went there expecting to see some tits and cunts.When I got ther ther were only a few guys.I found my spot on the beach and settled in by removing my cloths, if felt great.There were probable a dozen guys walking the beach with there cock swinging away, but it took about an hour before I saw a woman and even though she was older, her tits were hugh.Down the beach abit were 4 guys and as I looked over there they started to play with each other.In no time they started sucking each malatya escort other off.Now I’ve had a few encounters with guys before and watched gay pron, but this was live action.I decided to go check it out and get a closer look.I went right over there and they had finished sucking each other at this point.When I arrived I commented on how unusual this was for me to see this and one of the guys said it must have been ok because of the precum on the end of my dick. I didn’t even know this had happened. His friend asked me to sit down with them for a bit and I did.The next thing I knew, I had 2 guys stroking my cock.It felt great and here I was in the open getting a hard on by 2 escort malatya guys and for anyone to see.I thought what the fuck, I should just enjoy this, because who knows when it will happen again.In no time one of the guys started sucking my cock and playing with my asshole.While the other guy started to jerk off beside me.This was too much and I told him I was going to cum and his friend said cum when you want, he’ll take it all.That was it and I shot my load in his mouth. He took it like he was having a sip of water. Mean while the jerk off guy went full speed on his cock and shot a load on his friend bare cock and proceeded in wiping it over his balls and cock.What a site.Now malatya escort bayan it was my turn for payback and as I sat there the guy that sucked me got up and offered me his cock and I took it like a pro.It wasn’t that big but was hard a rock.It felt nice and warm as he fucked my mouth.I just did what I would like done to me and have this guy a fantastic blow job.He was ready to cum, but I wasn’t ready to take a mouth full of cum, so I backed off and grabbed his cock and started jerking him off. He didn’t last long and shot his load on my chest.We relaxed for a bit and I thanked them for the new expierence. They invited me to party that night, but I declined. Maybe next time.I want to explore fucking one of these guys up the ass, but for now I will go back to my life and remember this as one more chapter in my life.Bye the way the next evening in a different city I hired a hooker and that was fantastic, but a story for another time.

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