Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 5, Abigail


I called Gypsy to bring her up to speed on my ‘ nooner ‘. “Howdy, Ms. Thompson called me crying.” The calm tone of Gypsy’s voice stunned me. “Wwwhat the fffff …?” I started before Gypsy interrupted me. “I told you, she’s a tough cookie! “But Gypsy,” I said. Gypsy continued, talking over me, “For a split second I thought your appointment with her had gone badly Howdy. But I was very relieved to learn her tears were happy tears.” “She told me all about being your mom’s friend, watching you grow into a handsome young man and about the night she watched you mastutbating in your room. Wow Howdy, was I surprised to hear that. Not that you masturbated,” Gypsy started to laugh out loud clarifying herself, “but the part about knowing your mom. Oh gawwwd I made a funny!” Gypsy roared, still laughing at her faux pas. “Gypsy, you had me worried!” I said over her laughter. Between giggles, Gypsy added. “Oh yeah, and the cute little receptionist that was flirting with you at Ms. Thompson’s office, weeeeelllllllll , she thought you might like to know that Veronica is her niece , her only niece , aaaaaand she happens to still be a virgin.” Quickly changing the subject back to business, Gypsy added, “So far Howdy, three appointments and three call backs for next week. At this rate, we won’t need but about a dozen more regulars to be set for the summer. By the way, you have a 4 pm with Barb’s sister in law, Abigail. Barb warned me that she is a wild one! You remember how to get there right?” “Sure I do Gypsy. And I’ll be there early as always.” “Oh Howdy, your 7pm tonight called to reschedule. Seems her husband decided not to play poker tonight. So if you want, let’s you and I go grab dinner somewhere and plan the rest of our week? “Sounds good Gypsy.” I said happily. With my voice turning more serious, “By the way… I want you to know I’m loving working with you Gypsy. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.” There was a pause, then through a choked up voice, Gypsy returned the compliment. “Get your ass back to work before I have to spank you later. See you after your 4 o’clock Howdy!” Gypsy bit at her lower lip as tears rolled down her face. She turned and slowly hung up the phone. It had been two years since a man had offered up a compliment any kind of to her. She had forgotten how good it felt to be appreciated, to be needed. Even though they had only known each other a couple of days, she felt the invisible cords weaving their hearts closer. I dashed back to my apartment, showered and changed, and took off across town for the appointment with Abigail. The guard to Barb and Abigail’s neighborhood remembered me. “OH, it’s you again. Going back to Ms. Barbara’s young fella? “No sir. It’s her sister in law who asked me to stop over. So I’m headed there. I know the way, thanks.” I smiled. He waved me through as the gate slowly rolled open. As I drove down the street, I noticed Barb pulling out of her drive in her Rolls Royce. She recognized me immediately and we stopped in the middle of the street near her drive to say hello. Kartal Escort We both reached out the car windows for each others’ hand. Zap! There it was again, that same jolt of energy that rocked me like before. I felt my cock stir just seeing her again. Grabbing just my index finger between her thumb and curled fingers, Barb gave it a playful wiggle as she warmly greeted me. “Hello Howdy!” Barb said with a wink in her demure sexy voice. “Hello Barb.” I said, feeling my heart race and cock harden. “Sooo Howdy, Gypsy is keeping you busy I hear? Hmmm ?” Barb batted her long thick eyelashes. “Word is spreading amongst us girls you know. Just don’t let Gypsy wear that cock of yours down to a nub.” she said as a broad naughty grin covered her face. “I’ll make plenty sure of that. I’m really looking forward to seeing you again Barb!” Barb wrapped her fingers around my finger and stroked it up and down as her eyes sparkled, “Good, then I’ll see you next week.” she said blowing me a kiss. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you about Abby!” My cock was already stimulated when I pulled up Abigail’s long sweeping drive and into the parking plaza. The view of her mansion was mostly obscured by a dense cover of woods and undergrowth. Another big ass mansion I marveled as I stopped out front. The parking plaza was U-shaped with five car garages framing three sides. All the doors to her garages were open, displaying a shiny bright colored toy parked in each space. An older black man gave me a friendly wave as he was washing a new Mercedes under the large port-e-cache. With my pride filled full of my brief taste of success, I beamed with confidence as I bolted up the steps in youthful exuberance . “Let’s go get a piece of this wild woman!” I mumbled. Abigail’s butler must have been related to Mr. Stuffy shirt across the street I thought as I was greeted with the same unemotional, “May I help you Sir?” “Hello, I’m here to see Ms. Abigail.” I said as my eyes looked past him into the cavernous great room. “Yes, she’s expecting you I do believe. This way please.” he said as he shuffled towards the great room. My eyes filled with wonderment as I scanned the walls. I had never seen so many exotic wild animal mounts in my life. Gypsy told me Abigail was early thirties at best, and nouveau riche . She was this guy’s fourth wife and had met him at a strip club in Vegas where supposedly, she was a cocktail waitress. But who was I to judge. I certainly didn’t care. Their money all spent the same as far as I was concerned. The butler and I looked at each other as a young woman’s shrill voice rang out. He raised his eyebrows slightly and gave his me a brief nod, “Good luck Sir.” he said before walking away, Abigail came calling from somewhere down a long hallway loudly announcing her pending arrival, “Howdy, I’mmmmmm commmmming .” “I laughed to myself. Oh yes, you most certainly will be.” I muttered under my breath. Abigail came bouncing around the corner with flushed face aglow. “Hiya Howdy!” she beamed, “I’m Abby!” Kartal Escort Bayan she smiled extending her hand. She wore a delightful mix of fresh perspiration and expensive perfume. I instinctively extended my hand to shake hers as I stood there for a second, drinking in her sight. She had a long spikey punked out orange and jet black haircut that oddly enough, looked pretty damn hot on her. Her eyes were framed in this weird magical Goth looking eyeliner. She had on a super high waist cut leotard that matched her hair and showed lots of her muscular midriff. Her skimpy nylon spandex leotard emerged from somewhere beneath her very short cutoff gym shorts . The narrow two inch strip that emreged from between her legs, eventually grew into a waistband and top. I suspected it was even more revealing in the back. Her highly defined abs rippled as she constantly shifted her weight from leg to leg as she stood in front of me. The spandex was semi shear and did a very poor job hiding the large nipples that proudly crowned her large artificially enhanced breasts. “Abby,” I said holding her hand tightly, “it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” I stumbled for words as my gaze focused on the shear transparent spandex hugging her nipples, “No offense Abby, but I expected someone…” “Older?” Abby said nodding, finishing my sentence. “Yeah, I know. I get that a lot .” She forced a slight frown, ” Hmmm Howdy, you aren’t disappointed that I’m not some old lady are you?” “Oh hell no!” I blurted. “I mean, sorry. I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.” I said trying to cover my tracks. “That’s a pretty frikkin hot outfit Abby.” I said as my eyes drank in every last detail. “Really? You like it? Because I bought it yesterday to wear just for today.” she said with flirting eyes. “Do you like the back too?” she said as she spun around to show off her firm apple bottom cheeks that hung three inches below her shorts. My assumption had been right. The band of fabric that lay nestled between her ass cheeks couldn’t have been more than in inch wide. It rose completely over her hips and hugged her petite waistline. The only thing covering her ass cheeks was the narrow band of gymshorts that circled her waist. Her cheeks proudly proturded out the bottom and top of her shorts. My cock noticed too. Then turning back towards me, she used both index fingers to draw circles in the shear fabric around both large nipples. “Kinda see through huh?” she said with a naughty snicker. “Well Abby, I love the look on you! It makes you even hotter than you already are. Wow, would I love to be those spandex.” I said, pretending that a corny pick line might help me get lucky. “Really now? Which part Howdy?” Abby asked running her hands quickly up and down her body. “Wanna see my workout room Howdy?” she asked, reaching for my hand. She practically dragged me down the wide marble floored hallway towards her studio. “Hubby just hates the music I like to dance and work out too. So he had the whole room Escort Kartal sound proofed.” Her home gym was quite impressive. It had every workout machine known to man. Three walls were floor to ceiling mirrors. But what I really noticed, was the strippers pole in the middle of a small stage. At first blush, it looked like it even had a full blown set of stage lighting overhead. Front and center by the stage was a lone plush recliner. Tucked along a corner was an interesting item. “What’s that Abby?” I asked pointing to a eight foot by twenty foot piece of some kind of slippery looking plastic sheet. Abby covered her mouth as she giggled, “Howdy, that’s my ‘Fuck-n-Slide.” “No way?” I laughed. “Looks fun to me.” “Well maybe we can play on it some day soon.” I turned my attention back to Abby and then looked at the pole. “So Abby. Get much practice on the pole? I asked, hoping for maybe a small demonstration. “Actually I was working out on the pole when you showed up. It’s really great core exercise. Wanna see part of my routine?” “I’d love to Abby. I’ve never seen someone use a pole, so I don’t know what to expect.” She lead me to the chair that was just a couple of feet from the stage and told me to get comfy. Then she put on some club music and jumped up on stage. She started twisting around the pole, humping it and thrusting her hips to the beat of the pulsing beat. Stage lights changed colors and strobed different patterns across her body as she immersed herself in her routine. Abby was definitely getting into the dance and started shedding her clothes. She slithered up the pole. She slithered down the pole. She used only her legs to keep her suspended. She used only her hands and arms to keep her suspended. I was very impressed with her strength. With her back to me, she looked sexily over her shoulder as she rolled her workout shorts over her hips, then ass cheeks, before letting them fall to the floor. Sure enough, the thin strip of spandex disappeared between her muscular ass cheeks, then reappeared only to barely cover her meaty outer lips. She moved her hips in large exaggerated circles as she spread her legs. Then she bounced and shook her ass cheeks like I had never seen anyone do. For the scant bit of flesh her leotards covered, she may as well have been naked. She was definitely working herself up good and I enjoyed the show. Abby rolled a couple of times across the stage and ended up on her back directly in front of me, facing me with legs spread wide. She sat there breathing hard and looking at me from between bended knees. Then she arched her back and lifted her hips off the ground and made a thrusting fucking motion at me. Her cleanly shaved labia protruded fully on either side of the thin seam that barely covered her clit. My cock was straining to be released. Abby hopped off the stage, body glistening with perspiration , and leaned down supporting herself with her hands on the arms of my chair. “Do you like the show so far Howdy?” she asked, stealing a kiss. “If you’ve never been in a strip club, you’ve never had a lap dance then either huh?” “I’m sorry Abby. I don’t even know what you are talking about. What is a lap dance?” I said feeling embarrassed and very naive. “One thing for sure Abby, if your doing one, I want to see it.” “Stand up Howdy.” Abby directed as she pulled at both hands.

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