Cristen had a rough childhood. Her brother was mildly autistic and had been mercilessly bullied and despite the family’s best attempts to help, took his own life. Cristen was devastated. However she made a huge effort to be successful. At 26 she had a masters degree and was pulling in six figures at a job she loved. She also volunteered 8 hours a week at a suicide prevention organization. On top of that she was gorgeous. Cristen was a woman who had probably never been in a room where she wasn’t the most beautiful woman. Cristen was a Scandinavian-American goddess. She was 5’4 and 107lbs of pure perfection. Naturally blonde with light blue eyes, full lips, flawless skin with a slight tan that made her skin look almost golden. She had legs like a dancer’s, a nicely toned bubble ass and perfect d cup breasts that featured perfect half dollar sized areolas capped with sensitive nipples.

She kept herself cleanly shaven with the exception of a tiny, golden strip of blonde hair just above her perfectly symmetrical lips that proved to anyone lucky enough to get that close that she was indeed a true blonde. She was also definitely a person who enjoyed sex. More than anything else she really liked good, hard sex. She wasn’t a size queen or anything like that although she definitely saw ‘bigger’ guys as a plus, what she really liked was simply being fucked hard. Preferably doggy style or just bent over a bed, chair, table or whatever. She wanted to feel not only the cock but the hips crashing in, jarring her flawless body. The balls slapping her ass as she fingered her clit. This was how she liked it and she had no trouble finding someone eager to please her when she got the urge.

Cristen had flown to Minneapolis for a meeting. She was downtown

having a quick dinner at a restaurant in the Mall of America before flying back home when she overheard a conversation from out in the mall that really bothered her.

“Tommy I thought your girlfriend from out of town was meeting you for dinner.” said one boy.

She’s in the restroom in the restaurant,” said Tommy

“Yeah, you’re such a liar. What girl would even date a loser ass retard like you, why don’t you just kill yourself!” said a second boy.

Cristen saw red. She threw down some money to pay for her dinner, composed herself, and walked out to the mall.

“Tommy, I’m sorry you had to wait so long, oh are these friends of yours?” said Cristen.

The two boys didn’t know what to say when Cristen walked up and took Tommy’s hand, he somehow didn’t miss a beat.

“Uh yeah, this is Cole and Evan,” said Tommy.

“It’s nice to meet you guys, I’m Cristen.”

The two boys were in shock and just starred, jaws agape.

“You guys don’t say much do you?” Cristen laughed.

The couple said goodbye and went back into the restaurant. They ordered cheesecake and talked quite a bit. She found out Tommy was 18 and a senior and had been facing a lot of bullying. Eventually they left, she needed to get to the airport. Tommy offered to drive her and she accepted. As they headed toward the car she let Tommy take a few selfies of the two of them.

As they drove, Tommy noticed Cole and Evan’s car just bakırköy türbanlı escort ahead. Cristen said “Pull up by them, you’re about to become a legend!”

As Tommy complied, Cristen ducked down. When the two boys noticed Tommy in the car Cole said “Looks like the loser got dumped!”

They honked and lowered the window, Tommy said “Hey guys, what’s up?” Before they could respond Cristen sat up, wiped her mouth and said “hey guys!” She then made the loser sign and Tommy sped off laughing.

Cristen’s good deed was done, but karma is a funny thing. While she was ducked down, she noticed two things. First, Tommy’s legs felt very muscular and second, quite by accident she noticed he was quite a bit larger than normal.

Cristen said, Tommy, I think I might get a later flight, would you like to go to a hotel to relax a while? Predictably Tommy was happy to oblige her. Cristen checked them in and they headed up to the room.

Cristen said “Why don’t you watch tv, I need to use the bathroom and put on something easier to rest in.”

Tommy nodded.

Several minutes later, Cristen came out with a robe on. She smiled at Tommy, having his full attention. She untied the belt and let the robe fall away from her body, leaving her in all her naked glory. Tommy’s jaw dropped through the floor. Instantly a large bulge was evident in his pants. Cristen asked him if he would like to remove his clothing. He immediately began tearing off his jeans, shirt, socks and underwear. Cristen then moved onto the bed facing Tommy. She kissed him and he kissed her back pushing his tongue into her mouth while grabbing her gorgeously full breasts. Cristen broke the kiss, turned away, got down on all fours and said “Fuck me Tommy!”

Tommy got up behind her as she reached back and guided his big cock into her sweet, wet pussy. Tommy started fucking her hard, she grasped the headboard and said “harder!” Tommy reared back and then began slamming into Cristens pussy with all he had. With each thrust her ass would ripple and her big, firm breasts would heave. Cristen took one hand off the headboard to rub her clit as Tommy, getting very closed started fucking her with even more urgency, her forehead hitting the wall with each mind numbing thrust. Furiously fingering her clit she felt Tommy drive forward as hard as he could as his cock swelled and blasted deeply into her with his molten load, this pushed her off the cliff and her own orgasm crashed through her.

Her fingers and toes tensed as she buried her face in the pillow, screaming into it as Tommy pulled out. She then moaned as she rolled over onto her back and just laid there gently rubbing her nipples as she floated back to reality. Tommy just laid contently next to her, marveling at her gorgeous, exhausted form. They sat for a while and talked. Cristen told Tommy “You are so awesome, don’t ever let assholes like those two guys bother you, you’re an amazing person.”

She then kissed him and sent him on his way, took a quick shower and called for a cab to take her to the airport.

It was Friday and Cristen had a three day weekend. She rolled out of bed around ten. bakırköy ucuz escort It was a cold day but she decided a good massage would give her a reason to leave her condo and then she could also get some shopping done. She took a hot shower, slipped on a thong, sport bra, an old pair of sweats and a hoodie, she rarely felt the urge to try to impress.

Cristen arrived at the spa. She usually saw Sven but he was off sick so she was with Olga, a new masseuse. She preferred men because they gave more vigorous massages but she was assured Olga could do the job. Cristen put her things in a locker and put on a large robe. Olga came in,

introduced herself and brought Cristen to the sauna. Olga was thick but very pretty. Sort of an Anna Nicole Smith who liked to power lift. She also gave off a slight lesbian vibe. Cristen stepped in and removed her towel to the audible gasp of the one other person in the sauna.

“Oh, hello,” said Cristen,

“Hey, I’m Sandra, and I heard your masseuse say your name is Cristen, and let me tell you, girl, you are just so beautiful!”

“Thanks, you are very pretty too!”

said Cristen.

Just then Sandra’s masseuse came to get her. They said their goodbyes and Sandra left. Cristen closed her eyes and relaxed. Several minutes later Olga arrived with a fresh towel and summoned Cristen. She put the towel around Cristen who then secured it. Arriving at the room, Cristen laid on her stomach and Olga placed a fresh towel, neatly folded over her ass. Olga liked to begin at the ankles. She poured some warm oil into her hands and then went to work. From the ankles then up the calves before going down to thoroughly work the feet and toes. Cristen found this part to be very relaxing.

Next Olga did a deep job on the thighs before removing the towel to remove the tension from what she judged to be a perfect ass. A gentle moan escaped Cristens mouth, causing Olga to smile.

After finishing Cristen’s back, shoulders and neck, Olga helped Cristen roll over and placed a towel over her. She began working the front of Cristen’s thighs then up to her hands and arms then her neck, which was very tense. Olga now had to lower the towel to work on shoulders and upper chest. She was very happy to get her hands on Cristen’s beautiful, full breasts. Another moan escaped Cristen’s mouth as Olga rolled her nipples. She then took care of her flat stomach before massaging her lower abdominals and all around her glistening pussy.

Olga paused and said “I’m nearly done but we have some time if there is more you’d like me to take care of.”

Cristen replied, “please, any area you think would benefit from your touch.” as she parted her legs slightly.

Olga took the hint and went to work. She got more warm oil and began to rub it in just beside Cristen’s labia. Then she drizzled some onto her slit and down to her ass. She softly rubbed it in, causing Cristen to quiver. She parted Cristen’s legs slightly more and used two freshly oiled fingers to rub and caress Cristen’s engorged clitoris while using two from her other hand to push into Cristen’s hot, wet pussy. Cristen’s hips began to move as başakşehir escort her arousal quickly gained momentum. Instinctively Olga began fucking her as hard as she could with her fingers which almost instantly pushed Cristen over the edge. Her orgasm hit like a train jumping the tracks. She was instantly twitching, moaning and squirting. Out of control in total bliss and then slowly back to earth.

Olga used a washcloth with warm water and gave Cristen an impromptu wipe down, then gave her a warm towel.

Olga said “Please forgive me if I’m being too forward but I think I understand what really gets you off and if you’d like to try, I think we could have fun.”

“What do you think that is?” asked Cristen.

Olga replied “A good hard fucking and I have several advantages over the guys you know.” “I use a strap on so no worries about me finishing too early or you getting pregnant, plus I have different sizes and I have another surprise that could make it better still, so here’s my card, my cell is on it.”

Cristen took the card, smiled and left a hundred dollar tip.

She did her shopping and headed for home but couldn’t stop thinking about Olga’s proposal. Cristen decided to call Olga. They decided to get together at Olga’s apartment. Cristen was greeted at the door with a hug and light kiss. They sat down in Olga’s living room with a bottle of Chiraz. Olga new they would need to get to know each other for this to work out. Cristen found it was easy to talk to Olga and that the conversation both relaxed her and brought out a submissive side to her personality, one she rarely released. Olga put some soft core lesbian porn on the tv and gave Cristen a pill to take. Olga said “This is ecstasy, it’s a small dose, 70mg, but for your size you should really feel nice.”

Cristen downed the pill and had more wine. Olga stroked Cristen’s hair then pressed their lips together, pushing her tongue into Cristen’s mouth. They quickly removed each other’s clothes. Every touch felt so amazing to Cristen, her nipples were so hard and felt so good. Olga told Cristen to play with her clit and suck on her nipples while she put on her strap on. She selected a nice, thick 9inch model. By now it was 3am. Olga decided they should go out on the balcony. Cristen grasped the railing, her breasts draped over it, legs parted widely. Olga came up behind her. She rubbed her rubber cock up and down Cristen’s dripping slit and then with no warning slammed into it with all her might. Her ruthless assault on Cristen’s hot little pussy was just savage. She was using long, full, fast strokes. With each one Cristen could feel her ribs crushing into the railing Olga’s hips smashing into her ass and the big rubber dong hammering into her overheated pussy. She was now rubbing her clit and savoring the heightened sensations of the ecstasy combined with the unrelenting pounding Olga was giving her. Cristen was literally howling and moaning as wave after wave of pleasure reduced her thoughts to nothing more than animal instinct. Finally Olga stood down. She was tired but Cristen was absolutely destroyed…and she had loved every minute of it. They fell asleep together in bed.

The next morning, Olga had to go to work at the spa. Cristen woke after she had left and found a note beside her. It read:

Cristen, I had a wonderful time last night and I think yours might have been even better. 🙂 There is orange juice in the fridge and I left pain meds on the counter, thought you might need them. Just lock up when you go. Love Olga.

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