Cuffed – and You Enjoy It! Ch. 03

Female Ejaculation

“You enjoyed me yesterday – didn’t you? I enjoyed it too – but now I’m going have my way and enjoy you! Maybe you’ll enjoy it – maybe you won’t – but I’ll enjoy it!”

You caught me completely by surprise and off guard as I came out from my shower that morning. Having showered before me, you were standing at the foot of our bed, blocking my path to be able to get dressed or do anything else.

Standing in all your naked beauty, hands on your hips which lifted your full firm breasts towards me – your nipples erect and hard – you wore only your black studded collar. I gazed down your body, looking longingly at your thick pubic curls, the V shape at the top of your thighs and the promise of pleasure and delights that I knew lay in there.

“That’s enough!” you hissed, as the lash of the whip you had picked up licked across my hardening cock and balls.

“Today, you’ll please me – when I want pleased – and how I want pleased. You’ll be my pleasure!” you leered before grinning at the shock on my face.

“It’s a pity a man is so limited as to where he can be penetrated – but I think you’ll like this in you! Anyway, I’m going to enjoy putting it in you and knowing you’ve got it in you until I’m ready for it to come out. Bend over!” you instructed.

In one hand you had a tube of something – but in the other – you held a blue, ribbed, three inch butt plug.

“No – please – no!” I pleaded, never having had anything in my anus, unsure of the intrusion!

“Yes – please – yes! – is what you will learn to say!” the whip licks me again – but harder.

“Now – bend over!” another lash has me comply with your bidding.

I lean across the wooden bar at the foot of our bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see you applying a small amount of jelly from the tube to the tip plug. With the fingers of one hand you part my buttocks further allowing you unrestricted access to the puckered ring of my anus. I start as I feel the cold of the lube first, then the tip of the plug at my tightly closed hole.

Slowly, you tease the tip of the plug further into me, then out slightly – then further, deeper. At first my muscle contracts, resenting the intrusion. But, gradually, I experience an increasingly pleasing sensation as you encourage the plug to penetrate me more and more – until I feel my anal ring contract again as it slips in its full length, narrowing at its circular base. “There – that wasn’t so bad – was it?”

“Nooo..!” I stammer, unsure of the sensation I am experiencing.

“Oww!” I cry as the whip, yet again lashes my genitals.

“No what!” you hiss.

“No – Mistress!” I whimper, quickly realising how far you intend us to go today.

“Now – to make sure your plug stays in! Put this on!”

Obediently, I draw what can be best described as a tight leather thong up my legs on over my throbbing cock and balls – throbbing from both the sensation of the plug in me, and your lashes of the whip. Although comfortable at my waist, the thong cuts deeply between my buttocks to securely restrain the plug from moving out of me.

You fasten a collar round my neck Kurtköy Anal Escort before instructing me to tidy our en-suite and then go downstairs to prepare breakfast while you dress. Knowing I could be seen from our kitchen by neighbours I opened my mouth to protest – but quickly decided not to when you raised the whip threateningly. Submissively, I slunk downstairs.

Outwardly you seemed to be wearing nothing unusual to buy groceries when you come down to breakfast – jeans and an off-the shoulder top, revealing a black bra, or possibly basque, strap. However, as we sat eating our cereal, I could clearly hear a humming coming from somewhere.

Looking up at you, you lifted you head to smile wickedly at me as you put a small remote control box on the table, the wire stretching back into the top of your jeans.

“Mmm – it’s so good to have more penetrable places than a man – I’m tingling already from front to back!” One of your toys was a dual control vibrating anal plug and vibrating vaginal duo balls. You often enjoyed sitting watching television or going for a drive with the toy humming in you.

After breakfast, you removed my collar and I dressed in jeans and shirt, before we left for the supermarket. Unaccustomed to the plug in my arse, I walked with some discomfort, obviously to your pleasure from the look on your face, to the car. Sitting driving, however, was not so difficult and I found myself enjoying a very pleasant, if not slightly uncomfortable, arousal in my jeans.

Perversely, I became further aroused knowing what we were doing, but of what other shoppers were ignorant.

“Wow – you are big! I like it when you’re big and show like that!” you taunted, unashamedly patting the bulge in my groin.

“Any more of that and I’m going to burst.” I whispered – before realising my mistake!

“Are you now – that I want to see!” you purred, moving closer to me as if to discuss something we would buy, rubbing me harder.

“Please – no – not here!” I pleaded.

“Mistress – please.” I added as you clutched my cock through my jeans, causing me to wince, before continuing to rub me.

“Oh – but YES!” you growl. By now you are massaging my balls in your fingers while rubbing the palm of your hand up and down my throbbing cock – only the material of my jeans and thong between you and me.

“Uhh – oh my god – oh god!” I mutter through clenched teeth as, try as I might not to, my lower body begins to convulse, my ejaculating cock jerking in my leather thong.

At first I feel a warmth spurting against my skin and into my pubic curls, which gradually begins to become uncomfortable as it cools, trickling down to my balls and between my legs.

“There – better out than in!” you grin, “let’s finish our shopping.”

“But – But – Mistress” I stammer.

“No buts! – If you can’t control yourself and make a mess that’s your problem! Now you know what it’s like when I have to walk around with your spunk running down my legs after you’ve fucked me!”

All I could do is stand gaping at you, hoping nobody can hear, but getting aroused, Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort or as aroused as I can after cumming, from the way you are speaking and treating me. By the time we have finished and are at the check out, my spunk is drying and hardening in my crotch, tugging quite pleasurably at my pubic hair as it sticks to my clothes when I walk.

I had almost forgotten the plug in my anus.

“Right – upstairs and get cleaned up, you dirty boy!” you bark in command after we’ve put away our groceries.

You stand grinning as you watch me peel my jeans and thong down my body, the now dried in spunk pulling at my hairs. As I bend to remove them from my ankles, you reach into my arse and push the plug as deep as you can into me before withdrawing it.

Strangely, I thought I would have been relieved when it was removed, but no, I realised I enjoyed it in me and hoped it would not be long until you violated me again!

But my hopes were to be realised in a way I didn’t expect!

“I’m not finished with you yet!” Again you were standing waiting for me once I had had a quick shower to remove my dried cum.

But now you had on a black, cup-less basque, black, fishnet hold-ups and gloves, black, high-heeled, studded, ankle boots, and you still had on your black collar. Your hard, erect nipples were in clamps joined by a silver chain. Your pussy was glistening with the moisture of your expectant love juices.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bar of the bed!” you commanded.

Compliantly, and enjoying your dominance, I did as you ordered. As my hands rested on the bar of the bed, you quickly (and expertly!) fastened cuffs round my wrists. Pulling from the bar, I suddenly realised the cuffs were securely chained to it!

“What the…!” I exclaimed, as, just as quickly, you kneeled behind me to cuff my ankles. But I had just as little movement there – the cuffs on my ankles were chained to the feet of the bed!

But you weren’t finished! Suddenly something broad and cold was being fastened round my waist – not just a belt, but one with clips on it – clips that were attached to chains also fastened to the feet of the bed!

Now I was practically immobilised, just able to flex my hands on the bar, shuffle my feet for comfort and barely move my butt from side to side! You completed my bondage with my black studded collar.

Although I can move my head freely, I cannot see what you are doing behind me as I hear you moving about.

“Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a woman, having fingers, or a dildo or a cock thrust into you? Well – now YOU are going to find out!”

You come round to the side of the bed, standing legs slightly apart. I can only stare at the black phallic object you are stroking in your hand – just as I sometimes stroke myself before penetrating you. Now I see the harness to which it is attached – and which is fastened on you. You intend to take me with a strap-on!

“Kiss its tip, take it in your mouth – just like I take you in mine – now you’ll know what it’s like to suck cock!” Your voice is husky as you Kurtköy Zenci Escort come to stand at my shoulder, grabbing my hair and turning my head so that your strap-on is at my lips.

“Open your mouth!” you raise your voice as you take your whip to my back to emphasise the obedience you expect. I feel the rubbery tip at my lips, then sliding into my mouth as you move your hips towards me. Just as you slide my cock in and out your mouth, you move your hips to slide your ‘cock’ in and out of my mouth.

You begin to moan and groan in time with your actions. It is then I notice the strap-on must be double-ended, the other end disappearing into your pussy, sliding in and out as you gyrate, glistening with your pre-cum.

“Mmm – how did that taste? Won’t taste as good as you do in my mouth – no juices to go with it!”

“Yes – now it’s nice and wet – maybe just a little more lube to help it into your male cunt!” you grin as you slide the dildo shape from my mouth and apply some lube from the tube lying on the bed.

Round behind me, I can’t see what you are doing. I start slightly when I feel your finger stroking my anus, and then relax as the pleasant sensation builds between there and my ever-growing cock. Then I feel something slightly cold being applied and realise you have put some lube in my arse.

I tense myself in anticipation of your intrusion. But first you tease my hole by rubbing it getting with your phallic tip, before gradually sliding it into me. I winch from the pain as the thickness stretches but the pain gives way to wild new sensations through my body as you thrust deeper and deeper into me. We know you’ve penetrated me to the full length of the strap-on when you can grind your crotch on my buttocks.

Slowly you withdraw – but only partially before thrusting back in – hard this time – hard enough to make me cry out in pain. But the pain is mingled with increasing pleasure – our groans grow louder – from the double ended dildo thrusting into us. Soon I’m moving back onto your ‘cock’ as you thrust on to me, feeling its full length sliding more and more easily into to me – my anus now not resisting, now relaxed, wanting to be fucked!

Suddenly I feel your arms round me, grabbing my balls in one hand, my cock in your other hand. None too gently you massage and rub my balls, kneading them with your fingers, as you other hand strokes up and down the length of my throbbing erection, drawing me closer and closer to ejaculating. You know me well and know when my climax is approaching. You are expert in slowing down to prolong the final moment – or bringing me to satisfaction.

“Yes, that’s it – shoot your load! I’m going to milk you dry!” you growl.

I feel your thrusts and gyrations now becoming wilder, harder into me – I realise you too are climaxing, your body convulsing with orgasm. Almost with abandon we are thrusting hard at each other – willing the dildo to penetrate us both deeper and deeper!

“Fuck like a man – cum like a woman – Wow!” you gasp, collapsing across me, your ‘cock’ sliding out of me. I sigh heavily – is it with relief or regret?

You release my shackles and, exhausted and bathed in sweat, together we sprawl on our backs across the bed.

We must have both dozed off from our exertions for the room is darkening with early evening. We had already planned to go out for something to eat and, perhaps, a few drinks.

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