Cybil is Seeking a New Slave Ch. 02


Story is about consensual adults starting a bdsm relationship F/m. For whoever read ch.1, Cybil has taken the first step into getting him to agree in being a slave to her. She is waiting for Sean to get back to her giving his agreement or final agreement and take the vows if he is ready.

Once again I sincerely thank Mistress4one who has edited this story.


The days flew by so fast. I could not believe that I need to make the decision and have not yet. Cybil wrote to me in order to know if I had thought of my decision. Since the interview with her, I could not think of anything else, except her. It is huge what she wants from me. At the same time, I´m totally drawn to her. She is strict and very sexy. I decide to write back to her.

“Cybil, I want to see you and openly admit my need for you, but I find I cannot make my mind up.” I sent the text to her.

I soon received her answer. “Come over and we will talk further.”

An hour later, I was there and anxious. It is Saturday. I ring the bell. Cybil opens the door dressed as the Mistress she is. She is wearing high thigh boots, a short leather skirt, kid gloves and a leather bra; the same as last time. “Come in, slave.” She said, making me aware she rules.

As soon as the door closes, I automatically get onto my knees and kiss her boots. “Hello, Mistress.” I said, noticing that if I stay on, I’ll get very familiar with her attire; guessing that when she has it on, it’s for play. Maybe for chastise also, which I hope it does not happen, at least not soon.

“Good slave. I see that you have it in you; it’s in your blood. It is only natural that you lead your life from now on, as my slave.” Cybil said, knowing she has to work on me.

“I´m drawn to you, but I´m scared.” I said.

“You are mine. Let that mind of yours finish accepting it. I’m a natural born Mistress and to be a dominant to you for life.” Cybil said.

“Maybe you are right on your statement.” I said.

“Of course, I am. Undress and I want it done, now.” Cybil said, knowing my ego is still interfering.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, acknowledging my submissiveness.

“Now, put these kneecaps on and kneel before me.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, uneasy and no longer sure of anything.

“As your Mistress, you do understand that anything I say is a command to you. Of course, I want you to stop having doubts; we will have to find a way. It does come in handy slave, that any doubt you have that you do express it to me, as soon you can. I’ll decide if it needs explanation, indoctrination, training or a spanking. Any of the just mentioned can and will take place, in my own time. Sometimes, it will be immediate. When it’s not, you will retain the first letter of the word I mention you need. Once you are free or if I decide you need to write it somewhere, you’ll put that word into a notebook to be addressed when it’s convenient. “Cybil said, finding it convenient for both and a way to start getting my mind shaped as the slave she desires.

“That would be good, Mistress. I find there’s more to you than I know to date.” I said, wanting a positive outcome.

“Find a female figure that in the past turned you on and you thought she was too strict with you. If it happens to be your mother, I don’t mind. It happens often because females are the ones to mark the way. Do take into consideration that I’m not her if you choose your mother as a reference and will never act as if I were.” Cybil said, knowing some men have some sort of Oedipus or tendency or would outright have incestuous love with their mother at some stage of their life.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, and thought for a while about a strict female figure in my past.

“If you do, and I find I agree to the model proposed, I may act upon it. The purpose being is to loosen your mind and be able to start indoctrinating you the way I want you. About the notebook, you will see it is very practical. You’ll soon see that every time I make you write in it and I review it with its consequences to you, soon enough I will have you in line.”Cybil said, knowing that once in practice, in a month or so, as her property, will turn me into an obedient soul with the basics. Then, it is time until I’m polished up to shine.

“Mistress, there was a secretary once. She did have a similar attitude towards me and of course, it never got further than the job requirements. It now makes me wonder if she is a Mistress in her private life.” I said to her and rising that question to myself. I answered back to myself it makes no difference now if she is or not one, I do have a Mistress now.

“Well, that is something we could act out in my own terms, nevertheless. I’ll play the Mistress Secretary and you the slavish employee.” Cybil said, getting into character.

“Yes, Mistress, that can be interesting.” I said.

“My dear slave, in order not to get you confused, remember that my goal is to get you into my domain for good. In this playtime, everything I say you istanbul escort will do, without possibility of refusing any of my orders. If you decide to disobey me, I’ll spank you. This will give you a better idea of what life will be for us.” Cybil said, with a happy, sexy, witty and strict face, all in one.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, wondering to myself if I she has that much power over me, “will my ego interfere”?

“Let’s get going. I want you to dress up again, then follow my directives. I’ll add that I may want to spank you anyway. When the scene is over, if I find it convenient, I’ll be informing you what was for fun and what the beginning of your training is. The basic scene will be that of an office and I will catch you playing with yourself holding my gloves which I forget and come back for them. Seeing your behavior, I’ll force you to come home with me and make you obey all my demands. You will call me Mildred and you will be Don.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, getting turned on.

“Come with me, slave and I’ll give you a set of gloves to start playing with. Don’t you dare have an orgasm! From now on, I decide if, and when, you have one. Remember, I own you; all your rights, which you’ve enjoyed, until now as a free man, have become void. You are my property, in mind and body, I own you. Masturbate and get excited as much as you want, since you are a fetishist. But, your orgasms have a new owner, sweetie.” Cybil said, enjoying herself.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, receiving her leather gloves. Touching the leather gloves, especially knowing they belong to her, makes me wild in body and mind.

“I’m also a fetishist, so I know what you feel. I’ll make you want my body so much, that it will become the first fetish on your long list. The more I control you and you submit to me, the more turned on you will be, when you see me. That never fades. You will come to acknowledge this, in time.” Cybil said, softly kissing my lips.

“I want to touch you, Mistress.” I said, desperately.

“I like you Sean. You acted instinctively as a slave. I know it was not your intention to act that way. It’s a natural predisposition in you. Asking me permission to touch me, as your Goddess, shows that the traits I seek in you are not only apparent. I might not have to work on you as much as I had first thought. It makes me wet knowing I own a natural submissive.” Cybil said, and kissed me again in the same way.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I said, feeling so drawn to her dominant sexiness. Which, with only words, she can take over and make me do what I would not do with any other.

“You will also learn I like playing mind games with you, when I’m in the mood for it. Soon, you’ll become aware that there’s nothing you can do, but follow my orders.” Cybil said, knowing she has already fucked my mind up sufficiently to feel drawn to her more than I can understand. Nevertheless, I do want to be with her.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, and instinctively dropped to my knees. I could not explain why, but I did.

“You have made me very wet slave with your attitude so natural. Before we get into this scene you will eat me in the position you are now in and I’m granting you my pussy, as a reward to you.” Cybil said, taking her skirt off and placing her clit before my face.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I said, and started playing with my tongue in her delicious places getting her to a quick orgasm.

“That’s enough, slave. I’m keeping it for later.” Cybil said, as she stops me with her command and hands.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, getting up to get dressed in the living room where I last left my clothing, taking with me the gloves that will set everything into motion. I did not pull up my fly, since I’m working on myself as soon as I sit down, with gloves in hand. They are a turn on for me, as if she already knew they would get me going. I did touch my hard-on with those leather gloves, adding excitement beyond my limits and stopped immediately to avoid getting to a unwanted situation. The consequences if I do orgasm, are dire and I’m not wanting to experience them. At the same time, Cybil is finished getting into what would be like business clothes. When she’s ready, she certainly has a look of a secretary; the old style or similar to a school headmistress. She is enjoying this, as she has not done for a while and I admire the way she looks. Me, knowing as a slave, I will add to her own admiration.

“Mistress!” I said, as soon as she appears, looking as a true headmistress to me. It left me dumbfounded and aware that I had not followed the line of the scene, except for the part in which I’m playing with myself, gloves in hand. I’m so shocked, but for reasons different than those of the scene.

“Did I just hear you call me Mistress?” Cybil played along, having a thrill with the opening of the scene.

“Err, no. I said Mildred.” I said, playing on and looking down. My prick naturally shriveled up. I put my hand behind my back, hiding the gloves. It escort bayan all went very natural, as if I’m truly being caught.

“I know what I heard, never mind that; you still have some explaining to do.” Cybil said, playing Mildred.

“Mildred, I was just tiding up a little and about to make my way home.” I said, playing Don.

“Don, just don’t fool around with me. Look at your fly with that insignificant little prick you have. It shrivels up the moment I appear.” Cybil/Mildred said, laughing, making the situation turn into humiliation.

“I had not noticed my fly is down. Why do you have that humiliating comment about me? You are out of place, Mildred. Not something I would expect from you, of all people.” I said, playing Don and trying to save what cannot be saved.

“What about the gloves in your hand?” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Oh those, I picked them up, understanding they are yours and was about to get them to you, before you leave.” I/Don said.

“Still, I do not understand why you hid them behind your back.”

“Well, whatever explanation I give, you will not look good, so here, you have your gloves.”

“Thank you, Don.” she thoroughly inspected them.

“Is there anything wrong?” I asked.

“No, except for this shiny drop they have on them.” Her finger touches the drop and takes it to her mouth. She tastes it.

“It must be a drop of water from that glass.” Following the line and pointing to a supposed glass of water on the desk.

“No, it’s not water. It’s pre-cum and don’t fool with me. I know what it tastes like!”

“I can explain.”

“Just don’t, there’s nothing to explain here. You are in for it now. You are coming home with me, if you know what’s best for you.”

“Well, you caught me and guilty as charged. I’ll follow you.” I said, and the supposed trip to her place finishes as she opens dialogue again.

“We have arrived, Don. Come on in, please.” Cybil/Mildred said, acting as if we travelled from the office to her home.

“Now, tell me what is happening, Mildred?” I said as Don and no longer being able to handle the situation, as I thought it could be done in the scene.

“When I heard you say Mistress, it all changed. Nice play, when you said Mistress and caught by me wanking yourself with my gloves as a fetish instrument. Maybe, in your fantasy, I’m doing it for you at the office. I guess you want me as your Mistress. You do understand that you have fallen into my hands now. If you do not comply, I’m going straight to the boss and that is the end for you. Do you now agree that your fate is decided by me?” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Yes, I understand. You should let it go. I’m not harming anybody.” I said.

“That is true, mostly. The only one harmed is you. From now on, I’m keeping you under my thumb, until I say so.” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Yes, I know you do want something from me. I would not be here if not.” I said.

“Right, again. You are to become my slave and if you do not follow out my orders, you are finished. Now, choose what will it be?” Cybil/Mildred said.

“I’m in, Mildred.” I said.

“Wait for me here and undress. If you are not butt naked when I’m back, there will be consequences.” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Ok, Mildred.” I said, but to make myself a rebel in the scene, I decide to defy her. She changes from the office clothes into her Mistress clothes and comes over to me.

“I see you challenge my order. This is going to have consequences for you. Now, strip off your clothes.” Cybil/Mildred said.

There and then, I see Cybil’s, my Mistress (and not Mildred), with a strict attitude for the first time. This teaches me a quick lesson in the playing scene and into my future; quickly my clothes vanish from my body without a word. “Done, Mildred.” I said, knowing I’m in for it, in the scene and otherwise. The thought of trying to defy her is backfiring for me.

“My title is Mistress Mildred and you are in my hands now.” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Yes, Mistress Mildred.” I said.

“Since you defied me, I’m going to teach you a lesson.” Cybil/Mildred said, cupping my balls in her gloved hand.

“Yes, I understand.” I said.

“Give me your wrists.” Cybil/Mildred said and velcro cuffs are on me, “Now, on my lap. Your little piece between my legs.” She said, sitting on a sofa as I’m on her lap and my hands are extended to my front, cuffed.

“Mistress Mildred, are you not going over the edge with me?” I asked.

“When I finish with you, understanding will not be an issue for you. Once I spank you, the kitchen is waiting for your hands to get a meal going for me.” Cybil/Mildred said and I feel her hand on my buttocks. I said nothing, until the third spank, which gave me the first idea of what I’m into. She carried on. I did not want to cry. I do feel her hand, as it carried on with my now red buttocks. I asked her to stop and she would not. Now, I was crying and every odd number of times my prick gets fondled by her and it turns Kurtköy escort me on. Again, spankings. I’m whimpering and sobbing. She stops and makes me get off her.

“You say thank you, Mistress Mildred, for the lesson received.” Cybil/Mildred said.

“Thank you, Mistress Mildred.” I said, in tears. I acknowledge she will always have the upper hand with me, like it or not, as Cybil my Mistress.

“Now eat me to orgasm, my little boy.” Cybil/Mildred said, but somewhat fallen out of character now. She even shows it, when she nearly calls me Sean.

“Yes, Mistress Mildred.” I said, as this must get her going, at least it felt that way. As if it is Cybil in her natural way when being a Mistress. I eat her, trying to forget the stinging backside, until it slowly starts to calm down. By that time, she is starting her own orgasm,.

“Yes, slave boy, good mm, mm.” Cybil or Mildred said, with an orgasm and another couple of them, shortly, “mm, mm, mm.”

I stop, when her gloved hand goes onto my head, pulling me up to see her, “No more, Mistress?” I asked.

“Later, dear one. Now to the kitchen.” She said.

“Yes, Mistress Cybil.” I said.

“Oh, you have fallen out of character, as I.” Cybil said.

“Sorry, Mistress.” I said.

“Nothing you should worry about today. Leave the character you were acting upon, since you do behave as a slave anyway, which is good. Let’s go to the kitchen.” Cybil said and we go there.

“Serve me a glass of wine and then, get cooking.” Cybil said.

“Mistress, if you want me doing all that, could you please release me from these cuffs? It would certainly help.” I said.

“I see certain sarcasm in you. I’ll let it pass, as long as you do not defy me today. You have tasted a playful chastisement. In the future, that would just be play and chastisement will be something you will try as a painful situation for you.” Cybil said and let me go from the restraints.

“Yes, sometimes I do have certain sarcasm, but do not take it as if I’m challenging you. Please, allow yourself to get know me first. Today, in the scene we shared, it offered me an idea of what I could expect from you in a scene or otherwise.” I said, serving her a glass of wine and getting into cooking for her.

“I’m not totally sure if it’s this scene or something else. What seems to be happening which makes me happy, is that you are starting to get familiar with my nature faster than expected. Life may become easier for us from now on, if you keep it up. So what is the cook going to offer me?” Cybil said, drinking a sip from her glass.

“What about pasta? Do you have any noodles, tomato, onion and spices?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. You will find the noodles in the cupboard at your right and the vegetables in the pantry, which is the following door you see there.” Cybil said, pointing at it.

“Thank you.” I said and get everything going. I asked her then, “When did Mistress Mildred become Mistress Cybil again?”

“You did notice. The truth is, I jumped out of character twice, at least.” Cybil said, making a mental note that I’m scrutinizing her.

“Let’s see, the first was when you found me still dressed and the other when spanking me towards the end of it. Am I right?” I asked.

“Yes. That shows you can see through me, at least today. It could be beneficial if you truly get to know me fast, so that if my mood changes, you may know what might be coming your way.” Cybil said, liking that.

“I guess so, Mistress. One way or another, you tend to have everything done, as you see it fit.” I said, as I’m boiling the noodles and making the filetto sauce with olive oil, tomato, onions, basil, pepper, oregano, garlic and a pinch of turmeric.

“If what you say could become embedded right down to the marrow, as a part of you, then it will be easy going for us.” Cybil said, enjoying her wine.

“Yes, it would be easy if that could be done. Then again, if that were easy, you could have any one at any time and you know, through experience, it’s hard to get. It takes time and effort working on a rough diamond, until it’s given the shape you want.” I said, straining the noodles and having the sauce nearly ready as I add a little wine to it.

“Don’t worry pet, I have experience giving the shape I want to my diamond.”

“I have no doubt you do have that experience.”

“That smells good. Tell me again, what is it I’m about to be served?” Cybil asked.

“Pasta, accompanied with a filetto sauce, made with lots of love, for my Mistress.” I said, serving her a plate.

“Sean, dear one, my rough diamond; sit with me with a helping, you deserve.” Cybil said, smiling.

“Thank you, Mistress.” I said.

“You will notice in time, that I do not act differently. I always rule over you and I give you certain liberty’s, which I decide you may have. I do enjoy my slaves’ company as if we were a vanilla couple, but never forget that you are always my slave, bearing that in mind you will not fall. If you do fall, chastisement will remind you your place. This is delicious slave.” Cybil said, tasting the contents of her plate.

“Thank you, Mistress. You make me feel comfortable and at the same time you make me hesitate about my behaviour before you.” I said, concerned.

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