Daddy’s Work Folder Ch. 01

Big Dicks

I was thinking of one of my old projects one odd morning, a video that Jack helped me work on for one of my classes. I was really proud of the end product and I had a lot of fun recording with him and editing it.

Forgetting where I left the file, knowing that I sent it from Jack’s laptop because he had some editing software already and it’d be simpler than just copying it to my own laptop. I opened up his laptop and sat on our bed, first trying to just search the name of the file but not having much luck.

“Ugh…I forgot the name…” I spoke aloud with a sigh.

The second best thing I could do was look through some folders. Clicking through a couple useless folders I eventually found one labeled “work”, that had some mp4s and pngs. They all had jumbled letter names, probably randomly generated though they had small pieces of actual information.

I clicked on the one that looked most like it could be mine. A video file labeled with a line of numbers and letters with “Kitten’s Note” labeled on it. I clicked play and saw a dimly lit room, with me sitting on a desk chair staring at the camera. This wasn’t the file I was looking for…

“Hey daddy…” My voice spoke from the speakers on the laptop.

I blushed hard, this video was when I was first getting serious with Jack…

The room was my old dorm. A single room, but with very thin walls; that I found out about when I got a noise complaint when daddy and I had a very passionate session there.

Taking a deep breath I paused the video with a click. Embarrassment and curiosity filled my mind as I reached to the bedside table and picked up my earphones, nimbly untangling them and plugging them in.

“Okie…It can’t be too bad…” I told myself as I hit play, excitement already building in my princess parts…

“Hey daddy…I really want to see you…” Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort My old self said, clinging to a large stuffed animal; a large blue bunny named Tricksy.

“You said I’m not ready…for us to meet up…” She hid her face in our stuffie and took a deep breath.

“I’m very ready…for anything you want to do to me…I know I can do it for you…” I had such a soft and cute voice…trembling in fear, hoping he would like me.

“I was so silly…daddy just didn’t want to rush things…” My old self slowly put down Tricksy, revealing her very skimpy pastel pink lingerie. The naughty outfit I bought specifically for this video, that daddy loves watching me take off…

“I got this for you…” My old self got up, slowly turning for the camera. Bright red with embarrassment, but excitement slowly building; starting to show on her lingerie. I was getting wet, knowing what I was going to do next.

“I was practicing too…” She slowly made her way off screen before picking up a dildo and sitting on the chair again. “I pretend…it’s what your naughty part looks like…”

She kissed the tip and blushed again, the toy was a good 7 inches and pretty thick. Daddy was thick and had a little over 8 inches, with this being thicker than him by a quarter inch.

“I can do this…” She said to herself, licking up the shaft of the toy before slowly guiding it down her throat. She gagged a little as the toy disappeared in her mouth. She looked at the camera as she slowly fucked her own throat with it, moaning as she reached between her legs to play with her kitty.

I could feel my own kitty starting to get wet, excitement and anticipation building as I watched myself deep throat a dildo moaning for daddy. She slowly rubbed her crotch, the fabric of the lingerie nicely grinding against her Kurtköy Çıtır Escort clit. I did the same, feeling the wetness of my kitty building as it easily leaked through my panties and was starting to show through my pajama pants.

I get so much more excited now…especially knowing that this video made daddy so excited that he met up with me. We had our first date, dinner and a movie. I expected him to invite himself into my dorm…ravage me…then leave me to wait for him to meet me again.

“Mmph…Oh…” I heard myself moan as she slipped her hand down her lingerie, slowly rubbing her clit as she arched her back in her chair. I copied her, rubbing my own clit inside my pajamas. I felt shocks of pleasure go up my spine as my orgasm built up.

She came and moaned onto the dildo in her mouth. Her body shaking with pleasure as she slowly pulled her hand out of her lingerie, pulling the dildo out of her mouth and giving it a kiss. She brought her small fingers to her lips and sucked on them before looking into the camera.

“If you want to see more daddy…you have to pick me up for a date…” She said with a smirk, before biting her lip. “Maybe I’ll let you see…if you’re good…”

After our first date, I expected daddy to make me pay for saying that. I knew it would rile him up and was counting on it making him want to break me…but he didn’t. He ended that night by giving me a gentle kiss and growling into my ear a warning.

“If you think touching daddy’s pussy without permission is going to get you play time…you’re wrong…the next video will be of me punishing you if you do this again…” I remember the tone in his voice, how I practically melted into him as he put me in my place. The grip of his hand on my thigh as he warned me what’s his is his.

“I’ll see you again soon…for out Kurtköy Elit Escort next date …behave or daddy will punish his naughty kitten understand me…?”

I felt my fingers enter my naughty kitty as I played with myself. The pleasure was unreal, I let myself ride out on it as I slowly pushed my fingers in and out of my folds.

I didn’t behave, I made sure to send him another video…which prompted one of our most intense sessions…our first one. The video was already over but I remembered the feelings that I had when that night came to a close. I’m pretty sure I played with my kitty all night before I knocked out with my hand between my thighs.

I felt my body shake as a wave of pleasure rushed over me. My fingers speeding up in their attack as I desperately arched my back trying to reach deeper as I came into my hand. Through ragged breaths I slowly laid down on the bed. Dragging my hand from my kitty I cleaned my fingers, daddy had had me taste myself so many times I enjoyed the taste of my pleasure without a doubt.

The fog of pleasure slowly cleared from my mind as I became more and more aware of what I just saw.

Jack has a folder…full of different videos and pictures…of me…

Some of them I could think of, “Kitten’s present” and “Kitty Collar” were some of the ones I remembered But others were there too…old ones. These were videos of all the submissives he’s had…

I should have felt mad…or worried…but I was excited…and curious. Sometimes I get worried daddy doesn’t love me, but I know he’s mine. And it looks like he hasn’t opened most of these for a long time. I bit my lip, thinking of how much trouble I’d be in if he found out…

“Kitten!” Daddy called from the kitchen. “Dinner’s ready!”

With a smirk I shut down the laptop, knowing I could watch more of these videos later…and when daddy finds out, he’ll make me pay for every second of pleasure I got from watching them.

I felt a familiar tingle build up in my naughty spot. He’d know I was touching myself, so I decided to tell him I did; but I didn’t let him know what I came so hard to…not yet at least.

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