Date Night

Date NightMy wife, Sue, and I have been married about twenty something years and I have to say that we have both been trying to spice our sex life. My wife is 53 years old. She keeps in good shape-about 130lbs, 5’6 tall, nice “C” cup titties and great dish water blonde hair. We have talked aboout swinging or swapping but have not done more than that. We were at this club and were drinking pretty heavy. We met this other couple, about our age. The woman’s name was Bess an she was in her early fifties, attractive, blonde hair, “D” cup titties, big blue eyes, dynamite ass and real pretty face.Her husbands name was Pete. We hit it off real well and they were drinking as heavy as us and we were all getting a real good drunk on. Both women were flirting with every man in the club. There were these four twenty something guys that started hanging around and flirting back with our women. The sexual tension was very high. Pete and I sat back and watched as these young men tried to pick up our wives and I was thinking how cool it would be to watch one of these young studs kuşadası escort bang the shit out of my wife. The women asked everybody to come back to our room as it was getting too hot in the club. We stumbled back to our hotel room with our new found friends. Upon arrival both women removed thier tops and bras claiming they were too hot. The boys fixed some drinks for the women and had them dance with each other which I found to be very hot. One of the boys said that the women should remove all clothes and dance naked which they did. Pete and I just sat on the couch and watched as these guys worked their way towards fucking our wives. My wife has a real nice snatch, light brown pubes trimed into a landing strip, Bess had a dark haird racing stripe bush. Bess said that one of the men should strip down and join them, which he did. His young cock was standing straight out about eight inches long. The three danced around and both girls took turns holding his cock. Another man got naked and joined the fun. Pete said to me that it was getting ready to happen, escort kuşadası some serious fucking was going to happen. Bess knelt down and took a cock in her mouth. Pete said “Bingo! Hold on to your hats!” Bess worked her mouth on that cock like a pro. The other guy had his hands all over Bess’ wet cunt. Sue was not sure what to do, she was stroking the one guy. The other two guys got naked and went straight to Sue, one licked her pussy and the other worked his dick into her mouth. Bess got on the bed and laid back and pulled her guy onto her and they started fucking, his cock slid easily into her wet cunt. He banged her hard and it was great to watch her tits jiggle. A guy pushed Sue onto the bed, she was on all fours and he mounted doggy. Another guy got in front and stuck his cock in her mouth. I loved watching this young stud pump my wife, his ball sack slapping around and her tits swinging. He pulled out and another guy jumped in, he banged away for a couple of minutes and then filled her with his hot cock sauce. A glob of his jizz leaked kuşadası escort bayan from her slit and stuck in her bush. The other guy mounted her again and dumped his load in her. About that time Bess got snatch filled with young hot jizz. The guy in Sue’s mouth laid down and Sue mounted him and rode him and soon had his seed deep in her cunt. Within an hour each woman had recieved a load of jizz from each man. Both cunts were very creamy. The men said they had to get going and left. Pete walked over and said that now it was our turn and mounted Sue and started to pump her hard and quickly dump a good sized load deep in her. I went ahead and stuck my cock into Bess’ creamy hot pussy. I pumped her sloppy snatch and soon dumped one of the biggest loads of jizz ever into her. I stayed in her until my cock was completely deflated. We all fell asleep and the next morning I pumped another load into Bess this time making her orgasim. Pete filled Sue’s wonderful snatch again. We all hung around and fucked for the rest of the day. There was jizz all over the bed sheets. The girls sucked jizz from each other’s cunt. I have never pumped so much sperm into two women before, I thought my nuts would be the size of rasins. We made plans with the other couple to this again real soon. I love watching my wife get fucked by other men!

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