Dating That Fucker


“So what? Other guys have big dicks. Big deal? Liam needs to treat me better. I’m fed up with him. All he does is fuck me, call me an ugly pig, and then not invite me out to dinner for another two weeks. What kind of relationship is that?

“This dick-faced white ass is rich and powerful and acts like every Asian chick from the Klang River to Siam is his personal toy fuckbot. I hear guys call us LBFM. You know what that means? Right, little brown fuck machines. You see how these white guys treat us?

“And what’s worse is most of us eat the cruelty up. Something about the Alpha Male. What is it that we crave, dumb sluts that we are. We Malaysian women are the fucking the worst. So materialistic and openly looking for white men to use us hole to stuffed hole and then buy us a bunch of stuff. Imported jeans, jewelry, fancy steak dinners.”

Lana looked at her youngest daughter knowingly. “Look, Heather,” she said after taking a sip of her stretched coffee. “You’re raised well, but in front of ‘that fucker'” as her mom had nicknamed Heather’s personal tormenter, “you’re powerless. You’re a dripping wet puddle and he knows it and uses it against you. He knows you’ll let him do what he wants to you because you’re desperate for his steak dinners.”

“Mom, it’s not all about steak dinners.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It’s meaningful.”

“Meaningful as a hard dick,” Lana said and laughed. She glared at the old Malay shop owner in the fez hat who stared at her with the look of Malay women don’t curse and laugh out loud.



Heather was supposed to be Liam’s princess, but she became just another skank for him to use and then notch his solid Vietnamese Mahogany headboard. What didn’t that fucker do to poor heather. He pushed her head in the toilet while plugging her ass with a big dildo. He milked her tits with hucow machinery even though they gave no milk. He dressed her in a pig mask and fucked her while she oinked.

At first Heather liked it. Then she started to resent that he had total control over her.

Women flocked to Liam like birds to a ripe sunflower.

She got jealous and competitive. She started to make exceptions. First, she let him push her head down onto his dick when sucking, something she never once let a Malay guy do to her. Then Heather let him take her ass. It hurt. But she did it to keep him.

Heather wanted him to love her. She undressed for him in public. She sucked his dick for him in bathrooms, stairways, in front of temples, on dark streets, on highway overpasses. She gave into all his whims. His whims continued to get more depraved. On an overpass late at night, she let him shoot his seed all over her face while she was wearing her tudung. She was Chindian-Malay and didn’t wear a tudung, the Malay headscarf, for any religious reasons. He just wanted her to wear it to shame her in a kind of race and religion play. She let him. He ruined the pretty scarf and then made her walk around with the stained garment around her neck.

Next date, he took her out to a posh steak restaurant which thrilled her. She got all dressed up, wore her best, tightest, sexiest, red dress. He asked her to also wear a big teardrop-shaped butt plug. She teared up in the restaurant bathroom before putting it in. When she came back to the table, he lifted her tight sexy dress to make sure it was in.

After dinner where Liam shamelessly flirted with the tall actress/waitress, he led her to a stairwell heading to a photography shop in the basement. While still digesting chocolate mousse dessert, Liam fucked her on the steps. “That butt plug sure makes your loose pussy feel tight,” he said while pounding her.

Liam grabbed hold of the butt plug and pulled it out of her. Kurtköy Fetiş Escort He pushed it to her mouth and said, “Suck on the plug, whore!”

She fought to hold back tears, but her body betrayed her and shook. She wanted to be respected but he made her a whore. He pushed the plug past her lips as tears streamed from her eyes.

Still, tears and all, she couldn’t say no.

Liam came insider her asshole simultaneously.

She felt horrible about herself in some ways, but despite this feeling of getting used it was also incredibly exciting. Heather never knew what was about to happen. He made her nervous, but excited.

She went home alone that night. She got in the shower, her asshole on fire, and cried. When she stopped, she brushed her teeth and gargled with Listerine to get the taste of her ass and the silicone butt plug out of her mouth.



“I should taste steak not ass,” Heather said to Lana as Heather calmed down by applying a cool facial mask.

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you? And you’re in the sex haze,” Lana said gazing sadly at her distressed daughter. Even though Heather sat slumped in her chair, her cheeks sported a healthy flush and her lips glistened ripe red.

“I’m in something,” Heather said leaning back with the mask on.

Lana was a little wet listening to how he had used her. There was something very sexy about a guy knowing exactly what he wanted and making it happen. She felt like her daughter was in over her head and was worried, but envied the excitement Heather was experiencing.

Look at her color!

“Did you cum?”

Heather looked at her Mon sheepishly. “Each time.”

While Heather lay with the mask on, Lana stole off into her bedroom and got her pocket rocket and brought herself to an orgasm thinking of a man making her submit to his whims while pleasuring the deepest recesses of her older holes. Lana let out a moan as she came.


Heather and Liam went to the Petronas Towers for their next date exactly two weeks later. She’d been alone for two Saturday nights when she suspected he had been fucking some other women.

After the destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC, these two twin towers were the tallest in the world at eighty-eight stories. Liam and Heather walked out onto the Sky Bridge—the amazing steel tube that connected the two towers majestically. They went up at dusk on a Tuesday when it was desolate. The tourists were out of the city, thanks to the heat. Outside, the sticky city sparkled, just beginning to turn on the lights for the night, while still catching and reflecting the last rays of the setting Sun. The Sky Bridge was made of glass and steel. It was cut in strong geometric patterns.

She was feeling a bit feisty with him after she saw a message on his phone from the waitress and the steak place. Not only had the waitress started fucking him, but she made fun of Heather. The message read, “Have fun with your dumb little Butt Plug Bitch.”

“What the Fuck, Liam? I’m your dumb butt plug bitch? Fuck that. All I have done is bend over, put on your masks, and give you what you wanted and not only are you fucking someone else but you never give me…”

Before Heather finished her thought, that fucker hiked her skirt up to her sexy midriff and his tongue swarmed onto her clit. He started running circles around it. He plunged his tongue between her meaty pussy lips and into her slit. It was like a thirsty traveler finding an oasis in the Sahara. Heather was in ecstasy, quickly escalating into nirvana. She shuddered and grabbed the back of his head, looking around them on the Sky Bridge. They seemed to be alone. Or maybe they weren’t. Maybe Kurtköy Gecelik Escort a crowd was watching and clapping. Maybe her mother was there tickling Liam’s big balls while he pleasured Heather. Maybe they had died and gone to heaven. Maybe her co-worker Charlie was there with a camera. Heather was in a deep sex haze.

“Yes. It’s so good. Keep licking, lah.” Heather covered her mouth with her hand, embarrassed at herself for letting the little Malay slut leak out of her mouth. She wanted to be classy but instead was acting the butt plug bitch letting Malay slut leak out along with her pussy juices onto that fucker’s devilishly handsome face.

Liam worked faster and deeper. Heather encouraged him by slowly grinding & swiveling her hips over his lips. He was an animal.

Cupping her ass.

Wedging his tongue into her wet slit.

Flicking her nipples.

Putting his fingers in her mouth.

Making her cum, cum, cum like a bucking nymph—right there in public.

His full red lips were rough with her pussy—just enough, making her cum hard—but not so rough that it turned into a pain and abuse session. For Heather it was the perfect kind of torture to make her pussy gush.

“Yes, lah. Yes, lah, Yes, lah,” she screamed sluttily.

“Couples in KL Tower just stumbled on quite a show,” Liam smirked.

Heather was thrilled with herself. She stood up for herself and had gotten what she wanted. While she was thinking about this, Heather felt a hand on her head, pushing her down.

“Show them how a little Malay slut keeps her white man, Heather,” he said while pushing her forcibly to her knees and moving around so he could look out the window. He held her head in place and shoved his cock down her throat with the same reckless intensity he’d just showed her clit and pussy. He wedged the cock head between her palate and tonsils until it descended into her esophagus. He pushed it down—deeper and deeper. With his free hand, he massaged the bulge in Heather’s throat. Her eyes watered. Mascara ran down her cheeks. Now Heather was sure there were people on the bridge and they were watching her. “Suck it, baby,” he moaned deeply.

Heather sucked.

She gagged.

She coughed.

She choked.

She finally made a retching sound and tried to pull off his cock.

What if she knew somebody? What if the police came?

“Don’t you dare stop, slut!” He grabbed her head and barked, “Deeper!” She relaxed her throat like a good submissive Asian fuck-toy and took his big white dick deeper.

Heather closed her eyes and swallowed. His cock was like a living beast inside her. She tried to tame it. Suddenly, she saw a red glow through her half-closed eyelids. Her eyes widened just in time to see that fucker take a photo of her sucking his cock. His balls swelled against her chin as he pumped his dick into Heather’s throat like he wanted it to go down toward her stomach.

“Good girl,” he cooed.

Heather pulled the huge cock out of her throat and mouth, took a big gasp of air, just as that fucker jerked his shaft feverishly, and let his fluid erupt all over her mouth. “That’s it, cumpig!”

He used her face like a tissue, cleaning himself up. Then he walked away.


Heather’s phone made a sound. Lana said, “You’ve got a message.” Then she cleared her throat and added, “Someone had fun on the sky bridge.”

“Don’t look at that, Mom! Fuck! What the fuck!”

Heather took the phone and went to her room while her mother laughed. Lana, again, found herself riled up and went to find her toy.


One night Heather and Liam walked out of a motel, where he had fucked her ass so hard that she had gone deaf and begged him to Kurtköy Genç Escort stop. “I’m almost there,” he had said, and she resigned to more minutes of sheet-gripping pain until he filled her backdoor with jism. On the way out of the dingy love hotel, she asked him to come into the supermarket with her for a quick snack. “I’m so hungry,” she said. He’d never bought her dinner.

He accompanied her into the store in a gentlemanly fashion. While she was perusing the fruit display, he checked his phone and said, “I have to bail, slut. I should get to my job tomorrow early. It’s late.” He gave her a few ringgits to buy a fruit. “Bye.”

Heather was so incensed at his callous attitude, she pitched a perfect durian right square to his chest. It splattered all over his crisp white button-down shirt.

That fucker brushed the smelly fruit off of his shirt with deadly calm. Then he turned without saying a word to Heather, who stood there with her throwing arm still out and her mouth wide open, and walked out of the store.

That fucker got into a red and white taxi. As soon as he said his address the driver inhaled deeply and said, “Food fight is not good for the soul. Fight with a woman, yes?” The driver drove in silence for a moment or two and then asked, “You have many Malay women?”

“Loads,” That Fucker said, “And each one is a dirty fucking slut.”

The driver and that fucker laughed. Meanwhile he sent Heather a message from the taxi. “You ruined my shirt, you dumb slut. Now I have to throw out what was a perfectly good new shirt.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” she texted back.

“You better, whore.”


It was 4 a.m and Liam had been drinking with his buddy, Charlie. “Want to see something fucking crazy?”

“Of course,” Charlie said. “It’s 4 am and I’m a drunk fat single guy. What do you have?”

“You know the chick from your office that you have a crush on?” Liam sent out a text.


“Do you have any durian?”

“Of course. It’s fucking Malaysia.”

“Make a Durian Smoothie and cut the other in half.”

By the time Charlie was done with the chores Liam gave him these texts had gone back and forth.

Liam: Remember the Durian? 4:09 am

Heather: Yes I’m sorry. 4:10 am

Liam: Make it up to me know. 4:11 am

Heather: Okay, want Facetime sex? 4:11 am

Liam: Get over here and blow me. 4:11 am

Heather: It’s 4:13! Are you crazy? 4:14 am

Liam: You ruined my shirt. 4:16 am

Heather: I have to leave for work at 7 from your house. 4:16 am

Liam: I’ll leave my door unlocked. 4:19 am

Even though there was thirty minutes of travel time to Liam’s downtown apartment, Heather showed up in her work clothes at three minutes after five o’clock, fully made up and looking hot. Her breasts were bulging from her top and her hair was done up in a pretty, professional look.

Charlie hid in the loft while Liam waited on the sofa with the smoothie, the durian, and his big cock.

Timidly, Heather walked in and came to the couch. Liam put his finger over his lips and Heather was quiet. He motioned for her to kneel down.

He grabbed her head with the cut and hollowed out durian and put it on her like a durian-spiked rice farmer’s hat. He lifted her face up by holding her chin. Heather expected cock to be in her face but instead of Liam’s big dick he poured Durian Smoothie all over her face.

She screamed.

The smelly durian smoothie dripped all over Heather’s clothes. It stained her black blouse and tight black skirt. Before she could run away, Liam held her still with both halves of the cut durian and facefucked her while Charlie watched from up top, with his camera.

Liam finished inside her and then said, “Now fuck off.”

“But I have to clean up. I have work soon.”

“I didn’t get to clean up when you launched a durian at me.”

He closed the door behind her and Charlie watched Liam giggle as he watched Heather take the walk of shame to the elevator.

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