Dominated Dave’s Demise


The arrangement had been quite simple and tailored to his needs for months. Dave would regularly visit his domme, Myra by appointment. Each week he would arrive, knock once and be received promptly at her dungeon. Although she never inflicted severe pain, Myra would wait for him to undress and once he was lying on his back on her special bench, she would attach the restraints. Then she would strip slowly, teasingly revealing every part of her perfect body in front of him. Generally he was erect before she was totally naked.

When they set up their arrangement, Dave had written several of his fantasies on slips of paper and submitted them to Myra as “suggestions”. Although he knew he would experience one each week, he never knew which, nor did Myra. She would draw one from a box where they were stored and proceed. Words were never spoken between them. During the first five sessions, Myra had pulled one fantasy from the box twice, which surprised Dave but nevertheless thrilled him.

Sometimes Myra would perform acts on his body and sometimes she would “force” him to perform on her or for her. If the selected act was fellatio, the agreement was to sustain his orgasm until his time of two hours was nearly up and then either allow it or deny it, at her discretion, either of which was acceptable and satisfying to Dave, but he was never allowed to come in her mouth.

Hand jobs were to be performed teasingly slow until time was nearly up and then Myra had the option to allow completion or not. On one particularly surprising day, Myra quickly forced him to come with her hands and did not stop, lubing his cock with his own cum and pumping him until he came again. An unplanned act but quietly accepted and appreciated by the client.

When intercourse was selected, Myra had the choice of cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, and generally satisfied herself either way. Her goal was to satisfy herself and then drive him to orgasm, but Dave was not allowed to come inside her. There many days when he waited too long to finish and he went home unrelieved with aching testicles.

Myra particularly enjoyed the frequent selections of cunnilingus. Dave seemed to enjoy it so much that she suspected he had submitted several entries for it in the suggestion box. Her agreement was to come as often as possible and to ignore touching his cock. On two visits she was grinding away on his face eskişehir seks hikayeleri when his cock erupted voluntarily, twitching and oozing his seed as she filled his greedy mouth with the results of her own orgasm.

There were also selections for analingus, which did nothing for Myra’s libido but seemed to generate an even larger, harder erection for Dave. She smiled quietly sitting on his face as his tongue labored for the majority of the session, seeking an unidentified goal. She thought to herself that she could even read a book and in that position he would not see nor know of her disinterest. But she remained true to their agreement and pretended to enjoy his ministrations. However, she had not approved anal sex and consequently Dave left physically unsatisfied, for he had failed to include instructions for her when this theme was selected.

Last week, once Dave was secured to the bench, she removed a suggestion from the box. It read “Provide another young attractive girl for a two on one session, similar themes.” That not only set up this week’s session but it meant Myra had a free choice of the activity for last week. However, she opted to save her “free choice” and drew from the suggestion box. Consequently Dave received a slow and tortuous hand job last week, but was allowed to spray his ejaculate high into the air before his time was up.

Today as Dave felt the final restraints being snapped into place, securing his hands together under the bench and his ankles tightly against the legs of the bench he smiled quietly. A three way had been one of his fondest fantasies but he had never been able to work it out. Myra had reviewed and approved all the suggestions Dave submitted before the sessions began, so he was thrilled that it was actually going to happen today. His first fantasy three-way!

As if on cue, the door to the room opened and another girl joined Myra at his side, equally as beautiful as Myra. “Dave, this is my sister, Mona and she will be with us today.” Mona then moved to the other side of the bench opposite Myra and Dave’s eyes alternated back and forth between the two women as they slowly disrobed. As usual, he was erect by the time they were naked.

Dave strained his neck to look down as Mona positioned herself between his legs at the end of the bench. Her delicate fingers stroked his scrotum and his shaft so lightly he had to concentrate to avoid early ejaculation. He struggled even further when her mouth claimed every inch of his shaft. The flat of her tongue bathed the underside of his cock and he moaned uncontrollably, almost certain he would not last.

“I’m using my “free choice” option from last week to allow us to do what we want,” said Myra, “so you’ll just have to grin and bear it today but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

And then Myra helped dissuade him by presenting her wet labia to his open and moaning lips. Instinctively his tongue did her bidding, entering her just as she liked, swirling around her clitoris preparing her for her ultimate pleasure. His focus on her sopping pussy helped him all but ignore Mona’s hand slicing up and down his wet erection in sync with her mouth. Her fingers cupped his scrotum squeezing tighter and tighter until he winced in pain. Myra grabbed handfuls of his hair, yanked his face harder between her thighs and came, shuddering and jerking against him, almost smothering him in the process.

Suddenly the pain in his groin was gone as were the threatening fingers. Myra gradually eased away, leaving his cheeks and chin shiny with her dew. Mona appeared with a mask like leather contraption and slipped it over his head. Peering through the slits for eyes, Dave saw a penis shaped phallus protruding from the mouth piece which lodged between his teeth. He tried to protest, but his grunts and moans were muffled and ignored.

He heard Mona speaking up above up and felt a familiar sensation and realized Myra was rolling a condom down over his cock. Mona said, “Now, we’re going to fuck you and you can come all you want, but we won’t stop until we’re both satisfied.”

He felt Myra’s pussy consuming his cock, slowly, inch by inch until she was grinding her pelvis down against his. There was no slow teasing today; she was going for the gold. She worked herself up and down his bulging shaft just as Mona lowered herself onto the phallus poised above his mouth. He thought it impossible for a woman to accept something that large and rigid, but her pussy inhaled the huge rubber phallus as her weight crashed down on his face.

Dave was panting through his nose in sync with Mona’s assault on the phallus. Each time she lowered herself her ass smashed against his nose. Her hands were on his rib cage, as were Myra’s. Both women were pumping hard and fast in their efforts to reach their goals. Dave could not resist the pressure of Myra’s strokes and he came in quick easy spurts. Myra was oblivious to it and never slowed down. Somehow he remained hard and felt even more pleasure building.

Mona finally jerked herself to orgasm and when she eased off the phallus it was covered with her wetness. Mercifully she pulled off the headgear and Dave gasped catching his breath. But Myra was in the throes of her orgasm. Leaning back with her hands on his legs, she jerked her hips and milked him like a gloved hand. Dave was spent by the time Myra peeled the cum filled condom carefully from his surprisingly semi erect cock.

But then she presented it to him. “Look what I have for you, Dave; I saved this for you,” she said with a devilish grin.

Dave protested, “No, Myra, that’s not in my approved themes; no way!”

“If you don’t want to spend a few days tied down here all by yourself, you’d better oblige us, Dave,” she replied.

Reluctantly he opened his lips and Myra held the condom upside down over his mouth. She squeezed its contents out and soon Dave tasted his own sperm for the first time.

“Swallow it, baby, that’s our suggestion if you want to go home today,” threatened Myra.

Against his will, Dave let the sticky salty acrid mess slide down his tongue and he gulped it quickly, wincing at the harsh taste.

But then Mona added to his nightmare. “Myra, I have to pee badly but I don’t think I can make it upstairs to the bathroom.”

“That’s okay; here, just piss in Dave’s mouth, he won’t mind, will you, baby?” Myra asked.

Dave contemplated his situation and wanted to get free before they could think of anything else to do to him or with him, so he just opened his mouth and closed his eyes.

Mona positioned herself over his face and settled down with her mound right against his parted lips. He felt a short spurt of her hot urine hit his tongue and she urged him, “Swallow quickly, there’s lots more, baby.”

Spurt after spurt and gulp after gulp Dave weathered the abuse until he thought he might vomit, but he held it in check. Finally as the women released his restraints, Myra asked, “Now, that wasn’t so bad was it, Dave? Would you like to do that again sometime?”

Dave sat up, his limbs sore, his cock and balls sore and with the taste of piss in his mouth. After a moment of thought he replied, “Yeah, but next time I want to drink YOUR piss. A LOT of it.”

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