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Erin HotwifeAugust in south Texas is not a pleasant time of year. The heat and humidity is stifling driving everyone indoors. When we were offered the use of a small house in Aspen for a week, my wife Erin and I jumped at the opportunity. It took some shuffling of things at work but we were both able to clear our calendars. To save money and to make it something of an adventure, we decided to drive instead of fly. It was going to be a long drive but I hadn’t been on a road trip in years and Erin had never experienced one. The plan was to leave very early Friday morning in Erin’s X5, overnight along the way then make it in to Aspen the next day.We had packed the car the night before so we were awake and on the road in short order. Fortunately for us, a case Erin was working on had settled on Wednesday. It had been the only work issue hanging over our heads so getting it wrapped up had put her in a great mood. Erin and I were both in our late twenties. She is a lawyer for a mid-size firm and is on track for partner. I am a regional leader in equipment sales in the oil & gas industry. We had met through friends almost five years ago just as she was coming out of law school. We dated and were married in less than a year and fell too quickly into the routine of work and urban living. We had talked about starting a family and Erin had brought up the “biological clock” several times. Although she presented it in a humorous way, I knew she was serious and in reality I felt I was close to being ready too. I thought this was likely our last c***dless vacation for a long time.I’ve never been that turned on by blondes always preferring brunettes and Erin fit my desires almost perfectly. She struck me so profoundly when we first met that it took half the evening for me to gather my composure and talk to her without sounding like some needy idiot. Erin is 5’7″ tall with shoulder length raven hair and is slender, weighing 125 pounds. She is a 34 C on top, with dark eyes and has nice full juicy lips that I love to kiss.On top of her natural good looks, she loves to workout. She hits the gym over lunch at least 3 times a week and runs 3 miles at least twice a week. The result is a very well toned body, especially her butt and legs which are not only shapely but rock hard too. I am 6 ft tall and weigh 180 pounds with receding medium brown hair. I try to stay in shape as well and often will run with Erin if schedules permit.”I’m bored.” Erin announced turning to smile at me not even thirty minutes into our trip.”Well you better find something to keep you occupied this is a long road trip.” I reminded.”How long again?” She asked smiling and trying to be cute.”Two days my love. We will make northwest Texas or New Mexico this evening and then drive into Colorado tomorrow.” I explained for at least the third time.Erin poured me a cup of coffee from a thermos and we drank and idly chatted for the next few hours. Driving on freeways is fast but generally boring and it was certainly the case here. We would drive for a couple hours then stop to use the bathroom, get a snack and stretch. The miles slowly ticked by and by mid-afternoon we were heading into the Texas panhandle. The land was now very open and dry and the traffic was much lighter.Erin had taken some short spells at driving but mostly had read magazines and listened to her IPod. I had expected some discussion on the “biological clock” thing but so far it had not come up, which was fine for me. I wanted this vacation to be about fun. When 5:00 PM hit I asked Erin if she wanted to stop to eat. She declined saying she wasn’t particularly hungry and would rather just get to the hotel. “How much farther till we stop?” she asked.”Couple hours. About the time it gets dark.” From nowhere, I felt her hand on my leg stroking with the clear intent to arouse. Looking at her I saw she had the impish smile that indicated something was churning in her head.”I’m horny.” She announced.”Well an odd time for that to come up.” I laughed.”A girl can’t always control these things.” She replied smiling even more broadly.Erin is pretty conservative and only gets in a playful mood like this on rare occasions. I love it when she does and wish it would happen more often. I always encouraged her but it never seemed to have much effect at the time. It just seemed to happen when it happened. but when she did get in an aroused mood it was always lots of fun.She had been intimate with two men before we met. One was a long-term boyfriend but I still hadn’t considered her as very experienced when we started dating. She was always responsive but usually wanted me to lead in our love making.”We can be naughty when we stop.” I told her as if it was a promise.”You better be naughty. It’s been over a week. You haven’t been taking care of business!” She said with feigned indignantion.I realized she was right, that it had been a long time. I was sure we were going to make love last night but Erin fell asleep early. I put it down to the adrenaline drop from her case ending. However, with the way she was acting now I was becoming very hopeful about this vacation.”Why do we need to stop?” She persisted.”Well this console and the bucket seats aren’t very conducive to sex.” I said pointing to the mass between us.Undeterred, she leaned over and put her hand on my crotch squeezing gently. To do so though required her to lift out of her seat.”Sweetie, you’re going to cause a wreck.” I told her.”I just wanted to get your pants off.” She said with a fake pout.I laughed and we drove on in silence for a few more miles when a thought struck me.”Why don’t you get naked?” I asked.”Why? Alone?” She answered confused.”So I can see you. You know how much I enjoy seeing your naked body.” I replied.”What about you?” She asked looking at me with her big brown eyes.”No sweetie, just you.” I answered.”That’s no fun.” She replied using the fake pout again.I gave her a hopeful stare wondering if she would give in. It would definitely be out of character but I thought maybe she would see it as a vacation adventure. I knew she was in a playful mood.”No, someone might see.” She finally responded.”Okay, that’s fine.” I said knowing it was never wise to push her.”You really want me to get naked?” She asked after a minute of silence.”Yes.” I replied feebly trying to hold back my smile.Erin looked around on the four lane road and I think took some comfort seeing that the traffic was light. At that moment, no other cars were within a half mile.She reached down and unlaced her tennis shoes and I felt my cock getting hard thinking it might actually happen. These came off along with her sockettes which she placed beneath her legs. Next she undid her khaki walking shorts and pushed them down revealing a red thong. She unbuttoned her sleeveless blouse and slipped it off and when she was finished she was sitting there in just the thong and a sheer white bra.Up till then neither of us has spoken as she performed her striptease. She looked around again confirming that no cars were close.”I can’t believe I’m doing this. I must really love you.” She said and shot me the impish grin again.”You’re making me hard.” I told her trying to encourage.”Let me see.” She demanded.”No, not until you’re naked.” I replied now thinking I could bargain.The impish grin was replaced with a fake scowl but she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She let the bra fall forward in her laps revealing the breasts I love so much – firm, with small nipples that turn up slightly at the end of her breasts.”Damn I love those.” I told her sincerely. Obviously pleased with the compliment and smiling she wiggled the thong over her hips then pushed it down her legs and used her feet to kick it the rest of the way off. Now I got to see Erin’s lovely shaved pussy. She had only started shaving it about three months ago when she found out during a girl’s night out that all her friends did. I remember her asking me if I wanted her to shave and how I had to pretend indifference at first when in fact I wanted to scream “YES.”She looked beautiful sitting there but I could see she was also nervous.”Give me your clothes.” I demanded putting my hand out.She handed everything to me without arguing and I reached back and put them on the back seat.”You’re acting a little dominant.” She said giving me an odd look.”Am I?” I answered smiling back.For the next fifteen minutes, I drove so that the car was never passed by another vehicle going in the same direction. In the light traffic it wasn’t that difficult but it allowed Erin to settle in and relax. We chatted and listened to the radio. I had to adjust the A/C so she didn’t get cold and after a while, I think she almost forgot she was naked.In the distance, in my mirror, I could see a car coming up fast. It was coming too fast to stay in front of without running up on some cars that were ahead. So, I pulled into the right lane and slowed so it would go by quickly. I knew that there was no way anyone in the car could see Erin since we were so much higher still I was worried about her freaking out so I decided to be extra cautious.The car, a beat up ten year old red sedan went by and Erin’s head jerked up. She shot me a look of concern but I quickly explained that there was no way they could see inside and she seemed to accept the explanation. In fact, I built some credibility with my efforts by moving over.I reached over and patted her naked thigh and Erin moved her hips encouraging more contact but I drew back. “Later sweetie.” I said stifling a laugh.”Ass.” She said reaching to the A/C controls and turning it down further.We drove on and the occasional car would go by which no longer seemed to concern Erin. She read more, listened to music and we chatted some. On several occasions I asked her how she liked being naked and each time she replied that is was for me although I was pretty sure she was enjoying too.The sun was low and the car had gotten warm inside since she adjusted the A/C. I noticed that she had grown quiet and looking over I saw that her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. The way her mouth hung partly open I assumed she was dozing. Well that’s probably a good thing I thought. After all, vacation is about rest and this part of the trip was the toughest. Once we got in the mountains it would be more interesting.After a few minutes, I looked back to see an eighteen wheeler catching up quickly. I decided to speed up to keep the distance between us. I went to five miles over the limit and still the truck was overtaking us although now more slowly. With a sigh, I thought to myself I can risk a ticket or let him pass. Deciding to let him pass, I moved to the right lane and slowed. The truck bore down from behind, directly behind me, and was about to move to the left lane to pass when some evil impulse emanating from my groin acted.I pulled back into the left lane and sped up intending to let the truck pass on Erin’s side at a slow rate and get a cheap thrill while she was sleeping. The BMW is very quiet and I hoped that the truck would pass without her realizing.My nervousness made me speed up several times before I finally let the truck approach our car. It was on the back bumper edging forward very slowly. I thought maybe he wouldn’t look and if he did maybe he wouldn’t see because of the glare of the low sun. It was a livestock trailer with a Peterbilt truck, apparently empty, heading back to wherever home was. The front wheels were slowly inching forward, now even with the passenger door. Slowly, they continued overtaking us, my foot on the accelerator being the dynamic that subconsciously controlled the pace of closure. Realizing it, I let off and the truck moved forward quickly with the cab passing Erin’s window.I’m not sure whether the next move was me or the truck driver’s but within seconds the truck’s window was right next to Erin’s keeping perfect pace. Even though I couldn’t see him, I knew he was feasting on Erin now seeing her completely nude below his elevated seat. Thankfully, there was only a background whine of his tires on the road that gave away his presence. So far, it had not been enough to attract her attention.After driving together for a short distance, I started watching the odometer. A mile and then two and we were still in synch. We were driving fast enough that no one was approaching from behind and the unseen driver was getting a perfect view of my luscious wife completely naked.I was concentrating on the road when I heard Erin gasp and looking over I saw her hands trying to cover her breasts and pussy.”What are you doing?” She hissed more than yelled but her anger was clear.I immediately dropped back and the truck began to slow too but I wouldn’t allow him back alongside. Erin unsurprisingly was giving me a harsh stare.”What the hell! I mean what the hell!” She exclaimed her voice rising.”Okay, sorry.” Was all I could think of to say.”You’re not sorry at all. You did it on purpose and you liked it!” She accused me as she saw me smirking.I was now going about 50 mph and the truck, realizing the show was over, was now moving away.”You let him see your wife naked you pervert.” She continued.When I didn’t say anything she went on.”Hell, pull up again and I’ll play with myself for him.” She said now very agitated.When I didn’t respond she said “You’re actually thinking about it aren’t you?””Well Erin he has no idea who we are.” I said to her partially playing but partially serious too.Erin reached for her clothes in the back seat but I caught her arm and stopped her. “No, not yet.” I commanded.I had never done anything remotely like this and the look she gave me was part confusion, part anger but also held a bit of curiosity.”Do you want him to see me again?” She asked reading my mind. “Yeah.” I replied after a long pause.”Why?” She asked and I never realized a simple one word question could be so hard to answer. It took me a bit to gather my thoughts.”Well I guess it’s different and wild. And we are on vacation.” I answered feebly not capable of putting into words why the thought aroused me after even a longer pause.The truck was now a half mile in front of our car and continuing to move away. “You didn’t even discuss it with me. You were just sneaky.” She scolded and she was right of course.”I was just playing.” Was all I could think of to say.”At my expense!” Erin exclaimed.”You’re right. I’m sorry.” I answered realizing it was best to tactically retreat.”You’re just sorry you got caught! What you really want is to do it again.” She challenged me.”No, never mind. I was wrong.” I said.There was a long silence and the truck continued to move away from us until it was barely visible. I was worried I had been a bit too bold and would have to deal with the consequences. But, I also was wondering what was going through the mind of the truck driver. “You shouldn’t be sneaky.” She finally said scolding me not for my desire but for not discussing it with her.”Would you have let me?” I asked challenging her with my eyes locked on hers.There was a silence that lasted several seconds before she spoke. “I’ll do what you want.” There was a strange look in her eyes, one that I couldn’t recall seeing before. Had it actually excited her too? It must have some I thought to myself as I continued to stare. At least, I rationalized it that way when I pushed the accelerator down.It took a couple minutes to catch back up and I wanted so badly to break the silence and say something funny or witty but my mouth was dry and Erin seemed to be struggling with the same issue. So, we closed the gap in silence.The trucker clearly saw us coming back because he suddenly slowed the rig. Drawing near, I slowed to match his speed and the last few yards to draw even with his cab seemed to take forever.Erin was looking straight ahead but her nipples were erect. “Relax, sweetie.” I said trying to ease things but all I got was a nervous look.We finally got alongside and after several seconds of Erin looking straight ahead I saw her glance up at the driver. A few seconds later she did it again. “What does he look like?” I asked.”Older, 40s with short hair and a beard. He’s wearing a cap too.” She described with short forced breaths.I thought that this could describe about 50 percent of the males in the country.”Is he looking at you?” I asked.”Yes.” She responded quickly.”What’s he doing?” I asked forcing myself to concentrate on the driving.”Just looking. Staring.” She said.”Does he want you?” I asked.”I don’t know.” She whispered.”Spread you legs wider.” I said to her expecting a bad reaction.Instead, she settled into the seat more and opened her legs. This allowed me to see her pussy and I could tell she was very wet.”You’re soaked.” I said unable to hide my surprise.”Please stop this now.” She implored.I realized that I had pushed pretty hard and it was time to back off so I slowed down and let the truck move away.”Thank you.” I said to her before she could speak.”Did that turn you on?” Erin asked me.”Yeah, it did.” I admitted.I wanted to ask her the same thing but held my tongue knowing the answer already and deciding it was the wrong time to press.”I’m putting my clothes on now.” She announced a few minutes later.”Not yet.” I said to her.”Why?””You have to kiss me first.”She looked down then smiled then leaned over to kiss me. It started as a deep kiss and got only deeper before I finally had to break away or risk crashing.”You’re special.” I said to her.”Why” She asked fishing for more.”A gorgeous sophisticated and educated woman who will let her guard down and play like you did is every man’s perfect fantasy.” I explained.”You won’t hate me in the morning?” She asked giving me a vulnerable look.”You might not be able to walk in the morning?” I replied giving her a huge smile.Erin started to put her clothes on.”No bra or panties, okay?”Okay” she answered.Forty-five minutes later we crossed the border into New Mexico and thirty minutes after that came to the first significant town. “I think it’s time to stop.” I told her.”Yes. It’s been a long, strange day.” She answered.We pulled into the cleanest looking motel on the highway. I went into the reception and five minutes later we had a room. “Room 234. Second floor near the back. Supposed to be very quiet.” I explained.We parked, grabbed our travel bags and climbed the stairs to the outside walkway that lead to the room. Inside was that standard motel room. In our case, a king size bed, a small round table with two chairs, a TV and a window A/C unit that rumbled.”Are you hungry? I asked.”Not too much. I’d rather get a big breakfast in the morning.” She answered.Using the remote, I flipped on the TV and found some mindless sitcom to watch. We watched for a while then Erin announced she was going to get a diet coke from the vending machine at the end of the building.She was gone less than five minutes but when she returned I could tell something had happened. “What’s wrong?” I asked grabbing her arm to get her to look at me.”Nothing.” She replied.”Well something happened. Tell me.” I demanded.”He’s here.” She replied.”Who?” I asked.”The truck driver.” She answered nervously.”Are you sure? That would be an odd coincidence.””I’m sure.” She said.”Did he see you? Did y’all talk?” I asked getting agitated that I was being forced to pull every word from her”Yes, when I turned from getting the diet coke he was standing there. Leaning against the rail. He asked how I was doing. I just walked away.” She explained.”Well fine then don’t worry about it. He can’t do anything. Just lay down here and drink your coke and relax.” I said to her.Erin gave me an annoyed look then sat down I got in next to her and we watched TV for a few minutes. I pulled her next to me and put her head on my chest and stroked her hair telling her not to worry.We had been watching TV for about ten minutes when we heard noise on the walkway outside out room. At first, I thought it was someone just passing by and paid little attention. But, the sound would come, then stop for a few seconds and then start again. It gave me the impression that someone was loitering, maybe pacing, outside. The noisy A/C unit started cycling and the sound outside was lost. With the sound gone, I went back to concentrating on the TV for a while but my curiosity got the better me. I tried to be nonchalant and went to the bathroom first so not to worry Erin and then ambled to the window.I pulled the curtain slightly aside with my fingertips and looked out. The walkway was empty. Whoever was out there, if anyone really had been, had left. I was just about to go back to bed when I saw a movement at the far end of my vision. Slowly the form of an older man came into view. He was tall, over 6 feet, but thin, wearing jeans and a western style long sleeve shirt that was untucked with the sleeves rolled up. He had cowboy boots on as well and my first thought was that maybe these boots were making the noise I had heard. As he got closer I could see he had short light brown hair, acne scars on his cheeks and a short beard. On his head was a well worn cap.When he approached the front of our room he slowed and looked towards the window. I involuntarily shrunk back even though I was sure I was hidden.”What did that truck driver look like?” I asked Erin.”Why, is he out there?”I described the guy to Erin and from the look in her eyes I could tell it was him. “You have an odd taste in men.”Her response was an obscene gesture with the fingers on her right hand.The A/C stopped with a shudder as I moved back to the bed to sit with Erin. “What should we do?” She asked looking a bit worried.”Nothing, he can’t really do anything. He’ll eventually go away.” I explained.”He makes me nervous.” She replied grabbing my arm.”Well it seems you made him horny so I guess y’all are even.” I laughed.”You made me do it. It was your idea.” She countered.”You enjoyed yourself.” I replied. “It was different.” She admitted with a grin. I’m going to take a bath.” “Get me a Diet Coke first.” I told her.”No way, you’re crazy. You want me to get ****d?” Erin said losing her smile.”He’s not going to hurt you. He just saw the most beautiful woman in the world naked and just can’t believe his luck.” I said laughing trying to lighten the mood. I really didn’t think the man was a threat and in reality, the whole thing had left me very excited. I was interested to see if I could continue to prod Erin. “You really want me to go out there?” She asked with a confused look that also had some hurt it in that made me back off fast.”No sweetie. I’m just playing.” I answered.”You better be” She replied hitting my arm.We continued to sit on the bed with our back against the headboard watching TV but I could tell Erin was nervous from her fidgeting. I was completely caught off guard and stunned when she finally spoke.”You want me to get you a coke?” She asked staring straight at the TV.”Actually get me a Dr. Pepper.” I said to her in the best “matter of fact” voice I could muster. Erin sat for a bit longer then slid off the bed and got some change from her purse. I realized when she was almost at the door that she was still without her bra and panties when I saw that her bare nipples poking faintly through the shirt. I was learning quickly that my beautiful wife, who I thought was very conservative, had a naughty streak.”I’ll watch from the window.” I said to her in encouragement as she opened the door.”Okay” She replied in a nervous voice her eyes had a strange excited look too.As soon as she left, I jumped to the window and pulled the curtain back. I could see about three-fourth of the way to the vending machine and Erin quickly disappeared from my view. It felt like several minutes went by with her out of sight. “Shouldn’t take this long to get a can from the machine.” I thought to myself. I really didn’t think the trucker was a threat but you never know. I was just about to step outside hoping I hadn’t pushed things too far when I saw Erin coming back towards the room.She was about half way back when I heard another sound. It was the sound that I had heard before that I had attributed to the trucker’s boots and it was coming from the other direction. When Erin got closer I could see her eyes looking past the door.The trucker suddenly passed my place by the window now putting himself between Erin and the door. As they met I could see him talking but could not hear what was being said. He seemed to be doing most of the talking with only short responses from her. I desperately wanted to know what was being said but could not make it out. I was at the ready to jump outside if need be but so far things seemed okay.Erin’s nipples were pointing straight through her shirt. If I could see them, then obviously the trucker could but amazingly they kept talking for several more minutes before he stepped aside and let her past.”Took you a while.” I said standing next to the bed having rushed there when she came to the door.”I saw you at the curtain.” She said.”Well it was quite the conversation. But I couldn’t hear it.” I said expecting her to fill describe.”Too bad.” She replied realizing she now had the upper hand.”Well?” I asked.”You know he’s actually very nice.” She said with a grin.”Well what did I miss?” Annoyed at her evasiveness but knowing I couldn’t show it.”Oh he just asked if he could see me naked again.” She said going into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.”Well what did you say?” I asked when she came out several minutes later.Erin gave me an odd look then said. “What do you think I said? I can’t believe you. I think you really want me to do it again.” She said with her brow furrowed, clearly annoyed.”Did he really ask to see you naked again? How did he ask? I mean what did he say?” I asked mangling the question in my haste.”He said he would love another show.” She explained her eyes questioning.Knowing her nipples got hard gave me the courage to press.”Would you consider it?” I asked now getting very excited by the idea.”You know I didn’t realize I was married to a damn pervert.” She replied.”Yes, but I’m your pervert.” I grinned.”You truly want this? Because this is freaky weird. I know we are on vacation and I admit it was interesting in the car but why do you want to do this? I don’t understand.’ Erin asked looking straight into my eyes.”Never mind. I’m sorry.” I replied looking down like a whipped puppy.”You’re crazy. I’m taking a bath.” She told me grabbing some things and closing the door behind her.Despite the scolding, my head was completely consumed with getting her naked in front of the truck driver again. I ran a hundred scenarios through my brain while she was gone almost working myself into a frenzy. I knew she was right, it was freaky but something inside me found it very exciting too. The fact that she had become excited made it even more interesting. I had never seen a hint of behavior from her before that would indicate that she had a naughty streak. She was always the consumate professional woman with everything just right. But, I wondered if it was because the opportunity had never come up before. Was I too timid with her? Was there more beneath the surface that I hadn’t yet found?Erin was only in the bathroom for twenty minutes but it felt like three hours. Finally, she came out with a towel around her body. I didn’t say anything hoping she would be the one to re-engage in the discussion. She seemed to want to toy with me because she sat on the bed next to me and worked on her nails while watching TV.”Okay, I’m going to sleep.” I informed her.”Lost interest in showing me to strangers?” She relied after a short pause.”Well you didn’t say anything so I thought you weren’t interested.” I replied.”Good.” She answered. Some more silence filled the room. We seemed to be caught in this verbal jousting.My hand grabbed the towel at her shoulders and pulled it from her body.”But it would be interesting.” I said placing my hand on her leg and stroking the inside of her thigh.I can’t this is just too weird. I’m not like this and it’s already gone too far today. I can’t even believe we are having this conversation.” She said her eyes pleading with mine.”We’re on vacation sweetie. Anything goes. We’ll never see this guy again and no one will know but us.” I answered trying to sound convincing.My hand which had been slowly working its way up her leg now came in contact with her pussy. It was slick with her juices, even after her bath. Despite her talk I knew she was turned on too. I pushed one finger inside her and then two as small moans came from her and she shifted position to give me more access.”Let’s make love.” She asked through her moans.”After.” I said knowing she knew what I meant.There was more silence. I didn’t know how to read it so I stayed quiet too. Was she considering it or was her anger at me brewing I wondered?”Are you sure? I mean really sure? It seems so wrong.” She finally spoke.”I’m sure.” Was my quick reply that was fueled more by lust than sense. It was a strange lust too and abnormal. I mean what man wants to have his wife displayed to a stranger? Especially some random truck driver. “You’ll have to get him.” She finally said after a long period of silence as my fingers played with her pussy.”Why, what do you mean?” I asked.”He’s in his truck.” She said.”Truck? Where?” I asked.”In the lot behind the hotel. He’s sleeping in the truck camper.” She informed me and I knew part of the conversation they must have had.”Truck sleeper.” I corrected.”Yes.” She replied.I lay still just for a moment then got up, put my shoes on and without looking back headed towards the truck lot. There were nine trucks parked there but only one cattle trailer so his was easy to find. Slapping the side of the door brought no response. I was walking away back to the room when I saw him climb from the cab of another truck. He spotted me and started walking over.”Interested in coming up for a bit?” I asked my voice shaking.He stood there and looked me up and down for a moment then said with a grin. “Yeah, let me grab something first.”He went to his truck and came back quickly carrying a twelve pack of beer under his arm. “My name is David by the way, what’s yours?” I asked extending my hand.”Merle.” He replied with a slow, deep drawl shaking my hand.As we walked towards the motel, a truck behind us blasted its horn twice. I wondered how much he had said to the others in the lot.I knocked on the door then used my card key to enter. Erin had put on the same shorts and polo shirt. The TV was set to a music channel playing country and Erin was biting her lower lip which was a give away that she was very nervous.We all stood there awkwardly for a few seconds.”Why don’t you sit down Merle?” I said pointing to one of the two chairs next to the small table.Merle put the beer on the table, took one and offered us too then sat in a chair while I took the other. Erin was left by herself to sit on the edge of the bed.Close up in the light of the room I could see that Merle was more lean and rangy than thin. There seemed to be a certain natural strength in his body evident by the way he carried himself. I could see the beginnings of a tattoo protruding from his shirt sleeve and from the dusty look on his clothes and the musky scent from his body it seems that he hadn’t bathed recently.The conversation was slow and forced and I could sense that Erin was getting cold feet. Getting desperate to save the opportunity and try and improve the vibe in the room, I turned off the lights leaving the TV as the only source of illumination and grabbed a beer.”I’ll take one too please.” Erin said. Erin is basically a wine drinker, occasionally mixed drinks but güvenilir bahis never beer. In fact, I’m not sure I could recall ever having seen her drink a beer.”I want you to know I really enjoyed this afternoon. You know driving is boring as hell but you made it a good day. Hell, you made it the best day I ever had.” He said in a way that made me think this was more words than he usually spoke in a week.Even though Merle was a relatively uneducated country guy, the words had an immediate and positive effect on Erin. A big smile lit up her face and I could see there was also some pride there too.”Thank you that’s very kind. It was the first time I ever did something like that and it feels very strange.” She replied.”Would be a much better world if beautiful women did things like this more often.” He said to her with a raspy chuckle.Erin laughed with him then the room fell silent.”Honey?” I said catching her eyes hoping to move past the awkward silence.”Are you sure?” She asked with pleading eyes.”Yes, honey. Merle won’t mind.” I encouraged her.”My husband wants me to take off my clothes.” Erin blurted out I think to test both our reactions.”Well that seems like a good idea to me. Be like winning the lottery twice in the same day.” He responded reaching for another beer at the same time.His words brought another smile to Erin and she fidgeted on the bed acting several times like she was going to pull her shirt off but each time stopping.”Why don’t you stand up?” I said trying to help.Erin’s eyes locked on mine for several seconds then she stood and began pulling the shirt over her head. When she finished she threw it on the floor next to her feet. I was surprised to see she had put a bra on but she still looked fantastic.Next, she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them over her hips revealing a black thong. She looked at us nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other while we watched quietly.There was another pause but this time I felt that it wasn’t modesty but rather some teasing on her part. With a look at both of us, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp on the bra and then let it fall off her arms revealing her perfect breasts. Merle gave a sigh and nod of approval while I sat there my mouth too dry to make a sound. Next, she pushed down on the side strings of the thong rolling it over her hips and down her legs until she stood there sleek and beautiful letting Merle’s eyes feast on her nude body. This time though she wasn’t separated by moving vehicles going over 60 mph, this time she was only feet away.Amazingly, Merle didn’t say anything. No crude comments. No corny hick sayings that I feared would be forthcoming and insult her. Instead, he just sat quietly and looked, seemingly content. Although, I started to suspect that his silence was planned as part of his attempt to increase the sexual tension. The first he spoke was when Erin tried to sit back down on the bed. “Don’t sit down. I like the view this way.”Erin seemed to take it as both a compliment and a sexual tweak like someone had pinched a nipple. Her body shuddered for a moment but she stayed standing and actually straightening her back some to show herself better.After several minutes of her standing, I could see she was getting tired so I offered her my chair and told her I would sit on the bed. In doing so, I moved it to the middle of the room and turned it so it was mostly facing Merle.I didn’t understand why but I was deeply aroused by the situation. It felt almost like an out of body experience watching Erin undress and seeing Merle’s eyes on her. My mouth was dry and I had to force my breathing. My cock was completely hard in my jeans and hurt from the awkward angle it was being kept at. The best part was that every action, every word was new and unscripted. The unknown element heightened the sexual tension. Erin sat in the chair and tried to find a modest position. Realizing there was not one she became still with her legs straight and both feet on the floor. Her arms were at her side and with her back straight against the chair back her breasts projected forward almost as an offering to Merle. Her small nipples pointed out fully erect and the significance wasn’t lost on anyone. Merle stared at her without expression which made Erin nervous and caused her to fidget in the chair.”Mind if I take my clothes off?” Merle asked in a slow drawl.I sat up straight at the edge of the bed bracing for the negative reaction I was expecting from Erin. Surprisingly, she took it well. Instead of the shocked reaction I had expected she was quiet at first, then smiled and responded.”Why do you want to take your clothes off?” She asked.”Well just seems ungentlemanly to let you be naked by yourself.” He replied in the same slow cadence. Merle had the ability to speak without giving any non-verbal expression to go with it. It made things a bit disconcerting when trying to get the full understanding of his intent. I think it also intrigued Erin. It was almost like I could see the wheels turning in her head. Was this a one dimensional bumpkin or was he seducing her at a more complex level? There was silence in the room after his answer and I realized that Erin was actually considering his request. This was way beyond my expectations but I certainly wanted to see where it was going to go so I kept my mouth shut.”I think that’s a very gentlemanly view. But I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She said quickly.”I don’t think it would hurt anything.” I blurted out.Both sets of eyes turned to me quickly. Erin had a surprised look but Merle had a hint of a smile. He realized where I was going and that it was going to be us against Erin in this game.”Looks like my husband has spoken.” Erin said placing an emphasis on the word “husband”. There was annoyance in her voice but she can be very competitive at times and I realized that she was throwing the control to me.Merle looked at her for a moment then stood up straight and began undressing. He was very deliberate in taking off each article, folding them and placing them in an organized stack on the floor next to the chair. It seemed odd given the general dirtiness of his outfit which added further to the surreal situation. When his shirt came off, we could see that he had a tattoo on his arm of a naked woman and a large one on his back shoulder of a skull. Merle methodically went through the removal of his clothes leaving his jeans for last. When he started pushing his jeans down I glanced at Erin to see that her eyes were glued to his crotch with anticipation. He seemed to sense this and slowed down so that it became almost like a striptease act. When the jeans finally passed his hips Merle showed his nice healthy seven inch partially erect circumcised cock. It projected out from a spare thatch of pubic hair and tapered from a fat base and middle to a pointed head.Merle stood there naked, still wearing his cap, with his lean body and pock marked face but somehow managing with his eclectic manner to come across as interesting. I watched as Erin looked him over and her eyes and breathing gave her away. There was no question she was getting turned on. It only remained to be seen how much. His eyes fixed on hers and amazingly it seemed her nipples grew even harder.Well now what?” I laughed trying to break the silence.”I don’t know. Good question.” Erin replied with a nervous laugh continuing to fidget in the chair.”Well this old guy is in hog heaven. I don’t need nothing else. I’m looking at an angel.” Merle answered his cock now almost completely hard.I found his words to be corny but glancing at Erin they had a much different effect. The look on her face showed that she was extremely flattered by his words. Given Erin’s upbringing and education I thought it amazing that he would have this impact on her but nonetheless it was there.”Thank you.” Erin replied.Merle took his cock in his hand and began slowly stroking it with no shame. I was surprised he had taken this bold step but had to hold back a smile when I saw Erin trying hard not to look but failing.”Do you have a family?” Erin asked to take the focus from his cock.Merle used that question to describe to us his life. He told us about his divorce from a few years ago and his son who was now 18 and a senior in high school. In the process he knocked off his beer and opened another. He offered one to Erin but she declined although she took a large swig while doing so. All the time, he never stopped playing with himself.”Why don’t you move that chair over here?” Merle asked tapping the side of his chair. “David doesn’t mind do ya?”Erin looked at me and when I didn’t reply she moved the chair towards him but not all the way. There was still about a two foot gap between them. Still, she was now within reach and it was no surprise when he placed his hand on her leg just above the knee. Erin had to know it was coming but her body shuddered nonetheless and she looked at me again. When I didn’t intervene, she quickly downed her beer and took another offered from Merle with the hand that had been on his cock.As soon as she took the can, his hand went back to work and even in the dim light we could see he had pre-cum leaking from his opening. Seconds later, using the hand that had been on her leg, Merle grabbed the bottom of the chair and slid it another foot towards him. His hand immediately went back to her leg but now much higher.”Okay Merle what are we doing her?” She said startled from the move.”I’m really sorry. I just couldn’t help it.” He replied with a grin.”That’s not very gentlemanly.” Erin responded to him with her words coming out shaky.”I know I was bold but you’re just so goddamn pretty.” He told her. Once again, his compliments helped defuse the situation.For the moment, Merle was content to stroke himself and Erin’s thigh halfway between her knee and pussy. He made small up and down movement with his fingertips while we sat in silence with the minutes ticking by. Then something happened I wasn’t expecting. With a soft tug from his hand he pulled her legs open just a bit. It was barely noticeable but it had occurred which seemed to imply that she was accepting his attention. Merle face lit up with a pleased look but he remained silent. Erin made a quick look towards me but I pretended I hadn’t noticed. But now, from where I was sitting, I had a perfect view of her labia which was glistening. Merle’s hand slowly started straying higher and when it had come within an inch of her pussy Erin caught me staring.”David?’ She said in a questioning almost pleading voice.I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my mouth was still dry. I continued staring knowing I should intervene and stop this craziness but I had to just see a little more. When I didn’t speak, Merle took it as a signal of permission.”Oh my God.” Erin’s breath sucked in when Merle’s fingertips touched her wet pussy.Merle began stroking the full length of her pussy and Erin without prodding opened her legs even more. She too must have taken my silence as acceptance but in any event she was quickly responding to his touch.”I knew this pussy would feel good when I saw it from the truck.” Merle said in a hoarse whisper.”Ohhh…David this is crazy.” Erin said through her gasps when Merle’s finger partially disappeared inside her.Our eyes locked when she had gained some control and I gave her a tiny smile. When she saw it, her look changed from concern to confusion to acceptance. It looked like she had decided she wasn’t going to be the one to stop it if I wouldn’t. “There ya go.” Merle said when she opened her legs even more.Merle’s hand was now alternating between stroking her slit, penetrating her with a finger and tickling her clit. Her breath was coming in short pants and gasps as he got her more and more aroused. Merle had my wife squirming in the chair when he suddenly dropped to his knees, pushed his hands under her ass and buried his bearded face between her legs.”Ugghhh…ugghhh…” She grunted out when his tongue found its prize. First, her hands seemed to be pushing on his shoulders to force him away but within seconds they were on the back of his head pulling him into her.When Merle had her in the right position he took one hand and started massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Erin’s small nipples are very sensitive and his attention brought high pitched squeals from her. It was like watching my personal porn show except this was with someone I knew and loved – whose life I shared and it made it much more personal yet I was incapable of stopping it. In fact, I didn’t want to stop it. I had never been so turned on. It was a type of excitement I had never felt before and I was like a moth to a flame.Merle’s hands went back beneath Erin and with a smooth motion he lifted her from the chair and turned and took her to the bed. I stepped out of the way as he lay her down before he dropped on his knees on the floor and pulled her pussy back to his mouth. Her squeals and the wet lapping sound of his tongue on her flushed opening filled the room. I stood to one side pulling hard on my cock through my pants before I undressed and sat in a chair to watch the spectacle.”No…not there…ughhh…” I heard Erin grunt.At first I didn’t know what caused the response then I realized that the hand he had between her legs wasn’t there to play with her pussy instead it was to finger her ass. Erin had never allowed me to touch her ass and anal sex was completely out of the question. She whined for a while to the intrusion but before long his mouth and finger seemed to be in rhythm and her sounds turned to pure passion.Merle brought her close to release then stopped. This brought a pitiful wailing sound from my wife as she tried to force her pussy into contact with his face.”Don’t stop. PLEASE!” She implored him.Merle lifted himself over her and started licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples. She was enjoying the attention but still moving her hips seeking contact. “Merle you can’t fuck her.” I told him as his cock got close to her pussy but I got no response. Instead, he moved away from her breasts and started kissing and licking her feet then worked his way up licking every spot on her until he was concentrating on her neck and ears. I had never heard of this being done but it had an incredible effect on Erin. Her whole body was now shaking and her hands were running all over his body. He had one leg between hers and as he moved up his cock had dragged over her leg leaving a wet trail from his juices to mark its path.Merle moved his other leg between hers and she opened to allow him room. His cock was now lined up but still several inches above her. I wondered whether he would try to fuck her or if he would honor my demand. When I saw him dip his hips I had the answer and I saw the tip touch her between her labia and leg. The next move was hers and she shifted her body seeking his cock. Merle kept dipping his hips and now his cock was running up and down her wet slit. I knew I had only seconds if I wanted to stop their mating.”Erin?” I said softly.”Ohh…Ohh…My God!” Erin moaned loudly. I had been too slow. In that brief moment, Merle’s cock had found its target and her soaking pussy had accepted him fully inside. My beautiful wife and the truck driver were now fucking. The scene was too bizarre and powerful to stop and I found myself standing at the edge of the bed squeezing my cock knowing that with one stroke I would shoot across the room.Sounds can be just as erotic as sights and the combination of her moans, his grunts and the wet slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room and made my knees weak.”I knew this pussy would be good.” He stated as his ass rose and fell. “You like this cock?”Erin had never been vocal during sex so I was surprised when she answered. “Yes, don’t stop.””I was jacking off in the rig watching you and thinking about fucking you.” Merle told her speeding up his movements.”Were you? Oh… God do it.” She replied.Erin’s legs were now wrapped around his waist and her hands were on his strong shoulders. Merle’s head was buried in the side of her neck and he was using all his energy to plow into her. From my position I could see his fat cock sliding in and out of her with her lips snug around him.”You’re going to get it all. All this juice.” He grunted.”I want it … don’t stop.” She gasped back.Merle lifted himself on his elbows and started a rapid thrusting into Erin. I thought he would tire but he kept up the relentless rhythm which was driving Erin quickly towards an orgasm. I saw him look down into her beautiful face and kiss her. Their tongues worked each other’s mouth as they fucked and for some strange reason I found the kissing to be the hardest thing to accept.”Give it up. Give it up to me.” He said to her as they broke the kiss.”I’m almost there…don’t stop.” She whined.”I ain’t stopping I’m going to fuck you all night.” He answered.”OHHH…OHHH…I’M THERE…SHIT…FUCK ME!” She wailed as her legs began a spasm like motion kicking the air. I had never seen her orgasm so completely before. “Oh Merle, keep going, don’t stop. Please…” She whined.It was too much for him though and six thrusts later Merle started shooting his load into my beautiful wife. “THERE…yeah…take it all….take it.”His thrusting became erratic and then slowed until it stopped all together All that was left in the room was the sound of the lovers trying to catch their breath.The skull tattoo on his back seemed to be looking at me and smiling as the full realization of what had just occurred hit me.”Get off her.” I said in a stern voice after it had quieted. Merle reluctantly rolled off his fat cock flopping across his hips as he rolled away. Erin remained splayed open and when she caught my eyes she had a look of panic. She didn’t realize I wasn’t angry until I climbed between her open legs and pushed my own cock into her now thoroughly fucked pussy. She was very hot and unbelievably wet and the sensation was not like anything I could imagine. I could smell his scent on her when I got close but I needed to cum too badly to worry about anything else.”Get your stuff in there too man.” I heard Merle urge from beside me.I lasted less than a minute before I came hard inside my wife almost losing consciousness from the power of the climax. When I was done, Erin wrapped her arms around me and rocked me as I softened inside her. Finally, to get some air I fell to her side away from Merle. I pulled Erin’s back to me and cupped her breast with my left hand while kissing her neck and ear.”Mmmm…” She moaned in response.My climax had drained me and I closed my eyes for just a second and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. I awoke some time later at first disoriented before realizing where I was. Except for me the bed was empty but I could hear soft groans coming from somewhere. It took me a moment to realize they were coming from the floor on the side of the bed. Staying quiet and raising my head, slowly Erin came into view. She was leaning forward, her head close to Merle’s while she rode his cock as he lay on his back. They were whispering so I couldn’t catch all the words but it was clear Erin was enjoying herself.”Erin you have a damn good pussy.” Merle said in a voice loud enough to make out.”Shhh… don’t wake him.” She whispered.They said some things to each other I couldn’t make out as they continued to mate. I tried to inch closer on the bed slowly without making a sound.”You’re going to make me cum again.” I heard her tell him.”Does this old dick feel good?” He asked her.”Oh yes, it’s so thick.” She moaned in reply.”Come on out and let me fuck you in my truck.” Merle said to her. Talking in a manner that would normally be offensive to Erin but which now seemed only to excite her.”You want me in your truck?” She asked.”Yeah, let’s go.” He pushed.”Have you had many women there?” Erin panted still riding him.”Some but you’d be the best.” He replied.”Would I? Okay, but just for a little bit.” She said to him before changing her mind. “Wait I can’t leave him.””Come on. He wants you well fucked.” Merle said now grunting from the sex.”No, I can’t. Just fuck me here.” She answered her breath becoming ragged.In response, Merle flipped her onto her back and started fucking her fast and deep.”Ohhh…yes, fuck me Merle.” Erin begged.Merle amazingly started moving even faster and leaned down kissing on her neck before moving to her mouth. Erin accepted his lips and they started a long deep kiss. In the middle of it, her legs left the floor and opened wide. She was giving herself to him completely and willingly taking everything he wanted to give.Like before, her climax started first and it sped through her quickly.”Ohhh…God yes….ohhhhh…” She moaned trying to keep quiet but failing while her legs kicked and her body shook underneath him.”Yeah…its good isn’t it.” Merle grunted and it looked like he was close too.”Oh, Merle don’t stop I’m still cumming.” She gasped as her body shook even more. Then it really hit her. “OH FUCK…OH MY GOD…OH YES…FUCK ME GOOD PLEASE!”I realized I was watching my wife have the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced and it was coming from a complete stranger. At the moment, that didn’t matter, she was simply connected to a cock that was giving her complete pleasure.Her response must have pushed Merle over the edge because he started grunting and thrusting hard. “Oh yeah…take it in that hot pussy. Take it. Damn I’m cumming a gallon.”I watched his ass clenching as he pumped his semen into Erin’s pussy. Finally they slowed and then stopped completely. I gave them a few minutes before getting off the bed. Merle was still buried inside Erin and had his head resting in the crook of her neck. “Think it’s time for you to go Merle.” I said.Merle remained motionless for a while and I was just about to tell him to leave again when he slowly started disengaging from Erin. As soon as he was on his knees at her side, Erin seemed to get a sudden dose of modesty because she took her shirt that had been on the floor and used it to cover her well used body.Merle quietly started dressing while Erin rose and put on her shirt and shorts. Only I stayed naked. When he was done he nodded at me and leaned down and kissed Erin on the cheek.”Best I ever had.” He said then moved to the door.”Goodnight Merle.” Erin said as he left the room and I closed the door behind him.”Do we need to talk?” Erin asked looking very sheepish.”Not now. Get in bed.” I demanded.As soon as she was on her back I slid into her and started humping fast. “I love you.” Erin whispered.”I love you too honey.” I replied snuggling into her neck letting her know not to worry.Seconds later I erupted into Erin gasping and grunting as my cum left me, feeling like it took part of my life power with it. I collapsed to her side and pulled her close to me kissing her and smelling the scent of Merle heavy on her body.”Honey?” Erin spoke with concern in her voice.”Not tonight sweetie. Go to sleep.” I said rolling her enough to get the bedspread and sheet over us.Amazingly, I slept very deeply and only awoke when the sunlight filtered through the curtain. Erin was still out too and I hoped she had slept well.”Honey, we need to get going.” I said gently pushing her shoulder.Erin took a shower then I followed and we were soon packed and on our way. We stopped on the edge of town and had a good breakfast then got on the road. So far it had been with little talk which I think was bothering Erin.”Are you mad at me?” She suddenly asked about twenty minutes later.”No honey I’m not angry. I was there with you and let it happen.” I replied sincerely.”Yes, why did you?” She asked. It was a question to which I currently had no answer. At least not one that wouldn’t take hours to explain.”I’m not sure. I’m still figuring that out.” I replied as best I could.”Okay.” She replied seemingly accepting my answer.”Did you enjoy it?” I asked now putting her on the spot.There was a long pause and she started to speak several times before stopping before finally saying. “Well you were there. You know I would be lying if I said no.””You’ll have to explain that to me over a bottle of wine some time.” I replied in a way that I hoped she found non-threatening. When she smiled I knew it was accepted well.”Honey there’s just one thing.” She said.”What’s that?” I asked.”We need to find a pharmacy. I went off birth control last month.” Erin announced.**Chapter 2** On vaction she gets double teamed by 2 dudes last night they are in Aspen…was boring.We slept in the next morning tired from the actions of the previous night. As I lay there quietly, feeling a bit guilty about the events of the last week, I wondered how my weird lust to see Erin with other men could be so powerful and consuming in one moment but so absent the next. I hoped that she would be forgiving and we could return to our normal life and routine.Around nine, I sensed she was awake and soon she was stirring, finally getting up and going to the bathroom where through the partially closed door I could hear her peeing. After she finished she remained in the bathroom for several minutes and I wondered if she was inspecting her body for signs of last night’s sex.”Do you want some breakfast?” She asked when she returned and saw that I was awake. She was standing before me nude and although I felt a rush of desire I held back.”Maybe just some cereal and coffee. I’m not really that hungry.” I replied.With a nod she headed towards the kitchen making no effort to cover herself which I found very odd. I waited a few minutes then followed her finding that she had made two bowls of cereal, cut some fruit and was waiting for the coffee to finish. Naked like her, I moved so that our bodies were touching which brought a smile to her face.”I thought you wanted to eat?” She asked.”Oh I do.” I answered but pushed my body more firmly against her at the same time.”Go sit down.” Erin giggled guiding me gently away from her towards the table.I did as I was told and soon my wife was placing the bowls on the table followed by two mugs of coffee. Just as she was about to take a seat in the chair to my left, I took her by the arm and spun her so she was facing me then pulled her leg over mine and sat her onto my lap so that we were facing each other with her legs straddling me. I pulled her head to mine and started kissing her softly at first before my passion overwhelmed me and I pushed forcefully against her mouth reveling in the feeling of her full juicy lips. Keeping her mouth locked to mine, Erin lifted up, grabbed my now hard dick and brought it to her slit.”Mmmmm…” We exhaled in unison into each other’s mouth when I slipped easily into her wet opening.Erin tried to start rocking but I placed my hand on her hip and stopped her movement.”Sit still and let me feed you.” I said to her.For the next ten minutes, I spooned the cereal to her mouth and broke off small pieces of fruit that I fed to her occasionally rubbing them over her taut nipples first. I could tell she was getting a big kick out of it by the smile on her face and the playful way she ate the food.”Do you love me?” She asked suddenly.”Of course I do. More than anything.” I replied immediately. Erin looked at me without responding and after an awkward silence I followed. “Why are you asking that?””Well I like to hear you say it.” She finally spoke.”I love you.” I quickly said.”I know you do. That’s why it’s so strange that you want me to have sex with other men.” She replied.I knew we needed to talk about it but wasn’t expecting it would be so soon. I felt a sense of shame wash over me and I looked down towards the floor. Erin used her hand to lift my chin until I was looking at her again.”Talk to me.” She demanded.”What do you want me to say?” I asked.”The truth. Why you want it. What’s going on in your head.” She pushed.”I’ve told you it’s very hard to explain.” I answered.”Yes you have but I want you to try.” She countered still holding my chin.”Okay.” I answered then stopped to collect my thoughts before continuing. “It’s like at times something gets in my head and there’s this burning desire to see you…you know doing it. But, then it passes and I feel guilty and stupid.””That’s really not an answer. You haven’t explained why.” She said continuing to press.”It’s very exciting to see you having sex. To watch you get hot and let go. And I guess maybe because it’s taboo and naughty too.” I answered trying to be truthful and find the rights words to explain. I knew I was not really explaining it right but it was the best I could do.Erin let go of my chin and leaned down so that her mouth was next to my ear and asked. “Why would a husband want his wife to be naughty with other men?””You’re just so beautiful and hot…it’s very exciting.” I blurted out not knowing what else to say.”What made you most excited?” She asked seemingly wanting to know every detail but making me uncomfortable in the process.”I guess when you climaxed.” I replied after a moment of thought.”You guess? So there were other things?” She probed. When I didn’t answer she pushed harder straightening up so she was looking into my eyes again. “Tell me.””When they first put it in and you give a sexy groan.” I told her.”Without breaking her gaze she asked. “What else?””Nothing.” I replied but my eyes went to the floor once more and she knew I was lying. Again, she took me by the chin and made me look at her. Her eyes were demanding an answer and I finally spoke. “When they were cumming in you.”I felt her body shudder and I waited for a scolding that I knew was deserved but she continued to stare at me without speaking. It seemed like hours before she finally spoke.”Are you going to want to do it anymore?” She asked in a flat calm voice.”No honey. I promise to control myself.” I replied.”I’m not sure you can.” She answered almost instantly. The inflection in her voice indicated to me that there was something else there too. “You haven’t described how you felt.” I stated emboldened by her previous comment.Now it was her turn to pause in silence. I stayed quiet too hoping she would share her thoughts and feelings in detail.”I never in my wildest dreams expected anything like this to occur in my life. It just seems all so crazy.” She started.”I’m sorry.” I interrupted. “Let me finish.” She replied putting a finger to my lips.”I mean I’ve been with more men in the last week than in the rest of my life. I thought you had gone insane at first. But, there was something about it…letting go…as you put it that was so exciting. With Merle and you there watching and then with Dan and Wayne in the house when they were sitting next to me kissing and touching me while you were outside. I knew it was what you wanted and I was so excited I thought I would explode.” She spoke the words rapidly then stopped and continued more slowly. “It was exciting but also frightening.””Yes.” I agreed.”Now I find myself thinking of sex all the time. I wasn’t like that before.” She said.”Is that a bad thing?” I asked with a smirk which brought a visual rebuke from her.”It’s scary.” She stated.I felt Erin start to rock her hips gently and this time I didn’t stop her. Instead, I savored the soft wet feeling of her pussy and the look of need on her face. I leaned forward and took one of her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked.”Ohhh…” She gasped.I managed to stand with her still on me and with a sweep of my arm knocked the dishes from the table and dropped her onto her back. Erin spread her legs wide while I pushed her arms over her head and started fucking her hard.”God I love you.” I yelled out between grunts.”Fuck türkçe bahis me good baby.” She encouraged while arching her back sexily. Her new use of the word was still a huge turn-on for me and I started moving even faster.I could already feel my balls tingling and despite all my efforts to fend off my climax it wasn’t long before I was half grunting/half whining while I ejaculated into my wife. With all the recent sex it wasn’t much but the orgasm drained me of strength and I fell out of her and back into the chair. Erin remained on the table naked and breathing deeply. I felt guilty for leaving her unfulfilled and vowed that next time I would make it all about her. While feasting on her beautiful naked body I noticed to the side of her mound a dime sized hickey that Wayne must have put on her last night. It brought back a new wave of carnal thoughts that I had to force out of my head.We were scheduled to leave early the next day and drive non-stop home giving us most of Sunday to get settled before work on Monday. We spent the rest of the day alternating between resting and packing before deciding to walk into town for an early dinner.There had been no more talk about the sexual escapades and I thought it was a closed subject so I was surprised when Erin returned to the subject after the waiter had brought our drinks.”I was serious about you not touching other women.” She stated.”I know.” I answered almost as reflex but followed on with. “Where did that come from?””I just want it clear.” She explained.”It’s clear but I wasn’t planning any more activities. Let’s just put it all behind us.” I said.”I’m not sure you can control yourself.” She said for the second time that day while looking at me with a serious expression.I tried to think of the right response but after struggling for a few seconds I just decided to let it go and sip on my drink. We sat there silently waiting on the food each of us lost in our own thoughts. The waiter brought our food and still we remained quiet. We were almost done before I finally spoke.”Are you saying I have permission?” I asked knowing she would know what I meant.”You will eventually be unable to control yourself and like I said I just want certain things clear.” She replied slowly.”What other rules do you have?” I laughed intentionally trying to lighten the mood.Erin gave me a quiet stare but in her eyes I saw a hint of playfulness too. Still, she elected to remain quiet making me feel awkward. Several minutes went by before she spoke again.”Nothing close to home either.” She said.I nodded my head knowing what she meant. It was an amazing discussion to be having even if the conversation was stilted. I wondered if she was right though. Would I be unable to control myself again at some point? We had walked to the restaurant and now leaving, with the sun down, it was chilly so Erin snuggled close against me. She undid one of the buttons on my shirt and slipped her hand inside and began rubbing my chest.”Are you thinking about sex again?” I asked with a laugh which brought a pinch to my nipple from her fingers.”It’s your damn fault.” She exclaimed laughing too.”Hope I can keep up.” I replied.”You better keep up this time.” She said making me cringe from what I took as a shot for leaving her unsatisfied earlier.”Too bad we can’t let Merle know we’re coming through tomorrow. He could help.” I gave a smartass reply.Without missing a beat, Erin countered. “Oh we can.””What do you mean?” I asked stopping on the sidewalk and turning her to face me.”He’s been texting me.” She explained with a grin.”Oh really? I want to see them.” I demanded a bit put out that she hadn’t shared this information.”Okay but wait till we get home. I’m getting cold.” She said.Erin did her best to dawdle but I wanted to see the texts so I hurried us along until we finally got inside the house.”Hand it over.” I said putting my hand out.Erin put the phone in my hand and since I was familiar with the model I was able to swiftly find the message icon and Merle’s long string of texts. Surprising was the fact that Erin had responded to the vast majority of them.”You’ve had quite the conversation going.” I said without looking up. The messages had started benign but had become progressively more suggestive and there were even several pics of Merle’s cock in the long string. When I finally got through them I looked over to see Erin curled up on the couch with an impish grin on her face. “You’ve been quite the naughty wife.” I said unsure whether or not I should be upset.”Just a little.” She replied breaking out in a bigger smile.I wasn’t surprised that the trucker had been provocative. It was normal male behavior and to be expected. What surprised me was that there were several times in the exchange where Erin engaged in more than a causal way. One was when she responded to the picture of his cock telling him how good it looked and felt. Another conversation discussed him taking her in the sleeper of his truck and I recalled he had almost convinced her to go out with him while I slept. In the texts, she had asked him lots of questions such as the size of the bed and how many women he had there. It certainly seemed like she had more than a passing interest.”Have you texted with Dan?” I asked wanting to know the entire landscape.”No, he doesn’t have my number.” She replied.”How did Merle get yours?” I asked.”He asked for it.” She replied looking impish again and maybe a bit concerned how I would react.”Is that all it took?” I responded which brought a faux look of scorn.”It was just some flirting and teasing. It’s not that bad.” She spoke and I decided not to point to the parts I thought were concerning.”Please just tell me you didn’t send him any pics.” I said.”Of course not. I’m not crazy.” She quickly answered.I didn’t want the conversation to escalate so rather than respond I got up and went to the kitchen and poured a drink for each of us taking my time to collect my thoughts. When I returned, Erin was still curled up where I left her but was looking at me with anxious eyes. I forced a smile to lighten the mood and we sat and chatted about aimless things while we sipped our drinks. However, the Merle situation stayed in my head and despite trying to sweep it away it remained just beneath the surface of my thoughts.We went to bed early and made slow love and I made sure to let her peak first before I followed then fell exhausted by her side. We cuddled and kissed and talked in whispers about the vacation avoiding any words about the sex. The thoughts I had held about Merle disappeared as soon as the semen left my balls but as Erin’s hands caressed me I got excited again and I found them returning. My mind returned to the scene in the cheap hotel room and step by step recalled the response of Erin to Merle’s seduction. Adding to it was the amazement I had at the smooth way he handled himself – so different than my expectations for a country truck driver.I opened my mouth to speak numerous times but stopped myself each time before finally in a croaking voice forced out. “Do you want to?””Want to what?” She replied but I felt she knew what I was asking. “You know…a… meet up with a… Merle?” I said fumbling the words.”Baby, you said you were going to control yourself and you didn’t even make it a day.” Erin said giggling.”Well that was before I knew you were sexting.” I answered trying to think of a way to defend myself.”This is your thing honey. You have to make the decision. Is it what YOU want?” She challenged.I was quiet for a long time. Despite what we had done so far on this vacation it still seemed very strange and awkward to be discussing my wife meeting another man for sex. My rational mind told me that enough had taken place already and it was time to stop this craziness. But there was another feeling emanating from my groin that wanted to see the incredibly erotic scene again. I told myself that it was a vacation thing and when we returned home it would be over so I should enjoy this last opportunity.”Maybe.” I answered her question.”Does maybe mean yes?” Erin asked in a tone that seemed to indicate eagerness.”Yes.” I said softly after another period of silence.”Okay honey. If you’re sure although he may not have time or be interested.” She said but I knew that if she reached out he would find a way.”Okay but you can try.” I answered.”You’re absolutely sure?” She asked again.”Yes honey.” I said more firmly this time.”Hand me my phone then.” She replied pointing to it on the night stand.I handed her the phone thinking that she would call him but instead she began typing out a text message. It took her over a minute and when she hit send she put the phone down and we lay next to each other in silence letting the minutes tick by as we waited for a response.”What did you say?” I finally asked breaking the silence after what seemed to be fifteen or more minutes.”I told him we were coming back through tomorrow and asked if he wanted to get together.” She said.”Okay.” I answered thinking it sure had taken a long time to type that simple message. It seemed silly to sit still and quiet in anticipation of his reply so I pulled Erin closer and took one of her breasts in my hand and started rolling her nipple between my fingers. Nuzzling into the crook of her neck I planted soft kisses on her and was rewarded with sighs of pleasure.More time went by and our play, coupled with the conversation about Merle had me aroused once again. My dick was hard, pushing against the back of Erin’s thigh and with no prodding from me, she lifted her leg letting the head come in contact with her saturated opening. With only a little effort, I got lined up and pushed into her continuing to enjoy her breasts while we connected in a spoon position. “Oh yes my love.” She gasped after a particularly strong push from me.I turned her head so I could kiss her on the mouth and her tongue wrapped quickly around mine. I could tell Erin was very excited and I hoped that I could get her to orgasm for me again. My hand dropped to her thigh and tummy and began stroking there but she grabbed my hand with hers and returned it to her breasts without speaking. “Rrrriiiinnnggggg…” The quiet in the room only disturbed by our sighs and moans was suddenly shattered by her phone.I immediately stopped my movement and handed her the phone without looking but her response as she glanced at the screen let me know it was Merle calling.”Hello.” She said in a soft, sexy voice that made me instantly jealous.Of course, I could only hear one side of the conversation but she kept the same sexy voice as she talked to him and explained we would be passing back through the same area the following day. I couldn’t keep still and started moving in and out of her again which made it difficult for her to talk.”He wants to know where we should meet.” Erin said looking over her shoulder with the phone pressed against her breast.I gave her the name of a small town in New Mexico about eighty miles from the Texas border and told him to meet us there at 3:00 PM. I knew we wouldn’t be driving all the way home tomorrow so there was no need to rush the driving. Merle must have accepted the arrangements because the rest of the conversation was mostly short answers and giggles from Erin. I knew they were talking like lovers and the thought made my dick even harder.”Mmmm…” She said turning back to me when she finally hung up.”Is that a sigh for me or him?” I asked. Her answer was to loop her hand behind my head and pull me close for a long, wet kiss.”Do you want Merle to have your wife?” Erin asked me in a low husky voice as soon as the kiss ended.”Yes.” I said pushing harder into her.”What do you want him to do?” She followed.”Whatever he wants. You’re his. He can have anything.” I immediately spat out surprising myself with the words.”Anything?” She asked sucking in a deep breath.”Yes, anything.” I replied somehow feeling stronger.My words clearly had an effect on her because she began pushing back against me and her moans became more pronounced.”I’m going to cum.” She announced soon thereafter.”Cum for me sweetheart.” I tried to whisper into her ear but it came out more as a grunt.”Mmmm…Mmmm…ohhh…ohhh baby…” She let out as I felt her body stiffen then relaxed and stiffen again. It wasn’t a large orgasm but I felt very connected to her as she achieved her release.I wasn’t far behind and like hers mine was small since my balls had already been drained but it was satisfying and when I finished we stayed connected and my arm held her tight.”Honey I’m afraid.” Erin said after several minutes of silence when I thought she might be asleep.”Why sweetheart?” I asked.”I like it too and it scares me.” She answered pulling my arm closer around her.”It’s only on vacations. When we get home it’s over.” I said. Her revelation amplified my thoughts both positive and negative. Once again, now that my balls were spent, rationale thought was gaining ground. “Promise?’ She asked.”Promise.” I told her.We left the next morning at a time that allowed us to rendezvous with Merle. Erin chose to wear shorts, sandals and a loose fitting top and I wondered if she had selected the outfit with her own disrobing in mind. We stopped for coffee then headed out enjoying each other’s company and the scenery with no mention of our intermediate destination. However, as we got closer, the silences between conversations got longer and I knew we were each thinking about the same thing.Merle had told Erin that there was a large gas station in the town we had selected with a lot for trucks and when we got there a little before the designated time we could see his truck already parked. The plan was for Erin to ride in Merle’s truck until we came to a small town in Texas where we would spend the night. It was about a three hour drive and I had already made reservations at a motel.I pulled up close to the truck and before I could turn off the ignition Merle was already hopping down from the cab. He was dressed almost identically to the last time we saw him – jeans and a western style shirt with boot on his tall, lean frame.”Howdy.” He said with a big grin when we got out looking past me to Erin.We said our hellos in unison and seconds later, with no fanfare, Merle had opened the passenger door and was helping my wife into the cab of the big rig. Feeling suddenly awkward, I glanced around and was relieved to see that no one appeared to be watching. It was several minutes before I heard the air brakes release and the rig slowly moved out of the lot with me following. His truck slowly got up to speed on the highway and for the next hour and a half we drove through the New Mexico countryside with me following about a half mile behind. Just as we crossed into Texas, I heard the sound of a text being received on my phone.”I told him you said I had to do everything he wanted” the message read.I wondered why she would have told him about our conversation. His knowledge of his power definitely created a different dynamic than if Erin just appeared submissive to his desires. And, why did she feel the need to tell me now? After thinking about it for several miles, I decided to not reply to her text.Thirty minutes later I received another text.”pull alongside” was all it said.There was little traffic and the truck had moved to the inside of the 4-lane highway so I accelerated until I was next to the passenger window of the cab. As soon as I got there I saw that Erin was turned towards the window with her lovely breasts on display. She had a strange look on her face – it appeared to be part smile and part concern. I smiled back at her partly because I liked what she was doing and partly to not make her feel nervous about my thoughts. Just as I was doing this, she held up her thong with her right hand letting me know she was completely naked. I blew her a kiss which seemed to calm her immensely and after looking at her a bit longer I dropped back. I sensed this was Merle’s first test of his powers and I wondered what more might come to his mind.I didn’t have to wait long to find out. My phone beeped again and this time when I looked there was a pic from Erin of her pussy with her legs spread wide. Shit! I thought to myself. I wish I hadn’t told her to do what he said and why in the world did she share this message? I was now getting worried about where he might try to take things.Another forty miles ticked by without incident when I saw a blue sign indicating a rest stop two miles ahead. As we approached I could tell the rig was slowing and then the turn indicator came on signaling its intent. I followed it into the large parking lot expecting to see him or Erin drop down to run to the restroom but when ten minutes went by with no one emerging I realized what was actually happening. I found myself actually watching the cab to see if I could see it moving imagining Erin on her back with her feet against the roof as Merle pounded into her. Several times, I came close to texting her but I fought the urge not wanting to appear “needy”. Finally, after we had been stopped for almost an hour, I saw the tail lights illuminate and seconds later the large truck slowly started to roll back towards the highway.In my head I was still rationalizing that there could be another explanation for the long stop other that Merle fucking my wife but all this was answered when minutes later I received another text. It was much like the previous one with a clear picture of Erin’s pussy with her legs spread wide. However, in this picture her labia was still open and swollen from Merle’s large member and her entire pelvis was glistening with wetness. There was no question she had just been thoroughly fucked and also no doubt that Merle was reveling in his power over her.I tried to think of some sensible response to the text but failed and so I followed the truck without acknowledging the sordid picture. The rest of the trip was uneventful and I was left only to my thoughts about what Erin might be doing in the cab of the big rig. Like the motel on the way up, this one had a place in back for trucks to park although it was much smaller. While Merle was jockeying the truck into position, I pulled up the motel’s office, registered and got the room key. I asked for a room in the back near the truck lot explaining I wanted to be away from the noise of the highway and the clerk obliged selecting one on the first floor.I pulled into a space in front of the door and unloaded our travel bags expecting at any moment to see Erin walking up but when I was finished there was still no sign of her. The unplanned time at the rest stop had delayed our arrival and now dusk was setting on the sleepy, dusty north Texas town. After waiting another fifteen minutes with no sign of my wife, I decided to walk the fifty yards to the lot and check on her. Halfway to the rig, the doors on each side suddenly opened and Erin and Merle climbed down. Erin was dressed and had fixed herself up so there was no sign of their activities during the drive. Both were sporting silly smiles like they were k**s sharing a secret.”Honey, Merle says the grill across the highway makes good burgers. Let’s walk over I’m starving.” Erin said as soon as we were face to face.I had to admit I was a bit hungry too so with a quick nod we began walking across the lot. It was a simple one story pre-fabbed metal building painted white with a neon sign on a pole announcing the name as Ike’s Place. Opening the door, we were met with a blast of cold air and I guessed that the thermostat must have been set no higher than 68 degrees which was a big change from the evening heat. There were about a dozen patrons in the place and at first no one paid us any mind but one by one I saw them notice Erin and soon we were being watched by everyone. We picked a small table in the back made of metal and Formica and waited for the waitress to come over.Donna was a large framed woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt and had an amazingly bubbly personality. We ordered three burgers and beer for Merle and I and wine for Erin.”I want to thank you for letting me spend some more time with Erin.” Merle said in his slow drawl as soon as Donna departed. I didn’t really know how to respond so I just nodded while Erin looked on with a silly smile.Erin, sensing correctly it was going to be up to her to carry the conversation, started asking him about how his week had gone, his likes and dislikes and family. I stayed quiet but maintained a smile so as not to upset the mood however I realized as they chatted that I had no interest in his story. For me, he was just a tool to excite and pleasure my wife. Hopefully, he hadn’t worn himself out during the drive and still would be capable of performing while I watched.We were on our second round of drinks when the burgers arrived and while Merle’s recommendation proved correct, they were in fact quite tasty, both Merle and I only ate half and Erin only about a third. When she had had enough, Erin excused herself to find the restroom leaving Merle and I alone.”She said you told her she had to do what I said. Is that true?” Merle asked without warning.”Well…uh…it was just us teasing.” I stammered.”Yeah, I got ya. I won’t go there then. Thought it best to make sure.” He replied.”Did you have sex with her at the rest stop?” I asked stupidly.”Yes sir. Sure did.” He answered in a matter-of-fact way.”Did she…uh…did she climax?” I asked somehow needing to know some details.”Oh yeah. Dug her nails into my ass and wet my mattress.” He said chuckling.The waitress stopped by halting the conversation and Merle ordered another round. Just as Donna left, Erin came back from the rest room and we returned to her talking to Merle about his life. “Damn Merle where have you been.” A booming voice filled the room making us all look up. Walking towards our table was a short, heavy set man in his forties dressed in jeans and a simple white undershirt. His belly was quite pronounced and the thin material left little hidden including a thatch of chest hair climbing out around the shirt’s neck. He also seemed flushed with a rosy hue on his large face and mostly bald head covered only by a few wisps of stringy hair. “Hi there CT. What are you doing here.” Merle said starting to stand before his friend motioned for him to stay seated.”Got a load headed north but lost two tires today so I’m stuck until tomorrow.” He explained.”I got ya. Pull up a chair and have a cold one.” Merle replied.CT did just that and Donna came over and took his order. Merle and his friend began talking and Erin and I stayed silent listening to them and from her look, just like me, she was hoping he would leave soon. “Who you’re friends?” CT finally asked acknowledging us.”This is Erin and David. I’ve known them for a few weeks.” He replied thankfully being discrete.CT gave us a quizzical look but held off on any follow up questions. Over the next several minutes I saw him stealing looks at Erin although I couldn’t blame him. Her legs looked outstanding and the cold air was effecting her nipples giving us just a hint of their hardness through her bra and top. When our drinks were gone, Merle and I gave a slight nod to each other and we let CT know we were leaving. By the look on his face, I knew he suspected there was more to the story but he gave a pleasant good bye as we left. Walking back to the room, Merle’s hand found Erin’s ass sending a signal to anyone that might be watching.”I’m going to take a quick shower.” Erin said as soon as were in the room. She went immediately to the small bathroom closing the door behind her and once again leaving Merle and I together in an awkward situation.I wanted to speak to Erin alone and make sure she was okay so after only a short while I lightly knocked on the door then entered. The shower was running but Erin had not yet entered. She was in front of the mirror in just her thong but as soon as I entered she reached for her top to cover her breasts. However, her movement was too slow and I got a good look at the numerous hickeys that were on each orb. “Looks like things got wild.” I said.”Are you mad?” She asked looking at me with pleading eyes.”No sweetie. Can’t say that I blame him really.” I answered.”Okay.” She said dropping the top back on the vanity.”I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” I said pulling her to me and giving her a hug.”I’m fine David. Are you?” She asked with the same pleading look.”Yes. I’m okay. We’ll have lots to talk about tomorrow.” I said. I thought about letting her know that I had warned Merle off on the “do what he says” subject but decided to keep it to myself thinking it might make things more edgy for her.”Okay. Well hurry up.” I said with a soft laugh and gave her a light spank on her bottom.”I will.” She replied giving me a very sexy look.Just as I was about to leave, Erin pushed her thong over her hips and looking down I saw that there was a wad of toilet paper or Kleenex in the crotch that was visibly sodden. “I didn’t want it to look like I wet my pants.” Erin said seeing my look.”Did he cum that much?” The words came out more like a reaction than a thought out question.Erin didn’t speak but shook her head up and down then pulled the thong all the way off and stepped into the shower. I looked at the wad of paper for a few seconds then left the bathroom.”She okay?” Merle asked. He had pulled his boots, socks and shirt off and was sitting in a chair in just his jeans.”She’s fine. Be out in a minute.” I told him.It was a forced conversation speaking with Merle while we both waited on Erin. The conversation went to random subjects but always avoided the obvious thing before us. Finally, after what seemed like hours but in reality was no more than fifteen minutes the door opened and Erin walked out completely naked.”Girl you know how to get a man’s attention.” Merle laughed. There was still a light sheen of water on her body from the shower that made her skin glisten in the light.She walked to me, kissed me softly on the lips and whispered a thank you then turned to Merle and sat on his lap. Without hesitation, he pulled her mouth to his and they started a deep, passionate kiss that went on for minutes. He started out softly fondling her marked breasts but as the embrace lingered he started pinching her nipples which brought audible moans even through her engaged mouth.”Get these off.” Erin cried pulling at the button of his jeans when they finally broke the kiss.Merle laughed as Erin struggled with them before finally releasing the catch, lowering the zipper and working them off his legs. Merle’s half erect cock sprung free and bounced back and forth before settling on his thigh. I could see clearly in his pubic hair a crusty residue no doubt left over from their afternoon escapades. Erin didn’t care and when her hands were free, she grabbed the heavy phallus and brought it to her mouth while kneeling between his legs.”Oh baby that’s good. Do it like I told you.” Merle said to her with a groan.Erin seemed possessed as she worked on his cock with a fervor I had never experienced. Merle’s hands found her head and gently guided her while he provided a stream of verbal encouragement. I realized I was still standing in the middle of the room and suddenly felt very self-conscious so I grabbed a chair and placing it several feet to one side, sat and watched. “Did you keep my seed in you like I said.” Merle asked. He had been talking to her provocatively since they started but these words immediately registered with me. I saw her eyes dart towards me for an instant before she nodded her head to her lover letting him know she had complied. I knew now that the wad of paper in her panties was there, not for the reason she had given, but to maximize the time his semen would be in her womb. I knew it was likely only symbolic but it still showed how completely turned on she was by the raw sex. I thought about her Junior League friends and co-workers at the law firm. If they knew she had carried a trucker’s semen all afternoon and was now between his legs sucking him with abandon they would think she needed to be committed.There was movement between them and Merle began trying to lift her to her feet.”I want to suck you until you cum.” Erin said with a guttural whine.”Not now baby. I want some of your pussy.” Merle told her. Finally, getting her to her feet he guided her to the king sized bed.He pushed her onto her back and immediately she opened her legs inviting him to invade her lovely shaved pussy. Merle wasted no time knee walking into position then massaging her opening with the head of his cock until he had it lubricated. All the time, Erin was whimpering and thrusting her hips at him hoping to impale herself. When he was finally ready, he leaned forward onto one hand and using the other found her opening.”OH FUCK YES!” Erin practically screamed when she was penetrated. It took him half a dozen more thrusts before he was completely inside her and the whole time she was wailed like a possessed woman. When he hit bottom, he stopped for a moment letting her work against him then began a slow deep rhythm that soon had her arms and legs completely wrapped around him. The room was illuminated by the light from the bathroom through its completely open door. It gave the room a harsh look so I stood and closed it until just a half inch opening remained. Now the subdued lighting created a surreal effect and helped heighten their erotic movements and sounds.I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my dick straining to be set free. This time was different from the others because Erin was no longer the reluctant participant being cajoled and seduced into the sex. Now she was an equal participant communicating her need. I had never been so excited in my life.”Merle. Remember she’s yours to do anything you want.” I said suddenly wanting him to own her. He seemed to flinch just for an instant as if registering my words but kept the relentless pounding going.He was taking her towards the point of no return with each stroke getting her a little closer. Just when I thought she was at the launching point, he slowed which brought cries of frustration from her and an attempt to use her hands on his hips to speed him up. Merle ignored her attempts and soon moved so that he could suck on her breasts. I knew he was likely leaving more marks on her sensitive flesh that would remind me of this encounter for weeks.”Go get CT. He’s probably still in the bar.” Merle suddenly called out.”Why?” I asked.”You said she was mine. That’s what I want.” He replied with a tone of irritation.I stood out of reflex then stopped and thought about the request. It was crazy. That guy had no business being part of this even if was just to watch. Just I was about to tell him to forget it, Erin started speaking.”Come on Merle do it. Go faster baby.” She whined in an incredibly needy voice. If she had even heard the conversation about CT she made no reference to it. I got up and headed towards the door.As expected, CT was still in the bar sitting on a stool alone. I went up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and let him know Merle was looking for him. He asked a few questions that I fended off but I think he suspected what might be happening because it didn’t take much prodding to get him to leave.”Well goddamn.” CT exclaimed as soon as we stepped into the room. Merle was on his back now and Erin was in the reverse cowgirl position riding him with her breasts bouncing in circles. She looked like a woman possessed and I knew she was working hard to reach an orgasm.”CT get over here and lick this pussy.” Merle called out to his friend.”Get her turned güvenilir bahis siteleri up Merle I can’t do it like that.” He replied with a hoarse chuckle.Merle scooted down the bed until his knees were on the edge and lifted Erin’s legs so they were in front of her. He pulled her back against his body until she lay flat and we now had a perfect view of his large cock stuffed inside her pussy. CT didn’t need any further encouragement. He moved to the end of the bed, dropped to his knees and planted his mouth on my wife’s clit.”OHHH…SHIT…OHHH…OHHH MY GOD!” Erin cried out as soon as contact was made.”CT loves to lick pussy.” Merle informed me. He was certainly showing enthusiasm as he now had the back of her thighs in each hand and was spreading her open while his mouth worked her over.CT didn’t seem to care at all that Merle’s large cock was only an inch away from his mouth. It made me think that this was not the first time that they had been together in this kind of situation. While CT had her legs spread wide, Merle held her arms above her head making her spread wide and giving her no leverage. She was at the mercy of the large cock stuffed inside her and the rapidly moving tongue that was now lashing at her relentlessly. Her sounds grew louder still but were mostly incomprehensible as each attempt to speak was quickly lost in a passion driven wail.”Come hard now baby. Let it all out for us.” Merle instructed her while she writhed on top of him like an overturned bug.”Okay…” She forced out in a grunt. It was the first clear word I had heard from her since CT had started licking.I stared dumfounded as she climaxed. Her body flushed then faded and then flushed again while her eyes rolled back in their sockets and spasms rippled through her tummy as she remained held in place by Merle and CT. A pleading whine came from somewhere inside her that then turned into deep, almost a****listic grunts. I had never heard about nor seen anyone orgasm like she did. It seemed to go on for several minutes and the total loss of control from her shocked me and left me wondering about her health.”Might as well pull it out.” Merle said to me when he saw my hand working furiously on my dick through my pants. They had stopped moving except for CT who was now slowly licking along the sides of Erin’s pussy. His words broke me from the mesmerized state I was in and made me feel embarrassed. Rather than follow his recommendation, I flopped into one of the chairs suddenly feeling exhausted.Erin still with on her back d****d over Merle’s with his cock inside her had become still with her eyes closed tightly. CT had released her thighs and her legs were now d****d over his shoulders. “Erin are you okay?” I said forcing the words from my mouth in a dry voice. Her head which was resting against his shoulder tried to rise when she heard my words but it fell back and she stayed quiet seemingly too exhausted to respond.I looked from her to Merle and saw that he was looking at me with a big smile. There was no doubt he was enjoying the control he had and the debauchery he was bringing to Erin. “Erin?’ I asked again.”I’m okay.” Came her faint voice, almost in a whisper.Merle released her arms and began using his hands to knead her breasts. I could see that he was whispering to her too but his voice was so low I could not hear what he was saying. At first there was no response but as he continued to talk I saw her eyes try to look at his face followed by a slight shaking of her head that I took to be a negative response to something he had said. There followed a whispered discussion between them that finally ended with Erin glancing at me with an odd look while biting her lip.”Move back CT.” Merle said as he helped Erin to her feet at the end of the bed.CT dutifully moved out of the way but his eyes never left my wife’s body. He had a hungry look and he seemed to be almost in a trance no doubt thinking about what he wanted to do.Merle stood too then directed Erin back onto the bed on her knees. When he lined up behind her, a sick feeling washed through me as I suspected what he might have in mind. Sure enough, without ceremony, he used his hands to get her in position then moved his large cock to her tight anal opening. His right hand pushed her right cheek to one side and he used his left hand to guide him until the cockhead was teasing her opening. It wasn’t long before I saw his ass muscles clench and he pushed forward which brought a loud grunt followed by a high pitched squeal from my wife.”Pop that tight ass Merle.” CT encouraged.Erin and I had attempted anal sex twice. Both times after lots to drink and in both cases it didn’t progress far because she found it very uncomfortable. For all practical purposes, her ass was still cherry.”How far you in Merle?” CT asked struggling to be still his voice almost giddy.”Barely any.” He answered through clenched teeth. For the next ten minutes, CT and I watched Merle slowly feed his wet cock into my wife’s virgin ass. The clenching of the muscles in his ass and thighs would signal that he was penetrating deeper followed by cries and whines from Erin. Merle would give her time to adjust then push in more repeating the cycle until finally his pelvis was snug against her lovely ass.”That’s all baby.” He announced.Erin’s head was between her outstretched arms with her eyes closed almost as if she was praying. After his last push, she had become quiet while Merle let her get comfortable with the invasion. However, when he withdrew several inches then pushed back a new wave of cries came from her and we watched as each hand grabbed the bed linen squeezing the fabric tightly while the grimace on her face showed the pain she was feeling. “Merle I’m not sure this is a good idea.” I said feeling I needed to intervene.”I thought you wanted her to do what she was told?” He shot back as he pushed into her forcing more painful sounds from her mouth.”I don’t want her hurt.” I responded.”Give it a minute.” He replied then moved once more.Between each thrust, he would stop and give Erin some recovery time. It took another five minutes or so but slowly her cries began to fade and the pauses between thrusts grew shorter. In addition, her face lost its contorted look and the death grip she had on the linen abated. “How you feeling Erin?” Merle asked.”Keep going slow.” Erin answered but her voice now had a hint of excitement.He did as she asked for a while before slowly increasing the pace until he was sliding back and forth easily with a steady, firm pace. When Merle suddenly stopped we all watched as Erin began moving, pushing back eagerly against Merle. Merle looked over at me and winked letting me know he had conquered my wife’s ass.After making his point, Merle grasped her hips and began thoroughly fucking her ass. Gone were her painful sounds now replaced by whimpers of pleasure. It wasn’t long before his hands began wandering her body alternating between her pussy and breasts. We watched her especially respond when Merle would roll her nipples between his fingers by pushing her ass back hard against his large cock.Suddenly and without warning, Merle pulled his cock from my wife’s ass. From my place in the room, I had a good view of Erin anus which remained gaping open after Merle’s departure. “Goddamn!” I heard CT exclaim and I knew he had seen the same thing.”Get up darling.” Merle demanded. He helped her to her feet then sat back on the bed, spun her and pulled her back into his crotch.They fumbled for a few seconds before they were able to position themselves so that Merle could push his cock back into her ass once again. It went in easily this time and once he hit bottom he lay down on the bed pulling her back against his chest. In that position, we had an unobstructed view of his shank working its way in and out of Erin stretched ass. The ring on her opening was so snug around him that it stretched inward and outward clinging to his shaft with each thrust before finally letting go. “CT get your damn clothes off and get in this pussy.” Merle called out.The heavyset man moved faster than I thought possible. In almost no time, he had shed his t-shirt and pants revealing a hairy body and a large belly with the head of his average sized dick protruding beneath the folds. He moved between my wife’s legs using his hands to wrap them around his thick waist blocking my view. CT was not a good looking man and I expected Erin to reject his advances. Surprisingly though, he moved his hands between them clearly preparing to enter her which received no objection. “Ohhh…” Erin moan at the same time I saw CT push his hips forward. Once fully penetrated, the threesome remained still for almost a minute as if each was wondering what to do next. Finally, they started to move in a slow rolling motion although it was unclear who had initiated it. It was bizarre to witness Erin’s double penetration and even stranger to realize that she was accepting it without protest.Their movements became more pronounced along with the sounds of the slapping of their flesh. Waves of fat rolled across CT’s ass each time he pushed into Erin. It was a scene of complete debauchery with my wife at the center. My eyes moved from their joining to Erin’s face and I saw that she was looking at me with a strange expression that seemed equal parts lust, pain and concern. For a moment, we held the gaze. Then she seemed to drift until her eyes lost focused and she descended into a state of sexual oblivion.”Man this is weird. I can feel your cock Merle.” The fat man grunted out.”Keep fucking her. She likes it.” Merle replied while roughly kneading her breasts.His encouragement elicited a wave of energy from CT and he started thrusting harder into my wife which resulted in new whines and louder cries of pleasure from her. CT maintained the pace and it wasn’t long before I could see Erin’s body move in a way that told me she was getting close to cumming. Slowly, her legs, which had been around CT’s waist came free and stayed suspended in the air before lifting and opening. Her sounds became more pronounced before she finally spoke.”I’m so close please don’t stop.” She begged.”This cunt is ready to cum.” CT announced.Several seconds passed before his insulting words registered with me. In a normal situation, I would have beat him to a pulp for using this language with Erin. Now though, I found it hard to get angry since she was riding strange cocks in her ass and pussy. “Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…please don’t stop…please…” Erin wailed. Then it hit her. She began thrashing and groaning and Merle and CT took hold of her body to keep her in place and continue fucking her while she climaxed. Her body was being rocked by hard spasms like she was being shocked with electricity and a guttural, continuous wail was coming from her only interrupted by loud grunts that she emitted when a spasm hit. Her actions must have pushed CT over the edge because he put his hands on the inside of her thighs, spread her legs and gave several fast thrusts finally ending with a hard push into her that he held while he gave out a loud bellow.”OH FUCK. FUCK YEAH. Good pussy.” He grunted while releasing his seed.CT’s orgasm had stopped the movement and it wasn’t until he pulled his dick out and stepped away that Merle was able to begin moving again. Erin was limp and lifeless on top of him having giving up all she had with her own release. Merle kept trying to fuck her ass from below until suddenly he rolled her off him pushing her onto her stomach and then repositioned and reentered her ass while she lay face down on the bed. Now it was his turn and he started thrusting urgently into her with his large cock until he tensed, grunted, made two more rapid thrusts then pushed all the way inside her while he exhaled forcefully. Erin was so gone that she barely even responded to his moves.Except for the sound of Merle’s deep breaths it was quiet in the room. CT who had been standing while Merle finished sat at the edge of the bed staring at the joined couple and I remained in my chair. “Please let me up.” Erin finally spoke. There was no lust in her voice now and I sensed some irritation in her tone.Merle backed out of her and CT got an up close view of his cock snaking its way out of her ass. As soon as he was out, Erin moved to the side of the bed, stood and went swiftly to the bathroom closing and locking the door behind her. Almost immediately, we heard the shower being turned on but other than that there was no other indication of what she was doing. Merle and CT remained naked for a few minutes but slowly they grew self-conscious and started putting on their clothes. The shower ran for about twenty minutes and it was another fifteen before we heard the door knob turn and then saw Erin head with wet hair poke out the door.”David, would you get my robe from the suitcase please?” She said in a soft voice.Worried about her, I jumped and after rummaging through her large suitcase for a bit I was able to find it. “Anything else?” I asked with a questioning look on my face. Erin just shook her head while biting her lower lip and closed the door once more.”Maybe y’all should go.” I said to the men and Merle gave a brief nod and directed CT with him out the door.”Are you okay?” I asked jumping from my chair when Erin finally emerged some minutes later.”I think so. Are you?” She said looking straight into my eyes.”I’m fine. I thought you must have got upset though.” I said as statement but it was really a question.”No I’m not upset. I needed a uhhh, ummm…a break I guess you would say.” She answered.”I understand. That was pretty intense.” I replied.”Yes. It was.” She said with a pause between the two phrases.”I’m sorry it went too far. I should have protected you and stopped it.” I said feeling guilty.Erin took me by the arm and led me to the bed where we sat down next to each other. She squeezed my hand tightly then kissed me softly on the cheek. I turned to kiss her and we touched for a brief moment before she turned away. It was clear she had more on her mind.”David. It’s okay you didn’t need to stop it. I’m fine.” She said in a soothing voice.”But you seemed…I, I mean acted upset. You went to the bathroom and locked yourself in.” I stammered.”I needed some time to collect myself. Plus, I felt like I needed to clean up after all that.” She explained.”I’m lost. I don’t know what you’re telling me.” I blurted out still unclear about what she was trying to say.”I liked it David. A lot. That was one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had.” Erin said to me and suddenly I understood. I was thinking that she was upset about being put in the position to have sex with these men but in reality she was concerned about me. How I would react to her carnal enjoyment.”Well I’m happy you liked it. I never wanted you to not like it.” I replied.”I know that David but you need to understand…” Erin was in the middle of her sentence when she was cut-off by knocking on our door.With a sigh, I stepped over, turned the knob and opened it a few inches. Merle was standing there trying to look past me into the room.”Everything okay? I came to say goodnight to Erin.” He announced.”Well we’re in the middle…” I started to say but Erin appeared at my side peering out the door.”Come in Merle.” She said.I closed the door behind him and turned to see them standing close together. Erin was barefoot in her robe looking up at him.”Erin darling, I was worried about you. You okay?” He asked.”I’m fine Merle. Just needed to clean up.” She explained.”I got ya baby.” He said and at the same time his hands snaked inside her robe opening it as he pulled her against him. Her naked body was now against him and he kissed her on the mouth.”Merle!” She replied in feigned surprise when they broke the kiss. “I was hoping you’d be feeling better. Let’s go next door and get a beer.” He suggested.”Oh Merle my hair is all wet and I don’t have any make up on. I’m not ready to go out.” She replied but I could tell she wanted to go.”Nonsense woman. It’s early. Take your time and get ready. I’ll come back and get you in a while.” He said to which she just nodded.When I turned after closing the door behind him, I saw that Erin was already headed towards the bathroom. She re-tied her robe and got out her hair dryer and began using it on her damp mane. “You were in the middle of telling me something.” I said after she had turned off the blower.”Let’s discuss it tomorrow during the drive.” She replied while primping at the mirror.It felt strange to have a special moment between a husband and wife usurped by the demands of her lover but I didn’t want to make a scene. Especially, after what had taken place so far. I went back into the room, sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the TV.Erin had dried her hair and put on jeans and a sleeveless blouse when Merle returned some twenty minutes later. When I let him in he gave Erin an admiring once over before offering something he was holding in his hand.”You look great baby but would you mind wearing this?” He asked.Erin took the garments and looked at them and I could see they were a pair of small shorts and what looked like a tank top.”Merle?!” She let out when she had inspected the outfit.”Come on darling. I only get this one night and I want it to be special.” He answered. I had not heard him plead with her before but he was infinitely doing so now. Without a response, Erin turned and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. It was only a few minutes later that she emerged and I was stunned to see her in the clothes Merle had selected. The shorts were very tight cream colored short shorts that showed off her firm butt and left a tiny piece of her cheeks sneaking out the bottom. The fact they had a fly on the front likely hid the outline of her labia. The top was in fact a rust colored tank that barely reached her waist. If she had not been wearing a bra, it would have revealed almost everything about her breasts.”Damn that looks good. But can you go without the bra?” Merle said.”I don’t know Merle. I might get arrested.” My wife giggled.”Try it and let’s see.” he told her.With a shrug, Erin lifted the top over her head, unclasped her bra and threw it on the bed revealing herself to us then pulled the top back over her head. The first thing I saw were her nipples, hard and pointed, clearly showing along with a good amount of cleavage. Also, if she didn’t hold her arms still, the sides of her breasts could be seen through the arm holes. All in all, from head to toe, it was a very slutty look.”What do you think honey?” She said turning to me with a wicked smile.”I don’t know Erin that seems a bit too much.” I counseled.”What do you think Merle? Is it too much or is David being a party pooper.” She said in a voice that I found very irritating.”I think it looks damn good.” He replied.”Looks like a difference of opinion. What should we do?” She smiled enjoying herself too much I thought.”Well if you’re going to wear it, add some heels.” I said sarcastically.Erin shot me a challenging look then went to her suitcase and dug out some two inch white heels. They weren’t over the top and in fact they were the most subdued part of the ensemble but they did have the effect of lifting her butt up as she stood and walked.”Are you coming?” Erin asked when she was ready and Merle had his arm around her waist.”No, think I’ll watch some TV.” I replied which brought a momentary look of concern to her face.”It’s right next door if you want to wander by later.” Merle said and opened the door pulling Erin out quickly.I was left somewhat confused staring at the motel room door and wondering if my wife had lost her mind. I contemplated going over, finding her and dragging her back but I decided I would rather just pretend I didn’t care. I tried to watch TV flipping aimlessly through the channel set over and over occasionally finding something to watch. Unfortunately, this lasted only about forty-five minutes before I couldn’t take it any longer and headed for the door.The beer joint was actually about a hundred yards down the road from the motel across a used car lot in a cinder block building painted gray with a dirt parking lot. This bar was called “The Other Place” that was spelled out in a blue neon sign on a sign in curtain covered window. In addition, there were multi-colored Christmas lights that ran along the length of the eves that gave it an odd look. A half dozen pickups, three cars and several work trucks were parked around the front and side of the building with most being older models with various signs of damage and decay in their bodies. The door was made of metal painted in a dark gray color and had signs with age and firearm warnings placed at eye level.The door creaked as I opened it and several of the patrons turned to look as I entered and ambled self-consciously to a seat at the bar. Along with me, there were two others at the counter with the rest of the customers sitting at the cheap tables that filled the room. Like Ike’s Place, it was freezing inside and I wondered if there was some town ordinance requiring thermostats be set at frigid levels.”Miller Lite, please.” I said to the bartender who was a thin fiftyish woman with straight gray hair and a face which showed she had experienced too many hard miles and cigarettes.While I was waiting for the beer my eyes were already scanning the room and I found Erin sitting at a table with Merle and CT in the far corner. Their table had multiple beer bottles sitting on top and knowing that Erin wasn’t a beer drinker I surmised that the two men were drinking hard. Even though that corner was relatively dark, it was easy to spot her because almost all the eyes in the bar were directed towards their table.”Three dollars.” She said returning with the beer. When I laid out five dollars and nodded letting her know to keep the change she smiled and then spoke.”I get so damn tired of those trucker sluts.” The bartender said noticing the direction of my stare.I acknowledged her comment by smiling at her and rolling my eyes before my gaze returned to my wife. I had to admit she looked the part of a cheap slut in her tiny shorts and top, especially with Merle’s hand on her ass, and I wondered what I had missed. Over the next hour I drank three beers and watched both Merle and Carl consume at least that many while my wife sipped on cheap wine from a plastic cup. Twice she got up to play pool, once with Merle and once with CT and each time every person in the joint, both men and woman, stared at the show. After the second game, Erin made a trip to the bathroom which required that she walk by me. Her eyes opened wide when she saw me sitting at the bar and she stopped and spoke to me with a drunken slur.”I love you.” She whispered while grabbing my arm and leaning in close. Since there were several empty seats near me, no one could hear our conversation and she looked like the cheap floozy everyone assumed her to be. The fact that her nipples were plainly visible through the tank top she was sporting did nothing to dissuade this view.”Are you okay? Do you want to leave?” I asked quickly.”I’m fine.” She replied while pushing her tongue in my ear which let me know she was completely hammered.She walked on towards the bathroom giving everyone at the bar a good view of her swaying ass. “See what she wants for a blowjob.” I heard over my shoulder and realized the man on my right had moved from his stool so that he was next to me. “Not much I bet.” I responded after failing to think of anything else to say.Erin spent a long time in the bathroom and I was beginning to wonder whether she had passed out when I finally noticed her emerging through the doorway. She passed me a bit wobbly and gave me a smile and wink on her way back to Merle and CT. As she passed the man on my right I heard him to speak to her in a low voice but either she didn’t hear or ignored him because she continued on.”Damn whore.” I heard him exclaim to himself. Rather than bristle at his words, I found myself almost sympathizing with his view.As soon as Erin joined the two men, they started acting like they were ready to leave and minutes later this proved true. I watched quietly as they walked to the door and left with Erin arm-in-arm with Merle and CT was a half step behind following like a devoted puppy.”Show’s over.” The gray haired bartender announced to us at the bar as soon as the door closed.”Hottest piece of ass I’ve seen around here in years.” The man on my right replied with a sigh while he shook his head.Not wanting to make it seem like I was chasing them out the door, I forced myself to patiently finish my almost full beer before I left. Fifteen minutes later, I left the beer joint and headed across the lot towards our motel.When I opened the door, I found the room to be in total darkness with only the light from the opening allowing me to see that Erin was beneath Merle on the bed. As soon as I shut it, the room was thrown back into darkness and it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust. While I waited, the sounds of their coupling continued seemingly unaffected by my presence. CT was not in the room and I suspected that Merle had sent him on his way so he could have my wife to himself. Merle was rocking into her in a slow but deliberate way that brought soft cries of satisfaction from her. Sitting down to watch, it wasn’t long before I realized that they were in fact making love. They whispered to each other so that I couldn’t hear and Erin arms were wrapped around his neck occasionally pulling him to her to kiss. Feeling suddenly very tired, I fell over onto my side on the small couch and before I knew it was asleep.Awaking some time later, I stood to find the room empty and I instinctively knew that Erin had gone with Merle to sleep in his truck. Undressing and going to the bed, I found a huge wet spot and after trying several positions to stay out of it and failing I finally gave up. The rest of the night was a restless sleep until I finally was brought to full consciousness by light streaming through a crack in the dingy curtains. I puttered around the room for almost an hour until I heard a knock on the door and opening it found Erin and Merle. Erin looked at me then accepted Merle’s arms who pulled her close to him and gave her a long, deep kiss. When they finally broke, she stepped inside with a final look over her shoulder and I shut the door quickly.Erin was still dressed in the slutty outfit and reeked of sex. Her beautiful hair was disheveled and her lipstick was long gone. For some reason, I found her utterly desirable.”What are you doing?” She asked with concern in her voice as I began pulling at her skimpy clothes.”I want you in bed.” I demanded.”Baby, I’m all dirty.” She replied trying to avoid my advances.”Shhh…” I answered finally unbuttoning her shorts and pulling them off her legs finding her without panties. I tossed the shorts on top of her tank top then directed her forcefully to the bed.As soon as she was on her back, I ripped my own clothes off and with an aching erection, pushed her legs open and penetrated her easily. Her normally snug pussy was now wide open and there was a hot creamy wetness inside her.”Did you just fuck him?” I demanded to know.”Yes.” Erin answered looking at me but making none of the sensual sounds I had heard coming from her last night.”Did he cum in you?” I asked.”Yes.” She replied without elaboration.I fucked Erin very fast and within seconds I knew I wasn’t going to make it very long. Less than a minute later, with me crying out and Erin silent, I released my semen to join her lovers in her loosened pussy.Erin slept in the back seat for most of the way home finally awaking when we were about three hours out. When I pulled over to get gas, I got her a large bottle of water and she got in the front seat next to me.”Remember, this was a vacation thing. I don’t want any talk about it when we get home.” She said in a stern voice.”Yes, I agree.” I replied. There would be a time to talk about everything that had occurred but it wasn’t now so I chose the path of least resistance.”How do you feel?” I asked truly concerned.”Tired. With a headache. And sore.” She answered.We drove on mostly in silence and although I could hear text messages coming through on her phone occasionally she ignored them. Fortunately, three days after getting home her period started which was a huge relief for me and although she didn’t say anything I think it was for her too. Amazingly, we fell back into the routine of our daily lives and it was several weeks, about the same time the hickeys finally faded, before we finally talked. We had just finished making love and were cuddling and holding each other close. I was the one that broached the subject with words that seemed to just appear on my lips.”You were amazing on our trip.” I whispered to her while nuzzling her neck.”I guess you’re ready to talk about it.” She replied twisting in my arms until we were face to face.”Yes, I guess so. I mean we should.” I answered.”You don’t think your wife’s a tramp?” She asked.”Hell no! We did it together.” I blurted out quickly not wanting that thought to linger.”I’m not sure I understand your thinking sweetie. It doesn’t bother you that other men are having sex with me and getting me excited and…and…making me have orgasms? Doesn’t it bother you?” She asked looking straight into my eyes.I looked directly back at her then kissed her softly on the mouth before responding. “I told you before it’s hard to explain. There are moments when it’s so intense that I want to watch you more than anything. Then sometimes those thoughts leave and I feel strange and guilty.””It seems the excitement always wins.” She said stating the obvious.”I have to say I like watching you. I like knowing there is a part of you that can…uhhh…let go like you did. Besides, these men aren’t threats to me or us. It’s something we did together. Shared together. I mean I wouldn’t want to be doing this all the time but it definitely made the vacation spicy!”We continued talking and I steered well clear of any judgment of her. Erin became more comfortable as we went and made some admissions of her own. She told me about some thoughts and fantasies she had held since c***dhood that were so frightening to her that she locked them away and never told anyone. They involved submissive behavior with forceful men which our adventures played right into. This was what she had wanted to tell me in the motel room before Merle knocked. She also admitted that Merle had touched her more than just sexually and that he had been trying to communicate with her but she had ignored his attempts. “What were you whispering to him about when you were together after the bar?” I asked. That unknown conversation had been bugging me since.”He asked for something.” Erin answered after a silence. The way she spoke let me know she was reluctant to say.”What?” I asked now definitely wanting to know.”He asked me to say something.” I knew she was going to tell me but she was nervous.”What did he ask for?” I pushed trying not to sound irritated.With a sigh she said. “He wanted me to ask him to make me pregnant.””Did you? I mean … did you? What did you say?” I stammered out while moving so she couldn’t feel my cock stiffen.I said. “Merle please knock me up.””Did you really want him to?” I blurted out.”No honey. It was just sex talk.” She replied and pulled my arm tighter around her.”You know it wouldn’t hurt to text him.” I whispered into her ear.”Calm down big boy.” Erin giggled and I could tell she was sleepy.We grew silent and with the silence we began drifting off towards some much needed sleep both content that we were honest and forthcoming in our communication.”I’ll just let you be in charge of vacations.” Were her final words spoken in that hazy place right before sleep which I chose not to argue about.

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