Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 23


Richard had been concerned. Divorce proceedings were being progressed by his wife Marjorie. Not surprising when you consider that Richard’s favourite pastime was fucking his son’s girlfriends. Richard had a cock that hung down his trousers about 9 inches, relatively soft. Hard, his cock took a life of its own extending to an outrageous length. Not only did he specialise in pile driving his giant schlong into every girlfriend his son had ever had but his tennis ball sized balls fired huge quantities of think potent sperm at high pressure. He had the charm, the money, the looks and the tanned muscular strong body to seduce them and the weapon to conquer. His son hadn’t inherited any of these qualities and in particular his stub of a penis extended to about 4 inches when hard.

Why then was Richard concerned? He had taken legal advice and there was a significant risk that if they divorced, the vast majority of the huge family wealth would stay in Marjorie’s very rich family. Marjorie had been ill but had now made a significant recovery. She was delighted that her son had married and knew nothing of Richard’s latest conquest with Joanna although she knew of some of his previous affairs which had so hurt her son.

Richard told Joanna to commit to her marriage to his son, only after he had fucked her into oblivion on her so called “honeymoon”. Richard committed himself to his marriage and Marjorie decided that she would give him one last chance. Crisis averted.

Joanna found it hard to find any enthusiasm for being back in bed with her loving husband. He was full of loving tenderness and enthusiasm for her sexy body but she preferred her sexy body being full of cock, Richard’s cock.

Marjorie had been ill when Richard and Joanna had been together and so Martin had not said anything to his mother. Now that things were different, Martin was pleased that his mother welcomed Jo so warmly into her family. Visits between the 2 houses were rare, Martin would and could never really trust his father but he was pleased his parents were together.

They attended a works function together, 2 “happily” married couples showing off to society. Marjorie dressed conservatively; Joanna wore a red dress which clung to her tight shapely arse and showed off her toned tanned legs. The evening passed without incident save for when Joanna was stood behind her husband in the queue for coats at the end of the evening but just in front of Richard. She ground her hot arse back onto his growing cock and then with a giggle she was away, leaving Richard to quickly cover his huge arousal in his trousers with his coat.

A couple of months passed and they met again for Sunday dinner. Over dinner Joanna dropped into the conversation that Antep Bayan Escort they were trying for children. Marjorie was thrilled but then Joanna informed the 3 of them that she had sent away for tests because she was worried why she had not fallen pregnant. She was pleased to report she was ripe and ready but sadly the sample of sperm from Martin had come back as, she stopped and looked at her husband with concern and a smile you would reserve for a lame old dog:

“What was the phrase in the report to describe your sperm honey?”

“Uh, I can’t remember, I am afraid it was a bad result though.”

“Bad!” said Jo. “I remember now, totally useless was the phrase in the report.”

“There are options Joanna” said Martin defensively.

“That is why we raise it. Marjorie, Richard, we need your help.”

“Of course, dear. Anything. That is what we are here for. It will give us real pleasure…”

Jo looked at Richard and smiled a cute smile: “Oh I hope so”.

“We don’t want the pregnancy to rely on doctors, do we Martin?”

“Umm, well…”

“We discussed it and we think the child should come from this family, you understand don’t you Marjorie. Use your husband’s cu, I mean sperm.”

“Yes dear, artificial insemination sounds like a sensible…”

“As I said we don’t want doctors involved, we thought Richard could just impregnate me, didn’t we honey?”

Marjorie interjected: “Joanna, I am not sure that is a good idea. I don’t know how familiar you are with our recent family history but it is complicated and this well…”

“Oh you mean Richard’s children with Kim, doesn’t that just prove he has the lead in his pencil to do the job for me, uh us?”

“Richard, what do you think?” said Marjorie. “Personally I think no, things are fine and I don’t want…”

Richard interrupted her: “Martin, if you want a child this way, it is up to you.”


“Just one night and we can have our own family,” said Jo.

“I suppose,” said Martin.

“After all that has happened, I am proud of you son for making that decision,” said Richard.

Jo smiled at Marjorie: “I am so pleased Martin’s parents are back together so you can rest assured that nothing will come between you both or between Martin and I.”

“So sweet, so considerate of you dear,” said Marjorie. Martin smiled at them both.

“Yes and as tonight is the right time, how about we do it tonight?” asked Jo innocently. “Whilst you are both here.”

It was agreed and Joanna and Richard headed upstairs. “We will be down soon” said Jo. “Don’t look soo worried honey.” She turned to Richard quite sharply, her dirty blonde hair flicked up behind her and she moved her hips suggestively towards him: “Ready to impregnate me for the first time?”

“What do you mean, the first time?” asked Martin.

“Well you can’t provide them to me, remember the doctors said you’re totally useless but your father must be very potent by the way he keeps knocking up Kim so hopefully the same will happen to me.”

Without a look back she swayed upstairs.

Marjorie turned to her son: “I know that sounded harsh but she is a lovely girl and she only meant that there is a biological need for your father’s sperm. Come sit with me and they will be down soon.”


Upstairs Joanna played with his heavy balls with 2 hands and manipulated his big stiffening cock within his trousers:

“Thank God he believed that false medical report,” she giggled. “Did you add the bit about the sperm being utterly useless?”

“They are downstairs letting me fuck you up here, are you complaining babe?” he said running his hands through her hair.

She sucked and slurped on his huge 15 inch solid shiny cock for 20 minutes, rolling for giant balls (which he kept hairless for just that purpose) in her mouth and praising him for being her dream stud. Joanna compared his dick with his son’s as Martin sat quietly with Marjorie downstairs.

She slowly wanked his shiny rod and worked her mouth over his giant crown and she could sense she was bringing him close.

“With your wife’s blessing you’re between my lips, maybe she did not think about these lips,” she said kissing his cock, “but you are my dream man. Cover your son’s wife. Do what he can’t do to me.”

“I have an idea,” he grunted as the first blast coated her face in a thick layer of white cream and sprayed off her at force so that cum flecks covered her body, the wall, bed and floor. Then he grunted and the second stream of cum jets flew into her hair and streaked over her slim tanned body. He aimed further shots over her sexy legs and streamed more and more of it over her pretty face. She was covered, the wall had streaks of cum running down it and her mouth covered him and gulped and sucked him dry.

“Fantastic,” she gasped “but not quite the plan,” she giggled.

With his cock quicky returning to full attention under Joanna’s skilful hands and tongue, Richard drove 5 inches up her pussy. She groaned loadly but the door was shut. Richard withdrew and carried her to the door. He opened the door and lifted Joanna against the door. He drove his 15 inch monstrosity back into his daughter in law’s clawing tight pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!!” echoed across the house. He held himself inside of her and she spasmed in orgasm, once, twice and again. “Fuck, so good, so big, fuck meeee” she screamed.

Downstairs Marjorie looked at Martin: “Why, in God’s name why did you let this happen? Can you hear what he is doing to her, your wife?”

Martin sat frozen but heard the grunts of his father and his wife’s groans and shouts of pleasure and praise.

“Son, come upstairs, Joanna wants to share this moment with you.”

Martin left his mother crying and went up, like a zombie, not knowing what he would find.

He walked in to find his wife covered in Richard’s thick white cum, her body glued to his with semen but more shockingly finding her with about 7 inches of cock in her mouth and throat and the rest of his shiny thick root and big balls being worshipped by her skilful hands.

“Why, why has he cum like that, why are you doing that?” Martin mumbled.

“I need to be hard and big to impregnate her son,” said Richard.

He lifted her off his cock and spun her so that she was facing her husband and her legs were spread above his huge 15 inch cock. It looked far too big for her but they all knew it fitted.

“This is for you son,” he said as inch by inch he eased his giant prick up inside her.

A minute later he was sheathed inside her. He started to thrust up her whilst groping her thighs and tight butt. He pistoned into her whilst his son looked on horrified at what this cock was doing to his lovely wife.

“Ahhh, what a cock, what a man. Martin, I need your father, look at his giant root inside of me.”

“You need him for his sperm Jo?” said Martin quietly.

“Ooh yeh,” she moaned and scoped some cum of her chin and sucked it off her fingers slowly: “Mmm, so thick, so potent.”

Do you want to be filled up Joanna?” Richard teased.

“Oh yes, stud, fuck me with your superior cock, drill me!”

For the next 5 minutes Martin watched Richard pile drive his remorseless cock up her stretched hole. His hip speed was amazing as they rotated and thrust his cock up her.

“I am going to cum son, to impregnate Joanna for you. Are you grateful?”

“I wanted you… to share, uhhhh yes Richard, to share this moment with you Martin,” grunted Jo.

“Only this once, promise Joanna,” Martin said quietly.

Richard expoded, for 2 minutes he pumped and spurted cum deep into Joanna until she was full to overflowing with potent seed.

Joanna mumbled to her husband: “I think to be sure we will need to do this again a few more times tonight and for the next few days. That’s ok isn’t it honey?”

“I admire your wife’s commitment Martin,” said Richard. “Tell Marjorie I will do everything in my power,” he rotated his hips lewdly and Martin saw his wife’s pussy spasm around his father’s thick root, “to give her a grand daughter. Now you better leave us, I am going to, well never you mind what I am going to do.” Joanna giggled as Martin left the room feeling sick and defeated.

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