Fight or Flight


“fuck, what have I gotten myself into this time?” she thought as she realised she was on her knees, blindfolded and had no idea where she was or who she was with. All she could feel was the icy cold draft that was harshly brushing over her skin, raising goosebumps and almost stinging.

“Don’t be afraid” she felt the whisper in her ear almost as much as she heard it.

“Your time will come little one, and you’ll shine just as I’ve always known you would”

She inhales sharply as she feels one calloused finger brush over her nipple, feeling it swell and grow harder as he lazily strokes it, then pinches sharply. She bites down on the tip of her tongue to stop the whimper from escaping, refusing to give this apparent stranger anything.

“Who are you?” her voice nearly melts over him as she speaks, the dusky tones not revealing even a hint of fear or trepidation.

“I will break you when I get out of this and ruin you”

“You know me, I’ve been here all of your life” he says as he taps softly over her heart “calling for me, begging me to come and release you from this small life”

She goes silent, thinking now, breathing in deeply to find every scent, listening for every background noise, every recognisable tone to his voice. She tried to work her wrists free of the rope, but realised that with every twist, turn or tug, the noose around her neck tightened slightly.

“Open your mouth kitten”

“Make me fucker”

As soon as she raised her voice she felt the sharp sting of his palm as he slapped her, two fingers pinching her nose to force her mouth opened as the ball gag was shoved in, and then buckled behind her head.

“Now these are the rules, until you can figure out who I am and say my name, you will do as I say. If you don’t do as I say, this will be a somewhat less than pleasurable experience for you. However, if you’re a good girl…” His voice trailed off, leaving so much unsaid to swirl around her mind. Should she just do what he wanted, gather as much information and try to identify him as quickly as possible, or should she turn it into a fight for her freedom and her life, making sure that she didn’t give in.

“Rule 1 Do not ever raise your voice, either in fear or ecstasy”

“Rule 2 When you are permitted to speak again, you will address me as Master”

“Rule 3 You are only mine for Betturkey as long as I wish you to be, unless you can name me”

“You will follow these rules and each time you do something exactly as instructed, you will be allowed to remove a restraint. Once all of the restraints are removed, you will be rewarded with food. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head slowly, wondering if she could play this dangerous game long enough to escape, or even long enough to name him. Once more, he brushes his finger lazily over her nipple, forcing a soft whimper from her lips before whispering

“kitten this is something you’ve wanted for so long, please let me show you”

2 hours later, shivering violently, her thighs aching from kneeling for so long and her back almost numb, he came over and picked her up. Her mind only vaguely registered enough to inhale once again deeply, trying to weave through the myriad of smells swirling around her, trying to work out what was coming from him and what was coming from their surrounds. Sandalwood, her breath caught slightly as she realised his skin smelled of her favourite scent.

“How do I know him but I’m unable to recognise him?” kept screaming through her mind as he carried her a dozen paces and laid her gently on a soft couch. Her body giving into fatigue she falls into a deep sleep as she feels his hands massaging down her thighs.

She wakes up slowly, unsure how long she slept, taking a few seconds to allow her situation to flow through her, imagining the worst possible result, and considering if she was still capable of playing his game. Did she have any more information for her brain to work through? What could she smell and hear? What could she feel on her skin right now? Sandalwood, apple pie and leather…clues to who he is, but also not enough to know who he is. She thought about that for a moment, wondered how her body recognised his touch and responded, but she didn’t recognise him. Unable to stay in the one position for longer, she rolled to her side, revealing her wakeful state.

“good morning kitten, are you going to be a good girl for me today”

She felt his hands behind her head, unbuckling the gag and removing it from her dry mouth. She felt a tremor run through her body as his hands slid up her sides, tucking under her arms and lifting her to a sitting Betturkey Giriş position. He places a glass to her mouth and she drinks deeply of the lovely cool water, her mind once more trying to recognise his deep voice as he speaks…

“You did well to remain kneeling yesterday, your body will take some time to adjust, but that will be how you greet me each day when I return. On your knees, blindfolded and ready for your lessons. Are you ready to earn your reward today kitten, or do I need to replace the gag?”

“I am ready”

She felt the bite on her ear and the growl that sent a shiver of anticipation through her, before she realised he was angry.

“That’s not how you earn a reward bitch, how do you address me?”

The internal fight to remain herself begins in that moment, the fight to keep her own sense of self worth, the fight to keep from falling into this dark abyss he has offered and given her no choice but to accept.

“Yes Master, I am ready”

He chuckles softly and nips her very sensitive ear once more, playfully this time, his tongue as it slides over the tender lobe soothing the bite mark.

“Good girl, now for your first lesson. Today you will learn how to please me with your mouth, and if you do this satisfactorily, you will have the noose removed from your neck.” She felt herself pushed off the couch and onto her knees in one swift movement and recognised strong arms and shoulders.

“now lets see how good you are to start with, and then I will teach you what I like…but first, you need to be clean.”

A soft wash cloth was slowly and gently run over her body then, for what seemed like hours. His hands soft and gentle as they melted over her, his breath catching slightly as she thrust her breasts forward in response to him. He leaned in and kissed her slowly, deeply as his hands moved lower. One moved around to cup her ass cheek, pulling her up and into him as the other slides down, one finger flicking over her clit, before he thrust it up inside her. A whimper escapes her lips, her mind almost losing track as he pushes in deeply, hitting her g-spot over and over again. Just as she is on the verge of an orgasm, he stops, pulling back suddenly with a chuckle.

“now, you’ll be even more inclined to please me, now that you know what the other part of your reward Betturkey Güncel Giriş will be. But you will beg for it…later!”

She feels him move back to the couch, hears him unzip his pants as her brain starts to slowly realise what this is, what and who he is. The realisation sending a warm flush through her skin, the combination of the pleasure she felt and the pleasure she knew she now wanted to give almost palpable within the room.

“You know don’t you kitten?”

Her head tilted to the side, her mind racing as she knows she can now be released, but the realisation of who he is and that this truly is what she wants, keeping her mouth shut as she shakes her head slowly and leans forward. With nothing but her mouth, she feels her way up the inside of his thigh, licking, sucking, gently nibbling. Her nose bumps softly on his shaft, her tongue snaking out to trace a line all the way up the long shaft. Surprised to know how big he was, and thick, she moves her mouth slowly back down, tracing her tongue lightly over the velvet soft skin of his ball sack, flicking her tongue a little harder before sucking one of his balls into her mouth lightly. She smiles, knowing the power is all in her hands now as she feels his hand on the back of her head, weaving softly through her hair. She hears the moan escape him.

She releases his ball from her mouth, before quickly rising up on her knees and sliding her mouth down, all the way over his hard cock. She gags slightly when she goes as far as she can, before moving her mouth up and down slowly, fucking him with her mouth. His hand returns to her head, forcing her down further with each motion, making her gag and salivate all over his hard cock.

She tastes his precum, sweet, not salty and starts to suck on the head as he continues to guide her up and down. She feels his other hand slowly reach behind her, releasing the knots that hold both of her hands bound behind her.

“You’ve earned that kitten, now show me what else you can do.”

Rubbing her wrists for a minute or so as she continues to suck his cock, hands move up the inside of his thighs, one curling around the shaft and sliding up and down, the other moving down to work gently over his balls. Just as she can feel him about to cum, one finger slips further down to rub lightly over his anus, both his hands now on either side of her head as he thrusts upwards and cums into the back of her throat. After a moment or two of heavy panting, she hears his breathing and heartbeat slow down as he relaxes.

“Do you know who I am kitten?”

“No Master” she lies, her choice to remain in this adventure made.

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