Fine Tuned in the Dunes


She could feel the heat of the blazing sun as she lay there stretched out on the beach. He had taken her, as he had promised, to a nude beach, a part of the National Seashore. But she hadn’t expected some of his additional surprises. Her arms were now stretched above her in the sand, a rope running from her wrists, hidden in the sand and affixed to the driftwood log he had suggested they set up next to. She was on her back on the blanket, naked, open, the sun beating down. He had placed wraparound sunglasses on her…he had blacked out the lenses. She knew that they were far enough from others to have some degree of privacy but she was shivering at her vulnerability even as the sun warmed her. He had begun oiling her and whispering to her and it was becoming clear he was going to leave no part untouched.

“I am just getting started,” he whispered, his tongue teasing her ear, “and we don’t want those sensitive parts to burn, do we?I am going to play with you until you surrender every last vestige of resistance, until you arch up wantonly for my touch,” and he pinched both nipples hard with his oiled fingers as he said this …………………

It was hot stretched out in the sun. His hands were relentless, oiling, stroking. His whispering in her ear, his nibbling at her while he oiled her, was unfair. Were there now people around? She didn’t think so but she was starting not to care. There were beads of sweat dripping down her armpits and running off her forehead. He teased her about whether she needed to be cooled down. She heard him open the cooler and the she felt the sensation of an ice cube placed on her navel, left there to pool. She felt something on her nipples, so cold, he was brushing them with ice and then using his warm mouth and then working the ice again. All the while he whispered to her about how she was his, how her body told him what she needed, how he was going to prove that. When he had teased her to the point where his every touch seemed to make her jolt or shiver, he took her left leg, lifted it wide and placed it in a hole in the sand he must have dug. From her knee to her foot she felt the coolness of the wetter sand. He put her other leg in a similar hole and told her not to move. She was splayed open obscenely, she knew, her pussy gaping and wet, open for anyone to see. She thought of objecting but she was becoming his and she trusted him. Besides, she was so excited and she wanted to cum so badly…

She realized he had filled in the sand around each leg and she couldn’t move or get her legs out easily. There she was, hands clandestinely tied above her, naked, oiled, nipples stiff and her legs spread wide and trapped wide as her glistening pussy gaped open. He like to talk about making her his by making her body surrender and he clearly was on a mission to prove it.

He whispered, “I am going to play with your clit now for as long as I want to. What shall I use, my fingers? This ice? A feather? My tongue? Or, shall I just take your clit in my mouth and give it little bites? And this is just the beginning. I am going to lead you out to the sandbar after you have begged for release and make you cum for me. Then, I am going to continue to play with you out there. I am going to lead you back here and turn you over and play Betturkey with your other side…we do want you to tan evenly, don’t we? And then I am going to lead you back to the dunes and take you properly.”

And he started stroking her clit with oiled fingers.

“Do not cum” he added, “until I have allowed it.” And he began to work on her. Searching for her edge, her desperation, trying to extract helpless sounds from her. Time stood still. There were only his fingers, his whispering and the oil.

She was now utterly coated in oil, the sweat was rolling off her. The sunglasses kept her in the dark. Would a passerby see her arms were stretched above her? She knew her thighs were agape, obscenely, lewdly and her legs were embedded in the sand. The only relief from the heat was the ice cubes he was using on her. Maddening. Soothing. Thrilling. Sometimes it was ice, sometimes his fingers, sometimes his mouth. She arched towards the touch whether it be cold or warm, teasing or hard. He iced her clit,- had she made audible sounds? Was her shuddering obvious? Was the liquid dripping down her thighs of her own making or from the melting ice. He was relentless, merciless, gentle- all at the same time. He brought her to the edge again and again. Whispering, touching, brushing her. He iced her clit until it numbed and then he took it is his mouth. He made her arch up and offer it. Were people near enough to see? She no longer cared. She was ready to explode.

She felt the ice again on her nipples, stiffening them. And then a pinching on one nipple,and then on the other.

“These little clamps will not hurt, that is, unless you are lax in following me. I am going to release your legs and arms. You are to fold your arms behind your back as if tied. I realize that you cannot see so you are to follow you nipples. You see, my dear, I have tied some fishing line to these clamps, that will be virtually invisible to anyone nearby [do you think anyone is nearby?], and you will follow me, I am quite certain. We are going to the sand bar just across this little lagoon made by the tide. So you will get to cool off a bit as we cross. Remember to keep your arms clasped behind you. Arch your back as you walk and show your clamped nipples proudly to me.”

She couldn’t stop shuddering and moaning. He released her legs, massaged them and then as he released her arms, kissed her deeply.

“I am going to need your attention to my cock, soon, I can barely contain myself to take you to the water.”

He seemed to move away and from a short distance he asked, “Are you ready to cum along?”

She felt a tug on her nipples and she rose carefully. She remembered to clasp her hands as commanded. She realized what a sight she must be. Oiled, back arched, nipples extended and being led (could people see that she was being led?) to the water. He called to her.

“We are at the lagoon, keep you balance as you cross.” And he tugged gently. The water was only waist deep. She stepped oh, so carefully. After a long minute she emerged cooled but her pussy was still molten.He reeled her in and kissed her.

“You are going to sit straddling my thigh with your back to the beach so I can feel your wetness on my thigh,” he said sitting and he pulled her Betturkey Giriş down slowly by the lead. And then you can hump my thigh and cum for me. And wait for permission to cum because I want to hear you moan as grind your pussy on my thigh.”

She was straddling his thigh, soaking it as she began to hump him. He watched her patiently, idly flicking a nipple. She was so ready but afraid he might stop her from her release after the way he had brought to the edge on the blanket. He removed the darkened glasses and she blinked her eyes upon, astounded at the scenery and the scene she presented, oiled, desperate and humping.

“If you wish to cum like a bitch in heat then you are to do so on my count of 10, not a second before and if you are too slow, I will not grant you orgasm. Oh, and lock your eyes on mine, and watch as I pull your orgasm from you.” He began to count.

“1, hump harder, show me your desperation, 2, 3, 4, 5.”

She increased her pace, the trail of moisture on his thigh growing. She felt the wave within her gathering.

“Be loud and keep you eyes on mine.” She wanted to glance down at his cock, which she was brushing with her thigh, but she didn’t dare.

“6, 7.”

She was beyond ready. Her expression was incredible.

“Are you ready, my dear?” he whispered.

She nodded vigorously.

“Well, ask me then.”

She couldn’t believe he would extend her even more.

“Please” she managed.

“Better than that – 8, 9,” he replied.

She had no recollection of what she said, anything, everything, “Please. I have to, please” was just part of it.

“10” She exploded.

“I am a bitch in heat,” she thought. The orgasm rolled through her and continued, shock and after shock. The waves kept coming. “Like the water,” she thought. After a time, just ripples of aftershock, little spasms as her orgasm ebbed. She leaned forward and leaned on him but kept her hands behind her. They sat quietly. He nuzzled and kissed her. Were there tears? Was it joy? She didn’t know.

“Come,” he said “let’s cool you in the lagoon.” He removed the clamps and gently led her into the water. He stood behind her, his cock firm between her cheeks, his arms pulling her back into him.

“I am going to bring you back to the blanket now, and pay attention to all of the back of you, ” he whispered, as he held her from behind. “Would you like that?”

He sent her on ahead so he could watch her emerge from the water and watch her walk as well as to allow his stiff cock to soften. He couldn’t hang on much longer but he wasn’t done stoking her fire yet. He waited a moment and joined her. As instructed she had stretched out on her belly, arms also stretched above her as if tied (as he had also instructed). He straddled her lower back, his cock nestled above her ass cheeks and began to oil her. He worked her back, slowly, sensuously, massaging deeply. He slid down and worked his way up her legs, gently, firmly. The sun dried her. She was drifting in and out. His touch slowly became more demanding as he worked his way up her thighs, on to her inner thighs, and deep into her ass cheeks. She felt her arousal re-igniting as worked her inner thighs, spreading her wider, occasionally just brushing Betturkey Güncel Giriş her pussy lips, making her jolt. He attacked her ass, spreading her cheeks, exposing her asshole, again and again until she glistened there, too. There was no question about it- the massage had turned completely sexual and dominant again. He slid back up her body, his cock again nestled between her oiled cheeks, prodding her. He reached up for her arms, oiling them one at a time, all the way to her fingers. When he was done with an arm, he brought them behind her onto her oiled ass.

He said, ” there is one spot I have not yet deeply oiled. Spread your ass cheeks and offer it to me. I want your fingers as close to your little hole as you can get them and I want you to spread yourself as wide as you are able.”

She gasped. And she opened herself for him and waited for the oil. He stared at her offering and reconsidered. She suddenly felt not the oil but something wet and warm (his tongue?) licking along her fingers.

“I am going to put my tongue there but I want you to open yourself even wider and really show me your most open, vulnerable self. Let me see it.”

She opened wider than she thought possible and she felt his tongue, press against her. He started plunging in deeper. Harder. It was so wanton. He bit gently against her inner ass cheeks. He stiffened his tongue and plunged again. She pressed her asshole up against him. And she knew there was no stopping the orgasm that his next touch would bring. There was a brief pause and she felt the oil drip on her wet hole. As he slid a finger deep inside she shuddered, moaned and came. He smiled as he took her that way, riding her orgasm and he crawled up her back to whisper into her ear, his still finger deep inside….

“I think you enjoyed that. I think you are ready to show me up in the dunes..”

His finger slid in and out of her oiled anal passage, possessively, erotically.

He said, “I am ready for some attention from you. Let’s go back into the dunes. Come.”

They rose, silently, hand in hand. He led her naked across the hot sand into the dunes. He saw a spot with an old lifeguard chair on its side and headed there with her. He gently put her hands behind her back, stood face to face with her. He took a nipple gently in each hand and urged her up onto her toes and started to kiss her deeply. She wanted to touch his cock but he had placed her hands behind her, so she looked pleadingly at him and started to slide down his body, her mouth hungry. He watched her silently until she was kneeling, her mouth ready.

He said “you may feel it against your cheek and you may kiss it, but for the moment, that is all.”

And so she did. She kissed the head of his cock, up and down the shaft, she felt the pre-cum against her lips but she dared not take him deep. She looked up at him hopefully.

He said, “open your mouth and extend your tongue.”

She did. He laid the shaft of his cock against her outstretched tongue, the head just inside her mouth. She dared not close her lips and suck him, though she was desperate to.

“You have a choice to make. All three places where my cock will go are open, wet and ready. I am going to enjoy only two of your wet holes right now. I want you to choose, but I want you to offer me yourself in the way that most demonstrates that you are mine to take. So, one part of yourself will not get my cock out here in the dunes. Decide before you close your mouth on my cock.”

….to be continued

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