Foot Slave to Three Women


v If I dared to cover my ass with my hands she would deliver at least 10 extra smacks really hard. I was told to kneel with my butt high in the air at least once a day while she took great pleasure in my punishment. After my “whipping” I would beg her to allow me to lick her until she said to stop, as I was her pussy slave. If I did not please her satisfactorily, I would get additional punishment with the paddle. I was forbidden to touch or kiss her feet without permission and she used my submissive foot fetish to dominate me to her desire. When she wedges her fourth finger inside my crap

Often I was made to jog behind her in the afternoon in her satin black skin-tight work-out spandex and pink thong which high-lighted her beautiful ass cheeks. I often had a hard-on because she made me sleep with my bare cock against her silky soft legs and I rarely had permission to “be inside her.” I usually was allowed to rub my hard penis on her blonde pussy hair until her clitoris was stimulated into orgasm several times and when she did allow me inside of her, I was merely her fuck-toy. She made me cum on command or be whipped soundly and if I came without permission I was denied an orgasm for a long time, usually weeks. I was there to please her pussy and she said she enjoyed seeing me naked with a hard, purple penis quivering in the air. I was told to “be hard for her at all times or be whipped.

Well after jogging behind her for miles, she would have me kneel and remove her jogging shoes and socks and lick the hot sweaty soles of her feet, and she would often rub my face with her warm scent. Afterwards, I had to hand wash all of her panties, socks, pantyhose and bras in the sink while bare ass naked while she soaked her feet in a hot tub of water and read books or watched television. Then I had Antep Escort Bayan to put them on the clothes line outside with clothes pins wearing only shorts so that the lady next door could ogle my butt and see what a subservient husband I was. Miss Jennifer teased and denied me also by having me worship her anus every night. I became her ass slave at night after I cooked, cleaned and served her dinner. After dark she would have me go outside naked to fetch more wood for the fire, then she would have me lay in front of the fire and she would perch her lovely ass cheeks on my face. She would have me tongue her anus and lick it and she often slapped my cock around and laughed at my predicament.

On more than one occasion, Miss Jennifer would invite Miss Celeste over so that they could be served dinner by a naked servant. Miss Celeste delighted in having me sniff her nylon feet and having me massage them before dinner while they enjoyed some drinks on the deck. In the backyard, I was only allowed to wear short gym shorts which prominently highlighted my throbbing hardness. Once we were back inside the house Miss Celeste always delighted in having me kneel before her naked with my hands at my sides while she dominated me by running her silky nylon foot down my naked shaved penis, being sure to run her nylon foot seam on the sensitive head and making it snap back to attention after she held my bare penis down for an eternity. My pleading and begging only delighted them and encouraged more teasing and torment. I would quiver at the sight of Miss Celeste’s nylon foot in anticipation of what was to come. She knew exactly how run the big nylon seam into the pee hole of my hard penis to elicit the precum on my penis. If my hands were not kept at my sides I was paddled by Miss Celeste and that was really humiliating because she thoroughly enjoyed every smack on my cheeks.

Miss Jennifer always let Miss Celeste punish me whenever she pleased and so my butt cheeks would also clench and quiver whenever Miss Celeste got that superior smug look on her beautiful face. She would hand me her hairbrush and make me brush her lovely auburn hair while she dangled and swung her foot around and around in circles, curling her toes in delight. When I was done brushing her hair she would use the big wooden handled hairbrush on my bare upturned bottom. Usually, she made me lie over the footstool , but sometimes she would put me over her nylon legs so that my face was close enough to smell her feet.

Miss Jennifer often lent me out to her other friends as a week-end slave and Miss Sara’s house was usually where I would end up, cutting grass, washing her car and being her naked mop boy. Miss Sara always had plenty of ashtrays to empty and clean and girlfriends over to add to her amusement with me. Miss Sara enjoyed walking around barefoot and even bragged that she wore no shoes to work at the law firm where she was a legal secretary because her boss was a “foot-wimp.” I was to fetch the large bottle of skin lotion whenever Miss Sara snapped her fingers and kneel at Miss Sara’s feet to massage them. If they had a layer of dirt on them, I had to tongue clean her entire foot with my mouth before proceeding with the foot cream and massage portion of the ritual. Miss Sara was a haughty blonde with glasses and a petite body which was to die for and she cruelly teased and displayed her boobs, ass and pretty size 5 feet before my longing eyes.

Unbeknownst to Miss Jennifer, Miss Sara also ordered me to worship her asshole several times a day, and she kept a short cat ‘o nine tail whip in her purse, which she cruelly used on my bare shaven balls whenever she pleased. I was also made to swear an allegiance to Miss Sara that I was her asshole and foot slave, for Miss Jennifer had forbidden me to ever even or lick Miss Sara’s high arched size 5 feet, much less her rosy red asshole. Miss Sara’s girlfriends came over to laugh at me and use me for pedicures and foot massages. Miss Sara would often have me kneel at the front door and kiss their feet as they entered. Then I was to fetch a warm pan of water and give them pedicures and paint their toenails. These pedicure parties often went on for hours and late into the night on week-ends, with me as the only foot slave. I had to light their cigarettes, fetch ashtrays and drinks and empty ashtrays and bring them back clean. Miss Sara liked to have me smell her canvas Keds sneakers, which had dark foot imprints in the soles from whenever she did wear shoes so they could all laugh at how my shaved penis would grow erect at the scent of her sneaker foot scent. They often pinched my big nipples, my butt or rubbed my bare shaved balls to elicit such a response. I usually was dripping pre-cum from all the stimulation and throbbing constantly.

Miss Sara would pose her feet in front of my face and make me smell them as she curled her foot and pointed her toes. The ladies would laugh when I would drool and quiver in excitement. They called it the “Pavlov’s Dog” experiment. Sometimes I would be made to hump their legs like a horny puppy dog and they would often put a collar and leash on me and walk me out in the backyard and make me lift my leg and pee. They would have me lick up spilled beer or food, often having me beg for crumbs or even make me smell their skimpily covered crotches. If I dripped pre-cum on the floor they would make me lick it up, often after slipping their toes in it and then they would use a rolled up newspaper to punish my cock and balls.

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