Fun….I’m just about ready to go into your apartment, when I feel someone grab me from behind and press me hard against your front door. Right as I begin to scream, I feel a hand wrap around my mouth, “shhhh slut, I’m not going to hurt you. We’re just going to do things a little bit different tonight. Nod your head if you understand.” Right away, I nod yes that I understand. You keep your hand against my mouth, as I feel you press your hard cock against my ass. Whimpering and a little bit scared, I relax as much as I can. I’m scared and not exactly sure what you have in mind, but I can already feel my pussy getting wet. You press me harder against the front door, as you reach under my jacket and start to play with my tits, hard enough that I cry out. I can feel your breath hot against my ear as you start to talk again, “Listen whore, I’m going to use you all night long, as often as I want, as hard as I want, however I want. If you behave yourself and do what I tell you, I might let you cum. If you aren’t a good slut, then you’ll be left wanting all night long. Do you understand?” I quickly nod yes. “Now I want you to get on your knees, take my cock out of my pants and I want you to make me cum and make me cum fast,” you whisper against my ear. Right away, I unzip the fly of your jeans and take your cock out. Knowing that I may not get to cum, I swallow as much of your cock as I can. I hear you moan above me as you push your cock farther into my throat, barely giving me a chance to breath. Struggling not to choke on your cock, I suck you hard and fast, reaching farther into your pants to play with your balls. In the back of my mind, I can hear another car pull into the parking lot, I’m not sure exactly where they are and I start to take you out of my mouth. “What do you think you’re doing slut? I didn’t tell you that you could stop, keep sucking,” you tell me. I’m scared to death that someone will see us, but I keep sucking your cock, trying hard to make you cum. I pull back a little, and spit all over your cock; rubbing my saliva allover your balls and shaft. Next, I take it into my hand and start to stroke your cock hard, gripping it firmly in my hand. Soon I’m pumping it as fast as I can, as your breath starts to speed up. While I continue to play with your cock, I slide my fingers into my pants, angling them so I get them nice and wet with pussy juice. I stop stroking your cock for a minute and put one of my fingers against your asshole. I slide the finger deep into your ass, without stopping, as I swallow your cock again, gagging as I do so. I can tell you’re getting close, as I milk your cock and slide another finger in your ass. “HERE IT CUMS SLUT,” you yell. Not two seconds later, I feel the first spurt of hot cum in the back of my throat. You cum and cum, until I have a mouthful. I open my mouth to show you the cum on my tongue. “Swallow it whore,” you tell me. I swallow.While I’m trying to catch my breath I notice that there is someone standing behind you watching the little show that has just gone on. As soon as I make eye contact with him, he starts to clap. “What a lovely little show you’ve just put on slut. I’m glad I didn’t miss it,” he says. I look up at you wondering what you’re going to do next, karaman escort but all you do is smile before I have any more time to think, you pull me to my feet, open the door and shove me inside. You and the other guy quickly follow. Once we get upstairs, you start to strip my clothes off, my braless tits bouncing as you rip my shirt off. The other guy stands back and watches the show. I start to ask you what has gotten into you, but before the words are out of my mouth, you’re kissing me, shoving your tongue deep into my mouth. Just before you strip my pants off and rip my panties from my body, I can feel that my panties are so wet with pussy juice that it’s causing a wet spot on my pants. I‘m not the only one who notices, you rub my pussy a little bit and when you pull your hand back its covered with pussy juice. “God you’re such a fucking slut,” you tell me. You stand back and look at me naked before pulling me over to the couch and pushing me over the end of it, my ass is sticking up in the air. Rubbing my ass at first, you keep telling me what a fucking cum slut I am and how hard I’m going to get fucked tonight. You stop just long enough to make me wonder what in the hell is going on and then SMACK, you spank my ass hard. Pausing for just a second, you smack the other cheek and you continue to alternate cheeks, until my ass is a very bright shade of red. Again you stop and pause long enough to make me wonder what you’re going to do. I wait for another few minutes, until suddenly I feel something pushing against my ass. It doesn’t take me long to realize that it is the other guy who has just started to push his cock into my ass. I quickly look around the room and find you sitting in front of me, leaning back in your chair, getting ready to watch the show. I look straight at you as he starts to push farther into my ass. His cock isn’t very long but is thick and it hurts a little bit but he finally gets it all the way inside me. Soon, he’s reaming my ass, making me scream loudly as he fucks my ass raw. The sound of him fucking me has gotten your cock hard again and I watch you play with yourself as I get my ass pounded. As you watch me get fucked, you start to talk to me, “tell him what a slut you are,” you say. “Beg him to fuck you harder. I want to hear you beg slut.” It isn’t very long before I’m begging to have my ass filled with cum. The more I beg him the faster and harder he fucks me. His cock is being squeezed and milked by my ass; it tightens and grabs at his cock every time he pushes deeper into me. It’s not very long before he’s ready to shoot a load into my ass. I can feel him growing harder in my ass, and he lets out a loud shout as his fills my ass with his cum. Right away his pulls out of my ass and moves aside. Once again, before I even have time to recover, you’re behind me and slamming your cock into my stretched and abused asshole. You spank my ass a little bit more, before reaching underneath me; you start to pinch and rub my clit, making me cum for the first time since this all begun. Knowing that you’re going to torture me for a really long time, I try to relax and get ready to cum again. After a number of orgasms, each harder than the next, you finally give me a break; and take escort kraman your fingers away from my pussy. I whimper a little bit, as your shove the full length of your cock into my ass. You reach up and grab my neck to get a little more leverage and then you start to slam my asshole. I moan and scream louder and louder as you fuck me as hard as you can. Without warning, you pull out of my ass just as you shoot your sticky cum all over my ass. As I lay bent over the couch I look around the room for the other guy, but do not see where he went. Eventually I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up and when I come back you’re laying on the couch with your eyes closed. “Come here slut,” you tell me. I walk over and sit on the floor besides you. “Now in a few minutes, we’re going to have a few visitors, when they get here, I want you to go answer the door, just the way you are,” you tell me. I nod, with a scared but excited look on my face. Not two seconds later someone is knocking on the door; a little reluctantly I go and answer the door.When I answer the door, I see the man who has just fucked my ass and another girl. I stand aside to let them into the apartment. I check out the other girl as she walks up the stairs. She’s wearing a very short skirt and right away I can tell she isn’t wearing any panties. Her ass is about the same size as mine and it jiggles as she walks up the stairs. She’s got dark curly hair and fairly good sized tits. I go and sit next to you as they both sit in the chair across from us. After brief introductions are made, you tell me to open my legs and let our guests see my slutty pussy. I’m extremely embarrassed but do as you as and let my legs fall open. I’ve just shaved my pussy that very morning and it’s trimmed very neatly; my clit is peaking out of from my wet lips. Soon you’re stroking my slick pussy as our guests watch. Across the room, the girl is licking her lips and is rubbing her ass against his cock. We all continue to play for a few minutes, until you tell the girl to come over and lick my pussy. She walks over to me and gets on her knees in front of me. She starts by just rubbing my lips, before sliding a finger between them. Instantly her fingers are drenched with pussy juice. She’s spreading it all over my lips with her fingers, making me moan as she plays. You reach over and pinch my nipples every so often making my pussy even juicier. You both continue to torture me for a while, until her boyfriend gets up stands behind her. He suddenly grabs the back of her head and pushes it into my pussy. Instantly she starts to slurp at my pussy making me cry out. He pulls her head back giving her a chance to catch her breath before pushing her head and tongue deep back into my pussy.I can tell it isn’t going to be much longer before I cum all over her already wet face. Once again he pulls her head back and then pushes it back against my pussy hard. Right away I start to cum, my screams of pleasure echoing through the apartment. While I’m catching my breath, you continue to toy with my nipples and I can see your cock is hard again. I start to reach out for it, but you have other plans. “Go lay face up on the floor,” you tell me. As I get up and get into position, you pull karaman escort bayan the other girl over me and position her so that she’s on all fours, so that I can easily lick her clit from underneath. I’m happily slurping away at her clit and pussy when you get into position behind her. Grabbing your cock with your hand, you guild your cock into her bald pussy. You start to pound her pussy, grunting as you fuck her hard. From where I’m lying, I can watch your cock slid in and out of her pussy, while I continue to suck her clit. While all of this is taking place, her boyfriend is now standing in front of her face, so that she can suck his cock while she gets fucked. For the first few minutes all you can hear is your cock and balls slapping against her pussy and the sounds of slurping tongues as I suck her clit and she sucks her boyfriend’s cock. Every once in a while, I tip my head back far enough, so that I can lick the shaft of your cock while is slides in and out of her pussy. Unable to see exactly what’s going on, I can tell that she must be going to town on her boyfriend, because it isn’t long before he’s bellowing that he’s going to cum. He pulls out of her mouth and shoots his cum all over her face. While I continue to run my tongue all over her wet pussy, I massage your balls as you continue to slam fuck her. I can feel them tighten just as I hear her scream that she’s going to cum. Quickly you pull out and start to shoot your cum all over the both of us as she collapses next to me. As soon as she’s done orgasming, I lean over her and lick the cum from her face and body. The room is very quiet as everyone tries to catch their breath. Shortly after, they get up and leave the apartment with promises of getting together very soon. As soon as they are gone, I get up and go to you. Taking your hand, I walk with you into the bedroom. I get up on the bed and tell you, “I didn’t get to cum that time and I need to.” I pull you on the bed with me and ask you to eat my pussy again. I start to lean back, but you stop me right away. “Not that way,” you say. You lay on your back and tell me to straddle your face. I do and you start to tease my clit with your tongue. You wiggle it around my clit and then slowly slide your tongue deep into my pussy. You continue to torture me for what seems like forever, pulling back just when I‘m going to cum. You stop thrusting your tongue and just tease my clit lightly until I can‘t take it anymore. Finally you slam your tongue deep inside me and leave it there until I cum all over your tongue and face. I happen to look down and see that your cock is hard again. Totally surprised, I slide down your body until I can straddle your cock facing away from you. “Again?” I ask. “Just fuck it slut,” you tell me. Right away I start to bounce up and down on your cock; slamming my hips down every once in a while, making my pussy hurt just a little bit. You continue to egg me on as I fuck you, causing me to cum over and over again, as I fuck your cock. By this time, I’m bouncing hard on your cock, as your reach up and smack my ass every once in a while. I continue to ride, until one last huge cum is ripped out of me. As the last scream dies in my throat you push me off and you and on to my back… You lean over me and stroke your cock hard and fast, until you’re ready to shoot again. Your cock erupts one last time, shooting cum all over my tongue and face. Very shortly, I’m covered in cum again. Quickly we both clean up and fall asleep.

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