Go Get Your Husband


I was confident. I didn’t give a fuck and I needed a challenge. I was also a bisexual woman with certain needs. It was just that women tended to hate me. I had resting bitch face back in those days and I think that’s why most women tended to blow me off. Men, on the other hand, loved me. They loved my fit body, my long hair and my cavalier attitude about sex. I wanted to fuck them, of course, but my main goal was to get to their girlfriends.

Martin and Kim were no different. They were just another couple in a long line of couples that I fucked. I enjoyed getting the guy first, behind the woman’s back. Kim seemed nice enough. It was nothing personal. I started seducing Martin while we were at work. I could tell he was interested in me but he wouldn’t allow himself to go further than flirting.

“So you want to come to my place later?” I asked him as he ate his lunch.

“How about you come to my place instead. I think my wife would like to watch you seduce me,” Martin replied. He stared me down as the shock at his comment registered in my eyes. So he was part of a swinger couple. I’d come across this before many times. In fact, you might say I was already an expert in being a cuckcake.

“She likes to watch, huh? Well, let’s give her a show she’ll never forget. What time should I be there?”

It was on. I showed up at nine the way Martin had asked me to. I was wearing nothing but a black coat. I was naked underneath and I smiled to myself thinking that Martin wouldn’t be able to resist me. I was shocked when Kim answered the door wearing a flowy, black dress.

“Where is Martin?” I asked her.

“He’s still getting ready. You know how men are,” she shrugged but stretched her hand out to shake mine. “I’m Kim.”

“Hi Kim, I’m Dierdre,” I shook her hand and she gestured for me to come in and follow her.

“Nice to meet you! Follow me.” She led me to a small bedroom and I was shocked when she began to hike up her dress.

“What do you think of these panties? You think Martin will like these?” She gave me a naughty smile.

“I don’t know, Kim. Do you think he’ll like these?” I opened up my jacket and showed her that I was wearing nothing underneath. “You can take a Bayan Escort Gaziantep look.” I jiggled my tits a bit and Kim’s face went from shock to delight.

“I think he’s going to love those!”

“Go get your husband, Kim. I want you to watch me fuck him.” I stared her down. I could tell that she was loving this. She was probably used to scared little girls coming there to fuck her husband. I wasn’t a scared little girl. I was going to fuck the shit out of her husband in front of her and she was going to just take it. She was going to like it.

“Of course,” she left the room and I waited impatiently, dancing in front of the closet mirrors and making my tits shake. I felt sexy as I dropped the coat to the ground and waited for Kim and Martin to come and let me show off my assets.

“I brought him for you,” Kim told me as she entered the room.

“Good! That’s a very good job, Kim. Now go sit in that chair. I want you to watch me seduce your husband.”

“Oh my God, she’s already naked!” Martin exclaimed to Kim.

“I know. She gave me a preview of her hot body before she fucks you.”

“Sit down and watch Kim. It’s my time with Martin now.” I grabbed Martin by the cock. He was still wearing clothes and so I commanded him to take them off. He smiled.

“Wow, Dierdre! Based on what you are like at work I would never have guessed that you were so kinky.”

“I’m kinky as fuck. Get naked and let me show you. You ready Kim?” I asked. She was in her panties and bra and I could see the conflict in her eyes. She loved being forced to watch me fuck her husband and yet it upset her that this was what turned her on. I was going to enjoy fucking Martin and watching her watch.

Martin was finally naked and I made him lay back on the bed so I could suck on his cock. I watched Kim carefully as I blew him, letting his moans tell her everything she needed to know about my skill. I knew that I was better than Kim at all things sexual. I could tell just by the way she was sitting in her chair that she knew it too. She knew that she should be worried. After all, a guy like Martin wasn’t going to stay interested in her for long unless she let him fuck other girls. That was probably why I was sucking his cock and she wasn’t.

“I need to fuck you!” Martin was begging me for my pussy and I smiled up at him and pulled my mouth from his cock.

“Fuck me this way so I can watch Kim while we fuck. Would you like that Kim?”

“Yes.” Kim was rubbing her pussy as I took my position on top of her husband so I was facing her.

“He was a really, really nice cock. I’m thinking maybe I should fuck it more often, like every day. Would you like that Kim? I know you’re not satisfying him by the way he checks me out at work. He needs my pussy now, Kim. You’re going to have to share.”

“Fuck!” she screamed and I watched as she brought herself to climax. She wasn’t jealous at all. She was into this shit. She was a dirty, little slut. I rolled my eyes as I rode Martin, enjoying the shit out of his cock. He was nice and thick the way that I liked my dicks and I was riding his shaft as if my life depended on it. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming a few times, throwing my head back and letting go. I almost forgot that Kim was there until she came again, screaming loudly as she filled herself with her own fingers. Her panties were around her ankles and she had her tits out and was rubbing one of them with her free hand. She was a sexy girl and I felt a pang of longing to hook up with her.

“Fuck this!” Matin pushed me off of him and assembled me on my hands and knees for doggy style.

“What are you doing?” I screamed.

“I’m going to fuck this pussy like I want to!” He slammed his cock into me from behind and the look on Kim’s face as her man took control of me is something I will never forget. This was getting her off. She threw her head back and came as Martin slammed his cock into my pussy again and again. “You like watching me fuck her, Kim? Huh?”

“YESSSS!” Kim screamed.

“You like this?” He grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto his cock. He was talking to me but I was screaming. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t tell him I liked it but I did. I liked the way Kim was watching, desperately playing with herself until she was a drooling, cumming mess of a woman. She wasn’t the one getting fucked. I was. I was the superior female here. I was younger, had a tighter body, and her man was fucking me and not her. It was so fucking sexy to watch her acknowledge that she was less than me. I loved it and it made me cum even harder than I would have otherwise. “Fuck, I’m going to cum! This pussy is so young and tight!”

“He loves fucking me!” I screamed at Kim for good measure. She went into spasms, cumming from my words.

“Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Martin screamed as he came hard right up inside of my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his cum filling me and I smiled with satisfaction at Kim until she finally looked up from her own orgasm to see me smirking at her.

“His cum is in my pussy, Kim. He came right inside of me. What do you think about that?” I taunted her.

“I want to eat it,” Kim announced.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Martin apologized for Kim’s eagerness. “She likes to eat creampies I make in other girls. Don’t you, honey?”

“I do. Just stay right there, Dierdre. I’ll lick it all clean if you keep pushing it out.”

“Okay…” I had never done anything like this before but I allowed it to happen. Kim lapped away at the cum Martin had just deposited in me. There was something extra demeaning in that. I was getting horny as she licked me, every swipe of her tongue invigorating my sexual appetite. “Kim, that feels really good,” I told her honestly.

“Good. You deserve to feel good for making Martin feel good. If he wants to fuck you all the time I understand. I’m here for you both. I want you two to fuck as much as you want. I’ll just watch and clean you up when you’re done.”

“My cock is hard again. Which hole should I fuck this time, Kim?”

“Her ass. You like anal, right?” Kim asked me.

“Wait. Anal? You’re going to eat his cum out of my ass too?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” Kim looked absolutely enthralled by the idea. I shrugged. These people were insane but I wasn’t doing anything and this was a fun, new experience to be had. Maybe Kim wasn’t like all the other girlfriends I’d encountered. Maybe she didn’t hate me like all the others. Maybe Kim was the first girl that appreciated my abrasive, resting bitch face. Maybe I would sit on her fucking face and squeeze all of Martin’s cum down her throat. Why was this turning me on so much? Why did I want to see Kim suffer as I fucked her man?

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