Golf Course Fun


She had to have known that what she was doing would turn on anyone that would see her. Yes, she was alone in her own backyard, but anyone driving by on the golf course cart path could easily see her.She was completely naked and sunbathing in the nude. She was a stunning red-headed woman, with massive mammaries that belied explanation. And then, oh my Gawd, she stood and up and unabashedly strolled into her house, completely naked and unaware of prying eyes.I was standing in the rough, just off the seventeenth fairway, lined with half-million-dollar mansions and backyard swimming pools. I was looking for my errant golf ball when I became entranced. How lucky could I have been?I wandered around looking for my golf ball for a few more minutes before deciding it was best for me to take a drop and move on.Back at the clubhouse, I heard several guys quietly talking about the “sights of the seventeenth” and I surmised very quickly that word had spread about the backyard beauty.I decided to play the course again the next week, hoping to see my lovely, but as luck would have it, she was nowhere to be found. Then, the next week, lo and behold, as I scanned the backyard pools driving down the cart path, I was stunned to see her again, completely naked Bostancı Escort and sunbathing, poolside. I circled back and drove by a second time, pretending to be looking for my golf ball, hoping to get a better view.The chaise lounge was empty. I was about to drive off when I heard a female voice call out from behind a large bush near the wrought iron fence that separated the golf course from the private property,“Hey! Are you looking for your ball?”I stopped the golf cart and placed it in reverse.“It’s back here behind the bushes,” she called out. I stopped the cart and mashed on the brake. I exited the cart and approached the wrought iron fence, looking for a gate.“How do I get in?” I called out.“Hold on,” she said, “Let me bring it to you.”She stepped from behind the bush, clad in nothing but her glory, without a stitch of clothing, my little white golf ball in hand. Her brazen nudity was astonishing. I suspect she quickly picked up on my surprise.“Sorry,” she said as she approached where I stood by the fence, my golf ball in hand, and totally naked, “I guess I should have put on some clothes, but then I thought, you’ve already seen everything already, so what the heck?”Busted.I quickly apologized for Bostancı Escort Bayan my intrusion into her privacy.She extended her hand with my golf ball in it.“That’s okay,” she replied, handing me my errant golf ball, adding, “I had it coming. I should have known my backyard is not that private.”I looked at the golf ball she handed me and noticed it was not my ball. My golf balls had very distinct markings on them. Then, without thinking, I told her, “This is not my ball; my balls have distinct markings.”“You don’t say,” she teased back with a smile, brushing back her long red hair that cascaded across her bare shoulders and down her back. “That’s the first time I’ve ever had anyone tell me that.”There was no way to hide my obvious embarrassment. She chuckled and said, “You turn a very nice shade of red when you’re embarrassed.”That only added to my misery and embarrassment.“Would you like a glass of iced tea?” she asked.I was doing my best to keep my eyes above chest level. It was hard.My answer simply fell out of my mouth, “Sure.”I watched as she strolled up a small incline and to the back door of the house. Oh my God! I wanted to just leave at that point and I probably should have, but I didn’t. Escort Bostancı A few seconds later and she emerged from the house with a glass of iced tea in each hand. She obviously had no issues with showing off her hot little body.As I took the iced tea from her and gulped it down, she asked for my name.“Andy,” I said.“My husband is an ‘Andy’,” she disclosed as she took a sip from her glass of iced tea. “He’s an asshole. I hope you’re not an asshole.”I reassured her I was not an asshole and that not all Andys are the same. I could see her measuring me up, from head to toe and back again.“I can see that,” she declared, one hand on her hip and the other holding her glass of iced tea.“You’re a pretty good-looking woman,” I said, proffering a wink.“Thanks,” she replied, “I only wish my husband would take notice.”“His loss,” I said.She nodded her head in agreement.“So where is your Andy?” I asked, “At work?”“Yes,” she replied. “The asshole is at work.”I could tell she really hated her husband. I quickly took another large drink of the iced tea.“Do you want to join me?” she asked.“I think I’m overdressed,” I replied. “Besides, I have two more holes to finish.”“Yes, you do,” she wryly replied, smiling at my misfortune for saying I had “two more holes to finish.”I chuckled when suddenly I realized my mistake. “What time does your husband get home?” I asked, trying to defer from my obvious faux pas.“Not until late,” she replied, twirling a lock of her long red hair in a finger. “I need a good conversationalist and a massage. I am bored.”

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