Helping out a Neighbour


We’d been living in the neighbourhood for about twelve years and everyone knew everyone. Christmas street parties were a big occasion as we blocked off the end of the cul de sac and had everyone at tables. In recent times though our neighbour, Mrs Johnson, had become very frail in her old age. My wife, June, and I had been over to Mrs Johnson on many occasions to help out. After her husband passed away she had struggled to live easily in the two storey house. I’d put in rails in the bathroom and toilet as her grown up children all lived in other states these days and didn’t tour west to help their mother out too much. After a fall where she had to call out for help until we heard her, she finally agreed it was time to sell up and move to be nearer the kids although we thought that it really meant an old aged home for her.

Still it was the first change in the street’s occupants since we had moved in. The house was well looked after, partly due to me, and it sold quickly to a couple in their thirties with a few kids. We made a point of meeting them and welcoming them to the street and they fitted in really well. Alan was in business in the city and Jenny was the stay at home mum. They were both active and vibrant people and we hit it off pretty quickly. Dinner parties and barbecues at each other’s house were regular occurrences. Jenny, who is a petite blonde, quickly became firm friends with June while Alan and I became golf partners. Our first impression was right and there is only a few years difference in our ages. Having just cracked forty I was still more than a match for Alan on the course. At 6′ and 85 kilos I am in pretty good shape and the occasional gym visit keeps me going. Admittedly working from a home office allowed me greater opportunities to slip out to the gym or for a practice round while Alan was stuck in the office and really only got the weekend round in.

June and I run a home decor business from our place that pays well and allows us to spend real time together when we choose to take a break. The added advantage is we can take a break as often as we like just by coordinating the projects on the books or, as we often do, just by setting aside certain times of the day for our fun. At 37 June still turns heads. Her regular gym workouts have kept her 5′ 8″ buxom frame in trim condition. Her long legs and slim hips vie for my attention with her 34C boobs. She is as beautiful as the day I married her. That is part of what keeps our sex life so active — that, and the fact that we both accept the other’s occasional need for some variety. Just one-night stands that we then talk about and share which keeps a spark in our love life. I had noticed the occasional looks that Alan thought he’d stolen of her breasts when she wore a rather revealing outfit one night when we went out to dinner together. I couldn’t blame him because June looked fabulous and, sadly, Jenny really is as I said ‘petite’. She stands about 5′ with a slim figure and perhaps a double A bust if you get my meaning. She has a very pretty face and is an absolutely wonderful lady; she wasn’t a wall flower but also not the prom queen.

I was pottering around the house doing some laundry one day when June called out to me, “Graham, I’m going to head across town to see Adams and Co about the new material designs and then I might call in on Home Fair.”

“What for — we have their catalogue and on line help?”

“I know but I just feel like a trip out and to check out the new materials. I’ll only be a few hours.”

“Okay, fine — I’ll see you later.” And with that she was gone.

I finished a couple of odd jobs and, when the washing finished, I put it in the basket and took it out to hang. As I swung the line around to get the peg basket I heard Jenny’s voice call from next door, “June, is that you?”

It sounded rather faint but it was clear enough. I called back, “Hi Jenny; it’s me Graham. June’s just gone down town.”


After a few moments came, “Graham, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” I called back, becoming a little worried at her tone and not being able to see her, “where are you?”

Her voice was obviously coming from inside somewhere. “I’m upstairs. Will June be long?”

“Probably a couple of hours — she’s gone to the suppliers to select some materials. What’s wrong?”

By now I had dropped the washing back in the basket and walked over to the fence.

“I feel such a fool Graham. Are you sure June won’t be back sooner?”

“Positive she usually catches the train to avoid the parking problems, why?”

“Well I was cleaning the ataşehir escort bayan bathroom window and I’ve fallen and my ankle is trapped. I can’t move … can you help me?”

“Goodness of course I can. Is there a door unlocked?”

“The back door is open.”

“I’ll be right over.” I quickly went through our side gate and round to theirs and let myself into the back yard and round to the sliding door on the patio. I made my way up the stairs and called out, “Okay Jenny I’m coming.”

She obviously could hear me because, as I neared the bathroom door, she called, “Stop! I need to tell you something before you come in … I was in the shower when I decided to do the windows … so I’m naked. I hope you won’t be as embarrassed as I am.”

I confess that I smiled quietly to myself. I hadn’t really thought much about seeing Jenny naked but at the same time you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. “Okay Jenny; I’ll try not to look,” I joked as I opened the door and I heard her giggle in response.

As I entered I could see straight away what had happened. Out of the shower, wet feet and a slip. The hand rail I had put in for Mrs Johnson was not meant to be stepped on but being a bit short Jenny wouldn’t be able to reach the top of the windows otherwise. As a result she was now flat on her back in the bottom of the bath with her left leg raised high above her and her ankle badly twisted inside the handrail on the wall just above the bath.

“Hi Jenny, are you okay?” Probably a dumb question but what else do you say?

“Hi Graham. I’m so embarrassed that you have to see me like this.” She had clearly gone red from the embarrassment.

It was now that I actually took in the scene. Her pert little tits were flatter than usual given that I didn’t get to see her lying down too often and certainly not naked! But her nipples were rock hard and enormous — at least half an inch and nearly that across; much bigger than June’s and the puckered flesh of her areole was dark and goose-fleshed. Glancing down her torso I came to the cleft at the top of her thighs and it was bald; not even a little snail trail. She had the biggest and most protruding cunt lips I had ever seen; an absolute dream camel toe look if there ever was one. Splayed as she was in the bath with one leg high Jenny couldn’t actually keep them together and as a result the pouting lips of her shaved cunt were slightly parted and very pink. I was a little dumbstruck needless to say but the stirrings in my loins at these unexpected delights woke me to the situation.

I turned and grabbed a towel from the rail to offer to her but she simply responded with, “Oh don’t bother with that now. There’s not much more for you to see. Please just get me out.”

I leaned over the bath to examine her foot and as soon as I touched it she winced in pain. It had slipped down inside the handle and then her fall had turned it. All this time I was looking down at her ankle but also seeing down along her leg to her lovely looking loins.

“I am going to have to lift you up quite high to get your foot out of that rail,” I explained. “First we’ll get you on to the bath edge, okay?”

She nodded, “Yes. Please do what ever you need to do.”

I knelt down next to her and reached into the bath with an arm around her back and then slipped my other arm under her thighs so that I could at least lift her to the edge of the bath before standing. As I lifted her she clung to me and her pointed right nipple pressed firmly to my chest. It felt wonderful! Hard and pointed. I could only imagine what it would be like to suck on and roll my tongue around. My erection was getting firmer and I tried to concentrate more on the task. I stood up and again leant in to pick her up. Now she was seated on the bath edge leaning back to ease her ankle pain by keeping her leg straight, I was right in front of her and she couldn’t help but see my now firm erection in front of her sparkling blue eyes. She appeared to stare for a moment before looking up at me with a tiny smile on her lips and then looked away.

I leaned over and again placed an arm around her back and my fingers reached the soft side of her small breast, a mere inch or so from her nipple. I bent to reach under her and my arm ran under her thighs and the scalding warmth of the meaty folds of her cunt was centred on my forearm. I easily lifted her body weight as I stepped into the bath to lift her to a height where Jenny could take her foot from its trap. In doing so I gathered her body to mine and she lay in my arms against my now solid escort kadıköy cock while she wriggled to get her foot out. This seemed to take a huge amount of time and I couldn’t assist as both my hands were full; and now it was me who was embarrassed as she kept writhing against my thighs until finally she pulled her foot free.

At last it was done and she reached around to clasp her arms around my neck and promptly bored two neat holes in my chest with her nipples.

“Can you take me to the bedroom please? I don’t think I can walk on it.”

“Sure, of course,” I replied as I hefted her into a more manageable carrying position while still standing with one foot in and one out of the bath. This resulted in her hip now firmly pressing against my six inches of barely restrained lust. I turned and stepped out of the bath with a cock reaching for the sky inside my shorts and left the bathroom. As I walked, cradling her in front of me, I felt her backside brushing against my erection. Two doors down the corridor was the master bedroom so I headed that way. As I got to the door Jenny leaned over to open it again putting more pressure on my rod.

“Just pop me on the bed please Graham,” she asked. I sat her on the side of the bed. “I don’t think I can lift that injured one up to the bed — would you be a dear please?” she whispered.

She raised her right leg for me to place on the bed first and she lay back as I swung it up onto the bed cover. Not surprisingly this splayed open her thighs and her now glistening wet cunt that had been burning my arm was in full view as I bent to lift her injured leg. As I reached forward she let out a little giggle and said, “Isn’t there anything else you would rather do before putting my legs back together?” and as she said that she allowed her right hand to reach down and stroke the moist lips of her vagina and she moaned.

“I am awful Graham and you have been such a gentleman; even with that very hard cock you keep trying to hide. You have done a good deed for your neighbour; now let her do one for you.” Now her other hand was stroking her still hard nipples.

“Would you like to taste my nipples first or my soaking pussy?” She smiled up at me, “either way I must see that hard cock before anything else — I’ve been feeling it digging into my thigh for five minutes. I must see and feel it for real!”

I was stunned at her bluntness but there was no denying that we were both very turned on. She sat back up on the bed as I scrambled out of my shorts and tossed my clothes on the floor. Jenny leaned forward and reached out to grasp the girth of my six inches and slowly pumped her hand up and down its full length. “Oh what a lovely hard and thick cock and uncut too,” she cooed. She pecked a kiss on the crown as she pulled the foreskin back and I felt it twitch. Then she lapped at the underside of its head with her tongue before stroking it slowly with her hand still wrapped around the shaft. Sniffing the arousal in the air, she said, “So which is it: pussy taste or titty suck?”

Standing between her legs as I was, I figured this wasn’t going to last too long if I put my cock near her pussy so I knelt down in front of her and peered into her moist folds of flesh. She had released my cock as I moved and lay back on the bed again softly cooing, “Oh good choice!”

I moved into her body and the aroma was strong but sensual rather than pungent. I nuzzled her thighs as I allowed my tongue to explore her loins gradually getting closer to her molten centre. As I traced the puffed out outer lips of her vagina I could sense the change in Jenny’s breathing and the first touch of the tip of my tongue to her pouting inner lips caused her to gasp. The thin coating of rich creamy juice around her loins provided a wonderful incentive. I eased her thighs further apart and pushed my tongue into her open lips like I was kissing her mouth and was rewarded with a flood of pent up fluid that I drank with fervour as I covered her entire cunt with my mouth and sucked and nibbled while probing with my tongue. Jenny writhed on the bed above me as I pushed forward to increase the pressure on the hard nub of her clitoris that had poked out from under its hooded hiding place. Sucking rhythmically on it as I lapped at the inner walls with my tongue clearly was having a winning effect on Jenny as she began to moan loudly until, unexpectedly, her vaginal muscles clamped onto my probing tongue while she held my head firmly into her core. I eased a finger between the tight muscles to massage the upper cleft of her pussy just inside the opening. maltepe escort Her sensitive G spot was engorged and her fluids cascaded out of her. Her clit prodded firmly against my lips while I stroked its length between them. Sucking and rotating, I continued against the tension of her grip until she writhed in a series of little tremors and then eased her grip and groaned, “That was wonderful; now fuck me!”

I crept up her body, pausing to suck on her left nipple and then eased my way forward, feeling my erection coming into contact with the smooth skin of Jenny’s vulva. A small adjustment and I was inside her with the clamping grip of her pussy that rippled along my shaft as she flexed her various muscles. Her soaking wet lubricant made for a tingling first encounter as I slid easily into her depths until she halted me with another tightening of her vaginal walls. It was like her hand had been on my shaft gradually milking me with the extra pressure of each finger alternating as she stroked me only this time it was combined with the searing heat of our combined bodies. I thrust into her deeply.

“Oh that feels good,” she murmured, “such a fat cock. Just hold it in me.”

I buried myself to the hilt and stopped as she proceeded to play muscle games up and down my shaft. Her control was amazing as she milked me while I lay still deep inside her. I could feel my loins tightening with the start of my orgasm and, as if she knew this, Jenny said, “Stick it to me Graham — hard and fast. Let me feel your fat cock shoot your cum into my cunt!”

Her coarse language was inspiring; I’d never even heard her say ‘damn’ before today. She lifted her legs to give me deeper penetration and I rocked the bed with my thrusts being sure to withdraw to the ridge of the head of my cock to then drive the full length of my shaft back into her as hard and fast as I could. The flurry of activity had us both boiling over in minutes and, when that tell-tale tingle of ejaculation came, I shoved my pulsing cock deeply into Jenny and held it there, erupting deep inside her, my own moans of ecstasy drowned by hers.

Her groans of joy echoed around the room followed by, “Ohhh Graham, that was wonderful. Your cock is so much fatter than Alan’s. I really feel like I’ve been fucked. Thank you my gallant saviour.”

The mention of his name brought home the reality of what had just happened in the last half hour. I’d fucked my neighbour’s wife. June would be fine with it to a point as we often would experiment with other people but not our neighbours. But what if Alan found out?

I had well and truly wilted with these thoughts and slipped out of Jenny and sat back on the bed. She smiled up at me and said, “Relax Graham, it’s okay.” As she snaked a hand down over her pussy, “I might just keep this souvenir for some sloppy seconds when Alan gets home. He won’t know the difference as you’ve seen how wet I get but I will know how well you saved me and how well you fucked me. Thanks.”

This only made it worse. I made some comment as I gathered my clothes and dressed quickly before saying, “See you later.” I made a hasty retreat while she lay back on the bed and relaxed. “Bye Graham.”

I made a quick dash down the hall and the stairs and out the back door and into our garden. As I went inside, thinking I really should take a shower, I heard June’s voice, “Hello dear.”

Shocked at hearing her and realising she was home I must have looked like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights. Next came, “So how was Jenny? Is her ankle alright?”

My confusion must have been obvious as June laughed. “Relax dear. It was all a set-up. Jenny told me ages ago about Alan’s ‘little’ problem and I simply said that I was lucky enough not to have to worry about you reaching the sides. When she understood that we are open in our choice of partners she asked if I minded — I knew you wouldn’t — and so we set up this little scenario and you obviously took the bait. In fairness I don’t think you had a choice.”

I was a little dumbstruck but starting to see you funny side of it all. They had played me like a fiddle. “But what about Alan?”

“Yes dear we have thought about everything. Alan will come around once he understands. I am going to need some help with my backdoor while you are away. You know I can’t take you all the way in but Jenny says that Alan is plenty long enough but too thin for her taste. Sounds like a perfect fit. I’ll arrange to borrow Alan for a while and make him an offer he can’t refuse — you’ve seen how much he loves my tits. Just make sure you are discrete with Jenny for the next week or so until we get the chance to set Alan up properly, okay?”

How could I possibly argue? These two minxes had obviously been chatting about more interesting things than Alan and I on the golf course. It’s great when you get on with the neighbours.

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