Helping Out My New Aunt Ch. 02


Wednesday couldn’t have come sooner. I was nervous about spending a whole day with my aunt, helping her move boxes into storage. She’s paying me for this, from what she told me. I couldn’t get any sleep last night. All I could think about was her. She teased me last week, when she dropped me off. Or maybe she was being sympathetic?

I didn’t even eat lunch when she showed up. I think she knew I didn’t eat anything and drove us to a diner for lunch. She walked in alongside me. It didn’t bother me, when people were staring at us. Probably thinking that we were a couple. We practically ordered the same thing. She was her usual self.

We finally got our meals and ate in silence. I couldn’t think of anything to say to her.

“How’s your mom doing?” she asked suddenly, “I know she doesn’t really like me.”

“Mom’s fine,” I replied back, “I don’t want to get into trouble for saying false things.”

“Oh, I see.” Aunt Melody looked down at her plate. “How are you doing though Jack?”

I paused for a bit, confused on how to answer that question she asked.

“Im…okay,” I answered back with a little smile, “just been bored at home with nothing to do.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you have any friends here?”

“I do, in Leavenworth. But I only call them maybe three to four times a week. They’re all busy with their own lives.”

“What about a…girlfriend? Im not meaning to pry.”

“No, no girlfriend. It’s hard to find girls I like.”

“What type of girls do you like?”

“I like…older girls. Its weird.”

She stared at me when I said that. Her cheeks turned red and she resumed eating. A few minutes later, we were on the road again to her friend’s house. She didn’t say a word to me until we got into her friend’s town.

“What did you mean by,” she spoke softly “that you like older girls?”

“Well, that’s what I meant.” I responded, “I can’t really describe how or why.”

She konya escort looked at me and I sighed.

“Girls who are older,” I hesitated, “have experienced a lot more stuff in life. They know what they want.”

“Okay I see now,” she nodded her head, “It’s experience that attracts you to older girls.

I nodded and smiled embarrassed.

“But-what if you WERE with an older girl,” she asked, “and you find out that she’s experienced or knows what she wants? What would you do?”

“A difficult question,” I pondered, “well I’d still be with her, as its just kinda rude to break up with someone. Maybe she’s a virgin…like me.”

We were both silent for a bit. Both embarrassed about our conversation. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Did I really just say that Im a virgin? Finally she spoke.

“We’re here”


I unbuckle my seatbelt and prepared to open the door. When, she grabbed my shoulder. I froze up and thought why is she touching me?

“Jack before we head in there,” she leans over to me, “I want to thank you again for this. Ill pay you handsomely for this. But I want to give you a little motivation.”

She grabs my face and kisses me briefly. I was taken aback by her reproach. She kissed me…she kissed me! My brain screamed inside my skull. It was like I was stuck by lightening. She broke away from me smiling.

“Let this be a bonus,” she said looking out her window, “For helping me out.”

I worked diligently on moving boxes to aunt Melody’s friend’s truck. We took breaks every 2 hours, as it was a lot of boxes. Finally around 9pm we got done. I was exhausted. I forgot about dinner as we drove back home.

Aunt Melody most have known what I was thinking. Even though we were both tired, she took us to a drive through restaurant. We ate on the road.

I kept thinking about my first kiss. It felt escort konya good, but why did she do it? Suddenly she pulled to the side of the road and turned to me.

“Now,” She said seductively, “let’s do something about your ‘problem’ Jack.”

She pushes my seat back and unbuckles my seatbelt. Im in a daze. She places her hand on my crotch. I felt myself getting hard by it.

“W-w-w-what problem?”

“THIS ‘problem’. I’ve been noticing you stare at me quite a bit.”

She unzips my fly and pulls down my pants halfway. Im rigid as a steel pole and throbbing. Her eyes are glued to it. I felt her breath on my exposed skin. I gulped as she leans in, opening her mouth around my head.

“Aunt Melody,” I whispered, “I’ve always wanted you to do this.”

My answer was her engulfing my 6″member. It felt good, feeling her sucking me. Its like a dream come true. I moaned and grunted as she sucked me off.

Her tongue raced along my shaft. She sucked hard, sucked slow, stroked my shaft as she licked my head. She even placed one of my balls in her mouth as she stroked my cock sloppily. The whole car was filled with my grunts and moans.

I started bucking my cock down her throat. She allowed it and held me there, before coughing and pulling me out. She looked at me amazed.

“I’m surprised you haven’t come yet. You’re still hard as a rock. I bet you jack off thinking about me fucking you or sucking your dick.”

She continued to suck, this time increasing in rhythm. My moans soon began to get longer. She knew I was close. She moaned around my shaft playfully. I held her head and I thrusted deep into her mouth. I felt 5 pulses and gingerly pulled out. She swallowed it and helped me straighten myself out. I sat fazed as she drove to my house.

When we finally got into town, it was well after midnight. She drove slowly onto the property and konya escort bayan parked near my house.

It was like animal instinct took over and we began making out. She mounted me and ferociously attacked my mouth. I started groping her breasts through her shirt. She panted as that felt good to her and started grinding against my lap. I managed to unbutton her shirt just as she puts the brakes on our session.

“If we continue with this,” she said panting, “It wont be the same for us. All I could do, was give you a blowjob. But I wanted to do SO much more to you. Its wrong, but damnit it feels right. If we do this, you’d be a man and id have your virginity.”

I pull her close as I kiss her neck. My hands roaming around her back trying to unclasp her bra. She stops me and kisses me again.

“We can always go to my room,” I whispered between kisses. “Nobody will know.”

She laughs and sucks on my earlobe.

“That would be a problem,” she said seriously, “Im a loud person. So I’d wake everyone up and get us caught. Tell you what? The next time I ask you over, we’ll do something special.”

She kisses me again. We start making out again. Finally satisfied with our kissing, she lets me get out. I stare at her longingly as she drove to her house a few blocks down.

Mom was still up when I went inside.

“Hi mom”

“Hi Jack, did aunt Melody drop you off?”

“Yeah, sorry it took so long. Her friend had a lot of boxes.”

“I bet Jack.”

Just then my phone buzzed and i got a text from aunt Melody.

“Go to your room before opening this. xoxo”

I told mom im going to sleep. I heard her say good night as i closed my door. I got into my bed and stripped naked. I was hard again as i open the content.

It was a few pictures of Aunt Melody naked in her bed. It was showing her hairless pussy in one pic, then showing her tits, pinching her nipples as she licked her lips, using a sex toy inside of her pussy. Then a video clip of her masturbating as she screamed my name and squirted. I came hard hearing her say my name.

I texted her back a goodnight. She responded with the same and a close up of her pussy.

I closed my eyes thinking, how can I keep this a secret.

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