Hema – Vivacious Beauty Ch. 10


When Hema finally made it to the breakfast table, everyone else had just about finished.

Her cousin looked up at her sheepishly as she sat down.

She smiled back and winked, careful not to let anyone else notice. “Morning!” she chirped a little too cheerfully.

“Hi honey!” his mother said, “Want some dosa and Chutney?”

“Sure, thanks Aunty.” Hema replied, glancing over at her cousin.

Sham lowered his eyes and pretended to be interested in his breakfast.

“What’s everybody doing today?” asked Hema, stuffing a plate full of idli dosa and chutney sambar into her mouth.

“Well your Uncle and I are going to watch Sham’s football match and then do a little shopping. Aren’t you coming along honey?” replied his mother.

“No thanks Aunty, I want to catch up on some reading” lied Hema.

“I might even do a few miles on the treadmill if I get bored and swim a bit more” Hema replied.

She looked across at Sham and caught him staring at her tits.

The low-cut blouse she was wearing certainly succeeded in showing of her young breasts to full advantage. She knew her body could entice any red-blooded male she wanted.

In the shower with Sham had been a real turn on but they had been interrupted before the final act and now she was even more desperate for a cock. And she was going to get it! Her dream man Giri the young Gym and Swim coach – Uncle’s best friend.

Now she had to spring the first part of her little plan.

“Uncle, the belt is looking bad and the Pool is a little dirty. Do you think you could get someone to clean it up a bit? I’d really like to spend some time in the Gym or the Pool this afternoon.” she said in just the right tone to get her Uncle’s attention.

“Ok baby, I’ll give him a call now.” Hema could hardly stop from smirking; her plan was working like clockwork.

“Giri? Hi! It’s Ragahvan.” her Uncle said into the phone, “Yeah, fine. Ahh, could you come over after lunch and clean the Pool and the Gym?…Yeah, sure that would be great. Thanks Giri! Bye!”

“Well sweetheart, Giri will be over round midday to clean the Pool and the Gym for you. So you can really make the most of the afternoon.”

“Thanks Uncle, I fully intend to”, she said. ‘… in more ways than one’, she thought to herself…

After breakfast, Hema grabbed a book from her room and went out to the Pool.

“Thank God! It IS a little dirty” she thought; sprawling back on one of the comfortable, lay-back chairs.

She started to read, but her mind wasn’t really able to concentrate on the words instead, she contemplated the fun she would have this afternoon.

She was deep in thought, when a deep male voice startled her back to reality.

“Hi, Darling, you’re looking sharp this morning,” said her Uncle sitting down on the chair opposite her.

“Why thanks, Uncle. You are not too shabby yourself!” Hema replied putting on a strong southern drawl.

Her Uncle smiled broadly appreciating the excellent imitation.

It was clear that Hema had inherited Raghavan’s sense of humor and the two of them had always got on exceptionally well. What neither of them knew was that Hema had not only inherited both her relative’s exceptional good-looks, she had also inherited their strong sexual urges as well.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us to the match, honey? I’m sure Sham would like you to watch him play,” said her Uncle.

Any other time Hema would have jumped at the chance, some of the guys on Sham’s team were real hunks!

“No thanks! I really just feel like relaxing today. Maybe next time.”

“Okay honey you’re the boss!” he said.

Raghavan lay back and admired his young niece.

He was completely aware that she had been growing up this past year, and lately her budding body had attracted his attention more and more. Mainly because, like most pussy her age, she had started to wear clothes which showed off as much of her developing female charms as possible!

This morning Hema was wearing her habitual summer costume, a pair of cutoff blue jeans, but these were cutoffs with a difference.

The legs had been cut so short that the bottom half of her cute little ass cheeks peeked cheekily below the hem.

She purposely hadn’t bothered to wear any panties either.

Being a red-blooded male, with more than his fair share of sex-drive Raghavan certainly wasn’t immune to the gorgeous sight, and let his eyes wander freely over Hema’s scantily clad body as her low-cut top showed off most of her boobs, the large nipples made enticing little dents in the thin, cotton fabric.

Raghavan suppressed a frustrated moan of desire as he stared openly at his deliciously sexy young niece.

Looking up, Hema noticed her Uncle’s interested gaze and instinctively opened her slim thighs further apart.

She saw him swallow hard as he finally noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything under her cutoff shorts.

His eyes followed the suggestive bulge of her pubes down antalya escort to the thin, tightly-stretched strip of denim which passed between her thighs and it actually pressed into the narrow cleft of her pussy, between the outer lips.

And sitting at this angle, with her knees wide apart it hid very little of her sweet sexy young snatch.

Raghavan swallowed again, as his cock began to stir uneasily in his pants.

“Christ! The little vixen is turning me on, and she knows it!” Raghavan thought as he looked up and saw his niece staring back at him.

After a few seconds Hema lowered her gaze deliberately to his bulging crotch, admiring the effect that she was having on her Uncle. His cock was growing at an alarming rate, threatening to burst the front of his tight shorts.

As he began to shift uneasily on the chair in front of her Hema looked up and with the sexiest voice she could muster said “Something wrong Uncle?”

Her smile told him all he needed to know, and in her sparkling brown eyes he saw a look he recognized.

Raghavan had seen that look many times before, in his own wife’s eyes… Just before he fucked her!

“Ah… n..no, baby!” he stammered, getting to his feet, “I… um… your aunt and your mother want me to drive down to the store and get some stuff to take with us to the match. I’ll… er… I’ll see you later, honey!”

Hurriedly Raghavan walked towards the car.

He had to, before someone noticed the huge bulge forming inside his shorts.

Hema watched him go.

She was beginning to like the sudden power she had over men, the ability to turn them into gibbering idiots at the very sight of her sexy young body.

She had really enjoyed turning her Uncle on like that. It meant that she was not just a little kid anymore. Even more importantly, it meant that, to her Uncle, she was just as sexually desirable as her Aunt whom Hema suddenly deeply envied.

After Raghavan left, Tina, Hema’s mother decided to use the time to get some cleaning done.

The house was a mess and being the meticulous niece she was and it annoyed her to see it like that. Her first chore was to collect any stray dirty clothes from the children’s room’s, ready for washing.

Hema’s room was spotless of course, not a soiled garment in sight.

But as she moved towards Sham’s room, she dreaded the mess she knew she’d find there. Pushing the door open, Tina walked straight in then stopped dead in her tracks.

Her nephew was lying on his bed, naked from the waist down with his stiff cock in both hands and he was jerking on it for all he was worth.

Tina gasped in initial surprise, not so much at the sight of his naked organ or what he was doing but at the very size of it! It was huge!

She had always been partial to big, plump pricks, and Sham’s was one of the biggest she’d ever seen! It was easily as long as her husband’s but looked much thicker.

Sham was facing the other way and he was so engrossed in what he was doing he didn’t see or hear his Aunt enter the room.

Tina was still transfixed at the sight of her nephew’s massive, throbbing erection. Her feet wouldn’t move and her heart was pumping like a steam train.

She made a low sound in her throat as she watched his fist pump up and down the huge shaft her pussy moistening with instant desire. Sham’s eyes were closed tightly and his hips lifted rhythmically up and down off the bed forcing his cock rapidly into his tightly clenched fists.

Tina struggled with her conscience should she follow her motherly instincts and leave or should she succumb to the urge building between her legs and stay.

“Jesus! I can’t help myself!” she thought reaching back to close the door

“God help me but I can’t!” locking the door Tina moved carefully towards the bed feasting her eyes on Sham’s cock all the while.

She had known naturally that her nephew was well endowed it ran in the family but the sight of his big prick iron-hard and dark with passionate arousal sent a thrill of sensual pleasure coursing inward from the moist tingling lips of her pussy.

Tina involuntarily clenched and released her thighs squeezing the flesh of her cunt mound together. She did it often when she was extremely excited it almost felt like a hand sweeping over the painfully tender slit.

Pulling up the hem of her dress Tina’s hand settled automatically on her snatch caressing the anguished flesh through the moist fabric of her panties. She moved to the bed where her nephew lay masturbating furiously.

“Shamny!” she whispered.

The youngster gasped and sat bolt upright at the unexpected sound of his Aunt’s voice.

“Uh! Aaaa… Aunty! I… Um… I didn’t know you were there!” he croaked rosy embarrassment beginning to show on his surprised features.

He was even more surprised to see his Aunt’s hand underneath her dress, rubbing her pussy!!…

Tina smiled at the confused look on her nephew’s antalya escort bayan face.

He looked so comically shocked!

“Don’t worry darling! I saw what you were doing and it’s all right… really! It’s perfectly natural!” muttered Tina moving closer.

Sham stood up, not knowing whether to cover his nakedness or not, because his Aunt was staring at his stiff cock like a small kid ogling a lollipop all the time working her hand between her slightly parted legs.

He couldn’t believe this was happening! It must be a dream a wild fantastic wet dream! His mother came closer to him until they were only a few feet apart.

Tina’s eyes gazed almost hypnotically at her nephew’s cock, which still protruded magnificently from his muscular thighs.

Sham stared at his Aunt stupidly for a few moments then his eyes dropped to the rest of her voluptuous body.

She wore a light summer dress, tight over her tits, with narrow straps across her shoulders. It hugged her small waist then flared out into a full skirt around her hips.

It didn’t really show off her figure very well, except the flawless shape of her firm, up tilted breasts. Her tits were naked under the dress, and her nipples pushed out in two firm points outlined against the thin fabric.

She was breathing heavily, her large boobs lifting and falling, tremors moving through her body. With a shudder, Tina crossed the remaining few steps separating herself from her handsome young nephew.

Sham made a soft, gulping sound as she came close to him. His aunt was so close now he could feel the heat emanating from her body.

They stood facing each other, with Sham’s head slightly tilted upwards and hers down.

Tina stared into his eyes before reaching a tentative hand down between their trembling bodies.

As her fingers wrapped eagerly around his cock Sham began to tremble with desire… then a look of sudden apprehension crossed his handsome young features.

“Aunty! What if someone comes in?” he whispered, a little frightened now and completely out of his depth.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ve locked the door!” said his aunt, sliding her closed fist up and down the full length of his hard, young prick.

“Your Uncle’s gone to the store, and Hema’s out by the Gym, so nobody should disturb us for a while. But we’d still better be very, very quiet. Okay?”

“Uuuuuh! Oooh!… Okay! Sure Aunty!” murmured the young man.

His virile young prick began to twitch in his aunt’s hand.

“Do you like me touching your cock, honey?” she was salivating.

“Yeah you bet! It’s outta sight! Your fingers are so soft and smooth, Aunt!”

“God, I can’t believe you’re so big! This is better than doing it to you isn’t it baby?”

“Christ, yes! You can do this to me any time you want Mom!” he groaned, humping his cock into her hand.

“Don’t worry darling, I intend to”, promised Tina, staring at her nephew’s huge, throbbing erection.

Sham groaned, clasping his mother around the waist, and pushed his hard-on against her upper thighs.

Tina whimpered as she buried her face into his neck, returning the pressure against his cock. She felt him shaking in her arms, and impulsively kissed his neck, just above the collar.

Sham tightened his arms around her waist, and with a little cry, Tina burned her lips over his cheek finally reaching his mouth.

The young man opened his lips instinctively as his mother pressed her own parted lips against his, kissing him passionately, moving her lips and sucking his tongue into the heated pit of her mouth.

Sham returned his mother’s kiss instinctively and Tina marveled at the sweet eagerness with which the young man went about it.

It was different with her husband his kisses almost bruised her soft, full lips but Shamny’s mouth pressed against her own with an urgent tender pressure.

His tongue lashed against hers the tip running over her teeth probing and exploring every inch of her mouth as he kissed her and Tina squirm her hips against her nephew’s hard young body using her hand to position the shaft of his cock down between her thighs until it lay in the groove of her very wet pussy.

Then relinquishing her grip on his prick Tina threw both arms over the young man’s shoulders and hugged him tightly to her grinding her tits sensually against his chest and her fiery cunt mound hard against his rigid penis…

They clung to each other kissing with growing passion. Sham felt the length of his cock rub against the wet crotch of his aunt’s panties pulsing against her heated flesh.

Tina felt it too, and moved so that the hard bloated head was wedged solidly against the top of her lust-soaked slit grinding her taut little behind towards him in tight small circles.

She moved her right hand down to his ass pulling him as hard as she could against her feverish cunt. Her other hand held the back of his neck as Tina thrust her tongue down her nephew’s escort antalya throat, licking the inside of his mouth moaning and gasping as her pussy-slit soaked the crotch of her panties.

Sham could feel the moisture seeping out over the head of his prick coating the bulbous tip with hot slippery cunt-oils.

“Oh Jesus, this is fantastic! You’re so damn wet! I have to fuck you Aunty! Will you let me? I know you want it too!” he whispered eagerly jabbing his young cock against her crotch to emphasize his need.

“Not so fast baby!” his aunt moaned in a low voice.

“Just let it happen! A woman likes to be aroused slowly. I’m real hot but I need more to make it extra special for me. Play with my tits, Sham rub my nipples!”

Dutifully Sham cupped his aunt’s full round breasts in both hands squeezing and kneading the soft flesh with his big, strong hands.

“Yesss! That’s it. Now squeeze my nipples! A woman loves to have a man squeeze her nipples! But do it gently, honey… very gently” she was wet all over.

As her nephew worked diligently on her tits, Tina reached between their thighs and once more closed her fingers around his mighty organ it had almost doubled in size and she could hardly get her long, slim fingers around the circumference.

With practiced strokes she rubbed the tip along the wet groove of her panties covering her juicy gash up and down she rubbed it, from the base of her cunt to the top of her slit becoming more and more excited by the thought of masturbating herself through her panties with her own nephew’s erect penis as he played with her hard nipples.

Tina realized at once that it was the forbidden element of their lovemaking that really turned her on and the thought of making love with her strong handsome nephew and teaching him how to please her was so wickedly provocative that Tina’s highly aroused vagina began to fill with a steady cuntal flow.

She suddenly remembered that this wasn’t the first time she had felt lust for her nephew’s body. Last time she had dismissed it as total fantasy but even so it had sent a jolt of undisguised fuck-fever through her loins.

It happened one day last summer when Sham’s swimming trunks had fallen off as he dived into the Gym. She could still picture his cutely tanned little behind Griping up out of the water as he dived searching desperately for his lost trunks.

She had gone in to help him find them and, as he surfaced near her for air, Tina felt the unmistakable contact of his naked crotch against her thigh as he stood up.

Her heart had skipped a beat as she felt his warm cock rub over her cool flesh and she’d had to fight down a strong primeval urge to reach out and grab it.

Come to think of it he had let it press against her leg for much longer than modestly required. She knew now that at that moment her twenty year-old nephew who had lusted after her too as then the thought made Tina shiver with desire.

To know that she could sexually excite her own nephew was a powerful turn-on. And excited he was…

Sham’s hands were on her ass now, squeezing and kneading the compact cheeks as he had done her tits.

But this time, he could pull her panty-encased crotch more tightly against his cock at the same time. It turned him on something fierce to fill his palms with the tight, firm flesh of his aunt’s ass and grind his stiff cock into her crotch.

Tina cried out softly with need as her nephew grabbed her ass, and began moving backwards, pulling him with her. As the backs of her knees touched the edge of his bed, she fell back across it, pulling him on top of her.

She opened her legs and smashed her juice-soaked crotch upwards, onto his throbbing hard-on, writhing in passion beneath him.

Sham looked down at his aunt’s body.

Her dress was bunched up around her waist and her tits were falling out of the top of her dress like two over-ripe melons. He dipped his head to her bosom and began to lick and suck the large, erect nipples in turn.

“Ohh! Yes, Sham! Suck momma’s tits Christ! I love that!” moaned Tina gyrating her hips wantonly against her nephew’s hard, throbbing cock.

The tip of his prick had found the entrance of her slit again, either by fortunate accident or by unconscious design but this time the delicious contact was just too much for the highly aroused young man to endure and he began pumping his cock against his aunt’s pussy through her thin panties.

Tina gasped and clung to him her dark head twisting from side to side, eyes glazed in lewd passion as she felt her nephew’s cock bulge through the tightly stretched material and mash against her clit.

“Jesus, he was like a young, strong bull”‘ she thought, “Any second, he was going to break through the flimsy barrier and bury his huge cock deep in her hot, juicy cunt”. the unbearably lewd thought drove her quickly over the edge.

“Oooooh, Shamny!” she whimpered, as she felt waves of rippling pleasure building deep in her twat. “God… it’s… I’m… Shamny, you’re making me… Oh, Sham… Jesus baby I’m Cumming!”

His aunt’s hips arched up to meet him her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure as she thrashed about beneath him.

Sham pushed his cock tightly against Tina’s vibrating convulsing pussy.

His balls ached fiery with passion and swollen with fullness.

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