Her First Story

Her First StoryI asked my wife to tell me about the time she went to a management retreat at Wrightsville Beach, NC with her hospital management team.JC was 33 at the time and managed the local hospital’s process improvement office. JC is 5’3″, 125 lbs, blonde hair blue eyes and size 34B breasts. We watch on occasion some interracial porn and she liked the contrast of skin colors, and feeding on that began a journey that would eventually lead her to take multiple black lovers over the coming years. At the management retreat, the daytime sessions soon ended and everybody went to the catered dinner at the beach resort where drinks were flowing through the rest of the evening. Reuben was the cafeteria manager and he happened to sit next to JC for dinner and the two struck up conversation about the work place, friends, co-workers and a little gossip. Reuben was a black man born and raised in North Carolina where he worked his was up in the kitchen to be the hospital’s cafeteria manager. Reuben was at least 250 lbs and stood around 6’3″, and was a few years older than JC. As the night went on, folks started to wander outside to enjoy the sea breezes and warm late summer night. JC and Reuben started walking along the beach away from the others. JC sometimes enjoys her wine a bit too much, and Reuben sensed this, and put his arm around her shoulder as they walked; she reciprocated by wrapping her arms around his big body. Eventually they stopped a moment, and Reuben looked down at JC and said, “Baby, I like you. I see you around the hospital looking so professional, and I like that in a white woman.” JC replied, “Hey Reuben, I think I like you too,” brushing her blonde hair from her face as the breeze tossed it around. Reuben took that as a sign to move his face down to hers and they both kissed lightly at first, then tongues started to flick each other, then into a full embrace and passion. Reuben pulled away and asked JC if she wanted to go back to his room, and her head was still spinning from the sudden passion of the moment, and she said I can’t do that; I’m married. Then Reuben says, “Baby, you ever been with a black man before?” JC said no, but she really liked the contrast of skin on skin contact from the porn she saw, and then asked him, “do you have a big dick?” Reuben grinned and said, “Baby, tuzla escort lets find out,” and he proceeded to unzip his pants and out poured the biggest black dick JC has ever seen, well, biggest dick she has ever seen. “Oh my,” she said and asked “may I?” Reuben had a big grin on his face and said, “C’mon girl, go for it.” JC knelt down and reached out and took the black dick in to her hands realizing that it must have be 9 or 10 inches. Stroking her new dick as it got harder, she kissed the head and took it into her mouth. Reuben started to slowly face fuck her, but he knew this was not the place to bust his nut and he said, “Listen Baby, lets go back inside and really get comfortable. Hubby ain’t going to know shit. What happens at these retreats, stays here. Everybody knows that.”Reuben zipped his cock back into his pants and JC wiped the sand from her knees and they headed back to the resort. On their way in, there were obviously other hook ups in process. JC walked past one of the administrators with her arm around one of the retreat facilitators, and they both kind of winked as she saw JC walking hand in hand with Reuben towards the elevators. Once inside, they embraced for another kiss until the elevator doors open, and there was another couple arm in arm waiting to go down in the elevator. They both knew Reuben and kind of nodded and gave JC a look of distain. JC began to feel guilty all of a sudden, and Reuben said, “Fuck those two. They’re out fucking around on their own marriage, so they ain’t got nothing to say.” Reaching Reuben’s room, they were about to go inside, when JC asked, “Umm, I’m not sure I am ready to go through with this,” so Reuben says, “Baby we don’t have to do shit. If all you want is to suck my dick, I can eat your pussy. We both get off. You know the sayin, eatin ain’t cheatin.” JC laughed out loud and said ok, lets try it out.Once inside, Reuben offered JC a beer and they both sat at the table for a while talking and sipping on their beer. Suddenly, JC got up and walked over to Reuben who was still seated, she squatted and undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them off. She stood up, and pulled her dress up over her head, undid her bra, and stepped out of her thong. She went over to the bed, laid down and said, “well big guy, what are you waiting on?” escort tuzla Reuben was almost taken aback from her sudden boldness, but recovered quickly and removed his shirt and underwear. He couldn’t believe his luck as he looked down at this fine-ass white hottie laying in his bed naked. He moved beside her, kissing her lips then moving to her tits, her belly, and eventually her trimmed, blonde pussy. Parting the pussy lips with his tongue, he found her clit and slowly sucked on it when suddenly a torrent of pussy juice flowed from her. JC had orgasmed with her husband, but nothing like this so quickly. She raised her hips into his face and wave after wave of orgasms overcame her. Soon she couldn’t take anymore and tried to push Reuben away but he was not giving in and muscled his way back on top of her. ” Oh my, what did you do, Reuben?” “Just helping you relax and realize the power of a black man over white sluts like you,” he said with a grin across his face. “I don’t like that term,” she said. “Well, what do you think a white woman is, especially a married white woman getting ready to get fucked by a black man, especially in the South?” “Fucked?!” she exclaimed, “Remember what you said about eating is not cheating?” “C’mon Baby, look at this dick next your pussy. Looks damn good and you’re so moist and juicy, don’t you want to try it?” JC considered for a second, then asked Reuben, “Do you have a condom? My husband and I are trying to have another c***d so you need to have a condom.” “No, I don’t have any fuckin condoms. That’s not the way it works. I will tell you this that I’ll pull out just before I nut and you can taste it. My cum don’t go to waste so somewhere its going to go inside you.” JC again considered and then thought, this might be a fun time to find out about what she saw on those porn cassettes. “You have to promise me that you will pull out before you cum. If you want to see me again after tonight, you have to promise,” she said. Reuben knew he had hit the jackpot. Not many white women give him the chance and if he could fuck her on a regular basis, he might be onto something. But, the thought of nutting in JC would be an act to completion and would be so hard to avoid. If she got knocked up, not his problem. “Ok Baby, you win. Let me slide into you and you let me know tuzla escort bayan what you think.” JC nodded and said “now fuck me, Reuben.” Reuben’s grin grew wider as he guided his black cock into the waiting cunt. She was tight of course, but all of her juices made entry easier. “Eventually, I going to fuck her ass someday and make her my only slut,” he thought as he picked up the rhythm. JC laying underneath this massive man couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling. She wanted to open her legs even wider. Reuben moved his arms under her legs and brought them up to her head and has maximum penetration into her pussy. As he begins to pound her, he feels he is close to cumming, and begins to consider “fuck it, I’m going to nut all up in this bitch.” So close to cumming, he looks into JC’s blue eyes and he sees tears. Not sure if they are tears of pain, fear or ecstasy, he suddenly feels a bit emotional about her. She could be his steady fuck from now on and why fuck it up by getting her knocked up. Just then, he pulled his black dick out and rope after rope of black cum covered JC’s belly and tits. He moved up to her face and put is dick in her mouth to catch the last burst of cum. She took all that she could; she never really liked the taste of cum, but this situation seemed right. She continued to suck and lick him clean, and when she was done, Reuben flopped back on the bed. “Damn Baby, you sure you never had black dick before?” JC smiled, but had to use the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she’s rehashing the events of the evening. As she’s wiping her pussy, she sees semen on the toilet paper and some in the toilet. “Oh my god, he didn’t!” She quickly grabs a towel and facecloth and wipes Reuben’s cum from her body and tries to get as much of any trace of semen out of her pussy. She and her husband have been trying for a couple years to have another c***d, and she is hoping that she has the infertility problem and Reuben’s cum will prove that. She walks back into the bedroom and begins to get dressed. “Where you goin?” asked Reuben. “I think I should be going. I have some thinking to do. Please lets keep this to ourselves. We may have another opportunity in the future, but tonight was a very close call for me. Goodnight Reuben.” She finishes dressing and leaves for her room to get ready to go home in the morning. Reuben lays back on the bed with a grin on his face. “Hmm got me a white woman now,” and picks up the phone to call his cousin in Wilmington. “Hey Cous, you ain’t gonna believe what I got me!”

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