High School Harem Ch. 04


(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.)

Chapter 04: Miss Fisher

“Mr. Thomas? Would you stay after class please?”

Lounged in the back of his sixth period Social Studies class, holding court, with three starry eyed sophomore girls around his desk vying for his attention, 18 year old senior Rick Thomas thought he had misheard his teacher, Miss Lisa Fisher.


Miss Fisher looked at him over the top of her slim, tortoise shell glasses, her brown eyes stern, and no quarter given. “If you had been paying attention, Mr. Thomas, you would have heard me. After class please.” She turned back to the blackboard. “Turn around girls. This isn’t the social hour!” The three young girls giggled and turned away from him, but not before sliding their phone numbers to him.

Rick blushed furiously and pocketed the slips of paper. Not that he was going to call them. He didn’t have time for the underclassmen anymore, not with every senior girl with a pulse clamoring for his attention. My how things change, Rick thought, putting his hands behind his head, his eyes directed forward, but unfocused, the lurid scenes of the past month replaying like a XXX peepshow in his mind.

Barely a month ago, Rick Thomas was the stereotypical teen wallflower: shy, unassuming and trying his best to fly below the radar. His previous 18 years were ones of rejection, isolation and humiliation. He was a frequent target of ridicule from the boys in his class and was roundly ignored by the girls, which was on some level, even more hurtful.

This past summer, however, Rick had matured significantly, if not mentally, then definitely physically. His thin, frail frame had filled out doing summer labor and had now matched the heretofore unseen attribute which was the reason for all the attention he was getting. To be blunt, Rick was hung. Like they say some major league baseball players have been touched on the arm by God? Well, Rick’s blessing was further south. He’d always known he had it, but no one else had. The towel snapping, ass slapping arena of the PE shower was something he’d avoided at all costs, but he’d seen the other boys and knew they just didn’t measure up to what he was packing. Introvert that he was, he kept his ‘light under a basket’, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

That all changed the week before school, when an older girl had shown pity on the shy boy, showing him attention at the drive-in when she saw him all alone. What were innocent overtures of friendship, quickly turned to lust when she and her friend had realized what they had on their ‘hands’. This was parlayed into a wild four-some with some classmates and that in turn put him in the position of fucking the head cheerleader and punching out her quarterback boyfriend. Since the last episode, Rick had been inundated by the females of the school. Some tip toed around the reason for their sudden interest, but others were more forthright. Not to give you the impression that Rick was suddenly the Don Juan Romeo Tom Cruise of his high school. He was still painfully shy, but realized that the meat between his legs was his ticket to a much more enjoyable senior year.

For instance, just this morning Carrie Moore had offered to “suck his big dick” at the time and place of his choosing. She claimed to give good head, you know, lick the bone, cradle the boys, and eat the gravy, so he’d timidly taken her up on it. They were supposed to meet after school behind the gym and Rick couldn’t wait. He’d only jacked off 4 times this week and the pressure in his swollen nuts was mounting.

Normally, Rick would Prell up in the shower before school, throw out some ropes in the afternoon and then see how high he could shoot in the air at night in his bed before passing out with his cum crusted belly. He was starting to think of his cock as a gift to the girls of the town and who was he to waste what, he’d been told, was “the tastiest spunk in town”? All in all, Rick was living the teen dream. He had an always ready cock and scores of girls lining up to empty it for him. He just wished he was more confident around them. Every time they approached him, he found himself talking to the floor or their chests if he was feeling particularly brave.

The dismissal bell rang and the students sprang as one for the door, eager to start their weekend. Rick hung back to see what Miss Fisher wanted. He watched her as she wished the other students a good weekend.

Lisa Fisher was new to his school. She had come here from out of state, the rumor being that she’d left her previous posting after only three years and not with a good recommendation. She was 25, single and lived in an apartment complex not far from Rick’s house. He knew because he’d seen her out jogging in his neighborhood before. Rick had side swiped a mailbox with his Huffy at the sight of his prim and proper teacher running down the street.

Since the first of school, Rick had wondered what Miss pendik escort Fisher was like outside of school; mostly because you don’t see many 25 year olds who wore their hair up like she did in a tight bun or dressed like she did. Lisa seemed to have 10 different versions of the same business suit: conservative cut, neutral color, high necked blouse and simple black flats. On the day he spotted however, an entirely different creature was revealed.

Miss Fisher was wearing a scoop neck running singlet, high cut wind shorts and a jog bra, that if it hadn’t already failed entirely, was definitely not up to the task of restraining the lurching softballs rebounding on her chest. From the jiggle of the large for her frame melons, Rick could tell they were natural, not the store bought ones that were beginning to show up even in the small towns of the late eighties. His eyes had just started to consume her lithe legs when he impacted the mailbox, sending him head first into the Anderson’s flower bed. Thankfully, Miss Fisher was distracted listening to her Walkman radio and didn’t see the embarrassing accident. That night he’d sent up six frozen ropes while imagining Miss Fisher, skirt pulled up above her waist, glasses askew and brown hair jostled out of her bun by Rick who stood behind her pumping his oversized midget’s arm into her womb.

“Mr. Thomas? Mr. Thomas!”

“Huh!” Rick had been daydreaming and looked around confused. Miss Fisher cocked her finger and gestured him forward. In a move put to use many times over the years, Rick stood from his seat and discretely covered the big bulge in his jeans with his books. She pointed to the front row chair and sat behind her desk, opening the grade book. Rick groaned inwardly.

While he was no Einstein when it came to school, he usually managed to maintain a C average, with the occasional B. Since coming into his own socially, his grades had been slipping and he surmised that this discussion was going to touch on that. Miss Fisher looked up at him, her hazel eyes big behind the glasses.

“So, what’s the problem Rick? Your grades in my class have really been slipping. At this rate, you are going to fail social studies.”

Rick’s breath caught in his throat. He couldn’t fail, he thought. His parents would kill him! The Thomas’ knew they didn’t have a college kid on their hands, but Rick’s uncle had promised him a job laying pipe (huh, huh…laying pipe) after graduation. If he failed Social Studies, he’d have to repeat it in the summer, as it was only offered in the fall semester. His mouth opened, then closed, then opened and hung open at a loss for words.

You are an evil woman, Lisa Fisher, the teacher thought. It was true that Rick was not performing well in class, but she didn’t think anyone had ever failed the “gimme” coursework in Social Studies. Her intentions were not pure, dear reader (as if you were surprised!). You see, the lovely Lisa Fisher was a size queen and had been since her senior year when the basketball team had choo-chooed her after practice. Since that time, she had spent as much time as possible scouring the globe in search of the biggest womb brooms she could wrap her lips and legs around. Her obsession had even dictated her vocation. High School teacher? Please! Ready access to scores of horny senior boys was like a dream “cum” true. She had woven a nice little web at her previous job; that is until she snared a senior boy, still in the closet, who apparently liked big dicks as much as she! Her hasty resignation was the only thing that kept her from a full-blown scandal. After all they were adults: all aged at least 18 years like a good scotch. And that’s how she found herself here.

She’d been a good girl in the four months she had been in town, satisfying herself with her extensive assortment of dildos and vibrators. She had even tried to change her ways, hitting the singles scene, but that only left her exhausted. Older guys seemed to think they had to play it cool, play the game, whatever! Lisa just wanted to be fucked: frequently and forcefully. When she’d first heard the rumors about the unassuming Rick Thomas, she felt like raising her hands in praise. It was like manna from heaven! Rick seemed like the type who’d keep his mouth shut and what inexperienced teen boy wouldn’t jump at the chance to learn at the feet, or between the legs, of the master?

Lisa hoped that Rick would stumble upon the answer to his current situation all on his own. That way, her seduction wouldn’t have to be so overt. She loved the hunt and knew she would make a fine cougar one day. Lisa interrupted his mumbled excuses.

“It seems to me that someone is paying more attention to the girls in school than their studies. Would you agree?”

Rick blushed furiously from the tips of his toes to the follicles of his scalp. It was hard enough to talk to his own contemporaries, but Miss Fisher was definitely on an entirely different plane of existence. He couldn’t meet those sparkling hazel eyes so he merely stared at her desktop.

“I thought as much. Listen, Rick, I know it’s your senior year and you want to enjoy it and all, but maltepe escort you have to balance that with your schoolwork. Have you thought about taking advantage of the tutoring offered after school?” He shook is head. The tutors who helped their classmates after school were as awkward as Rick himself, but he didn’t even fit in with them due to his decidedly average intelligence and grades. He couldn’t bear the thought of sitting there for hours listening to those dorks drone on and on.

“Miss Fisher?”

“Yes, Rick?”

“Is there…is there any make-up or extra work I could do to help my grade?” Lisa sat back and appeared to ponder the request. This was going exactly as she intended. She could sense the prey drawing closer and closer to the trap.

“Well, I don’t know Rick. There’s not any extra work really right now, but perhaps I could tutor you some? See if that doesn’t pull your grades up.”

Rick brightened. “That’d be great. When?”

“How about now?” Lisa kept her face a mask of seriousness and waited for him to grab the bait. The school would be empty inside of 15 minutes, especially on a Friday. One click of the lock on the door and she’d have the unsuspecting boy all to herself.

Rick panicked slightly, the vision of Carrie Moore’s DSLs (dick sucking…oh, you know!) in his mind. She was waiting for him right now behind the gym and Rick was eager to drop a load in the slut’s mouth. “Er, I have someone…something to blow, I mean do this afternoon. Could we do it another time please?”

Lisa was disappointed. The anticipation was getting to her, but she pretended to check her day timer before she answered. “Listen Rick, we don’t have a whole lot of time to get you turned around, so what about this evening? If it’s alright with your parents, you could come by my apartment and we could spend an hour or two going over things.”

This also didn’t fit in with his plans. Rick wanted to take the family wagon and cruise the strip for the first time ever. The rear seat folded down and everything! He might have to put that off until Saturday from the look on Miss Fisher’s face.

“Uh, ok.”

“Say 7?”


“See you then.”

Rick stood up to walk out, forgetting to employ his cock-blocking notebook. Lisa’s eyes were immediately drawn to the huge bulge stretching the fabric of Rick’s blue jeans. Damn, it looks like he’s got an eggplant shoved down in there, she thought, but looked down quickly at her desk when Rick glanced at her.

“What number Miss Fisher?”

“Oh, 327.”


Rick shuffled out of the room and made a beeline for the gym, hoping that Carrie hadn’t given up on him showing up. When he turned the corner, he jumped back out of sight and pressed himself against the wall, his heart pounding. Blake Reeves and several of his cronies were standing right in front of the gym door! Blake had been on the receiving end of Rick’s punch and that after watching Rick recreate a Jackson Pollack on Blake’s girlfriend’s back. Rick took a deep breath and eased his head around. Blake’s right eye wasn’t swollen shut anymore, but he still had a nasty bruise and tape covered his broken nose. Rick had gone to great extremes to avoid the boy all week, but he now stood between him and a promised blowjob. What now?

“Hey! There he is!”

He’d been spotted, and here they came, sprinting towards him! Rick turned to flee and ran right over Miss Fisher who had come up behind him, her arms full of books. Papers went flying as Rick bowled her over. She fell backwards on her rear with a yelp as Rick fell to his knees. The slap of running feet suddenly stopped as Blake and the boys rounded the corner. They simply stood there, faces flushed with adrenaline, looking from Rick to Miss Fisher.

“Rick! Watch where you’re going!” Miss Fisher admonished. “Oh, hello boys.” Lisa saw immediately that something was going on. The way Blake was staring at the cowering Rick was downright scary. “School’s out. I think it’s time for you three to leave.”

Rick could tell from the furious looks on their faces that this was not over and Blake confirmed it. “This isn’t over shithead!”

“Blake!” Miss Fisher scolded, but the group of toughs turned around and strode quickly away. Miss Fisher looked at Rick. His fearful eyes followed the retreating figures. The bravado he had shown a week ago in punching Blake was long gone. Why can’t I be like that all the time, he thought.

“Sorry ’bout that Miss Fisher,” Rick said, standing and extending a hand to help the young teacher to her feet. As she reached up to take the offered hand, Rick flashed on the recurring fantasy, for here was Miss Fisher, hair loosened and glasses askew from the impact. His cock gave a lurch in his pants. The fact that she stumbled into his arms as he helped her up did not help matters. His nostrils were filled with the sweet lavender perfume she wore. Her head only came up to about his chest and her close proximity ensured that the big boobs she kept strapped down under her conservative suit pressed softly into his hard abs. He took a hesitant step back and she looked up at kartal escort him.

“No problem Rick.” She watched as the boy began gathering up the strewn about papers and admired the strong muscles she could see on his torso highlighted by his tight T-shirt. “Say, they are probably going to be laying for you outside. You want a ride to that thing you have?”

Rick looked at the gym door not 30 feet away, but it occurred to him that the suck session had probably been a set-up anyway. “Could you go ahead and tutor me now, Miss Fisher?”

Lisa’s face lit up, but she covered it and nodded. “Sure, come on.”


Minutes later they pulled out of the parking lot to the chagrin of Blake and the boys, who had in fact been waiting on him. Blake gave Rick the bird as Miss Fisher drove past. To the shock of Rick and Blake, Miss Fisher returned the salute, and then used the finger to push her glasses up on her nose. “Assholes,” she muttered.

Rick looked at her in shock. “I’m sorry?”

Lisa glanced at the boy sitting stiffly in the seat beside her. “Just know Rick that high school doesn’t last forever. There is life after. Pricks like Blake will be washing your car five years from now.”

Rick smiled and glanced at his teacher as she drove. She was definitely the prettiest teacher he’d ever had and the sexiest, given what he’d seen that day as she jogged. He hoped that someday he might have a girlfriend, a real one, not just a fuck buddy, half as pretty as Miss Fisher.

They drove in silence for a while until Lisa noticed Rick turning his head to read the names on the cassette tapes in her console. “Pop one in if you want, Rick. I’m getting tired of listening to you babble on anyways.” Rick grinned bashfully at her and pulled out the new one of the band he’d seen recently on Friday Night Videos (no cable at his house). They had that wild lead singer, Axe something or other, and the guitarist that looked like Cousin It. He laughed as Miss Fisher screeched along with the singer. Man, she’s so cool, he thought, tapping his hand on his leg in time with the beat. Before he knew it, they’d pulled up at her apartment complex and he slowly got out of the car.

Riding in the car with Miss Fisher, he’d almost been able to forget that she was his teacher. Resigning himself to two hours of lecturing, he followed her up the stairs to her apartment. Miss Fisher unlocked the door and he walked in behind her.

The apartment was small, a living room with one couch, an overstuffed chair and coffee table. It was open to the small dining nook and kitchen. A short hallway led to the one bedroom and bath.

Miss Fisher dropped her purse and books on the kitchen table and turned to the boy standing in the living room, his hands stuffed into his pockets, looking around the room. “You want a Coke, Rick?”


She went to the fridge. Well, she thought, if things go according to plan, I definitely won’t have to worry about any boring pillow talk with this one. She grabbed the can and took it to Rick, who was looking at her entertainment center.

“Thanks Miss Fisher,” he said, taking the can. “Hey, you’ve got Sega!”

Lisa smiled. She’d bought the video game as something for her young lovers to do while they recovered between bouts. “First of all, here it’s Lisa, alright?” He nodded and smiled. “Go ahead and fire it up. I’m gonna get out of this suit before we start studying, ok?”

Rick gulped and nodded, the thought of Miss…Lisa changing in the other room was very exciting to him and he quickly sat cross legged on the floor by the game system while she headed to her room.

Ten minutes later, he was engrossed in the video game and didn’t notice Lisa’s return to the room. She’d slipped out of her clothes into a baby blue jumpsuit with a zippered fly running from her neck to her crotch. The zipper was currently a third of the way down, allowing any viewer to get quite an eyeful of the round globes within. She posed behind him, her hands on her hips and her legs shoulder width apart.

“Are you ready for me Rick?”

Rick’s head turned, turned back to the TV and then double-took, the controller falling from his hands. From the neck down, Lisa looked nothing like the conservative teacher she had been moments before. She had taken the time to put her hair back up in its bun and was still wearing her glasses though. Rick couldn’t help himself and his eyes slid down her slender throat and he stifled a groan, spying the soft roundness of her breasts peeping out from the zipper.

“Why don’t we study on the couch?” Lisa purred.

Even her voice is different, Rick thought. It was becoming uncomfortable to sit cross-legged with the growing stiffness in his pants, so he stood, lamely shielding his crotch with the red soda can. He walked to the couch, partially hunched over and sat in the corner, as Lisa came over and sat in the middle. She turned her body toward him and propped her head on her hand, crossing her legs towards him. Rick started to reach for his books on the coffee table so that he might have a more substantial cock cover. The deep view of Lisa’s natural tits was pumping gallons of blood into the tissue of his cock, extending it down his pants leg. Lisa reached out and stopped him with a soft touch of her hand. Rick jerked back as if scalded. Lisa smiled. He was a nervous one, she thought.

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