Subject: Ice Cream Boy Part 3 Gay Adult/youth WARNING: This story contains a fictional and graphic depiction of sex between a man and a boy. Please do not continue if you find this offensive. If you are underage or if this type of material is illegal where you live, you should not read further. Ice Cream Boy 3 He kissed me so quickly, not quite a peck as he rammed his lips against mine. Then he stopped, looked me right in the eye and froze for a second, then he again looked away and down and said, “I better go”. Before he could move, I put my arm in front of him, blocking him on the couch,, then I put my fingers on his chin and moved his face to mine again and gave him a passionate soft kiss on his luscious full red lips. I could feel him still shaking, but he wasn’t pulling away. Within seconds, he was returning my affection. I wrapped him in my arms and kissed and kissed his sexy lips. Soon I started rubbing my hands all over his sexy chubby body. We broke the kiss, and I looked right into his eyes, only inches from me, and asked “Do you like this?” He nodded his head, said “Yeah”, still shaking a little, and a bit out of breath too. “I told you I thought you were sexy”, I said as I leaned in for another kiss. This time I slipped him the tongue. It only took seconds for him to figure out what was happening , and he gave me his tongue in return. We did some heavy making out, all the while I was rubbing his back, feeling that soft squishy body that I had to have. “Sexy,”I called him, “would you take your shirt off for me so I can see and feel that hot body?” He hesitated for a second, then nodded his head and without a word, pulled the shirt over his head. As he was doing that I noticed no pit hair yet,,, mmmmm. I did the same, we were on the couch shirtless, me, the horny old man, and Jason, this sexy 13 year old willing chubby boy. “Jason, you are so damn sexy.” I said to him, grinning at the sight of this semi naked boy. He was certainly chubby, a flabby belly, and boy tits with small brown nipples. No sign of hair, not a treasure trail, no pit hair, no facial hair either. Damn this boy had me so hard and so horny,, I wanted him so bad. We went back to kissing, this time body to body contact. He had his arms around me rubbing my back just like I was doing to him. I broke the kiss and started to kiss and bite his neck, then I nibbled on his ear and he gasped and groaned. Gotta love a boy that is so easily stimulated. I moved back to his neck and started kissing down his body. When I got to his nipples I licked each of ankara yeni escort them, nibbled very lightly and he moaned and squirmed. I squeezed his boytits and massaged them while I worked on his nipples,, and they grew nice and hard and bigger too. I figured he wouldn’t last too long, and I had to have that cock,, I just love sucking boy cock. I kissed down his big belly, enjoying the smoothness, the silkiness and chubbiness of his skin. When I got to his belly button, I licked it and put my tongue into it,,, he giggled a little, which meant he was relaxing. I looked up at him and as he returned my gaze I rubbed the bulge in his tight shorts. “OK Jase? I asked. “if you want me to stop just say so”. He nodded his head and gave me a little grunt, so I quickly undid his belt and button on his tight cargo shorts, unzipped him and pulled them down,,, his boxers came with them. There it was, a beautiful hard boycock. About 4″, maybe a little more. Only a few hairs around his cock, enough to notice, but a small enough amount that you could actually count them. His circumcised cock was rock hard and he had a tiny bit of pre-cum at the tip. I gently grabbed his bone and gave it a squeeze. He moaned. I looked up at him “OK?”. “Oh Yeah”, he replied almost breathless. I slid my hands under his boyboner and cradled his balls. They were way bigger than I expected,, loaded with boycum I hope,,, his sack was hairless. His hips were big, and so were his thighs,, but all totally hairless except the small patch around his boycock. “Jase baby, do you know what a blow job is?” I asked. “Sucking, right? He said. “Right sexy boy,, and I would like to give you one right now. I want you to feel real pleasure” He again looked surprised, almost shocked,,, he took a couple of seconds then nodded his head “Yeah, would you? He said. “Ive wanted to suck you since I first saw you,” I said. “Ive been fantasizing about this. Then I licked the tip of his boycock, tasting that drop of pre-cum,,, the best tasting thing in the world. I slowly licked up his shaft,, then licked his balls. I could tell he was so close so I moved up and swallowed his whole 4”, giving him plenty of tongue action,,, then I started to move up and down on his young shaft. He started groaning right away, within minutes he was holding my head and gently fucking my face. I was in heaven. I doubled my efforts, and he started bucking,, “I’m gonna cum” he panted, breathing heavily, about to shoot that tasty boy load into my waiting mouth. I held his cock yenimahalle escort in my mouth and was rewarded with 3 little squirts of chubby boy cum. So delicious. I kept his cock in my mouth, giving him plenty of tongue action until he told me to stop. There I was, on my knees in front of a naked sexy chubby boy. `Did you like that Jase?” I asked. He now had lost most of his inhibitions,,”Yeah Jeff, that was fuckin awesome. I never came so hard.” I moved back up to the couch sitting next to him,, my shorts obviously bulging with my hard on. I kissed him with plenty of tongue and said “do you taste your delicious cum in my mouth?” “Yes Jeff, this is so hot”. We kissed a little more. Then he looked down at the bulge in my pants,, just stared. So I took his hand and moved it on top of my erect cock and told him to squeeze. He did, gently. It felt so damn good, and I could tell he was enjoying it too. Then to my surprise, he unzipped my shorts, undid the button on top and pushed them off me. I picked my ass up so they would fall to the floor. Then he looked up at me, I nodded, and he reached into my boxerbriefs and felt my cock for the first time. Holding it gently, rubbing it up and down a little. “Let me take these off” I said, and scooted my underwear down so I was as naked as he was. “I guess this is the first time you have ever touched another cock, huh?” I asked. “Yeah”, he said, “You are so big and hairy down there. “explore all you want sexy boy, I’m loving this” I told him. He started by feeling my slightly hairy chest, like I did to him. He licked at my nipples and felt my body. Not in the best shape, I have kind of a dad bod, some chest hair, a bit of a belly. He seemed to enjoy feeling my body like I did to him. He moved down more so he was closer to my cock. I could see him inhaling my musky scent, stroking me, feeling my balls. Then, without warning, he took the tip of my 7″ into his mouth. He looked up at me, seeming to ask with his eyes if this was ok. I nodded my head and told him “This is more than ok baby boy, this is fantastic. Enjoy yourself” He tried taking more of my cock into his mouth, getting a little past the head, the he gagged. “Its ok baby, you need to learn how to suck, so take it slowly and only as far as you feel comfortable. Believe me, you will be able to deep throat this if you practice.” He kept going, up and down on my head, using his hands on my shaft. I was super horned up already and knew I wasn’t going to last long. He sucked and sucked yozgat escort while I rubbed his head and his shoulders, feeling that sexy young chubby boy skin. “I’m close to cumming Jase” I said. And he kept going. Within a minute I was holding his head down and shoving my cock into his mouth,,, and with a big “FUUUUCCCKKKKK” I shot my load. It was pretty big as I was so horned up. About 5 good squirts. Jason tried to swallow but he couldn’t keep up with it and cum started to drip out of the sideds of his mouth. When I finished I pulled him up off of my cock, pulled him into me, and kissed him deeply, using my tongue to get at my cum. We kissed and kissed for a while. After we both calmed down I asked “well Jase baby, did you enjoy?” “That was the most awesome thing ever Jeff” he said with a huge smile. I could tell the nervousness had gone away. “Can we do it again?” “Not today baby boy, look at the time, you need to get home on time. But there is always tomorrow.” I said, hoping he would want to come over again. “Sure, I can come over tomorrow, my mom works til 7:30 Sundays” he said with such excitement I had not seen from him before. “Yes Jason, I would love that” I said. We started to get dressed and I couldn’t help but reach over for another squeeze of his cock. He moaned but I had to tell him to get dressed to go home. “Jason, “I said seriously, “you know this has to be our secret, right?” `Of course Jeff, just between us”, He said. I walked him to the door and held him for another deep kiss. We made out for a minute or so, then I pulled away and told him it was time. “I’m so glad we finally got together you sexy boy. I love feeling your sexy chubby body and sucking your fantastic tasty cock, and I just like being with you. “Me too”, said Jason. I like your body a lot, not super hairy or muscular,,, I don’t like muscle guys either, and you have such a big cock too.” So you will come back tomorrow?” I asked. “Hell yeah” he replied. “Wanna exchange phone numbers” Damn, he wanted MY number,, this is too good. We exchanged numbers. I told him he could call me anytime,, or text me if he preferred. He said I could text him but not call when his mom was around. We kissed again and he left. I was totally shocked and pleased by what happened between us, and I couldn’t wait to play with this horny boy again tomorrow. A couple of hours later my phone buzzed and it was a text from Jason. I opened it and it was just a picture of him, naked with a hard boycock. I was hard in a minute and replied to him with a picture of my hard cock. I wrote “see you tomorrow sexy”. End of part 3 Should I keep going? What do you think. Id love to hear feedback as this is my first Nifty story. Any ideas, critique, inspiration would greatly be appreciated. ail Remember to donate to Nifty to keep this incredible fty/donate.html

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