Subject: Into The Fold This story was originally part of a 4 chapter bi-sexual incest story titled Job With Benefits. Plenty of my readers don’t do “bi” and as I was reading the story recently I realized that these 2 chapters were basically gay themed. Our protagonist, Connor, lives with an incestual family and their 4 children and has engaged with all of them sexually. His son Martin is visiting for the summer so the title of this tome should be clear. Don’t expect more chapters than this. Possible-perhaps, guaranteed-no. N-joi. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I met Martin as soon as he came out of the boarding area. I felt my heart swell at the sight of my beautiful son, my baby boy my pride and joy. Martin saw me and dropped his backpack and ran the 20 foot distance and slammed into me, wrapping his arms around my neck. I offset the impact by turning with him in my arms otherwise we’d both be flat on the floor of the terminal. Martin wrapped his legs around me when I stopped and clung to me like a life preserver in high seas. People weaved around us, knowing smiles on their faces. My hands were under my son’s narrow butt supporting his weight. I felt him shudder slightly and knew that he was crying. I had tears in my eyes as well. Martin finally loosened his grip and I set him down. My boy had gained some height in the 5 months since I’d last seen him. Five months; it was too long and by far longer than we’d ever gone without seeing each other. His grey eyes were red; tears ran down his smooth cheeks. “I’ve missed you so much daddy,” he said, the intense emotion clearly evident in his still high pitched barely 13 year old voice and in the fact that he called me daddy. “I’m missed you too baby boy. I brought him to me and we hugged tightly again. An older gentleman picked up Martin’s backpack and set it down next to us and moved on. I had enough eye contact to thank him. Martin and I finally separated and I looked my son over. About 5’5 inches tall and no more than a buck twenty or a buck twenty five, my boy was slender, like his dad. He had pitch black hair that almost looked dyed but it wasn’t, it was just over the top fold of his small ears but longer and more full on top. His grey eyes, which never ceased to amaze me, were framed by very thick brows and ultra-long lashes that matched his hair color. Martin’s facial structure would be considered to be oval. His skin tone wasn’t pale and it wasn’t tanned either but something in between and by nature absolutely flawless. His nose was perfectly proportioned from bridge to nostrils His cupid’s bow was perfectly formed, his top lip was just a little on the thin side while the bottom more full. They were highly kissable none the less. His teeth were pretty straight and even, although one eye tooth was just a tad long. He was incredibly cute and would grow into a handsome man. “You’ve grown up some son,” I said with a smile. He looked around rather surreptitiously and then moved up close to me. “I got hairs dad,” he said, nodding his head downward. My boy was clearly proud of his growth. “Wow Martin that’s pretty cool.” “I’ll show em to you later, okay?” I nodded my head and ruffled my sons’ hair. He got me caught up on things as we made our way down to baggage claim. As we stood waiting for the carousel I felt an enormous sense of pride just standing next to him, my arm across his shoulders and his around my waist. Around us a few people smiled at a father and son in such a demonstrative pose. We got his bags and headed to the parking lot where Martin let out a big WOW. “When did you get that,” he asked. “That” was a 1977 Nissan 280Z T-top. The custom paint was a silver black color, and not silver on black but silver black, the T-top was also custom built. I unlocked it and pulled the smoked glass panels off and put them in sheepskin covers and put them alongside Martin’s suitcase in the back. “Gosh dad this is so cool,” my son said after dropping down into car and buckling in. Martin laughed loudly when we hit the freeway and I punched it, the 6 cylinder engine getting us to 60 in very short order. The car was a land rocket. I pointed things out to my son as we drove. Once we were back on the surface streets I explained the living arrangements to my son. “I live with another family Martin. I went partners with a co-worker to buy a somewhat spectacular house, as you’ll soon see. You and I will be staying in my little apartment above the garage, although I have to say it isn’t a little apartment by any means. You’re going to love the swimming pool and the game room in the main part of the house. You will have free run of the house as well. I have my own room in the house too and honestly, I stay in the main house more than I do the apartment.” “How come dad?” I had just caught a particularly long light so turned to face my son. “These people are like a family to me son. We seem to have hit it off from the very beginning. I don’t have any family and with you being so far away it’s that much more noticeable. Their kids all treat me like an uncle, and even a father at times. I think that you’re going to like them son, and hopefully you’ll grow to love them as I do. So, being in the house really produces that sense of family for me. We’re staying in the apartment so you can have a sense of privacy, your own bedroom although you could have one in the house as well. Also it allows you and me a sense of privacy and being our own little family. Do you understand that?” “Yeah dad, I do understand. I ruffled his hair and told him I knew that he would. In another 15 minutes we passed through the main gate to the community, the guard waving me through. Of course my son was highly impressed. He almost shit his pants when we got to the house. I must say it is impressive It sits on 2 acres surrounded by 8 foot high walls, has a killer swimming pool with a grotto, 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, the whole works it has a large caretakers quarters above a 4 car garage with 2 bedrooms for when Martin comes this summer. The gate was at one end of the property and the driveway turned immediately and ran parallel to the wall. You couldn’t see anything because on the other side of the cobblestone driveway a wall of Heliconia plants backed by bamboo blocked any view of the property. Privacy was completely guaranteed. We curved back around and came out to see the huge 3 story house sitting behind an expanse of lawn that was dotted with Palms and other tropical flora. The cobblestone driveway to the house was lined with colorful flower gardens and tall Palm trees. The house was a hacienda style for lack of a better description, all off white with a red tile roof that had a half dozen chimney’s poking up out of it. Without trying to describe everything imagine lots of tile floors, many with designs in them, a grand entry with double stairway going to the second level. Imagine plenty of rich dark woods, the staircases for example, not to mention wainscoting and other trim. The house had a huge living room, formal dining room gigantic kitchen also with a dining area, a movie theater, library, oh hell and the list goes on. It did indeed have 9 bedrooms, all of a generous size, the master suite totally amazing. The caretaker quarters above the garage where we would be staying was quite spacious Outside were plenty of gardens and the pool that was fed by a 15 foot high waterfall coming out of a mound of rocks that had a water slide coming down out of it as well. And there was a small grotto behind the waterfall. Off to one side a hot tub burbled happily. The backside of the mound of rock had a large shower and changing area. The large expanse of tiled patio had a complete kitchen including a large barbecue, the entire thing covered by a matching red tiled roof. Brad was on the side driveway in front the garage wiping down his British Racing Green `67 Austin Healey after its weekly bath. He walked over to where I’d parked in my bay to greet Martin warmly and welcome him to the city and the house. We hauled Martin’s suitcases up the stairs from the garage and into the small laundry room, and then hallway. We put his things in the room that would be his and I showed him my room, a much larger space due to the master bathroom. “Wow dad this is really nice,” he said, entering the living area. And you got a balcony.” He headed for the sliding glass door and I wondered what his response was going to be. “Wow you were right that is an awesome pool dad.” Standing next to him we watched Zack come ripping down the slide to plunge into the water. “Dad, is that boy naked?” Clearly my son was shocked. We saw April hit the slide and it was clear that she was naked as well. We watched Zack climb out of the pool toward our end and when he saw us standing on the balcony he waved. “Hey Zackster. This is my son Martin.” “Hey Martin, welcome.” The boy then ran off, his dynamite little ass swaying as he went. His sister climbed out of the pool on the far side and as Zack went by he must have said something because April turned in our direction and waved, I waved back. “Do they always swim naked dad?” “Well son, that’s the thing. They do a lot of things naked because they’re nudists, naturists.” He looked at me with astonishment on his smooth young face. “Do you go naked too?” I nodded my head. “Yes son, I do.” “Gosh dad don’t you get a boner; I’d get a boner so fast. Jeez I’m sort of getting one now,” he said. I didn’t glance down but chuckled and kept eye contact with him. “I did at first but escort bayan it goes away and hasn’t happened since. With this family getting a boner isn’t a bad thing or an embarrassing thing. Nudists are very aware that boys and even men react that way in these kinds of circumstances. They don’t pay much attention to it, even the girls. In fact the first time it happened that boy, Zack, smiled at me and said I had a nice cock then dove in the pool. Yes, I was embarrassed but I soon discovered that nobody cared.” “Oh man dad, I don’t think I can swim naked in front boys let alone girls. I’d be hard all the time.” “You don’t have to son. They all will understand your feelings and respect your privacy.” At that moment I heard Anne call out to the kids that they needed to get dressed and we watched both of them put their swim suits on and go right back to playing. “See; Anne knows you’re here now so they’re getting dressed. After some thought Martin said that he didn’t want everyone to change what they did just for him. I explained that they had plenty of guests who weren’t nudist so stayed clothed plenty of times when those other guests visiting so they were used to it. “You might find yourself being willing to try it son and I think that once you do you’re going to love the freedom of not wearing clothes. I know I sure did. “Isn’t it weird though for little kids to see adults naked, especially if they aren’t family?” I shook my head and explained for nudists it was important for children to see people of all ages naked. It takes the mystery and secrecy out of the human body and gives the message that the body is beautiful no matter what. “Come on son; let’s go introduce you to the rest of the family.” I led him through the living room door into a small vestibule and through another door into and upstairs sitting room where Sydney sat curled up in a chair reading a book. She gave Martin a signature grin and while my son didn’t notice, I saw her look straight at his crotch. She said hello, as did Martin, then we headed to the other side of the room about 10 feet then took the wide curved staircase downstairs. The living room was massive with an equally massive fireplace that dominated one end and of course Martin sort of gasped a little bit. We ended up in the kitchen where Anne gave my son a huge hug, pressing his face into her firm tits. When she finally let go it was clear that my son was embarrassed “We’re so glad that you’re finally here Martin,” she told him. “This is your home so feel free to do as you please.” I led him out onto the patio where he just mostly stared. It was impressive. Zack came trotting over and I watched him give martin a quick critical eye then nodded to me his appreciation. I introduced the boys and as they shook hands I saw that my son was checking Zack out as well. April came over and I could tell that Martin was a little shy, having seen her naked not 5 minutes before. Still he said hello and she said hello and giggled. The cleft of her little pussy was pretty much in evidence. “Did you bring a swim suit,” Zack asked and my son said he did but not like what Zack was wearing. I said that I’d probably take him out and buy one. “Can I show Martin the house and stuff Connor,” the boy asked and I told him to go ahead while I headed out front to find Brad. Zack Speaks: Me and Connor had talked the night before about his wanting to do boy sex with his son. He had just fucked my ass real good so I was in a dreamy after cum mood, wrapped up in his arms. “I need to find out if he’s even interested in that sort of thing though Zack,” he said in softly in my ear. I shivered and giggled and snuggled in closer to him. I loved being with Connor and I seriously thought I was falling in love with him. “I could probably find out for you Connor,” I told him and he wanted to know how. “Just like I find out about any boy I want to play with that isn’t part of our little group. It’s not that hard to get a conversation going about cocks and boner ya know Connor,” I said then pushed my fresh fucked butt back into his softened cock. I pulled away from him his warm body and rolled to face him. My night light was on so we were able to see each other faces okay. “How about if me and April or Sydney are swimming naked when you guys get here and he sees us from the deck of your apartment. That’s going to make him ask questions and you can tell him about how we always go naked and stuff. He’ll ask if you do it and I promise he’ll ask about getting a boner and stuff. Mom can be in on it and maybe come out and tell us to put our suits on about 10 minutes after you guys get here. When you come down stairs so he can meet all of us I’ll offer to show him the house and while we’re in my room I’ll change out of my suit right in front of him so he’ll see me naked up close. How he acts will tell me a lot but one thing I know is he’ll ask about being naked and we’ll go from there.” “I don’t think I want him to know that we have sex, at least I don’t think I do,” Connor said to me. I kissed him on the lips and told him not to worry cuz I have done this sort of thing plenty of times. “Look how I handled you,” I told him with a grin. Then he fucked me again. God I loved having sex with Connor and being fucked by him. His cock is so amazing. I think the best is when he has me on my back with my knees almost level with my ears and his big cock is slamming into me with such force it moves me on the bed. I loved having Connor’s fat balls whacking against my butt while his thick cock fucked my little ass really good. I loved sitting on his lap and kissing him after we both cummed, his cock holding me in place while we hugged and kissed. My whole family knew how much I loved being with him and allowed me to have quite a bit of time with Connor; like every night. Sure, Connor fucked everybody else too. He start with someone and fuck them good but he always came to our bed to sleep. I loved the sound of that; “our Bed”. Connor was quickly becoming my boyfriend, for that is how I thought about him. I’d never had one before so it was all new to me and I think my parents and at least Buddy understood that. They didn’t tease me about it either. The next morning before he left for the airport Connor and I agreed on some hand signals to let him know how things went when me and Martin were alone. A should shrug meant I had nothing. A hand wiggle meant we’d talked about nakedness and Martin might be willing to try it. A big grin meant that Martin was most likely open to having sex with his dad, even if it was only jacking off. “I promise that I won’t try and do anything with him Connor. You really should be his first boy.” So it all went according to our plan and just like when we first met Connor the whole family was in on it. When I asked to show Martin the house Connor said to go ahead. Martin and I talked basic boy stuff as I took him on a tour of the house. “This is my room,” I told him then just peeled my speedo off. I didn’t just stand there but took a towel out of the bathroom I shared with Connor and went about drying myself off. Martin watched for minute then the talk began. “You really do go naked in front of your whole family,” and I nodded my head and said sure. “Gosh I wouldn’t be able to not get a boner Zack,” he said. “It’s no big deal Martin, nobody cares about boners except that they look cool.” He made a comment about staring. “New people do stare but after about 4 minutes you don’t do it any more unless someone new comes along, like when your dad first went naked with us. Besides nobody cares if you stare. You can stare at me all you want right now if you want to.” Martin then took a moment to look right at my boy stuff so I stood still and let him. “Does my dad, uuhhm, does he…” “Have a nice dick?” Martin nodded his head. “Your dad has an awesome cock. It’s big and thick and when it’s hard it’s huge,” I told him, my little heart starting to race thinking about getting fucked by Connor. “You’ve seen it hard?” “Well, yeah. He got hard the first time we were naked and then when…” and I stopped. It wasn’t on purpose; honestly I got a little excited and it slipped out. “What Zack? You were going to say something.” “I shouldn’t,” I said. I was just standing there naked in front of him. Martin made another little glance at my cock and my balls but didn’t stare. “What were you going to say? It sounded like you were gonna say he got hard another time or maybe more times when something happened. “You gotta promise me Martin. You can’t let him know I said anything, okay?” He nodded his head. “Plus,” I paused and he said what. “You have not think bad about your dad when I tell you. Promise me Martin.” After he swore to God I told him. “Sometimes, we like, touch each other and stuff. When your dad stayed down here before he moved he slept in my bed and I ended up coming in to sleep with him cuz my brother snores really loud. We lived in a much smaller house then. Anyway, when I snuggled up to him I could feel his big cock against my butt and I couldn’t help reaching behind me to feel it in his underwear. I took my pajamas off and slept naked with him and in the morning he saw me naked with my cock hard. He was hard in his underwear too. Then the next night…” “Hey squirt have you… Oh sorry I didn’t know you had company,” my brother Buddy said as he came through my open bedroom door. He was totally naked, his cock swinging around as he walked. Martin stared at his dick for a second. “This is my brother Buddy, this is Martin,” kocaeli escort bayan I said and they shook hands. Buddy welcomed Martin then asked if I’d seen his speedo and I hadn’t. Of course that whole thing was planned. “The next night what,” Martin said after Buddy left. “Oh man Martin, you can’t tell,” I said. “I won’t I won’t, what happened?” I smiled to myself because he was way interested. “I went to his bed again only I went naked and when I got in he was naked too. And he was awake. I backed into him and felt his big naked cock on my bare butt. God Martin I got so hard. He had his arm around my belly just holding me loose like and I took it and put it on my hard cock. It felt soooo good having him touch me. I felt your dad’s cock get hard behind me and push against me. We ended up playing with each other’s boners and sucking them and he made me cum then I jacked him off and made his sperm shoot out.” “Gosh Zack you got a boner,” Martin said and in fact I certainly did. I told him I got way hot just thinking about it, obviously. He stared at my dick then said he still had his skin too. “Oh man I gotta jack off Martin,” I said and took hold of my cock and stroked it a couple times. “You want me to go?” “No, you can stay and watch if you want to. It’s hot when someone watches me jack off.” He nodded his head so I closed my door and lay on my bed and he sat on the edge. It was hot as hell having Martin watch me beat off. He was such an awesome cute boy with amazing eyes. I could just stare at his eyes forever. I could tell that Martin had a boner in his jeans cuz he kept pushing at it while I beat off. I finally cummed then relaxed on the bed and caught my breath. “I never seen anybody jack off before,” Martin said. I asked if he did it and grinned and said yes. I finally got dressed then stopped and looked at him. “You know maybe you could practice being naked in your apartment when it’s just you and your dad. That way you could maybe start to get used to it.” He nodded his head then said, “Any maybe you could come up and be naked too and I’d get used to it around other people. I don’t know about your sisters though Zack or your mom. Oh man, having girls see me naked would give me a boner from hell.” I laughed. “My sisters are dying to see you naked Martin and if you got a boner they’d probably want to play with it or something. Come on; let’s go downstairs. Martin Speaks: Seeing those kids naked I almost died then when dad explained it to me and said he went naked with them I almost died again. I had wanted to see my dad naked for the longest time and it got even worse when my dick and stuff started growing. I wondered how big he was, what he was like when he had a boner or if he even got boners. I didn’t know. Then hearing what Zack said about my dad’s cock and how big it was and what it was like hard I felt my belly sort of tingle. I swear that when he said he touched my dad’s cock and dad touched Zack’s dick, my own dick went to full on boner in seconds. And they sucked each other! My god they sucked each other’s cocks and my dad shot his sperm for Zack. I wanted him to shoot his sperm for me too and I wanted to shoot my sperm for him. Having my dad watch me squirt made my dick throb. I wondered if dad and Zack had done stuff more than once, I wondered if they did more stuff like kissing and stuff and maybe even fucking. I wanted to do those things with my dad; I wanted him to do them to me. The idea of him sucking my cock had made me cum so many times when I jacked off which was almost every day. Watching Zack do it right in front of me had been the coolest thing. I’d never seen another boy do that so it was exciting for me. I had a huge boner in my jeans and I really wanted to take my clothes off and lay next to the way cute boy and jack my own cock off in front of him but I was too scared to do it. I did decide to take Zack’s advice and go naked in our apartment. I hoped I could get my dad to do it too and if Zack came up and was naked with us that would be all the better. I found myself wanting to do stuff with Zack too. God he was so fucking cute. Buddy was cute too and I was totally shocked when he came in Zack’s room completely naked and his cock bouncing around. I had never seen a boy that old naked before. His cock was bigger and his balls hung lower and he had more hairs than any of the boys my age that I’d seen and those weren’t many. As we headed back downstairs I thought about how to get my dad and me back to our apartment. And for just a second I thought back to the last thing that Zack had said, about his sisters probably wanting to play with my boner if they saw it. I didn’t have a lot of interest in girls but seeing April’s pussy slit in her swim suit was sort of changing that for me. Back to Connor: The second I saw Zack’s big grin I knew things had gone the way I wanted them too. I really wanted to hear from Zack what had taken place but I couldn’t just go off with him. Martin snuggled up to me when we got together outside in the shade while Brad was detailing the Austin. “So, do you wanna go shop for a speedo kiddo?” My son responded with a resounding yes. “You come with Zack?” Before the little guy could even respond Martin was encouraging to come with us. Brad told me the best place to shop and how to get there so we headed to my 280 since the keys were already in it. In fact we rarely took the keys out of the cars. Within 15 minutes I was on the freeway ramp headed for the other side of town. Talk was light as we drove, not focused on anything in particular. We pulled off the freeway and into the parking lot of a stand-alone store called Swim World, a 2 story lots of glass kind of place. Inside we managed to find the speedo section for boys and a very cute but helpful sales clerk who was wearing a speedo, and very nicely I might add. Martin picked out a couple pair and went into the changing room. “He’s really interested Connor,” Zack whispered as soon as Martin was in the room. I told him we touched each other and sucked each other but got him to promise not to tell you that I told him. It was a perfectly natural conversation, trust me. Your son wants to be naked with you Connor so I suggested he wander around the apartment naked to get used to. He suggested that maybe I could come up and be naked too so he could get used being around others naked but he’s scared to death for my sisters or my mom to see him naked cuz he’s afraid that he’ll bone up.” Martin called me into the room a few minutes later. He was wearing a red speedo and wanted to know how it looked. It looked like my little boy wasn’t a little boy any more. The bulge in the suit was quite noticeable. I told him they looked great on him. “Let me try the other pair on dad.” That said he turned away from me and quickly tugged the speedo off and grabbed the other one and stepped into it. In the process I easily saw his smooth hanging balls and they hung pretty damned good. His ass was to die for too I might add. The second speedo was a light green with a design in the fabric. He turned and modeled them for me. “Honestly they both look good on you son.” He said he liked the red ones better mostly because of the color. He peeled the green ones off without turning around that time and I got my first glimpse of my growing boy. Martin looked much like me when I was that age. His cock was moderately thick and looked about 6 inches or so long, the head barely peeking out of the foreskin. I saw his hairs, not a whole lot of them, some kind of long right at the base of his cock but mostly shorty’s. And of course I saw his totally hairless balls. The boy was definitely bigger than average. The peek I got was short, not 4 seconds but it was enough. He tugged on the red ones on again and turned around in them. “It sure shows off my butt and my penis doesn’t it?” “Sure as hell does son, quite nicely I might add.” He gave me a grin and said thanks. I started to get up so he could change but he stopped me. “You don’t have to leave dad. I don’t mind you seeing me naked.” I shrugged my shoulders and sat on the bench and watched my son peel the speedos off and set them down. “I was going to show you my hairs anyway,” he said and stood directly in front of me with his shirt pulled up out of the way, his delicious boy parts less than 2 feet from my face. “You are definitely growing up son,” I whispered. I reached out and rubbed a finger through his sparse little hairs. “Very soft feeling. You’ve gotten quite large in the cock and balls department too I see.” Despite the fact that the only other dressing room was empty I till spoke very softly. “Yeah, it’s six inches when it’s hard,” he said proudly then added, “which seems to be a lot lately. “No doubt baby boy, no doubt. I’m sure you’re figured out how to fix that though.” He giggled and nodded his head. “I’m making sperm now too dad. I’ll show you later if you want me to.” My heart skipped a beat. My boy wanted to jack off in front of me. I said that would be fine if he wanted to.” “Will you do it too dad, with me I mean?” I nodded my head and said yes if that was what he wanted. My son leaned into me and hugged me tightly and I damn sure hugged him right back. “Daddy, you’re the best,” he said. Martin finally got dressed, although not hurriedly, and we went out and paid for the red one. “Is anybody else getting hungry,” Zacky asked. We ended up a place what was part of a local chain where I had a Reuben and the boys both had burgers. Again, talk kocaeli escort was light. Zack and Martin compared notes on school, classes, school jerks and the like. I just listened. We were back at the house an hour or so later and Martin told Zack he was going to try out his new speedos so Zack said he’d meet him downstairs. Martin wanted to know if I was going to swim with them so I said sure. Surprisingly my son followed me into my room to change so we both stripped down together. When I dropped my briefs Martin just plain stared and I simply stood still for him. He stepped closer to me. “God dad you’re huge,” he exclaimed with awe in his voice. “You balls are so big too but they’re smooth, like mine. And your hair patch is small too. I guess you shave down there.” I was busy staring at my son’s crotch, taking in that which made him boy. He was definitely worth looking at and I was dying to see him hard. His body was so slender and well defined I wanted to run my hands all over him. “How come you left my foreskin on daddy,” he asked. I explained that there was no real reason to cut it off and wished that I still had mine. “I see that Zack and Buddy both have theirs.” He was quiet for a moment and we both stood still. “Zack beat off in front of me when we were upstairs. He got a boner talking about stuff and said he needed to. I asked if I should leave and he said not unless I wanted to. I didn’t daddy, I wanted to watch him do it. I’ve never seen another boy do it and I wanted to. Is that bad of me to want to do that daddy, watch another boy jacking off?” “No son, not at all. Most boys like watching other boys jack off and they often do it together. What did you think about it?” “I got real hard,” he whispered and stared at the floor. “I wanted to do it too but I was too chicken.” “Well, maybe we can do it together after we swim, how would that be?” Martin perked up considerably and said it would be great. We got our speedos on and adjusted, Martin commented again on how big I looked and I told him that he looked pretty big too for a boy his age and he beamed with pride. Cock size is important to a boy. We went down the stairs off my deck and over to the pool and dove in, coming up alongside Zack. “How does it fit Martin; do you like it” My son responded that the speedo was fine. He said it was a little weird because it was like his stuff was sticking out but since there was no one else to see it, it was okay. The boys moved to the shallow end so Zack could check him out and declared that he looked hot. “Looks like you got a nice one in there Martin,” he said, “I can hardly wait to see it.” My son giggled. “I guess I owe you a viewing don’t I?” I did some laps while the boys goofed around, used the slide and the diving board, then I climbed out and flopped onto a chaise lounge. I watched Martin whenever he came by me, impressed and proud with how he filled a speedo out. And his butt! My god the speedo hugged his ass so tightly and when it was wet the fabric clung to his flesh and sunk into his crack which highlighted each fantastic globe. I knew that he’d come around and end up going naked with the rest of the crew, knew he’d get hard as a rock the first time he and the girls saw each other and I knew that most likely he’d fuck them. The idea of seeing my hot son driving his almost hairless cock in and out of either Sydney or April made my dick start to harden. That was going to be a treat beyond measure and it made me start to get hard just thinking about watching my boy fuck his first girl, a hairless girl at that. About an hour after hitting the pool Martin said he was ready to go inside to cool down. The outside temperature was mid 90’s which was fine while you were in the water but out of it, not so much. “I’m kinda tired and maybe want to lay down or something.” “I take naps sometimes too,” Zack chimed it so maybe I’ll do that and see you guys later. “Well why don’t you come over in an hour or so, maybe an hour and a half,” Martin said, then he asked me if it was okay. I gave my blessing and we headed back to the apartment. “We should shower and rinse our suits out then hang them or toss them in the dryer son,” I said. “Can we take a shower together,” he asked; I said sure. In my bathroom we peeled the speedos off and I got the water going in the shower stall then we stepped in. It wasn’t real big but it certainly accommodated the two of us. We got the suits rinsed and wrung as dry as possible then tossed them onto the bathroom counter. I caught my son catching glances at my crotch the entire time so decided to give him a chance to investigate it to his hearts delight. Of course that meant that I’d explore his as well. “How about you let me wash you Martin,” I suggested and got a big head nod along with an Okay. I washed his hair and gently washed his face then started at the shoulders, which was where the moaning started also. I massaged him deeply across his narrow shoulders, noticing the growing muscle of a teenaged boy. I worked down his body and spend a moment using my thumbs at the small of his back. “Do you want me to continue,” I asked in a soft voice. “Yes,” my son responded in a whisper. I reached around him for the soap and while I only got a glimpse of him it was clear that he was full on hard. I soaped my hands and dropped to my knees so was eye to eye with his truly magnificent butt. Slender, yes, but bubbly without protruding too much. It was enough that it sort of pressed the orbs together. The “Y” of his tailbone at the top of his cleavage highly indented, as were the dimples on the sides of his glorious butt cheeks. As I began to run my soapy hands over his butt Martin moved one foot farther out which gave me a beautiful view of the underside of his smooth balls. I was surprised at how far his sac hung, not remembering whether mine had done that or not when I was his age. “Mmm that feels good daddy,” my son said, his voice a little deeper. I took the chance and washed inside his thigh, pushing at his balls with my finger tip then grazing his puckered core on the way back out. I ran my hand back and forth a couple of times, the finger tips pressing slightly on his boy hole. “Oh gosh daddy,” he moaned, “that feels so good.” I swapped hands and did the other thigh and worked his wrinkled muscled even more which got me more moans. “Do you want me to do your front as well Martin,” I asked and he nodded his head and started to turn around. “No, don’t move son, I’ll get you front here.” I soaped my hands again and snuggled up behind him. Before I could even reach my arms around him Martin gasped. “My gosh daddy, you’re so hard. Your boner is pushing against me.” I knew that; it’s why I elected to wash my son in that manner, so that he could feel me against his terrific butt. He reached around to put his hand between us so I move enough for him to take hold of my hard cock, the cock that helped produce him. He gently squeezed up and down the length of me as I reached around and began washing his chest, his belly, and down onto his pubic bone and new grown moss. He took his hand away but left it on my hip. “Do you want wash your own stuff?” “Nooooo,” he hissed, shaking his head, “I want you to do it. Please daddy you do it.” I re-soaped my hands then put them on his pubic bone and ran them both down along his inner thighs and on the way back out one hand cupped his sagging young balls. The other hand swiped again then came back and took over the balls then both hands went to work, tugging and squeezing them in the washing process. And then it was time. Both hands moved to encircle my 13 year old son’s raging boner. “Ohh god, ohh yes daddy,” he moaned and pressed his body against mine even harder. I felt up the length of him until I got to the end. I pushed his foreskin over the swollen cock head and did a quick soap then pulled it back, exposing his sensitive flesh. I gently worked my soapy and all over the head, twisting my hand around it like I was unscrewing a bottle cap. Martin’s knees went weak so I braced him with an arm across his chest while the other hand continued to work his cock and his balls. My own cock was raging so hard that if I’d pressed against his tender little butt much more I would have anointed it in my sperm. Reluctantly I let go of my son and before I could get him back under the spray he was in my arms, first hugging me rising up on his toes to kiss me. I lowered my head and he pressed his mouth against mine and kissed me force. I opened my mouth which caused Martin to open his and a second later I felt his tongue probing at my teeth. I held him while we kissed, rubbing his back but also finally getting to feel and knead his glorious butt. God what an ass that kid had. “God daddy I’ve wanted to do this forever,” he said in a hoarse voice, “I wanted you to touch me and to kiss me just like that. He spoked in a soft voice and was still holding me. “You know what else I’ve wanted to do?” He didn’t wait for answer but dropped to his knees, pulled my cock down and put his mouth over the head and began to suckle. I felt my own knees go weak as I looked down on my adorably cute baby boy; face upturned slightly, eyes closed and sucking my cock. My boy was sucking his daddy’s cock. I felt a thrill race through me just thinking about it. I had never harbored any desires to be with Martin, at least not consciously, but after being with Brad’s kids I began to wonder what it would be like. Now I knew. Martin stopped and stood up and engaged me in a mouth to mouth kiss once again. “Can you take me to your bed daddy? Can you love on me in your bed?” Cogito ergo sum *** I think, therefor I am I think it’s time for you dear reader to make a monetary contribution to today in the interest of helping preserve free fty/donate.html

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