But not if you’re under 18 years old etc. This is experimental adult fiction. No similarity to any real human beings, alive or dead, is intended in the following story. It is, to repeat, fictive in nature, beginning to end. If this is not clear to you now, please close this file and go elsewhere. No-one under the age of 18 is or was involved in the following fiction, nor should be involved in reading the following fiction. I have done everything I can think of to close this book for the wrong readers. OK?


Interesting, the things an adult might pick up. Not sure they’re always true, till you really look into them for yourself, actually investigate, or have first-hand rather than second-hand experience.

What I read somewhere had to do with the claim, if you’re interested, that black guys — big, muscular, built like brick shit-houses, black guys — were not only wearing bikinis under their tight pants. They were wearing pink panties.

WTF, right? Hard to accept — even harder to escape the mental, gay-porn image. Real big, long and thick — bulging dicks, lying across their groins, pushing at the waist-bands, tip of the foreskin maybe appearing, above girlish pink panties, the kind you associate maybe with gays? Damn.

So it was the sort of thing you’d check to see if it had been just a gay turn-on. Sure, there was another way. Later for that. Research via the Internet, first, and I don’t mean Google videos, staged or photoshopped as those might well be. Sure — basic racist appeal to the stereotypical big back cock, right? Coming from — maybe — fantasies allegedly coming from experienced people, mostly women, who claimed — maybe — to have seen them when the trousers came down. H’mm. Hard for even a straight guy to escape just, you know, quick checking the packages, swift look for panty-line maybe line crossing round ass-muscles. Well? See anything? Your own cock — admit it — feeling the first stirring. What if…!

So eventually, you have to take the next step. Glory-hole in an adult bookstore, next to a cubicle that a big black guy has just entered. Stoop down, look thro, see what you can see in the light of the movie screen, see if you can see what’s showing in the movie. Listen for the zipper, watch what’s appearing: bulging, thick, half-drooping, long. Velvety, purplish-black and pink around the mushroom head. Yeah… Pink panties visible? Or just a cock turning in your direction, presented through the glory-hole so it’s time maybe to answer the actual call, open your lips, suck in what you can manage. And get your fingers down the shaft to the tight curls, see if you can feel or see what the big guy is wearing. Bikinis? Boxers? Secondary to what you’re actually gobbling, letting it get deeper and deeper, deep-throating you with the thick, long, hot shaft throbbing in your mouth, getting down past your old gag reflex, so you get it right in the throat, give it room, feel it twitch, twitch, and then, yes, gush that wel-known warm and thick fluid and you hold on as it comes and comes till the big cock begins to sag and shrink, withdrawing with a slurp-pop from your rounded lips. Oh-kay…

No chance of the big black guy doing turnabout as fair play. Macho man, pure top. You’re a bottom, at least for now, white boy queer sucking a big fat black cock. The way of the world, as is, right? And yes, one swallow doesn’t make a truth. Anecdotal. You’re maybe gonna go glory-hole hunting in the ‘hood, or up next to the truck-stop on the Interstate, hoping you’ll get enough chances to find out from direct experience — if there’s anything to the rumor beyond fantasy. You’re gonna let it go, masturbate in your own pink bikinis over the video-image in your head? Safest thing, obviously. Not just possible violence — disease, obviously. But who’s gonna settle for their cock, condom-wrapped cock, getting sucked off right? Not your basic muscular black top, who’s got a macho self-image to protect, the furthest thing from coming out to personal gayness! No way that guy is sucking you off, turnabout maybe being fair play, but it’s just not gonna happen. Married guy in sexless marriage, sure. He’s usually so desperate for cock-sucking, fucking of any kind, he’ll take it in the mouth and even up the ass if necessary to get laid somehow, and he’ll come, gasping, no matter which way he gets off or gets you off as part of your deal. As I’ve personally found to be true. So of course, like any good investigator, you need to gather some more data on who’s wearing the pink panties — cotton or whatever, satiny, spandex could be. interesting, Am I right?

Next muscular black guy who nodded towards the cubicles, I went right into his, and got on my knees for him, unzipping his package to check what we had here. Trousers down, he was wearing bikinis, alright. And bingo, guess what? In the available light — they were indeed pink.! So I wrapped my fingers around the base of his thick cock, cupped his balls .with my other hand — cotton undies, not silky — and we Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort proceeded with what he got me in there for. Five minutes of taking as much as possible — damn, he lived up to the stereotype! — and he unloaded a gusher down my throat. I choked it down, gasping, pulled his panties back in place, tight, patted them farewell — might not get them again, right? — zipped him up, and got to my feet.

Damn if he didn’t stoop down, and get my soft little white cock into his hot and ready mouth…! Turnaround really is fair play? Damn! So I got hard for him, obediently, and came in his mouth in return for his letting me pleasure him. And he really was good at sucking cock, too, licked me all clean, after I came down his hot throat, restored me to my pants, and held on to me for

an unusual minute or two before letting go. We were both smiling by them. What do you know — mutual gayness! No gay-dar in operation earlier on!

Be damned. We kissed, his mouth and mine probably tasting about the same from all that come — and he whispered, “Gonna be back here sometime? Or you got another place we can meet for a little mutual ass-fucking?” I grinned, kissing his cheek as I squeezed his long, zipped-in bulge. “Let’s get over to my place, right now,” I said. His eyes widened, and he nodded happily. “Take both cars?” “Follow me.” And so he did, and so we did.

My cock loved his tight, hot ass-channel, but his dick was a bit thick going up inside me, even after he’d rimmed me into relaxing as much as I could, nervous about him splitting my ass apart. What can you do? Every sphincter is different, so they say. So after I let him go ahead and hard-bang me until he exploded up my ass till we both came, I basically dozed off as he got dressed, leaving me his pink panties as a souvenir, for then anyway. Not the end — far from it!

OK, then I really am a bit of a cum-slut. I accept that. The results of my research so far just confirmed what I’d read. A bit more reading — seemed most black guys who wore pink bikinis claimed to be studs, did it for the cotton comfort and how they looked, big bulge sagging outwards when the cock inside is long and soft, following a good fuck or blow-job.!

H’m. Seemed white gals OK’d this. A few pink-panty-wearers admitted to liking being sucked off by guys as well as by girls, while wearing their panties. Alright. who doesn’t like a hot mouth around your cock, no matter whose kind of hot mouth it is? And of course, the other guys had to either be stuck in the closet or claiming just bi-curiosity. Yeah, right. Bisexual, OK. Bi- curious after the first time you’ve returned the favor to the guy who sucked you off? Bullshit.

Y’know, I’d rather suck a real expert, like a full-on gay brother. My new boyfriend, of course, from the glory-hole adventure and the follow-up in my place, I bought him some nice panties in return for his gift. He looked like the stud he certainly was, in them. His cock had to be at least ten inches, hard, an impressive bulky rod in his panties even when soft. So fucking big! Ooh!

My gay buddies were of course jealous of my luck. He grinned and said luck had nothing to do with my cock-sucking. It was practice that made me his perfect slut. And since we were both sort of sluts, we got to share our lucky nights, sometimes in nice little threesomes, sometimes in separate adventures we reported back to one another in bed, slowly jerking off or gently sucking one another, listening to the stories — embellished on both sides, I’m sure. Anything to keep your baby happy, am I right?

Even went along to a party with him, got triple-penetration — two up the ass or mouth, one in the other hole, in front of him, his eyes bulging at the number — and sizes — of cocks I could take for his viewing pleasure Not like I was a first-timer! In fact, naturally, I loved showing off to him, on my back with my legs up around some other guy’s neck, him deep up my asshole, both of us fuckers grunting and gasping as we came together, my head tilted back to suck some other guy — maybe my baby — standing behind me. As I told y!ou — I’m an expert cock-sucker and a cum-slut both. Love cock, either end.!

He did too. First time I saw his big dick in one mouth while he spread his ass-cheeks for another good ole buddy, I came, just watching, almost no hands. Well, yeah, I sure, I did jerk off — I was lying just now, making up details for you, Frankie-girl. What a fuck I’d found! And — of course — I kept checking for actual pink panties, and found enough that the initial stories were confirmed, in spades, if that’s OK to say. But I have to admit, I got spoiled by black cock. Maybe it’s not true what they say, but it was in my case: “Once you go black, you’ll never go back.” I just love big, thick, long cock — I didn’t find it nearly so often among my white fucks as I do almost every night among my black fucks, what can I say? No more to add, except go ahead baby, put it in one of my available holes, even if we’re both skinny white queers, am I right? Now! Do me quick, babe! Oh, nice little fuck! You enjoyed yourself on my story-telling t!ime, Frankie-doll?!

More later — he’s at the door, and my cock automatically twitched at what he’s gonna put in me soon enough, mouth. ass, whichever. Stick around, mentally anyway – wish you were here — think about our fucking, if it turns you on to jerk off to ebony-and-ivory, OK? Enjoy, buddy — I’ll be thinking fondly about your skinny little white dick too. And good luck cock-hunting tonight, OK? I hope you get as lucky in a glory-hole cubicle as I did. My boyfriend is the best dick I ever fucked or who ever fucked my stretched wide, narrow white ass. Don’t tell anyone — it really was luck as much as skill and curiosity that did the trick for me. I’ve gone down on many’s the cock, turned around to take it up the ass as often. But my baby has the sweetest, biggest, longest dick I’ve ever even looked at.

Don’t believe me, it’s your loss. Come join us in a threesome sometime, you won’t go back either, stone guaranteed. Being total homo is the best, and it just gets better with the right cock and the right guy. I wouldn’t know about the alternative — I got turned out young, back when I guess I was just a teenager, with only a patch of black hair around my naked cock, jerking off more than I was even trying to get fucked. The guy who got my long-gone cherry had fun, I think. For sure, I didn’t object! Ah well. You sort of got me going, my little girlie boy… Here he comes, and I just got on my pink spandex panties, plus a silky blouse, the way he likes. I wonder what he’s got on. Soon find out when I unzip him, right? My mouth is watering. He likes to surprise me sometimes. Second or third big cock for me to play around on…

Hey, I got an idea, gorgeous. . Why not stick around? Little threesome surprise for baby… He always likes surprises, he’s brought home one or two for me now and then. You wanna be his second skinny white girly ass for tonight? Wanna wear a dress and lipstick, fancy long stockings, black lacy garter-belt and panties, and go down on me in front of him, then turn your ass up and out for his long cock? He’s up for it — always. I promise, he will give you such an enormous fuck, you’ll be gasping before he’s finished hammering your soft little ass-hole, lubed up though he’ll make sure it is — or I’ll lube you myself for him with my tongue. Just have your mouth wide open for my cock too, or his if he insists, huge like you won’t believe you’re gonna find it! He’s what you’ve been looking for all your life, girlie! He’s the best, I swear. Go on in the bedroom, check out what’s in the dresser and the closet just waiting for you, all kinds of panties, nice garter belts, dresses, skirts, and come on back once you hear him in the apartment. Go on!

Hey Robbie – I got a nice new surprise for you… Hey, Frankie-girl? Come on in! Boy-cunt under the skirt? Yes, baby. Got a sweet little mouth too, long curly tongue for licking you off and for sucking your ass too, if you’d like. Wanna watch him go down on my ass first? Or I’ll rim his pretty rosebud just for you, baby? Maybe we’ll fist his ass-cunt later, what do you think? He thinks he’s up for a fuck. Let’s show your monster to him. Hah! Gotcha, Frankie-boy! We’re t!alking shock and awe, honey-babies!!

Now you got the little guy in pure girly lust and fear, my darling. Biggest fucking cock he’s ever seen, right? I swear!

We’ve been talking, I was boasting a bit, he got turned on for sure. Of course! He’s wet all over, way up the ass-hole, honey. Yes, I let him suck my little white prick, I did suck him off, yes, sweetie. Was that OK? I always got more for you, and my mouth is hot and slippery from his come now. Wanna taste? Here you are, darling. Mmmm. You been sucking some other black guy, is that what I taste? Tell me all about it while we fuck girly here. Frankie-boy doesn’t believe how much fun we have together, sweetheart. Poor little bastard has an even smaller dick than mine! Real white-boy queer, honey — he’s gonna be whiing and

whimpering before you get halfway up his ass with that big brute of a cock you’ve got in your p!ink cotton bikinis…!

OK, let me peel those pink panties down, slow. See that mushroom head, Frankie-cunt? It’s gonna squirt up you, and in your throat if he feels like it, in your ass maybe, all over your belly or your face. Up to my baby how he fucks you. I’ll join in, sure. My white boy cock will be such a relief for you after that fuck-pole he’s getting ready to stick up your ass right now. Oh yeah, put your ass ‘way up in the air, that’s right. Legs spread. Bend your knees up to your chest — get your hands down below, pull your ass-cheeks wide… Wider, honey. Wider. You think you can handle Robbie’s big cock now?!

Gotta say, you do take it well, kid. Don’t he, babe? Sucking me off real slow while you was fucking his brains out. We gonna have Frankie-girl around for a bit? He’s not going anywhere! Which of us is gonna fuck him in the mouth again, while the other one gets up that big gaping asshole? Wanna put his girly clothes on again, then, strip him down, rip his lacy black panties off him and fuck him while he squeals for more from both of us? I sort of like the idea. Wanna call up Ronnie, so our Frankie-boy can try to fuck and suck two big black cocks at the same time? Turn him out, I say — breed the bitch good! Whose slut is he gonna be by next week, you think? Look, he’s terrified! My cock’s not bad for a white dude, but it’s nowhere as big as yours or Ronnie’s! Gotta tell you, I love the size of yours, what it always does to me!

Maybe Frankie-baby’s gonna want a rest, just get fucked by your little honey-babe while you guys roll a couple of joints and we’ll get ready to put on a show for both of you. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that, p!ersonally. Thanks, big guy. Geez, that’s good reefer! Wanna watch me do him? Here I go…!

Wish you hadn’t come here, huh. You fucking bitch? And hadn’t put on those girly clothes for us, huh? Once you advertise you’re a girly slut, you have to know you’re gonna get fucked up the ass til it’s stretched wide enough we can fist you easy! Oh — didn’t expect that idea, huh? Still getting your breath back? Come on, gimme a kiss, Frankie-love. Let me suck on your soft mouth, a bit. You giving in to this girly, eh, Ronnie? Let it go, sweetie-pie. You’re not a guy any more, Frankie-honey. You really are a girly, aren’t you?

But that’s OK, sweetie. Some of us can be tops some nights, bottoms others. You, sweetheart, are just a bottom, pure and simple. Made to roll over, stick your ass up in the air, take cock up the ass-tube. Suck dick any time it’s offered — one after another if that’s available. Swish around for your two big guys and me, now — show off your girly butt, it’s really you. Ask for a nipple nibble on your tiny tits. Stretch your skinny body. Show off your smooth little belly, Come on now — offer a blow-job to any of us guys who’s got a stiff dick. Get your knees up in the air, over Robbie’s shoulders, wider! Wider! Legs real wide for hot cock. We like that, honey. Just call you up, tell you to put on your lady panties and skirt, do your makeup, waltz over here in your high heels, and be ready to suck a big dick and be fucked as soon as you walk in the door. That’s your life, baby. Get used to it. You’re my cum-dump too, you’re my Robbie’s, Ronnie’s too when he comes over, Little fucking s!lut. Love your fuck life, don’t you?

Hey, guys, ready to go again? Can I have another toke and watch you fuck our girly boy for a while before I join in…? Or you gonna breed me in front of him? You know I can bottom as well as top, depending. Cocks your size, I’m a bottom at once, any old time, fellas! You know that, y!ou big darlings…!!

But I gotta take a nap with my girly-girl for a while. Lock the door behind you, honeys. I am so fucked…!


No, they left. Be back soon… Scare you with those gigantic cocks, huh? Hey — wanna go shopping for some nice undies by yourself? No problem. Here, here’s some plastic. Let me see the results, later. OK? Before you go — I think I’ve earned a nice little blow-job, don’t you? That’s it. I really like the way you look up into my eyes when you run your tongue all around my shaft, up and down… Real confident about your cock-sucking skills, aren’t you? God, that feels good… OK, turn around. You know what you’re getting right now, don’t you? Right. Down with the panties, Spread, wider. And here it comes, nicely lubed up with your sweet saliva, right. God, you’re wide open now. Somebody been fucking you a bit, huh? Steady. Steady. God, I’m…going to… come… Right up inside you! Now! Now! Now! Ahhh…!

You really are a nice little fuck, kid. Sweet asshole you’ve got there. Sure you don’t want Robbie up you, bang you for a few minutes, stretch you a little bit more..? I’m enough for you, huh? That big black dick really did scare you just a bit, eh? OK, baby. Bad man not gonna come, get your ass… Let me lick out that come, babe, clean up your asshole. Damn, you taste good. Wanna lick my cock too? There you go — get your mouth down the shaft, that’s right. I might come again, you keep that up! Fact, I think I do have a little juice left over… There you go — lick it all clean. Who’s your daddy, you little cum-slut? That’s right. Me.

Now get your panties — where did they go? Over that arm-chair, you silly little bitch…! OK, you look great. See you later. And don’t you go maxing out that card, or I’ll have to spank you. And we both know how you’d like me to mark your sweet little narrow ass up — a bit red, maybe a bit welted, huh?! Nice jacket. Turn around twice. Yup, you look good. I like black dresses on you, Frankie- honey. Shows off your long blonde hair. See you around supper time. Bye. Don’t go sucking off the nice shop assistant in the back room, alright? Yes, I’ll check to see if you’ve got any fresh come in your mouth when you come back! Alright, get out of here before I change my mind and bend you over the couch and fuck you again! Bye, I said!!

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