Love in Tragedy Part II


Daddy sat me down on the counter in the bathroom, as he turned the shower on. I leaned back and jumped slightly at the feeling the cold glass of the mirror against my burning skin. My breath had still not caught up with me and everything seemed as if it was going in slow motion. I imagined this is what it felt like to be a firework. “Hot, warm or cold,” my daddy turned and asked me. “Warm is good,” I told him, still unable to get the smile off of my face. “Though cold might be good as well.” “Well let’s start with warm and then if its too warm, we can switch it to cold,” he suggested, pulling his clothes off of his body. I had not realized, until now, that neither one of us had removed anything we were wearing for the events which took place downstairs. It was in that moment that I truly looked şişli escort bayan over my daddy’s body. He was a tall man, standing roughly at 6’3’’. I was not sure how to estimate how much he weighed, but he was very well kept. He was not skinny, nor was he fat and he had a good amount of muscle. He had worked construction for a lot of his life, which I am sure was what kept him in shape. Then there was his cock, which even now, soft between his legs, was big to my eyes. To be honest, I had seen cocks in photos and in a couple pornos that I had watched with friends, but I had never seen one quite like my father’s. It was perfect, at least to my definition of the word and I hoped that tonight was not going to be the last time I would get to experience it. Once the shower was good mecidiyeköy escort bayan and going, daddy made his way back over to me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard on the lips. My heart beat just as fast this time as it did the first time he kissed me. “I forgot to tell you how sexy you look in this,” he informed me, holding me back slightly to examine my breasts. “It was Mommy’s,” I told him, hanging my head down. “I know,” he smiled, running his hands down the sides of the silky fabric. “But you want to know something?” “What?” I asked him, looking back up and locking eyes with him. “She never once wore it,” he informed me. For a moment, my heart sank. I had tried so hard to be this person for my daddy and I had failed. I had not even worn an outfit escort şişli of hers. “But that is good,” he added. “Your mom never really liked any of that stuff. When I bought that for her, she just kind of rolled her eyes at me.” “Why didn’t she like it?” I asked him. “She just didn’t like wearing sexy things or doing anything sexual at all for that matter,” he informed me. “I loved your mother so much and I miss her just as much, but she was not this. She was not you.” “I am sorry,” I cried, tears beginning to fall down my cheeks. “I thought I was giving you what you wanted.” “You are,” he smiled, holding my head up and kissing away my tears. “I don’t want you to be your mother. I want you to be you, because you are amazing.” “Really?” I asked him, trying to stop the tears. “Do you still want me?” “Of course I still want you,” he laughed, bringing his lips to mine and kissing me hard. He didn’t stop kissing me, instead, with out lips locked together, he pulled the straps of the negligee off my body and as I stood up, the outfit fell to the floor around my feet.

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