Maddie in Cancún Ch. 03


The hot water felt good on Maddie’s body as she took her time lathering herself….. cleaning every inch of her body…. all of a sudden an uncontrollable urge came over Maddie as she was lathering her breasts and nipples……soaping her pussy .

She allowed a finger to tease her clit a little….. soon she slipped a finger slowly inside herself….. then two…. “Ooooooh,” she moaned aloud… the steam made her light headed as she stroked her clit with one hand and squeezed her breast with the other…….. “Mmmmmm,” she was so hot….so horny…

She thought of Sam and planned to meet him again. She shaved her legs, under her arms, and her pussy making sure it was completely bald and she applied a lightly scented lotion all over.

Out of the shower, Maddie chose her outfit for the night. She picked out her smallest black thong and a little black strapless dress that clung to her curves, it was one of Will’s favourites but she hoped that Sam would like it just as much. Maddie got dressed carefully making sure the outfit was perfect. She picked out a pair of heels to complete the outfit which made her butt and legs look fantastic.

Her cell phone rang, “Hey Maddie,” it was Beth, she told Maddie that their boyfriends were both downstairs at the bar and she suggested that Maddie come over to her room so they could help each other get ready and drink some wine. Maddie quickly agreed and grabbing her makeup bag she headed out to Beth’s room. But first she sent Sam a text with the name of the club they were panning to visit.

“Wow, I love your dress,” Beth said as she opened the door for Maddie. Soon the two girls were happily chatting away, music blaring from Beth’s ipod. Beth poured them each a large glass of wine and Maddie sipped away at the drink as Beth helped her get her hair looking perfect. When she had finished, Maddie swapped paces to stand behind Beth and help her style her blonde hair.

“So are you all dressed up like that for Will?” Beth asked causally

“Err … of course,” Maddie replied a little off guard.

“Or are you going to flirt with other guys again tonight?” Beth pressed her

“It was one dance,” Maddie lied.

“At least two,” Beth corrected her.

“I’m on vacation!” Maddie justified. “I’m just having fun you should lighten up, Beth!”

“But Will…”

“Will doesn’t mind so why do you!” snapped Maddie.

Beth was unconvinced but decided to drop it for now not wanting to fall out with her friend on their vacation.

By the time they had finished getting ready the bottle of wine was finished and Maddie was starting to feel drunk. The two friends headed down to the hotel bar to meet the boys.

“Why do you women take so long to get ready?” Richard complained, light heartedly, when the girls joined him and Will at the bar.

“We look good, don’t we?” Beth demanded and the two girls struck a sexy pose.

Will stood up and moved to embrace Maddie. “Wow, you look great!” He kissed her. “I love that dress” he told her.

“I know,” she whispered back, kissing his ear. “I wore it for you,” she lied. “I feel hot dressing up for you” she told him but really she was feeling hot for Sam.

They all had another drink at the bar then headed out.

The club was, if possible, even more full than the Coco Bongo the night before. Maddie swayed her hips in time to the heavy beat as they made their way in and over towards the bar. Maddie was feeling very drunk already as they had been to several bars between the hotel and the club but she had Will go and get her another drink while she scanned the club looking for Sam.

Sam stood talking to his buddies, they had picked a spot that gave them a clear view of most of the club, the dance floor and the bar area. This allowed them to check out the people in the club so they could quickly pick out girls to approach.

“So Sam,” his buddy Greg asked him, raising his voice to be heard over the music, “Tell me more about this Maddie chick? Is she hot”

“Yeah she’s hot,” Sam told him. “Great body, real big tits and a nice butt and you should have seen the dress she wore in the club! That’s what made me first notice her. It tied at the front and only just covered her breasts. It looked so hot!

“And she was dancing with her friend. It looked like her boyfriend had stayed at the bar, not wanting to dance, so I made my move! He was an idiot to let her out of his sight dressed like that!”

Sam had wasted no time in telling his buddies about his exploits with Maddie last night, both in the club and back at his room. But Greg was eager for more details

“So are you gonna meet her again tonight?”

“Dunno,” Sam replied lazily. His eye fell on a tall leggy blonde dancing nearby in a sheer white sundress. “Maybe I’ll find a new bitch to fuck tonight! Yeah,” he said, “I’m gonna pick out the hottest chick in here and take her back with me and bang her!”

And Sam continued scanning the club.

“What about her? ” asked Greg “That girl by the bar in the black dress? istanbul escort She’s smoking hot!”

Sam looked over where his buddy was pointing and then he saw her. It was Maddie. She looking over in their direction. He had to admit she looked really hot, dressed in a tight, strapless black dress and, he remembered, she had been a great fuck. Sam was still undecided when he saw her boyfriend return from the bar and hand Maddie a drink. He remembered the fun at the beach flirting with Maddie in front of Will and teasing him. He made up his mind.

“I’d love to fuck her!” Greg went on, still not knowing who the girl was.

“That’s Maddie,” Sam told him. “And,” he continued, a sly smile spreading over his face, “That’s her boyfriend stood next to her.”

Sam regaled Greg with the story of flirting with Maddie right in front of Will on the beach and feeling her up while her boyfriend was swimming.

“As soon as her boyfriend went into the sea, I had my hands all over those big tits of hers” Sam told his friend boastfully. “The slut started getting really hot and grabbing at my dick right there with her boyfriend in the sea so I took her off behind some sand dunes and had her go down on me.

“She’s a good cocksucker, Sam continued, “Really knows how to use her mouth and it made her so hot she was finger-fucking herself the whole time. And by the end she was begging me to fuck her right there!”

Greg was listening raptly and kept looking over at Maddie as Sam told the lewd story picturing the scene in his mind.

“But I told her maybe later,” laughed Sam, “And I sent her back to her stupid boyfriend!”

Greg laughed, “What a loser! Hey d’you think he kissed her, like straight afterwards?”

The two friends laughed evilly at the thought.

“Screw him, anyway,” Sam said. “If he can’t keep a hot piece of ass like that happy he don’t deserve her!”

“Amen to that,” agreed Greg.

“She’s a great fuck too,” Sam continued. “Last night she was trying to fuck me right out in the open in club Coco Bongo! I dragged her off to the toilets and fucked her in there.”

“Nice,” said Greg, giving him a high-five.

“Then she texted me like an hour later to meet up again so I took her back to the hotel for a proper fuck. She couldn’t get enough of me. I reckon her boyfriend must be a really bad fuck, probably got a little needle dick that can’t satisfy her.”

“Did she stay over?” Greg asked.

“No! I sent her away once I’d come. She’s just a hot fuck I don’t need her hanging around afterwards,” Sam told him.

“So you gonna go talk to her?” asked Greg.

“Yeah. Watch me go take this chick away from her man!” Sam boasted.

Maddie felt her pussy twitch as she spotted Sam at the other side of the club. He was stood talking with his friends, had he spotted her, she wondered. She decided she should not be too obvious and turned around to carry on talking with her friend so she did not see Sam walk over to them

“Hello again,” he started as though it were a chance meeting. “Would you like to dance with me some more?” he asked. “You don’t mind do you?” Sam addressed this last question to Will almost as an afterthought.

“Okay,” Maddie agreed quickly, not giving Will a chance to object sand allowed Sam to pull her by the hand onto the dance floor.

He led Maddie over to join his friends.

“See,” he told Greg triumphantly, I told you I’d have her away from her boyfriend!”

Greg was impressed as he hadn’t been sure how much his friend had been exaggerating and, up close, he could see he had been right in his assessment of Maddie. She was hot! His eyes fell appreciatively on the generous cleavage that her skimpy dress displayed.

“This is Maddie,” he told his friends, “The girl I told you all about. I’ve just ‘borrowed’ her from her boyfriend. Hope he doesn’t mind!” Sam joked, winking openly at Greg as he said this, leaving Maddie in no doubt as to what he had told his buddy. She blushed a little then Sam kissed her on the lips as Sam’s friends all laughed at his joke.

Breaking the kiss Sam joined in the laughter and after a slight pause Maddie joined in herself even though she felt a bit bad for making fun of Will.

He did not bother to tell Maddie his friends names and instead just took hold of her head giving her another longer kiss.

Sam decided to give his buddies a thrill and his hands moved to Maddie’s tits squeezing them. Maddie moaned in lust and Sam slipped his fingers into the top of her dress.

Maddie froze as he felt Sam pulling her breasts out of her dress she struggled to pull her dress up but Sam’s hands were in the way playing with her tits. Then his hand moved between her legs to her hot pussy and overcome with lust she stopped struggling and gave in.

Greg and the other guys leered as her tits were on display, enjoying the show.

After what seemed like forever to Maddie, Sam straightened her dress and then, winking at his friends, he led Maddie onto the dance floor. cebeci escort Sam wasted no time, pulling her close he ran his hands lustily up and down Maddie’s body feeling her up through her tight dress. Maddie pushed her body back against him, grinding into his crotch in heat. She did not know if Will and the others could see her across the crowded dance floor, she did not care. She knew she should feel bad for ditching Will again but she was drunk and horny and Sam got her so hot that she found it hard to think about anything over than his cock. She ran her hands through Sam’s hair and kissed him passionately sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Back at the bar, Will was straining his neck, struggling to see what Maddie was doing through the crowded dance floor. He refused to go over since he didn’t want to let on how bothered he was but he couldn’t believe Maddie left him again to go dance with that Sam guy! He seethed with jealousy imagining what this strange man could be doing to his sexy girlfriend.

‘Fuck it,’ he decided, storming onto the dance floor. Then he saw his girlfriend and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Maddie was wrapped around that other guy, Sam or whatever the hell he was called and she was dry humping him right in the middle of the dance floor as they danced dirtily. Sam decided he had seen enough and turned away storming right out of the club.

As Maddie continued to gyrate hungrily against him, Sam marvelled at how slutty she was being ‘I don’t have to spend time getting her ready,’ he realised gleefully, ‘This horny bitch is ready to go!’ And he decided to get her back to his hotel room right away.

Placing a hand possessively on her ass, he directed Maddie over to his friends again.

“Sorry guys but I go gotta take care of some business,” he told them, giving Maddie’s ass a firm slap through the dress as he said it.

Maddie squealed and giggled but did not protest at this treatment.

“See you later,” Greg told his friend but the whole time his eyes were on Maddie.

Sam steered Maddie through the crowd to the exit; he was keen to get the randy girl back to his room and have her satisfy his aching cock. Maddie let him lead her, not even looking round to see if Will was watching and certainly not bothering to say goodbye. All she could think of was getting fucked again by Sam.

Outside, Sam hailed a cab to get them back to the hotel as quickly as possible. As soon as the cab doors were closed, they were making out in the back seat.

The driver adjusted the rear view mirror and Maddie could tell he was angling it for a better view of her, she moaned into Sam’s mouth the knowledge that they were being watched making her hotter than ever. Sam had one hand between her legs under her short dress teasing her wet pussy through her skimpy thong. Maddie’s hips thrust back urging Sam’s hand to touch her properly push his skilled fingers inside her..

The cab swerved and another car beeped.

“Hey, eyes on the road,” Sam told the driver.

“You must be really making him hot,” teased Sam, whispering in Maddie’s ear as his thumb grazed her clit. “He can hardly keep his eyes on the road.” Maddie gasped in pleasure at his words as much as his touch and she naughtily spread her legs hoping to give the driver an even better view.

The cab drew up at Sam’s hotel and Maddie fumbled in her purse throwing money at the driver, “Keep the change,” she urged impatiently as the driver began slowly rummaging in a box of money. She dragged Sam out pulling him toward the hotel doors, desperate to get up to his room where she could finally get his cock.

Back in the hotel room, Sam practically ripped Maddie’s dress off then threw her on the bed

“Take off your thong,” he told her. “Then turn round and bend over.” Sam demanded.

Maddie did as he asked, horribly turned on by the forceful tone of his voice. She leant over on all fours, her legs spread wide and her pussy gaping open, waiting for his cock to enter her. She didn’t have to wait long. Slowly he pushed himself into her, one delicious inch at a time, prolonging the exquisite sensation.

It felt sublime and she heard herself whispering, “Yes… fuck me Sam!”

He obliged. Once fully inside her, he paused for a moment to grab her long brown hair with one hand and her hip with the other. Her head was pulled back hard and he withdrew his beautiful cock almost to the tip, before thrusting back into her hard. Maddie cried out at the immense pleasure and Sam began to fuck her relentlessly, taking his pleasure roughly.

He gripped her hips, slamming into her, then withdrawing before slamming his full length in again. Maddie whimpered in pleasure at the rough treatment, really turned on at the way Sam was just using her. Although he was seemingly taking no interest in her, only pleasure and just roughly fucking her, paradoxically, Maddie was having the best sex of her life.

“Oh fuck…that feels so good…” She groaned helplessly as his balls slapped against her ass. ankara escort He let go of her hair and reached forward to rub her clit; the hard button slick with her juices. The combination of his fingers and hard cock caused her to explode once more, her pussy contracting around him in waves of pleasure.

Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and, exhausted, she slumped forward onto the bed as Sam banged into her with increasing speed and force. At last he gave one almighty yell and came hard too; pumping hot semen into her gently pulsating cunt as she lay spent, the sweat trickling down her back in the hot room.

When Maddie got back to her hotel room it was almost light. Will heard the door open and opened his eyes, he seemed to come awake almost instantly. He stared at Maddie and his eyes flashed with anger.

“Where have you been?” he demanded. Not giving Maddie a chance to answer he pressed on, “Fucking that guy were you, you little slut?” he accused.

Maddie stammered an excuse about being with Beth.

“Don’t lie to me!” Will shouted. “I saw you all over him on the dance floor!”

“That was just dancing,” Maddie tried. “Please Will, there was nothing more.”

“I don’t believe you, you lying slut!”

They argued back and forth, Maddie still trying to deny cheating on Will. But at last Maddie lost her temper as well.

“Yeah so what if I was fucking him?” Maddie snapped back. There and then she decided she’d had enough of Will.

“At least Sam knows how to satisfy me,” she told him bluntly. “He’s so much bigger and better than you! I could never be satisfied by your little cock again after his!”

Will’s face drained white, he looked furious. Then he really shouted at Maddie, “Fuck off back to him then! Go on get out,” he ordered.

“Fine,” Maddie shouted back, “We are so over! I want to be with Sam not you. He knows how to please a woman,” she mocked, and with that she turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.

Maddie raced back the short distance to Sam’s hotel as fast as her legs would carry her. She was out of breath when she arrived and she stood panting with exertion as she waited for the elevator. In the elevator, she composed herself straightening her hair in the mirror and catching her breath.

She knocked lightly on Sam’s door until he opened it, naked save for a pair of boxer shorts. He looked sleepy and his hair was tousled. He looked puzzled to see Maddie back again surely she didn’t want more already?

“I’ve left Will,” Maddie announced. “We had a big fight and I told him I’d rather be with you, can I please stay with you?” The words tumbled out in a rush and it seemed to take Sam a moment to take them in.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said. “We only just met, we were really just having fun and well, to be honest, I’m not planning on being ‘exclusive’ this holiday.”

“Please Sam,” Maddie begged.

“If you want to come in I want something first,” Sam told her.

“What is it?” asked Maddie.

“Get on your knees and suck me off,” demanded Sam. “Then I’ll let you in”

“Please, Sam, not out here,” Maddie pleaded. “What if someone sees us?”

“It’s five o’clock in the morning, Maddie! Everyone’s asleep,” Sam reassured her and he boldly pulled his cock out of his boxers.

Maddie decided not to argue any more and, besides, the sight of Sam’s cock made her horny once more. She dropped to her knees on the cheap hotel carpet.

“Take your tits out of the dress as well,” demanded Sam.

Obediently Maddie slipped her dress down to reveal her big tits and Sam eagerly grabbed one in each hand as Maddie reached up for his big cock.

She rubbed it in her hands then licked slowly up and down his shaft, cupping his balls in her hand. Then she took the cockhead in her mouth and flicked her tongue over it lovingly.

Gradually she took more and more cock into her mouth using her tongue skilfully as she did so. She slipped a hand into her panties and rubbed her slit, sucking Sam’s cock was making her so horny. She hoped they would fuck again when Sam let her in the room.

When she had almost the whole shaft in her moth she started to move her head back up but Sam grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her to keep going.

Maddie struggled not to gag as Sam forced her all the way down on his cock until his pubic hair tickled her nose. He held her in place for a second.

“That’s it,” he told her. “That’s the way I like it”

Maddie kept sucking his dick and soon she could tell Sam was close she prepared to swallow but Sam had other ideas. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“I want to come on your face,” he told her.

Maddie blushed she had never done that with Will but she was feeling so horny that she decided to try it with Sam. Smiling at him she took his cock in her hand she began to wank him carefully, pointing his cock at her face. Her other hand was still rubbing her pussy bringer her closer and closer to her own climax.

“Here it comes, get ready,” Sam grunted, then he let fly. A rope of cum shot from his dick and hit Maddie in the face. Then another shot hit her bare tits. At the same time, Maddie gasped and came herself, from her fingers and the thrill of taking a facial in a hotel corridor.

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