Me, Mom, and Our Fantasies Ch. 04


This is the 4th installment of Me, Mom and Our Fantasies series

Well the day for which I was waiting desperately had finally arrived. It was 16th June, the same day my Dad married my Mom and today it would be me who is going to marry her. Since my mom would be entering into a new life all together, so she decided to change her name from Varsha to Ridhi.

Since it is going to be a big day in both of our lives, I decided to make this day even more special by giving my mom a gift of heightened pleasure and renewed sexuality. I had started reading Kamasutra books, sex magazines, referred to different sites to increase my stamina so that I can give my mom (my wife) sexual pleasure which she never experienced in her entire life.


My Mom’s point of view

Finally the day had arrived when I would be marrying my son. From the early morning itself I was witnessing goose-bumps in my stomach. I was in a dilemma that whether I was doing the right thing. But my kinkier side encouraged me to go with the flow as I had already experienced enough sexual pleasures & fantasies with my son that now I was at that junction of my life where there was no turning back. I knew that my son Parth was desperate to fuck me and enter his dick in my vagina i.e. his birthplace. The very thought of my first sexual encounter i.e. my first night with my son as his lawfully wedded wife made my pussy wet.

I still remember the day when his dad married me and brought me in this house as his wife. I was only 18 then and a virgin at the time of my marriage. In my school, there was a swarm of boys who were mad after me and I think if they would had their way, then they would have definitely gangbanged me. Though I never gave importance to any of these activities but somehow I started liking the idea of getting abused, ravished and gang-banged at least once in my life. Well to the boys’ disappointment, my marriage was fixed to Parth’s father Ramesh who was 25 years old and an aeronautics engineer.

I remember my 1st night with Ramesh which was short but sweet. He took my virginity on the 1st night itself. It pained a lot in the beginning as I didn’t have any sexual experiences but still I enjoyed it. There was no lust between the two but pure, simple, soft, sweet love. I loved my husband because he was a loving and caring person but sexual I was not satisfied because we hardly had any sex. My son Parth was born when I was only 19 years old and after that my husband and I rarely had sex, once in a Blue Moon. Although I was sexually not satisfied but still I didn’t venture out to seek sexual relations with another man even though I knew many people eye me with their lustful eyes.

So here I was, lying on my bed early in the morning and wondering how my new husband i.e. my son Parth is going to treat me. I was pretty sure that he would rape me if I didn’t allow him to have sex with me on our 1st night as husband and wife.


My point of view

I woke up early in the morning with full of energy and vigor with the thought of having intercourse with my mother. I had everything planned for the day. 1st we needed to go to a court to register our marriage and get legal approval. Then we would be going to a temple in the nearby small town as no one would recognize us there and we can also have some privacy during the wedding. For witnesses in the court, I had already talked to Kavita (the parlor lady) who would bring her boyfriend and they would testify as our friends in front of the magistrate.

Well the wedding went well as planned. Kavita and her boyfriend congratulated us for our new journey in life. Mom and I wore formal occasion clothes, no traditional dresses in the court or in the temple as we didn’t want any undue attention. By the time all the formalities got over, it was already twilight. Mom and I went to a sea facing restaurant to spend the evening together and also had something to eat as I knew that I needed a lot of energy for what I had intended to do in the night.

After having dinner, both of us came back to the house. As soon as we entered, mom embraced me and wanted to kiss me but I restrained myself from kissing as I wanted to do everything as planned. Trust me, my move perplexed mom and I could sense that her lust had taken over her as she got even more desperate to be in bed with me.

I told mom that why don’t we change into our traditional wedding dresses so that we could look more like newly-wed couples. She liked what I said as in this way, the pleasure to make love would increase manifold. She went to her room to change while I went into mine. I dressed up very quickly in my Sherwani so that I can decorate my room and to create a passionate, love-making ambience. I lit candles near the windows and dimmed the lights so that we can experience more arousal feeling. After decorating the room, I went to my bakırköy escort mother’s room and knocked on the door and told her that I’m going out to buy some stuffs and if she gets ready, then she should wait for me in my room.

I went to the nearby chemist to buy a full pack of ultra-thin condoms as I would need them for my entire sex-marathon during the next few days. Although I preferred not to use condoms for the 1st time as I wanted to feel the insides of my new wife when I make love to her.

Meanwhile when I was at the chemist, my mom dressed up in a traditional red wedding dress and the specialty of this dress was that this was the same wedding dress when she married my father Ramesh, the very same dress in which she gave her virginity to Ramesh (guys please Google Indian Bridal Dress so that you can visualize properly). She wore sufficient jewelry and even a Mangalsutra which I had tied around her neck as a sign that she had accepted me as her husband. She wore netted red bra & panty (which I came to know later that she bought it alone to give me a surprise). Once she was ready, she went to my room and sat on my bed with her knees touching her chest and waiting for me to enter.

While she was in my room, she was mesmerized with the ambience which I had created for our 1st night as husband & wife. She was getting aroused by every passing minute with thoughts coming to her mind like — how would my son behave on with me tonight, will he be able to satisfy me or the vice-versa, how would it feel to take one’s own son’s cock inside the very vagina from which he was born, would he go fast or slow, etc. These thoughts intensified the heat between her legs and she could feel her pussy getting wet. She was having such thoughts when … Parth her son, her new husband enters.


As soon as Parth entered the room, he ran out of words. Ridhi his mother, his wife was sitting in the middle of the bed. She was in her red bridal saree. The pallu (drape or loose end of saree) was covering her face. She was waiting for her husband Parth.

Ridhi’s heart started beating a bit faster. She always slept alone after the passing of her late husband. Now she was to sleep with her new husband who was also her son.

Parth came and sat next to her. He removed the pallu of the saree covering her head. He took her face in his hand and gazed deeply in her eyes. This was an amazing experience for Ridhi. Slowly Parth brought his lips near her face and kissed her forehead. Ridhi closed her eyes. Parth kissed her eyes, cheeks, palms, shoulders, neck and then finally her lips. This sent an electrifying shiver down Ridhi’s body. Guided by her instinct, she quickly embraced Parth. Slowly they parted their lips and they continued their deep kisses. As this made them to take a breath, they slowly released themselves.

Parth said “you are the most beautiful lady in this whole world”

They started kissing passionately again. Then Parth after breaking the kiss took her hand and brought her in front of the full length mirror in his room which he had arranged for this special occasion. Standing behind her, he put his palms on her shoulders and slowly moved down towards her hands. Clasping her hands in front of her, he kissed her neck and said –

Parth: “many people must have said how beautiful you are, but today I will make you feel beautiful”.

Ridhi could not say anything thing. She was having an experience that was beyond any words. Just by his kisses and caressing of her hands, she felt spasms between her legs and started to feel wetness in her panties. Looking in the mirror she met Parth’s eyes and gave a sigh. Slowly she gathered her courage and said to Parth —

Ridhi: “I was never touched by anyone like this. Please stop. I am feeling embarrassed”.

Parth told her “do not worry. Whatever you are experiencing now and will experience later is natural and most beautiful. Trust me and have faith in yourself and enjoy the most beautiful moment in our life”.

Parth started to remove Ridhi’s jewelery. First he removed the gold chain from her head arranged along the hair partition and kissed her forehead. Then he removed the earrings and fondled her earlobes with his lips and gave a gentle bite. Ridhi could not control herself and bit her own lips. Then he removed the nose ring and gave her nose a nudge with his nose. Slowly he began to remove the bangles from her hands. After removing the bangles, he started caressing and kissing her hand. Next he moved his hand to her slim and delicate waist. He caressed her waist and the removed the golden waist band tied along her waist. After removing the golden waist band, he started kissing her waist.

Ridhi felt as if butterflies were dancing on her waist. She felt a tingling sensation inside her panties. Parth then went down and removed the anklets başakşehir escort from her feet and kissed her feet. Ridhi was totally zapped and wondered what would come next. Parth stood up, took her hands in his hands reassuring her and kissed them. He released her hands, took a step back and came behind her. He stood behind her in such a way that in the mirror Ridhi could see his face only over her head and outer part of his body. Rest of his body was totally blocked by her.

Parth said “now please do not move and keep your eyes open”.

He started unbuttoning his traditional knee-length sherwani and completely removed it. He saw Ridhi’s eyes in the mirror. She had a surprised look in her eyes. Next he removed his silk kurta over his head. He took care that his body was blocked by Ridhi’s body in the mirror. Ridhi’s exciting eyes were making him aroused. Now he proceeded to remove his silk pajamas. He could see the shock on Ridhi’s face. He smiled and told her to be still and look in the mirror. Ridhi could feel her heart beating faster. She wondered at this rate her heart would explode by the end of this night. Parth finally removed his underwear and became completely nude.

He said “I am through with my clothes. Now let me do away with yours”.

Ridhi could see herself in the mirror fully clothed standing in front of her husband who was by now completely naked but she could not see his naked body. Parth came a bit close to her. He removed the pallu of her red silk saree from her shoulder and kissed her shoulder. Slowly he started removing her red silk saree. Her white, fair and smooth midriff excited him. He kissed her exposed lower back taking care that his body remains blocked by her and his erect manhood does not touch her. Ridhi stood there in her red blouse and red petticoat tied at her waist below her navel. Her red blouse was covering her breasts completely and Parth could not even see the cleavage.

Today, Ridhi’s long hairs were rolled into a big bun decorated with fragrant flowers. Now Parth proceeded to remove the hair pins and flowers from her hair roll bun. The hair fell down on her back. This awed Ridhi and excited Parth more than he had ever experienced. Blood rushed in his manhood making it even harder. His face showed his body’s reaction. Ridhi saw his face and felt her legs tense. The buttons of Ridhi’s blouse were at the back. Parth parted her hair at the back, kissed the silky thick black hair; the fragrance of the flowers had mingled with her hair. He kept on kissing and moving her hair on his face. Then he pushed her hair to her front on either side.

Parth started to unbutton Ridhi’s blouse. Slowly one by one he unbuttoned all the six buttons. Ridhi was feeling very shy and felt like closing her eyes. But she liked the twinkle in the Parth’s eyes in the mirror and this kept her from closing her eyes. Parth slowly opened the blouse and moved his hands on her shoulder under the blouse. Then he moved his lips forward and started kissing her back that was now exposed. Ridhi couldn’t stop herself from giving a deep sigh and momentarily closed her eyes. Parth stopped kissing her back and moved his hands down from her shoulder and in the process of removing Ridhi’s red blouse. She could see Parth removing her blouse in the mirror. This in a way was exciting her.

Parth removed Ridhi’s red blouse and started caressing her bare shoulders and arms. He could feel the straps of Ridhi’s netted red bra. He wanted to see the cups of the silky net red bra covering Ridhi’s breasts. He pulled back her long hair from the front. Ridhi instinctively brought her hands to cover her breasts. Parth smiled and put his palms on her palms. He started kissing her neck, taking care not to let his erect penis touch her. Ridhi once again closed her eyes. Now Parth continued kissing her neck and holding her palms for a while. Slowly he pushed her hands down along her breasts. She did not resist him. Ridhi could feel a tingle in her body as her own hands were caressing her breast over the bra. Parth brushed his hands lightly along with Ridhi’s hands over her breasts. Ridhi sensed her nipples getting hard and her thighs getting tense. Now Parth brought Ridhi’s hands on her sides and said —

Parth: “Do not feel shy in front of me. Try to enjoy every moment”.

Ridhi could not gather courage to tell him that though she was feeling shy, she was enjoying each and every moment and wanted more from him. Parth for the first time (during this night) saw Ridhi’s beautiful breasts cupped in the silky net red bra. The bra was partially covering Ridhi’s breasts. Although Parth could easily see Ridhi’s cleavage and boobs but he could not see her nipples. Ridhi saw herself in the mirror in her silky red bra. She could see the excitement in the Parth’s eyes feasting her breasts.

Parth had now put his hands on Ridhi’s waist. beşiktaş escort He slowly started caressing her waist. Now he brought his right hand on her stomach while caressing her right hand whereas his left hand was caressing her left thigh. Slowly he brought the left hand on her stomach and right hand on her right thigh. After a while he started caressing her stomach with both the hands and started to search the knot of her petticoat. Ridhi now sensed that Parth was about to remove her petticoat. This raised her excitement and her heart-beats. Parth found the ends of the knot of the petticoat and pulled them, letting the petticoat to fall at Ridhi’s feet.

Parth now saw Ridhi in her silky red netted panties. He could even see the nicely trimmed public hair above Ridhi’s vagina. This excited him and his penis was getting rock hard. He caressed Ridhi’s bare stomach and put his finger in her navel. This gave Ridhi a thrilling sensation inside her panties. Ridhi was looking very beautiful in the silky red netted bra and panties. The net panties showed the wetness in her panties which encouraged Parth as he could see that his foreplay is really arousing his mom Ridhi.

Parth now had his hands on Ridhi’s thighs and started caressing them. Slowly he went down stroking her legs. All the while Ridhi could see in the mirror that Parth was going down behind her, stroking her legs but could not see his nakedness. The caressing of her legs was making her even wetter inside her panties which were by now were completely soaked in Ridhi’s juices. Seeing his fair & beautiful mom-cum-wife Ridhi in her silky red bra and panties with her hair loose on her beautiful back, it was becoming hard for Parth to control himself by standing behind his mom, fully naked with his penis rock-hard and dripping with pre-cum. He felt like ripping her bra and panties and ravaging her body like an animal. But he held back himself. He wanted to honor his promise of giving her the most beautiful moment of her life. All the while, with very little words spoken, Ridhi & Parth were having their greatest time of their life.

Parth then started playing with Ridhi’s hair. He kissed her hair, her back and slowly once again pushed her hair to her front covering her breasts that were cupped in her silky red bra. He started caressing her shoulders and kissing her neck. Then he brought his hands on her back. Slowly he took his hand near the bra hook. Ridhi gulped and closed her eyes. Parth did not say anything. He unhooked the bra, moved his hands to the bra straps and gently pushed them down. Ridhi was without her bra, but her long black hairs were covering her breasts. These near naked breasts were driving Parth wild as his penis was throbbing. Keeping his patience, he came slightly near her but not touching her with his penis, slowly started caressing her shoulders through her hair. He kissed her neck, moved his hands slowly towards her breasts.

The feeling of caressing her silky hair over her breasts was driving Ridhi wild. She was getting wetter inside her panties and even her nipples had become pointed & erect. Parth reached her breasts and cupped them from behind. Ridhi opened her eyes. She saw in the mirror that Parth was caressing her breasts through her long black hair. She saw Parth’s eyes and their eyes met. She was stunned by the looks in his eyes. He slowly parted the hair from her breast and continued stroking and cupping her breasts. Then he pulled back her hair on her back. Ridhi was standing only in her silky red panties. Her naked breasts were proudly standing without the support of her bra. Her nipples pink and erect had a mesmerizing effect on Parth. He took both of her nipples in his fingers and starting rolling them. Now Ridhi was also finding difficult to control her feelings. She also wanted to hold Parth tightly. She started to turn towards him. He immediately stopped her and whispered in her ears “Wait, only one piece to go”.

Ridhi came to her senses. Now Parth will be removing her panties. Her naked and wet pussy will be exposed to him. Her proof of sexual excitement will be before him. Her gaze went down to her panties. By this time Parth had moved his hand to her hips. He was caressing her ass covered by her panties. While caressing her ass, he slowly went down behind her. Then he slowly started pulling her panties down. Ridhi clenched her hands. She bit her lips but kept her eyes open. As the panties came down, her wet pussy was getting exposed for the first time to her husband tonight. Parth pulled her panties completely down and kept them at her feet. As if in trance, Ridhi stepped out of the panties.

Parth stood behind her, taking the panties in his hand, he felt the wet spot on the panties made by Ridhi’s juices from her wet pussy. He was now confident that Ridhi would willingly participate in their love making and will always long for him. He pulled her close to him, held her tightly, pressing his hot, hard and dripping penis on her lower back, just above her ass. With his left hand roaming on her breast, he moved his right hand over trimmed hair above her pussy. Stroking her pussy hair, he now guided his fingers over her pussy. Slowly he stroked her pussy lips. Ridhi turned her head and gave her lips to him.

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