Melissa Tells All Ch. 2


I paused at this point to look closely at Mark. I was looking desperately into his sexy eyes for my absolution. Even though I’m not ashamed of my sexual intimacy with my daddy, I still felt fearful that Mark would just call me a sick slut and get up and leave me forever. I couldn’t see the absolution I sought in his eyes yet. I still had so much more to tell him. I needed to know how he was feeling now, but I didn’t dare ask. I kept searching his eyes and face for clues as to how he felt about me and what he had heard so far. The fact that he was still with me on the bed at least told me he wasn’t going to judge me quickly. What I did notice though as my head dropped down to look at his body was an incredible erection. As much as I love my daddy’s beautiful cock, nothing compared to the cock of the man I wanted to be my soulmate.

“I love you Mark … “

His eyes turned down and he did not reply immediately. I could tell that his mind was in turmoil as he was trying to come to grips with the knowledge that his love had committed incest with her father. That she had seduced her adoring daddy willingly. There was still a lot more to tell, so much more. Would he be able to deal with this knowledge and still love me? For a few quiet moments, so many unanswered questions in my own mind.

“Mel … I’m … stunned. I’m not sure … what to say … to you right now… about all of this, I never thought your secret would be anything like … “

“I need to tell you everything babe.”

“That’s not all?” Mark said in a tone that scared me.

“There’s more …,” taking a deep breath and then saying in a soft pleading voice, “I need to tell it all, so please please listen to me and try to understand … “

He just nodded his head to me without much of any reaction. I quickly glanced and noticed that his sexy cock was still very hard which gave me courage to continue telling him the rest.

I begin telling him about waking up in my bedroom about 3am. I went downstairs to get something to drink hoping I could fall back asleep afterwards.

I go into the family room and stand in front of the couch. I look down at the spot where I had knelt just this night, as I stroked my daddy’s throbbing cock. I can still see in my mind how his cock jerked as I caused his hot sperm to squirt onto his sexy body. I raise my hand to my face and look at it remembering how it was covered with his sperm. Biting my lower lip, I think about how I wished I had licked it from his cock instead!

I sit down in the same spot my daddy sat earlier this night. I prop my feet up on the edge of the couch so my legs are spread wide. With one hand my fingers begin to play teasingly with my clit and the other hand begins pinching one of my very hard nipples. My fingers begin to slide into my tight cunt. I’m so fucking wet that I can feel the juices pouring from my young pussy over my tight asshole. Naughty thoughts of my daddy are flooding my mind as well.

In my mind, I can see my daddy walking into the family room now. Instead of being shocked like the day before, I begin smiling at my daddy. Instead of being stunned, my daddy begins smiling appreciatively as he walks over to look closely at his baby girl’s naked body, exposed so lewdly.

I picture myself telling him, “Do you see something you want daddy?”

“Oh God yes, baby girl, I see my gorgeous, sexy daughter showing herself off to me. Such a beautiful face, long flowing hair, a lovely body, firm sexy breasts, a hot pussy glistening with her sweet juices,” he replies.

“Do you want to see how sweet it is now?” I say to him childlike, while smiling so cute.

Kneeling between my open legs, he says, “I want to devour your fucking hot pussy, I want to eat my baby girl until she screams for mercy, begging me to stop.”

Moaning I would say, “daddy lick my naughty pussy, please lick me and make me cum with your sexy lips and tongue. I need my daddy so badly.”

I picture him between my legs, his face closer to the hole that belongs to him now. I want him to taste me completely. He kisses the insides of my thighs as his hands caress my calves. He begins licking and nibbling where he had just kissed, pausing for very brief moments to look up into my eyes. All he sees in my eyes is pure lust for my daddy. He moves his mouth over my cunt. Just the very thought causes me to explode into a very real orgasm as my fingers plow deeply into my cunt.

As I began to relax and I come back to reality, I realize I need so much more of my daddy. I’m tempted to go to his bedroom and crawl in beside him. But as daring as I can be sometimes, I’m too scared at that moment. I get up and after getting the drink I’d originally come downstairs for, I go back to bed and fell asleep from exhaustion.

I still vividly remember the next morning. I wake up early and come downstairs to get something to eat. Daddy is sitting in the kitchen reading the paper when I walk in. He is nude as usual. So am I.

“Good morning, sleepy head.”

“Good suadiye escort morning, daddy,” I say, still waking up.

“Mel, we really need to talk about what … we did last night.”

“Are you mad daddy?”

“No baby, but … what we did can cause so much heartache if it gets discovered.”

“I know daddy,” thinking about my mom for a moment, “but I loved it daddy. I want you to know that. I loved touching you. I loved you touching me. I loved it all daddy.”

“I … loved it too baby girl. I … know I should have more control over my … urges.”

I walk closer to my daddy sitting on a chair. My pussy is at his eye level and I open my legs knowing what he can see. My daddy’s cock has become very hard while we talked. I want this cock so badly again.

He takes my hand in his and says, “I love you baby girl. Last night was … really wild.”

I look down at his hard cock and then turn my eyes to look at him with a devilish smile. If last night had been daring, what I’m about to do is going to make me a daredevil! I’m practically drooling as I look at his erection waving in the air so close to me. I felt such intense lust for this man at this moment. A line was crossed last night. Another line is about to become history as well.

With determination in my movement, I kneel down in front of him. I reach and take his cock in my hand just as I had last night. I want this cock. I want it every way I can take it. For the briefest moment I wait to see if daddy is going to stop me and bring us both back to some reality. When he does not stop me, I stroke it a few times and then do what I thought I never would do. I purposely lean down and kiss the side of my daddy cock and then let my lips move up and over the head, working my tongue over the head before taking about three inches of his thick cock into my mouth. My daddy is in a state of shock but did nothing as he let it happen.

“Oh my God … Melissa! … Oh my God!”

I begin working his cock in and out of my mouth. I’m worshipping this cock with my mouth and tongue. I was determined to give my daddy the best blowjob of his life. My lips are sensuously dragging along his thick shaft. I can feel the ridges from the veins on my lips and tongue. I can feel my daddy thrusting his hips upward just a bit. He is enjoying it! My daddy is enjoying his little girl’s mouth on his cock.

“Oh damn baby … you are sucking me so fucking good … oh shit … damn damn damn!”

His cock is on the verge of cumming. His hands are on my head. His fingers rubbing through my long hair as he begins fucking his daughter’s mouth with no more inhibitions. I’m now his play toy. I’m nothing more than a slut to put his cock into. I want it. I want to be his young slut. At that moment, my whole body belongs to him.

“Oh God Mel … I’m about to cum in your mouth baby!”

I pull my head off his cock. My mouth and chin are wet from the blowjob I’ve been giving my daddy’s beautiful cock. His shaft is dripping with my saliva and his pre-cum. My tongue swoops out to lick the tip quickly.

“Can’t waste any,” I tease him.

I put my mouth over his cock head for a few moments but quickly decide I want something else. I want this big cock somewhere else now. One more line needs to be crossed. I’ve come this far. I must go all the way now. I need this so badly now. I need my daddy’s cock in me. I need my daddy to fuck my young pussy. I need to be his completely. My whole body is filled with lust and now wants to be filled with his gorgeous cock!

“I want to feel it inside me,” I say as I moved up close to his face with mine. I was so in love with him at that moment. I wanted to make love to him so badly. He says nothing but stands up. Taking my hand, he leads me to his bedroom where we will make love together. We started kissing very passionately. Locked in a lovers embrace on his bed, a father and daughter becoming lovers.

Daddy moves on top of me and looks into my eyes. I love this man so much. I know the thoughts going through his head. He knows he is about to do something he probably shouldn’t. But he wants me as badly as I want him. No words are said. Nothing has to be said at this moment. He leans up to look down at my young cunt. His hard cock is waving within inches of my opening. He takes his shaft in his hand and moves it so the head is touching my clit. I moan as I cum from the pure excitement and lust of the moment. Daddy can see how badly I want this now without a doubt. He wants to fuck me just as bad. We both feel the urgency to our core.

He lifts my ass up while he is on his knees. He slides the head of his cock along my pussy, teasing me. I look intensely at him.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck your baby girl. Fuck me with your big cock!”

“Oh God baby … I’m going to fuck you!”

I feel the head of his cock push into me slowly. My hips push upwards gently, letting him know that I want it all. I’m really tight and he has a larger taksim escort than average cock. We both are staring at the sight of his cock sliding into me. He begins fucking me so gentle. I feel the entire length of his cock deep within my being now. Sweat drips from his face onto mine. He leans down to feel my firm tits against his chest as he drives his shaft continuously into my young pussy. He fucks me gently for a few minutes. Then I can feel the urgency in his thrusts. His cock is about to fill me with its precious cum. I want to feel so full of my daddy’s sperm.

“I’m gonna cum in you … gonna cummmmmm … ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

My body becomes one huge orgasm at that moment. I become aware of only this big cock deep inside me exploding and filling me with its thick sperm. I almost blackout from the intense feelings I’m experiencing.

Daddy finally is spent and we collapse together on the bed. Our arms are around each other. We kiss gently but we both are exhausted physically and emotionally. I drift off into a contented sleep.

It was quiet when I woke up early in the afternoon. I go downstairs already knowing my daddy has left to run some errands. I wish he had awakened me before he left so I could see if anything was different now between us.

I go into the kitchen to fix something to eat and I spotted a note stuck to the refrigerator. I grab it, wanting to read it quickly to see what, if anything, it would tell me about my daddy’s feelings now. It’s a sweet note. He wrote that he would be back in time to be at my softball game this afternoon. There are a few things about some chores he wants me to do. But what caught my eye intently is what he wrote at the end of the note, “I love you so much baby girl. This morning was wonderful. I want you to know that you are so precious to me and nothing you can do will ever change that.”

I know he didn’tt want to be explicit in a written note about what we had shared over the past day. It would be too risky for a note like this left out in the open. I can read between the lines though and it makes me so excited. I know my daddy still loves me! I know I have not destroyed his feelings for me. If anything, we will now be even closer than we’ve ever been before. We have a new bond between us that no one else can share. I feel so overwhelmed at this moment with the love I have for my daddy. I have a big smile on my face and in my heart.

I did the few chores my daddy had written dutifully. I want him to be proud of me. I’m doing these things for him and I want him to know I’ll do anything for him. I feel like a new woman, no longer a girl. My daddy has fucked me. My whole world is brand new. I feel so naughty as well, knowing that just the night before I had made my daddy cum with my own hand, and he had lovingly done the same for me. I’m wet. I vividly remember this morning when my daddy let me suck his beautiful cock. Then taking me to his room where he treated me like his special lover. I shiver as I recall how his big hard cock fucked me so deeply. Over and over he pounded me. Gentle, then very hard, his cock drove into me before filling my cunt with his hot cum. I can still hear his loud grunts and moans as he began to come inside his own sexy little girl’s pussy.

As I do the chores, I can’t keep from stopping every few minutes to touch myself and smile as I think of my daddy.

Outside after finishing the few chores he asked me to do, I can hear the telephone ringing. A few moments after I get into the house, I hear the answering machine pick up. It’s my daddy. I run to the phone and pick it up as he begins leaving a message.

“Hi daddy! Sorry, I was not able to get to the phone right away.”

“That’s OK baby, I was just checking in to see if you needed anything before the game.”

Very daringly I said, “I ahhhh … need you here daddy.”

He paused for just a moment as I realized I might have said the wrong thing.

“Mel, I wish I could be home with you right now. I think we need to talk about something that is important to both of us. I love you baby girl.”

“I love you too daddy, I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing just now.”

“You didn’t, it’s just that we need to talk about it. Nothing is wrong so don’t be upset.”

I know at that moment that my daddy is having the same exact concerns for me that I had for him earlier! He is afraid that I’m upset about the things we have done. He is showing me he still loves me. He is also letting me know that “nothing” is wrong.

“I’m not upset at all daddy. I want to spend some time with you tonight … talking about … things.”

“We will baby. We have the weekend to talk about things. I’ll see you at the game later. I need to run now Mel, its Friday and I need to get these errands finished before the weekend. I love you, bye sweetheart”

“I love you too daddy, bye”

A friend picks me up and gets me to the softball game. I spot my daddy right away as he sits as close tuzla escort to the dugout as possible. I keep looking up at him smiling.

He yells jokingly, “Keep your eyes on the ball!”

I roll my eyes at him and start laughing. It was just the thing to break the tension that was there between us. I played a good game that afternoon but we lost a close game.

Daddy walks down to the fence and yells, “You played a great game, I’m proud of you.”

I smile saying, “You have to say that, you’re my daddy!”

He rolls his eyes while shaking his head smiling.

While daddy drives me home from the game, we talk about different plays during the game. He always has a pointer to give for something. I usually will become mildly irritated by that but not today. Nothing he could do could be wrong today.

Daddy then asked me if I was still going out tonight. Oh shit! I forgot I had a date tonight!

“Oh damn, I have a date with Brian, I forgot all about it,” I say disappointingly.

“That’s OK baby, you have a good time tonight. We’ll have lots of time later.”

I’m mad at myself now. I want to spend as much time with daddy tonight as I can. I don’t want to hurt Brian’s feelings either by breaking the date. He is a cutie and a sweet guy. This will be just our second date ever.

When we arrive home, I go inside and begin getting ready for Brian to pick me up soon. I take a long hot shower thinking more about my daddy. I quickly decide that I would not go too far with Brian tonight. I hadn’t planned to have sex with him yet anyway. But I’m determined to save myself for my daddy this weekend. I begin hoping that he will be waiting up for me tonight.

The date with Brian is fun. He is such a sweetie and maybe sometime he and I will get much closer. He is really funny and we have a great time. When he pulls up to my house about midnight, my thoughts again turn to my daddy hoping he is waiting up for me inside. Brian walks me to my front door, which really impresses me because guys seem to take little things for granted. I like to be treated special. Brian is winning many points with me tonight. He leans in to give me a quick kiss, which I extend as I wrapped my arms around him. Brian will have to settle for this tonight. I give him my cutest smile as I close my front door between us.

I turn into the family room and just as I suspected and hoped, my daddy is still up, waiting for me. He is dressed in shorts knowing my date could possibly come inside to use the phone or something before he left. I sit down by him after leaning to give him a soft kiss.

“Did you have fun tonight, sweetie?

“Yea, Brian’s pretty sweet. He is so cool to hang out with.”

“Am I ‘so cool’ to hang out with too?”

“Daddyyyyy, you are always so cool to hang out with … except maybe when you act too much like my daddy,” I say giggling.

Laughing together we hug each other and start watching TV quietly. I let my hand rub on his thigh as I start looking up at his face.

“What baby?”

“Nothing daddy. I just think you are so handsome. I love just looking at you.”

“You’re a very beautiful young woman, Melissa. I can’t help but stare at you myself. You’re going to break so many hearts when you finally settle down with one man some day.”

“But I’ll always be your little girl? Right?”

“Always baby, nothing can ever change that!”

“Not even what we did … you know … this morning?”

“Mel … about this morning … and last night too … what we did can be very dangerous. We can hurt some special people with what we did. I love your mother with all my heart. She is my wife and my lover. Your mom and I have done some wild things together before you kids came along. I don’t want to hurt her with this. I don’t want to hurt you either. But you and I can’t continue having sex together like we did this morning because she will find out. I love my family too much to destroy it for sex behind your mother’s back.”

Sitting there listening to my daddy, I realize that I’ve been lost in my own lust for the past day and lost perspective on what is really important to me and daddy.

“I love you so much, Mel. What we did this morning was beautiful. I hope that you feel the same way. But we can’t be lovers. You are my daughter first and always. I already have a lover that can’t be replaced. I can’t risk loosing her. You don’t want to risk loosing your mother’s love either.”

“I know … I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget that sometimes what I do can hurt others and myself. I loved this morning so much. It’s what I wanted. I still want it too.”

“But we can’t be lovers, Mel.

“But we can make each other feel good … can’t we?

“Your mom will be back Sunday afternoon. She can’t know what happened. I won’t risk my marriage, my family. I won’t risk hurting you either.”

“Can we at least just have until Sunday?”

I watch my daddy struggle with his thoughts and lust.

“We can have until Sunday. IF … you promise me that it will end Sunday.”

“I promise daddy. I don’t want to hurt anyone. No one will know about us. I know we can’t keep doing this because we could be found out. I don’t want to hurt mom, ever.”

“OK then, until Sunday, we can be lovers but it ends then.”

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