Mom’s in Town Ch. 26


It might have been the traffic noise outside that woke her up. Or maybe it was the fact that if she rolled left or right, she bumped into a naked gurl.

Which makes a better story…..mmmmm, let me think.

Christine felt an arm draped languidly over her waist. Lying on her side in a bed with two others, it wasn’t usual as we all seek something warm and soft to cuddle up to. To feel secure. But this was different. The arm moved upward and the hand gently palmed and cupped her breast. MMMMmmmm. That is nice she thought as she enjoyed the soft touch. She didn’t know who was wrapped around her, her daughter or her daughter’s friend, but in her sleepy state, it was delicious. She felt a sexual glow begin in her mind then slowly spread downward throughout her body. Dream like images wafted and dissolved as a sensual heat was kindled in her most intimate parts.

Minutes later or was it hours later, she wasn’t sure, but the hand cupping her breast began to squeeze it. She didn’t know when the thumb began to tweak the nipple. She didn’t know when the fingers began caress the now bumpy areola.

She did know when a hot breath enflamed the nape of her neck. She did know when a face began to nuzzle her cheek. She did know when she felt a stiffening cock began to press against her ass. She knew by the feel of the silky smooth thigh-highs whose thigh it was. She did know that someone was not sleeping.

She shook herself awake, slightly alarmed at the situation.

“It’s okay Christine. I told Brianna in the middle of the night, that I wanted to fuck you. She said that you might like that and that she wouldn’t mind. Can I fuck you?” came a whisper from Jennifer’s into her ear.

Turning slightly back and speaking quietly, Christine murmured “What about you and Bri? I don’t want to spoil that.”

“It’s okay. We have only just began to see each other. We don’t really have a relationship established. If it makes a difference, she said she really wanted to see us have sex and that she might join us.” Jennifer urged and added a slight thrust of her hips to make her point.

Christine responded by rolling over, back towards Jennifer, and under the luxurious covers, wantonly offering herself to the young tranny. Jennifer increased her attention on the older woman’s breasts. With unfettered access to both, she let her left hand attacked first one, then the other, of the two large tits. Her right hand was on Christine’s shoulder with her fingers making little circles on her earlobes. Christine’s left arm reached out, searching for the cock that had been poking into her.

OMG there it was. There is was nothing better than teenage morning wood.

She held the rubbery glans in the palm of her hand while her fingers stretched out finding a shaft of steel laying along a narrow landing strip of pubic hair. It was nicely fat with a broad base but like all young boys and T-gurls it had sunrise rigidity. It felt like it would Pendik escort bayan snap in half if you tried to bend. It was glorious.

Jennifer enjoyed the mutual masturbation session for a few minutes but soon put her left leg across Christine’s thighs and hoisted herself carefully, secretly, silently onto her knees. She leaned forward, gathered the large breasts, mashed the nipples together and sucked on the both simultaneously. The nipples expanded and throbbed in her mouth when she increased the suction on them.

She let go of the nipples, planted a separate kiss on each, and began to plant a trail of delicate kisses down Brianna’s mother’s chest and stomach. She was making a slow and deliberate bee line for the mature vulva hidden by the bald labia. She had mature women before – her history teacher in high-school, but she had never had mature married pussy and never with the woman’s kid in bed with them. She found Christine had spread her knees apart and was holding her nether lips open with two fingers. She felt the mother’s hand on the side of head. She knew what the older lady wanted and felt the small nudge directing where she was to do it. Christine had guided her mouth to her most intimate spot and the wetness she found there was a sure sign. She pressed her face into the swollen labia and her tongue went as deep as it could into the waiting slick canal. The well-used and experienced vagina quivered as it was probed. Christine took Jennifer’s head by the two ears and moved it so the curious young teenage tongue was directly on her clit.

Jennifer mouthed the clit like a catfish on the bottom of the pond. She noodled the swollen rubbery nub with the tip of her tongue. She sucked on it like a calf on its mother’s ripe teat. She felt Christine’s hips begin to move in time with her actions and then pulled herself way. Resting on her forearms she used her knees to push the older woman’s legs further apart. Opening up the inner thighs separated the cunt lips and laid bare the pink wet gash. She aimed her rigid cock at the opening and mounted her. In one continuous motion she entered, continued pushing and bottomed out. The older cunt welcomed the younger cock into her dark juicy cave.

Jennifer leaned into the fuck. She felt the sinews of the smooth legs create the saddle for her to settle into. She was penetrating deeper and deeper as she leaned to whisper in Christine’s ear.

“What a sensational cunt. I’m going to fuck just how I did your daughter – nice and slow.”

She dug her nylon covered toes into the bottom of the bed and began thrusting. Long slow strokes. In and out. Jennifer felt Bri’s mother lock her ankles around the back of her legs. They were strong and they kept her cock and balls deep in the cockpit. If she had had spurs on, Christine would have raked them over the nylon covered thighs, like a bronc rider at a rodeo.

“That’s it Jennifer. Fuck me like you fucked my daughter. When Escort Pendik you cum, cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot that juice inside me.”

With that encouragement, Jennifer grabbed the older ladies ass with both hands, pulled their crotches even tighter together. Instantly, she was balls deep and she could feel the experience of the Bri’s mother using her vaginal muscles, like a farmer with a Holstein, to milk her hard cock. She hadn’t fucked a lot of women, but tonight was the best feeling she ever had inside a cunt.

Christine was holding on for dear life as she was being fucked by the teenager. What had started out as a quiet fuck, had turned into a full-on noisy, squishy, thrusting and grunting session. After fucking her in the ass in front of her mother, Jennifer had been sucked off twice by Bri during the night. She was turning out to be an insatiable cock hound. A female one at that. The young T-gurl had cum three times during the evening but knew she would not last long. Her balls had begun their tell-tale firming up and she knew the ropes of cum would quickly begin to flow along her cock hoping to erupt into the birth canal of her lover’s mother. She felt a hand on her ass….mmm? Two hands on her back and now one on her ass, she realized they had woken Bri.

Bri caressed the tensing ass, let her fingers slide down the sweaty crack and touched the smooth hairless testes. She pulled back her hand and let her feminine index finger touch the wrinkled sphincter. She was worried that her long nails might hurt the gurl fucking her mother so instead, she put her knuckle against the tight orifice and pushed.

The digital probe sent Jennifer over the edge. Her back went rigid, she held her breath as she savored the feeling of her juices flowing through her cock. The spasms spurt out the hot watery sperm until she collapsed on top of the middle aged slut underneath her. Jennifer lay on top, panting heavily as she felt her cock soften. When it fell out of the female sheath, that had just milked her, she rolled off.

“Let me clean you both up?” Bri offered as she climbed between the two women.

‘Me first honey, I haven’t cum yet. Besides, I know you have already tasted her cum.”

Jennifer watched as her roommate wiggled her way down the bed to lay between the legs of her debauched mother. Blissfully recovering from her orgasm, the teen, put her hand gently on Bri’s head to help guide it into the abused snatch. Bri’s tongue searched the swollen labia for the opening. She inhaled the musky odor, tasted the salty sperm that had begun to seep out, and licked the pussy juice that coated the inner lips. Jennifer pushed her face in further rubbing it until it was covered in viscous ejaculate and slippery female lubricating fluid.

Brianna knew what her mother liked and what her mother wanted. She nibbled on her clit then penetrated her cunt with her tongue. She sucked on the fat swollen lips and Pendik Rus Escort tried to rim her ass. Their positions were awkward so all she could manage was a faint desperate touch of her mother’s rosebud. Returning to her clit she massaged it as she inserted two fingers into her cunt. Her thumb played with the large rubbery nub, building up speed to keep up with the thrusting hips.

“FFFFuuuuuuu…” came the low moan raising to a crescendo as Christine felt her body release the needed orgasm. She clenched her legs and held her daughter’s head tight to her sex as she felt the electricity course through her body. She expelled the t-gurls ejaculate in sticky globs.

“OMG. That was special.” Jennifer whispered as she felt the thrashing bodies quietening down.

“My turn again, Bri. Clean me up. Suck me. Get me hard again.”

“Bri darling. Your turn first baby or let mommy suck you both off!” Christine offered trying to make sure that her ersatz daughter was being satisfied.

The two T-gurls made their way up the bed, threw back the covers allowing the smell of sex to permeate the room. They took positions, kneeling on either side of Christine’s head, and showed off their hard cocks. They both began to stroke to jerk off and bent their rock hard shafts downward toward her open lips. Their glans touched and soon Christine’s tongue was alternating back and forth, bathing each with her saliva. She tried to take each of them into her mouth but they were too hard and it was awkward for both of them to bend over. She held herself still as they masturbated themselves, slapping their cocks against her face and flinging pre-cum over her face like paint on a Jackson Pollack canvas. That was the image she had — they were painting her face.

“That’s it cum on me. Shoot your juice on my face. Glaze me gurls.” Christine begged urging their fists to stroke faster.

Bri came first, releasing a jet that landed in a long rope from her mother’s forehead to past her chin. The action was so incestuous and illicit it made her hornier that she had been all night. As her cock shot out more hot wads of gooey cum, they landed on her mother’s eyes and cheeks. Christine had her mouth open and tongue extended and caught a few pearlescent drops that were being scatter shot around. Jennifer’s orgasm finally hit and her now thin weak liquid cum spurted and dribbled out to mix with the messy mask on the older lady’s face. They were spent.

Bri leaned over and gave her mother a kiss on the lips. She tasted her own cum and that of her teenage roommate. Jennifer followed suit, kissing — a longer lingering kiss on sperm covered lips — as a special acknowledgement.

“Thank you.” Jennifer offered before sliding down the bed.


“No. I’m going to leave it on until I get up.”

Bri, slid down the bed, “Roll over mom.” she urged as she lay herself against her mother’s back. Jennifer crawled over the prone couple and spooned Bri from behind. She nestled her soft cock between the T-gurl’s ass and felt Bri reach over to cup her mother’s breast.

Christine drifted off in a post orgasmic slumber knowing her trans daughter was both sexually satisfied and happy in a budding relationship.

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