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Subject: My Boy’s Boy Kevin and I had been living together for three months and it was great. Both in our early fifties, we both had children of our own, but had discovered women were not our thing. That probably was an understatement. Kevin was a submissive bottom in need of a daddy type he could service on a regular basis and I was a dominant top who needed a masculine looking beta male who loved to serve his Daddy. It was a perfect match. Neither of us were twinks. I was 6′..225 pounds, slight belly, pretty bald, and a full gray/white beard and a 6″cut cock. Kevin was 5’8″, heavier than me, hairy in all the right places. His cock was smaller than mine, but his cock was never the concern. My boy was all about serving me with both his holes, and doing all the chores around the house to keep his daddy happy. Kevin said I was his redneck Dadddy and, while I had an office job before I retired, I loved playing the part. We looked like two good old boys whenever we went out. The pandemic hit and retirement income wasn’t quite what I expected it to be and I decided to start doing online “staff development” for others early in their career. I had no trouble gabbing in front of the camera or talking in front of groups and after some promotion, long nights, and work, my new career was off and running. The problem was I needed a a better online office setup, better camera and mic capabilities so I could create podcasts and other online content to sell. Kevin’s son had worked in the tech industry for a while and offered to come to see us one weekend and help us set it up. $5000 and a day after his arrival my home istanbul travesti online office was completely ready to go. Dylan had been a great help. I had to admit at 27 he was hot. He was a younger, taller, and slightly thinner version of Kevin. He made my cock twitch as he explained to me how to calibrate and work with the equipment. I knew better than to let myself get aroused by him. After all, I was in a relationship with his dad…who I was fucking on a regular basis. Dylan was spending the weekend with us and after a carryout meal, a movie, and some beer, we were all ready for bed. Kevin had just shut door to our bedroom when I whispered to him that I thought Dylan was hot and that he had made my cock twitch on a regular basis all afternoon while he was helping me. Kevin smiled and asked me what I was going to do about being horny. I said that I was going to fuck the hell out of his ass. My boy knew what to do when I was horny and he got on his knees and put his mouth on the jockstrap pouch that held my cock. It felt so good and my 6″ hardon twitched as he worked the pouch in his mouth. Kevin pulled my cock out and I moaned. It’s late boy and Daddy’s horny, we just need to fuck and get to sleep. Kevin got on his knees on the bed, spread his cheeks and I saw that hot pink hole that my cock was going to fuck over and over. I loved fucking the bitch and he loved me fucking him. I tore off my jockstrap, spit on my cock, lubed it a little bit and started to enter my boyfriend’s hole. This was gonna feel so good. My mind flashed to thoughts of his son as my cock started to slide kadıköy travesti into his hole. I couldn’t help myself as I wondered what it would feel like to fuck Dylan’s ass—maybe even while his Dad watched. My mind went back to reality as my cock bottomed out in Kevin’s hole. His ass always felt so good. I moaned…fuck…I moaned loud like I always did when I bottomed out in Kevin’s hole. There is nothing like that first plunge in a willing ass when your cock is hard and your balls are horny. “Daddy, please be quiet,” Kevin pleaded. “I don’t want Dylan to hear us fucking.” “What boy?” I nearly growled out. I was well aware that Kevin’s room shared a wall with ours. “I don’t want Dylan hearing you fuck me,” Kevin said nearly in a whisper. “Whose house is this boy?” I grunted back as I pulled my cock out. “Yours Daddy” he responded. “Damn right Boy,” I grunted as I shoved my cock in his hole to drive the point home. “I’ll fuck when and how I want in my own bedroom.” I leaned over him and whispered in his ear “I’ll refrain from calling you a fucking faggot whore for Daddy’s cock tonight in deference to your son being here. But I will groan, grunt, and make other fuck noises as I please. If that’s not ok, I can easily go online and find myself an ass to fuck elsewhere.” I knew what the faggot’s response would be. He never minded sharing my cock as long as he was getting it as well. We played together on a regular basis, but I never fucked without him in the same room. He knew this. We loved group play with him taking cocks other than mind, but we always played together. He knew I bakırköy travesti loved to call him names and be verbal with him while I was fucking. It was part of who I was. I was not a quiet top. But he loved my cock and he knew that I would spoon his little faggot body all night after I fucked him. He loved that spooning and I knew it. He needed his Daddy snuggled up behind him every night after the fucking. His kinky Daddy who was not bothered by his perversions, but loved them as well. He’d spent years finding another pervy guy who loved him, thought the world of him, but would treat him like the whore he needed to be and would not be put off by it. But Kevin knew that I needed to fuck when I need to fuck. All he said was “Fuck me Daddy. Just fuck me. Give me your cum. Breed me.” And I pulled out of his hole and started piledriving him. And, as usual, I grunted, moaned, growled, and made all thoses noises a top who loves to be verbal makes when he decides that he can’t be. And I was loud. For me noise is an integral part of the fucking. It lets the bottom know that I enjoy his hole and it helps me to get off. Finally my nut was ready to cum and my balls were ready to shoot out through my cock. I fucked harder and harder. The cliched “bed hitting the wall” made that repeated knocking as my body thrust hard into him so that my cock could get its nut out of him. I growled and my cock throbbed–my semen spewing into his hole. I moaned a slow “Ohhhhhh fuck” as the last squirt of cum was emitted from my thick penis. I rolled Kevin on his side. I was ready to go to sleep. What Dylan heard next door wasn’t my problem. I got my rocks off and I needed some sleep. And there was nothing like sleeping with your softening cummy cock in your lovers’ cummy hole. (Let me know if you like as I’ve got ideas for where this should go, but would love to hear from readers).

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