My Friends House Part 3

My Friends House Part 3I heard the car door slam. I panicked and hid under her bed. I heard the front door open.At this point I was shaking as hell.‘Oh my god, what was it I was doing here? It’s fucking crazy! I’m here in my friend’s house in his mother’s clothes, covered in cum, hiding under his mom bed…and his mom is coming in the house right now!’I almost wanted to cry right there!I heard her going around in the house. She came in her room; I did not pip a sound. I looked to the side; she had some red high heels on with white pantyhose. Oh my, she hasn’t taken off her uniform! I had the same clothes on as she did. I instantly got a hard-on again! She sat down on the bed, and what I saw next I remember so clearly still after all these years. I saw that she was taken her shoes off one by one slowly; I was so aroused! I moved my head closer to her feet so I could see her white pantyhose feet with her pink nail polish on. Mmmmm! I could not control myself. urfa escort I started rubbing my cock. It was still all sticky from my massive load of cum. All the things in my head said ‘No…this is not right! I need to get out of this!’ My heart was saying ‘YES!! Go for it. Give in to your desires. This is your moment of heaven!’She was stretching and wiggling those pretty hosed-covered feet right in front of my face. I heard her saying “Mmmm” noises. This just got me turned on so much more! Hearing my friend’s mom making moaning sounds. Then she lay down on the bed. I took one of her red heels and started sniffing them. The scent of her pantyhose feet made me seep pre-cum.‘Don’t cum yet! Don’t!’Then I heard more noises from her.“MMMM! Ooh…feels so good in my pussy!”Oh my, the way she said it, perfect.“I want a little slave licking my feet!”Right when she said that I froze. Did she know that I was here? Or did she just want a slave? How should urfa escort bayan I know?“MMmmm! He came in my stockings!”She was talking about me, or maybe to me? I could not take the chance; it’s my friend’s mom! I stayed quiet. And she just kept getting louder and louder. I clearly heard that her pussy was wet. And right there, she came so hard that she was squirting all over the place. Then I just felt my cock going off while she still orgasmed. A lot of cum came out of my sissy cock and hit the underside of her mattress and down on his mom’s pantyhose and panties. I could smell the stench of my own cum. His mom was toning down. And I thought to myself again that ‘This is insane. And if I get out of this, I never do this shit again!’I think that 30 to 45 minutes passed – it seemed a very long time. I must have dozed for a bit too. But I think she was sleeping. Maybe this is my way out?I quietly tried to push myself out from under the escort urfa bed. I stood up, and saw what was lying in the bed. His sexy mother in her stewardess uniform, with those white pantyhose, and her boobs sticking out of her shirt – all covered in her pussy juice. Her juices had hit some of her pantyhose feet and some went up her legs.‘God dammit. Why do you have to be so fucking sexy?’ My cock started to show signs of life. His mom kept on sleeping and I heard snoring. ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t fucking do it!’Right there, I sat on my knees and started to smell her pantyhose feet. I did not want her to wake up. How would that look? Me, in her clothes, covered in A LOT of cum, sniffing her feet! Ah, fuck it!And then I took her big toe in my mouth. But when I got it in my mouth, it just tasted too damn good. I could taste the pantyhose, her sweet feet and her pussy juice, and the fact that she had her shoes on for quite some time. The combination of all those things, I lost control of what I did right then! I took one of my hands and started rubbing her feet, and the one I was sucking, I sucked on even more. I guess I must have been a little rough because she then started moving.

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