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February 14th was extremely frustrating for Amy. She hated being one of those negative people that told everyone who would listen that Valentine’s day was just a stupid day to sell greeting cards. There was always someone who felt it necessary to damp on other’s moods when it was just as easy to shut up. Those people were awful and Amy didn’t want to be one of them, but she did hate Valentine’s day.

Through her entire 27 years she never had a boyfriend to be with on Valentine’s day. She was attractive. She was sweet. She was a good person. She had boyfriends all the time, but whenever February 14th came about she would find herself single or alone.

Amy’s first Valentine’s day was the closest she had to actually having a boyfriend on the one day you really wanted on. She was 15 and she heard that Owen Traeger had a crush on her and was probably going to ask her to the Valentine’s dance after school. She asked her friend Jenny to find out where he would be so they could run into each other at random.

Jenny told Amy that he usually walked home along the baseball field in the back of the school. Amy left everything in her locker, figuring she could pick it up after she randomly bumped into Owen. She stood behind the equipment shed behind the dugouts and waited for Owen to come around the corner, but when he did he wasn’t alone.

Owen was holding hands with Camille “Cami” Musgrave. It wasn’t Amy that was going to be asked to the Valentine’s dance, it was Cami. Amy’s heart was broken, as 15 year old hearts usually are at such circumstances. She didn’t even go back for her backpack but ran all the way home and spent that night crying in her bed, which would soon become a Valentine’s day tradition for her.

When she was 18, Amy’s boyfriend broke up with her on February 7th. She heard from his brother, that didn’t really like him and had a crush on Amy, that he wanted to leave February 14th open in case any other girls were interested in hooking up. They were going to college in the Fall anyway and he figured he would make it easier this way.

When Amy was 21 she did have a boyfriend on Valentine’s day, however they were in the throws of an intense break-up. It was the second worst Valentine’s day she could remember, next to her first, because not only was she alone at the end of it but she was crying and angry and sad all mixed in one.

From the afternoon all the way until 11 at night they fought and spilled their built up anger for each other. His words cut her deep and made her question so many things about herself. He left and slammed the door so loud Amy’s pictures fell off of the walls. The only other time she saw him was when she was ordered to small claims court for burning the belongings he left at her place. Thankfully that day was not anywhere near the middle of February.

Last year she had a boyfriend and they were still dating on Valentine’s day. The problem? He was thousands of miles away.

She had met him when she went home for Thanksgiving to visit her parents. He was someone from high school that stayed in touch on Facebook and saw she was coming home. He asked her out for drinks and they got along really well. They spent the weekend together, outside of the actual holiday, and reconnected again in over Christmas. But on Valentine’s day there wasn’t enough of an excuse to fly across the country to see each other, and with him being on the East coast and her being on the West coast there was a bit of a drag in the time difference too.

They had a phone date but Amy didn’t like the idea of staying stuck to her phone all night. The day was depressing enough and actually having a boyfriend on it but not being able to spend the day together almost made it worse than not having anyone. She went to bed early and the curse of Valentine’s day doomed the relationship. By the time summer came around they had already broken up and she figured it was just better to stay single and not worry about finding a boyfriend.

When she got home from her day at work on Valentine’s day 2019 there was a package waiting at her door. It was from her friend Jenny back home.

She opened it up and read the card:

I know you don’t have anyone this year and all of your Valentine’s Days have been pretty awful so I’m giving you the only thing you need.



Inside the box with the letter was a Hershey güvenilir bahis Chocolate package. It was in the shape of a man and along the top it read, My Hershey Boyfriend.

Amy had a short chuckle to herself, “that will go well with the bottle of wine I plan on drinking tonight.”

She got to the bottle too.

Amy poured herself a very full glass of white zinfandel and kept the bottle close by, she nearly decided to skip the glass entirely and drink straight from the bottle but she didn’t want to be quite that far gone yet.

“That’ll be for when I’m in my 40’s and single,” she muttered sardonically.

Sappy romantic comedies and texts with Jenny filled the next couple of hours. She took a bute but ended up not feeling like eating so she laid on the couch and her eyes felt heavy from the near half bottle of wine she worked her way through. It wasn’t nearly 7 pm but she felt tired and drifted off to sleep.

Amy was jolted awake after what seemed like a few minutes, but when she looked around she really had no idea how much time had passed. It was dark outside and fairly quiet. The TV was on the ‘Are you still watching?’ mode of Netflix. The lights seemed slightly dimmed as well, which was very odd.

After sitting up she reached for a piece of the chocolate Jenny had sent but it was gone. She didn’t remember eating the entire thing but there weren’t even any crumbs or specks of chocolate left.

“Did I lick every piece off of the table?”

Her head felt a little hazy and she may have been drunk, which didn’t help when she was startled by a voice calling out from down the hall, “hello? Amy? Are you awake?”

“Who the hell are you?!” She didn’t recognize the voice at all. It was a man and fairly deep sounding.

“Amy, Amy, it’s okay. I’m coming out. There’s no need to worry. Just calm down.”

As the voice was talking it sounded as if it were coming down the hall. Amy’s eyes grew wide and she leaped off of the couch and ran into the kitchen when she saw a life-sized version of the chocolate Hershey boyfriend standing in her hallway.

“What the fuck are you? What is going on?!” Amy screamed from behind the kitchen counter.

“Amy! Calm down. I have no idea. One moment I was a piece of chocolate and the next I’m standing in your hallway and can think and talk and move. I don’t know what is going on either. I just know your name and that’s it.”

“This can’t be happening,” Amy looked around frantically. She pinched herself. It didn’t feel like a dream. She felt awake. Everything felt real.

She looked over at the package and then at the chocolate man standing there. He was taller than her by a few inches. He was three dimensional. He moved smoothly as he stood awkward in the hall. It was as if he were a real man dipped in a chocolate coating.

Oh, and he was stark naked.

Amy picked up her phone to call the police. She had no idea what was going on but she needed to make sure this chocolate freak thing was out of her apartment. But on her phone was a text from Jenny.

I hope you like your edible treat, lol xoxo

Amy squinted at the words and then it dawned on her.

“Fucking hell! God damnit, Jenny!”

She looked at the chocolate man and showed him the phone, not realizing the ridiculousness of it.

“You’re not real. Fucking Jenny sent me pot chocolate or something. She must have made you herself in a mold and spiced it up for me. I think she put way too fucking much in though because I am having a major freak out right now.”

The chocolate Hershey man nodded, “you and I both. So, what do we do now? Am I even here?”

“I don’t know,” Amy said in a confused way.

“I guess if you’re not real then you can’t really harm me. I’m either dreaming or this is the most bizarre trip I’ve ever had.”

Amy came from around the counter and walked towards the chocolate formed being. He stood there, watching her. She looked at him from head to toe as she approached.

He had the body of a man from head to toe. He looked as if he were about 6 feet tall. His features were human but in a square manner. His eyes were darkened. He had muscles but they weren’t smooth hills, instead they had almost corner like edges. Everything was as if he were a large chocolate bar except his enormous chocolate cock. It was huge, yet realistic.

Her eyes kept on it for longer türkçe bahis than she generally would have if she had thought this were anything more than a freak out. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen in person, even if it wasn’t flesh. It had to be 9 or 10 inches long and the delicate nature of the veins and testicles were intricate. She couldn’t help but lick her lips as she was lost in her drunken, high state.

“Ahem,” the chocolate man said, “Amy?”

She shook her head and blushed, “I um, sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t stare. I just couldn’t help it.”

“You know, if this is all just a bad trip then you can really do whatever you’d like without any consequences.”

Amy looked up into his dark chocolate eyes. They were oddly hypnotizing as she peered into the darkness.

“Uh huh, I guess it really wouldn’t matter, would it?” She smiled back.

“At least you’ll have a good time, right?” He returned a closed lip smile.

She nodded and bit her lower lip then closed her eyes and whispered to herself, “this is insane.”

“Kiss me and find out how insane, Amy,” he said.

She opened her eyes and he was right next to her. His hands touched her and she felt his grip. It felt natural and human. She stuttered her reach out to him and carefully placed her hands on his chocolate shell.

It felt hard. Harder than skin but soft enough that she could press her fingers into him and she could leave the imprint of her fingerprints. She looked up at him and smiled a closed lip smile down to her again.

Then she leaned up and he leaned down and she kissed him. His fingers and hands flattened into her body and she pressed her own hands into his chocolate frame. His lips parted and she was surprised to find out he had a normal mouth and a tongue. The tongue was softer than the outside but still more firm than hers. It moved similarly to her own tongue and she could taste his rich milk chocolate coating against their kissing.

They pulled back and she ripped off her shirt, “fuck it, why not?”

She then unhooked her bra and let it fall between them. Next Amy slipped her thumbs in her panties and yanked down her tights along with them. She was standing naked, her white skin against his dark chocolate dipped coating. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He cupped them and gave them a squeeze, causing her to moan.

His touches were delicate yet firm. Whenever she felt his hands or body it was hard, as if he had the body of a Greek god, but it gave just enough that she felt comfortable. She was pressed up against a chocolate humanoid monster thing and yet she felt as comfortable with him as she did any person she’s ever had sex with. At that moment she told herself that even if this was a stupid dream she wasn’t going to stop until she had him.

Amy bit her lip precociously and then dropped down to her knees. The chocolate man looked down at her with a smirk on the corner of his lips, “go ahead.”

She beamed a smile up at him and then carefully took his thick, smooth toblerone into her hand. It was as everything else on him was, a perfect cross between flesh and plastic. His cock was like some kind of magical chocolate dildo. She could squeeze it and run her fingers along it and it held firm but gave in all of the right places. He even moaned when she cupped his chocolate balls and gave them a gentle juggle.

After teasing and toying with his dick she finally decided to go in. Parting her lips and guiding it in, her hand on the base with her other hand’s fingers still tickling his chocolate balls she let it slip into her warm, heated mouth and she began sucking on it.

He began to rock his hips and she felt his hands cup behind her ears. She was slowly moving in on it, not nearly able to push it down her throat and she had to stop well before half way.

Pulling back she dragged her lips and could, again, taste his milk chocolate on her tongue. If he hadn’t been moaning along with with her actions she would have been tempted to bite into the thick bar swallow the end off of it.

“Fuck. Amy, that feels so fucking good. Deep throat that chocolate bar baby. Suck the sugar out of it.”

The words thrilled her on. She continued. Bobbing her head. Trying to get him deeper. Her lips and tongue gliding over his chocolate cock back and forth, over and over again. She tasted him. The sweet, güvenilir bahis siteleri sugary taste of his cock as she swallowed. He was fucking delicious and she never wanted to take his cock out of her mouth unless it was to catch her breath.

She continued. She would pull back and suck the mushroom tip, licking and flicking it with her tongue to watch him squirm. After a moment of panting her mouth would be wrapped around his cock again sucking and pulling the taste out of it.

A few moments later she pulled back again and wiped the saliva from across her lips and looked at the back of her hand. She saw it was stained dark with chocolate from her face. It was running out of the corner of her mouth. He was melting in her mouth as she sucked his massive chocolate cock.

This made her bounce up off of her knees, but her hand held his cock, pumping it slowly in her hand.

“Your dick is melting,” she grinned at him and pressed her naked body into his.

He nodded, “you must be doing a fucking amazing job to be able to melt someone’s dick with your blowjobs, Amy.”

She laughed, “uh huh. But I want you to fuck me before it’s gone. I want this thick hershey bar in my cunt, right now.”

He grunted and followed her back to the couch. She bent over onto the arm of it and jutted her ass out at him and gave him a wink.

“Fuck me,” she said.

He didn’t waste a moment, grabbing her hips and jutting forward. His thick chocolate pillar pushing into her waiting, pink pussy.

She cried out, “oh fuck!”

It felt so full inside of her. She had never felt so much in her. Even with the dildos she’s owned in the past this was the biggest thing she’s ever had in her cunt and she was struggling to take him all in.

He was gentle though. Easing inside of her. Slowly pushing forward as she squirmed and squeaked from trying to relax. Her muscles slowly relaxed and she relaxed. He was feeling better inside of her. She let out a deep breath and let herself back onto him. He pushed forward and she moaned. It felt amazing.

Her whole body was being fucked. She shook back and forth against his strong frame. Her ass slamming like a thud against his thighs. It wasn’t the normal slapping sound that was heard when flesh was meeting flesh, but as if she were being pounded against a wall.

He knew how to fuck her too. He’d push inside and grind himself in her then pull back and pound at her cunt for a minute or two. His hands were sliding up and down her hips, then he would slap her ass and tell her, “chocolate owns this pussy. Look at the cunt drool.”

She felt it too. She felt her pussy juices running down her thigh as he pounded her. Even more so when he took both of her hands and pinned them behind her back, fucking her with her face against the couch cushions and her eyes rolling back into her head. He was pushing her to blissful euphoria and she was on the verge of an eruption.

Amy’s eyes were heavy. She could barely keep them open. She felt her muscles contracting and then a hard and crashing orgasm came over her. His cock pushed forward inside of her and he held her hips tight to him as she shook. Her mouth fell open and she lose control of her body. When she was finished with her orgasm her whole midsection hurt, as if she were doing sit ups for the last hour or two.

The chocolate man helped her fully onto the couch and laid her head on the cushion. He grabbed a blanket and placed it over her as she drifted off to sleep. She was able to mumble a last few words before the wine, the chocolate and the orgasm pushed her under.

“Thank you, if I wake up and I’m not high anymore. Thank you,” she said with a smile. He smiled back and ran his fingers through her hair and she fell asleep.

When she woke up she jolted upright and looked around. She was naked but there was nobody else around. The blanket was around her and she was very confused.

The bottle of wine was empty.

She grabbed the chocolate Hershey boyfriend container and saw a few crumbs in the bottom of the box.

“Were they always there?” She wondered.

She slumped back into the couch and looked around. It was morning and the sun was on its way up. The TV was off. The lights were on. Amy shook her head.

“That was one weird fucking high. I think I’ll keep that one to myself.”

She made a face when she shifted on the couch and stuck her hands down between her legs and felt a dried substance on her thigh. She ran her finger along it and brought it up. Her eyes widened when she saw and smelled the sweet chocolate Hershey boyfriend’s leftovers.

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