My New Daddy Ch. 08


I slept in the next day and no one bothered me. The sunlight streamed in through the windows as I got up, bathed and got dressed in a skin-tight black minidress, bra, thong panties, and a pair of slut heels. I did my best with my makeup but I was still critical of my look. I knew enough about makeup to know that I could look so much sexier if I knew what I was doing. I wanted my face to make every real man want to shove his cock down my throat and I wasn’t quite there yet.

The door was still locked, so I made some coffee browsed through the sissy hypno training videos on the computer. I could watch those all day long. I loved how the role models for sissies were all slutty, cum-soaked porn stars – exactly who I was about to become myself. Maybe one day I’d make my own sissy hypno vid for all the bois who wanted to be gurls. Yummy!

My clittycock was throbbing in its cage when the door clicked open and Boss walked in. I stood up and he looked me up and down, then said, “Mmmmm, good gurl,” and adjusted his hardening cock in his pants. He said, “Turn around for me. Show off that slut body.”

I did as I was told and strutted back and forth for my Boss-man. Hell, if he’d told me to suck off the Pope right then, I’d have done it. I always want to make my Boss happy. I bent over and let my dress ride up my smooth round ass. Boss couldn’t take any more so he slapped my ass hard, leaving his delicious handprint on me.

“Jesus, you little whore. I could fuck you 24/7.”

I growled, “Pleeeeeeeeeeease!”

Boss laughed. “Business first. We need to have you scanned for your collar.”

I almost fainted. “My what?” I asked.

“Your collar. Your ceremony is tonight and you’ll be signing yourself over to him permanently. You will become his property. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I’d actually be owned by Daddy? Seriously?

Boss snapped his fingers in front of my face and laughed again. “He didn’t tell you, did he?”

“No, sir,” I stammered, “but I’m thrilled about it!”

We went down to a lab where I met Dr. Varma, an older Indian man. He looked me over hungrily as he ran a laser scan of my neck and pulled up screens of various collars for Daddy to choose from. Boss wouldn’t let me see, but he sent the choices upstairs to Daddy. I didn’t really understand what the collar represented, yet, but I was happy to see all the nerdy lab assistants staring at me. I looked at one chubby guy in glasses and licked my lips. He came over and I whispered “I want to swallow your cock, baby” and he nearly fell down. I think he may have cum in his pants right there because he ran off shortly thereafter. I was really enjoying getting men off!

Next, Boss took me to another area where I was to be fitted with my wedding gown. I stared at Boss in disbelief and he said, “Lauren, what’s about to happen to you is even more permanent than marriage. You are going to belong to Ted in every way. You’ll be signing away all of your legal rights to him, in effect becoming his slave to use as he pleases. The ceremony is a big deal and he’s invited his board members to partake of you along with a large audience who’ll be watching.”

“Partake of me?” I asked. I liked the sound of that.

“Yes. They’ll be using you sexually in any perverted way they choose. There’s a live pay per view event as well as a camera crew on hand to shoot the depravity so we can sell your debasement and humiliation to horny men everywhere.”

I groaned and reached down to cup my clittycock. “Mmmmmmm, I can hardly wait, Boss.”

“Yes,” he said with a smile. “I know.”

There were two women in the dressing room who stripped me and dolled me up in perfect slut-bride fashion. They did a proper job on my hair and makeup and dressed me in a very revealing ensemble. I wore a tiny white thong panty with a special pouch sewn in for my cage to fit just so. I was also cinched into a white bustier that had breast forms sewn in. God, I was so horny already! Then I stepped into a pair of super-high-heeled, white patent leather stripper boots that laced all the way up to my thighs. I had to practice walking in them, but I loved how nasty they made me look. The whole outfit was topped with a white sequined veil and train that fell off the back of my head and down to the floor but was sheer enough hide none of my assets. I felt like I’d died and gone to slut heaven!

The whole dressing room experience took hours. Before I knew it, Boss was standing in the doorway wearing a sexy black tux. “Ready?” he asked.

I bit my lip and nodded. I was so fucking excited!

We walked down the hall to a small elevator. Boss helped me inside and then explained to me that this elevator would rise from the floor in the ballroom above. He’d be taking the long way, so I was on my own from here on out. He stood back and looked me up and down like a cross between a doting father and a strip club patron. He adjusted my panties and smiled. “Enjoy yourself, Lauren. I know I will.”

“Yes, sir,” I said with a smile just as the door closed between us. I stood in that stark white cylinder Pendik Grup Escort and began to feel a little claustrophobic. It jerked as it began moving upward and then, abruptly, it stopped. I could hear music playing above so I knew I was close. I had butterflies in my stomach like crazy! Oh my god, what was about to be done to me? I reached down and held my caged clittycock to ease my fears, but truth be told, being afraid made me incredibly horny. I loved the mixture of trepidation and anticipation, soon to be followed by humiliation. I thrived on that stew, my kinky brain soaking it up and making me shudder.

I was imagining what kind of kinky people I might be made to serve. I thought back to the board meeting where I’d pretended to be Daddy’s administrative assistant and I tried to remember what the other board members looked like. I thought there had been several men and at least two women. Would the women even be interested in me?

As I was considering the possibilities, there was a swell of electronic music above and the elevator began to move upward again. Oh god! The walls of the elevator stopped short as a port opened in the ceiling. I was thrust upward on a circular platform that fit the opening perfectly and I rose up out of the stage floor as spotlights turned to light me up! Once at the top, the music thumped and a beat began as the floor rotated, showing me off to the crowd. They cheered their approval as I smiled and posed to show off my body for them. There were hundreds of people watching!

I showed off all the sexy poses I’d seen models and porn stars work for the camera. I remembered that video cameras were rolling, but I couldn’t see them. I was blinded by the spotlights.

When the music ebbed back to a sane volume level, the lighting changed and I could see the board members seated in chairs upstage of where I stood. In the center chair, which was more like a throne, sat my Daddy.

Boss stepped onstage and a spotlight shone on him. “Lauren Lust,” he said. “You have come here today, of your own free will, to become the property of Theodore S. Michaelson and to become an indentured sex slave to his company, Fucktoy, Inc. Do you accept him as your owner, and promise to cater to his every sexual whim, serving not only him, but those he chooses to share you with?”

I said, “I do,” and was shocked to hear my girlie voice echoing out over the ballroom speakers.

Boss continued, “Do you promise to be sexy, horny, and submissive every moment of every day, happy and willing to do any kinky thing that he commands?”

This time I held my head high and spoke up, “I do.”

“And do you, Lauren Lust, give up your previous identity, to embrace your new role as a shemale porn star here at Fucktoy, Inc., living only to turn others on and get them off?”

I smiled. “Oh god, yes I do!”

A murmur of approval and laughter rippled through the crowd. I loved having so many people watching me submit.

Boss turned to Daddy and he walked over to stand behind me. I glanced back and saw that he was holding a thick, white leather collar with something etched into it. Boss said, “And do you, Theodore S. Michaelson, promise to care for your new property in every way, to cherish her submission and to let no harm come to her except for that harm that sexually satisfies you?”

I actually giggled at that last line and the audience followed suit. Daddy smiled and said, I do, indeed.”

Boss proclaimed, “You may now collar your slave,” and Daddy wrapped that delicious leather around my throat, pulling it tight as an assistant stepped up to sew me into it permanently. I loved how it felt. It was molded perfectly to my neck and reminded me that Daddy’s hands would always be around my throat. Mmmmmm.

When the collar was in place, Daddy turned me to face him and said, “Lauren, you are now mine.” He removed my veil and train, exposing my slutty outfit, and he kissed me hard and he groped my ass in front of everyone. The audience applauded and he slapped my ass hard, leaving his yummy red handprint there on my left cheek. The music swelled again as the board members looked on in their evening attire.

Daddy said, “And now, Lauren, you will prove your lust and dedication by servicing the kinky desires of the Fucktoy, Inc. board right here on this stage for all to see. They’ll each have a short solo turn followed by a free-for-all blow bang and my own breeding of your asscunt here on camera for the first time.”

He then turned to the cheering audience, which consisted mostly of employees. Men and women dressed in slutty attire entered the room and took positions in each aisle. “We’re also providing juicy Fucktoys throughout the audience to service those of you who would like to be pleasured while you watch. Enjoy!”

The audience cheered lasciviously as I looked at each board member in turn. There were six of them. Seven if you included my Daddy. Two were women, the rest men. Two women and four men were about to use me in front of a crowd of hundreds as well as a big pay per view audience! Pendik Manken Escort I couldn’t have been happier.

Daddy took his seat and it rose on a platform so that he’d have a clear view of the proceedings. The first board member was hit with the spotlight and he stepped forward as the thick beats swelled in the hall. I was so fucking nervous and excited that I immediately dribbled precum down my thigh. The Hispanic man noticed and smiled as he pulled out a blindfold.

He spoke as he tied the blindfold onto my face, obscuring my vision. “My name is Hector,” he said. “You may call me Sir.”

I nodded in the darkness and breathed hard. “Yes, Sir.”

Hector then cuffed my wrists and held them over my head. I can only assume that he had prearranged for a hook to be lowered from overhead, as he latched my cuffs above me and I felt the rig raise me slightly off the floor. I could barely touch the stage with my heeled boots as I dangled there for any use Hector could imagine.

He walked around me slowly, as if no one were watching, and he slid his manly hands all over me. He slid his palm down the swell of my ass, over my exposed thighs, and over my caged clittycock. He sniffed the back of my neck and licked it slowly as he grasped my hips and pressed his crotch into my ass. He stood behind me, breathing his hot exhalations against my neck and shoulders as he humped me and slid his hands all over my body. I moaned deeply, aching for more.

Hector leaned in and bit my earlobe HARD and I squealed. He moaned. “That’s what I like to hear. Are you a pain slut?”

I nodded, not sure if I was or not, but knowing that from this night on, the only answer I would ever give to any sexual question was “YES!”

Hector reached down and hefted his brown uncut cock and balls out of his tuxedo slacks and slid them up and down my ass crack. “Your ass is cold, slut,” he said. “Let’s warm it up.” And, with that, he slapped my ass as hard as it’s ever been slapped. I felt the tingle as my blood rushed to redden my ass cheek for my new master. He ran his nails down his red hand print as he bit the back of my neck and again I squealed with pain and pleasure. Then he spanked me again, this time on the other cheek. After that, I lost count of the strikes, but when he nestled his cock against my ass again, he was obviously pleased with its warmth. He moaned as he dry humped my bright red ass and his cock got harder and harder.

I was praying for him to penetrate me when a bell sounded and he stepped away, leaving me in a darkness of depraved desire all alone. I don’t think I’d ever needed to be fucked more, and now I was empty. I felt like crying until a woman’s hand caressed my face.

“I’m Jennifer,” she said, “and I like abusing sissy faggots like you.”

“Thank you, ” I moaned as what felt like her hard cock grazed my leg.

She giggled in an arrogant, condescending way that made me leak more pre. God, I loved being dominated. Jennifer walked around behind me and left me blindfolded and restrained in Hector’s setup.

“What a lovely red ass Hector has provided for me,” she said as she dragged her long, pointy nails across the stinging surface of my butt. I winced and groaned for her and she laughed, then she pulled my thong string aside and spread my cheeks with both hands.

“What have we here? A little faggot cunt? What a pretty flower you have, Lauren.”

“Thank you, mistress,” I said as Jennifer ran her knuckles over my rosebud. Then she did the unexpected. She began licking my eager pink pucker! Slowly at first, then more aggressively. In a matter of moments, she was tongue-fucking my eager hole! She grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto her face as she groaned into my asscunt with each stroke.

I pushed back to meet her mouth as best I could on tiptoe and begged for more. “Please, please, please, ” I moaned.

“Please, what, faggot?” she spat.

“Please fuck my sissy pussy, mistress. Pleeeeeeease.”

I imagined her smiling as she stopped eating my ass and stepped up stroking her gigantic strapon.

“Did you feel The Bull when he slapped your thigh?”

“Yesssss, mistresssss,” I hissed. I wanted The Bull inside me so bad.

Jennifer slapped my face hard and said, “Open” as she grasped my jaw. I opened my slut mouth and she drooled her spit onto my extended tongue. “Now, I will fuck you for as long as you can hold my spit on your tongue, slut.”

I made a sound that approximated “uh-huh” and Jennifer swiveled my face toward the audience and shoved her massive strap-on dildo deep into my ass in a single stroke! I screamed but somehow managed to keep my tongue extended as the audience applauded. My cunt was on fire with the full depth and girth of the biggest thing I’d ever been fucked with. It felt like it was ripping me open and it was glorious. Jennifer fucked me with a frenzy that no man would ever indulge in because it would make him cum too soon. She didn’t have that problem as her rubber tool would stay hard forever, tormenting my bowels with every hard, deep Pendik Masöz Escort stroke.

When the bell finally rang, my head was spinning. I came back to reality when Mistress Jennifer turned me around and sucked her spit off my tongue. Then she was gone and I was alone again. Left in the darkness of my debasement. I shed a few lonely tears as I waited to be filled again.

The next board member stepped up and removed my blindfold. The lights were blinding so I couldn’t see the person, but I could tell he was a man when he kissed me hard and deep, forcing his tongue into my throat. When I opened my eyes again, I could see that he was a gorgeous hunk of a white man, built like tank. I’d have guessed him to be in his early thirties. He must have spent eight hours a day at the gym to be built like that! I swooned at the thought of pleasing him.

“I’m James,” he said as he removed his jacket and shirt. He motioned for the stage crew to lower my restraint. The overhead line loosened and I fell into James’ arms as he untied me. He was so solid and warm. I fell in love with him immediately, eager to make him happy.

He kept my wrists bound as he held me up. It was then that I noticed his big nipples. James smiled as he pinched his right nipple and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. “I have hard-wired nips and I want you to show me what a good little tit sucker you are.” With that, he offered up his big pec and I salivated. I sucked that big, hard pencil eraser and James groaned. As I continued to work over his pec, licking every inch of his hairless skin that I could get my tongue on, James kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and boxers.

I gasped at his huge, pumped up ball sack and James grinned again. “See something you like, slave?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I said and I dropped to my knees. I nuzzled those swollen balls with my entire face as his uncut cock bobbed against my forehead. I tried to suck those big balls but they were too much for my mouth.

“Heft them in your hands,” he instructed as he fingered his nips. “Squeeze them for me.”

My hands were still cuffed behind my back , so I stood and backed over to the meatiest set of balls I’d ever had the pleasure of serving. I used my hands behind my back to fondle and squeeze that sack while James jacked with one hand and pinched his nipples with the other. He was very close to coming when the bell rang and he backed away, wiping the sweat from his brow. I loved that he sat down without dressing, and I hoped he’d fuck me with that cock before the show was over.

I still had three nasty pervs who were lined up to take turns with me and I couldn’t wait to see what they were into. An older black man stepped up to me without a word. He just pulled his black cock and balls out over his zipper and snapped his fingers. I crawled over to him and just as I was about to taste his cock, he slapped my face. I fell back and he snapped his fingers again. When I touched that gorgeous cock head with my eager mouth, he slapped me again. He did the same thing again and again and each time I noticed just how hard his cock got with each slap. I loved that he could get pleasure from me, but I really, really wanted to swallow that big black cock.

Time was running out when he finally allowed me to take his dick into my mouth and throat. He held my neck and felt his own cock through my neck muscles. It was the deepest I’d ever taken cock and even though it made me cry and smear my eye makeup, it made me incredibly happy.

The bell rang and the monster cock was removed from my throat as the second woman approached. She looked like a former porn star. She was blonde with big tits and an even bigger attitude. She looked down on me panting and drooling onto the floor and smiled. “You can call me Mrs. Richardson.”

I said, Yes, ma’am, Mrs. Richardson.”

“Good boi,” she said as she hiked up her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “I’m an anal slut myself, so since you don’t really have a cock any more, I want you to use your tongue to fuck me. And you’d better make it good!”

I smiled, “Yes, ma’am!”

She turned around for me. Her ass was perfect – exactly like what I wished mine looked like. She fingered her clit while I worshiped her perfect pink asshole. I licked sucked and french kissed that pretty pucker like I needed it for sustenance. It was so soft and smooth that I wanted to push my whole face deep into her ass. I could feel her grabbing my tongue with that asscunt while I fucked her with my mouth.

She motioned for someone to unlock me and my hands were freed. “Now, fist fuck me, bitch. Make my asshole gape!”

I didn’t have any lube, so I shoved my fingers into my mouth until I gagged up enough spit and I forced my entire hand inside her. When her anal ring settled around my wrist like a bracelet, she came HARD, falling onto the stage floor and moaning loudly for all to hear. Those in the audience not engaged in their own play with the provided Fucktoys, applauded and whistled. She remained on the floor with my hand up her ass, convulsing and squeezing my wrist until the bell rang. I pulled my hand free and she kissed me before stumbling back to her chair, her skirt still hiked up around her waist. I settled back onto my knees there on the stage floor and I began licking Mrs. Richardson’s asscum off my hand.

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