Office Fun Can Be Great


I was going to make a trip down to the Florida Keys to escape the damn snow that was forecast. The temperatures haven’t been higher than the thirties during the day for the past couple of weeks and dipping down to single digits at night. I’ve had enough and recently made the decision to take an early retirement and get out of this God forsaken weather once and for all.

I’m Bill, fifty-two years old and have worked for the same company for almost thirty years and my pension along with my investments will let me live fairly comfortably as long as I don’t go wild with expenses. I didn’t want to retire early but the weather finally got the best of me and the company was offering the employees golden parachute type of inducements for early retirements. I gave up skiing ten years ago and might as well give up golf as bad as the weather is in this part of our country. I am talking about upstate New Hampshire and for the past several years we have had snow on the ground from mid-October until early April. This isn’t living; it is more like just existing.

Leah, my extremely competent and brilliant secretary has been with me for the last twelve years and while there has never been anything other than a boss-secretary relationship between us I am absolutely certain I would never have enjoyed the success I have had in my job without her. She’s in her mid thirties, attractive and has what looks to be a decent figure. She lost her husband just about the same time my wife passed away back about six years ago. I had no idea how she was going to take the news.

It was going to take me a little time to wind down from my job with all the things that were still going on that needed my attention. The company has been far too good to me over the years for me to just walk out the door and leave those things undone and put them in that kind of a bind. I’d still be here for the better part of another month.

Now that I had made the decision I had one major unpleasant task in front of me and that was to tell Leah of my plans. As I said, I wasn’t sure of how she was going to take the news. Her work area is directly outside my office and I got up and walked out to her desk and said,

“Leah, will you please tell the switchboard to hold all calls to you or me and then please come into my office.”

“What’s up Bill? You are sounding so mysterious.”

I didn’t answer her but just turned and went back to my desk and she was right behind me.

“Please close the door Leah”

She did and when she had seated herself I said,

“I have some news that I don’t know how you will take but the only thing I can do is to tell you. I have decided to take the early retirement package the company is offering and I wanted you to be the first to know.”

She threw her hands up and covered her face with them and said.

“Oh God no. When will be your last day?”

“Today is the second and I’ll finish out the month. I’ll be going up to tell the CEO of my plans when you and I are finished talking and I think he will appreciate that I am going to finish up all the things I have been working on before leaving.”

She blurted out, “Oh Bill, I’ll never work for anyone else,” as the tears poured out of her.

I joked, “Leah the next guy will never have all of my faults. You’ll have it a lot easier.”

“Now you are going to have to wipe your eyes and put a smile on your face, regardless of how phony, and not let anyone see you like this.”

She dropped her hands saying, “I don’t give a shit what anyone else sees me doing.”

That took my breath away for I had never even heard her use the word ‘damn’ in all the years I had known her.

Getting up and coming around my desk I put my arms on her shoulders saying, “I’m going to miss you too. My life will never be the same without you in it but I’ll just have to make do.”

“I know, I’ll feel the same way. I guess I knew that you would retire at some time but I always thought it was way out in the future.”

Gently lifting her to her feet I put my arms around her pulling her to me.

“Leah, this is going to be a huge change for both of us but somehow we’ll manage.”

She threw herself against my chest and really began to bawl.

Oh hell, what do I do now? There is a box of tissues in my desk drawer and I leaned down and got them for her.

“C’mon, we’ll get through this together. You and I are going to have another one of our trips that we will be taking before I leave and we are going to have to get ready for it. I am going to need all of your brains and thoughts about it.”

She and I made a trip about once a month to clients and prospects all around the country. The trips would usually last several days and I’d bring her into the meetings where she would take down everything that was said of any importance in shorthand and then type her notes up on her laptop after the meeting was over. Frequently we would fly into the first city on a trip in an evening, get a hotel room and then get to the client’s office the first thing the next morning. The meetings kaçak iddaa would usually last until lunch and then we’d be flying to the next meeting getting there in the early evening and get ready for the next mornings meeting with another client. Leah would be typing her notes from the first meeting into her laptop while we were in the air or driving and then after my review, and possible changes, would Email them back to the home office that night where they would be printed on company letterhead. One of the secretaries there, who did a good job with my signature, would sign the letters and get them in the mail. The client would generally receive the letters before Leah and I actually made it back to the main office. Talk about hectic!

Since this was undoubtedly going to be my last trip, I was going to clear up everything unresolved with a ton of clients. The trip was going to take us to Richmond, Raleigh, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa and then ending in Miami. Some of these cities had multiple clients so we’d have enough time to take care of them on this one trip. All in all we would be gone for the better part of two weeks but I’d have cleared the board with everything needing to be done with all of those accounts.

Once again she made all of the flight, rental car and hotel reservations. We would fly into Richmond where we would pick up the rental car we would use to take us to the hotel and then on to the various clients offices for the rest of the trip. With perhaps one exception the distances between the other cities were too small to go through the hassle of flying.

We left on a Sunday night and the visits to Richmond and Raleigh went great. We solved all the issues that had been outstanding at both accounts and even picked up a large order from our customer in Raleigh. Leah was busier than hell entering all the info in her lap-top and was able to transmit it to our home office late each night.

The drive to Atlanta took longer than I thought it would and we didn’t get in to the hotel there until after six. No problem … We agreed to meet in the lounge in an hour and that gave us time to get a shower and changed into casual clothes.

She got there before me and had managed to get a nice corner table and had also arranged with the maitre de to save us a prime table in the dining room an hour after we arrived in the lounge. This woman does everything and does it well.

We had our usual drinks of scotch on the rocks and at first just clinked glasses and settled down to some serious conversation. It touched on every possible subject and she finally asked if I had a gal pal that I would be sharing the rest of my life with and I almost choked and said,

“Leah, my investments and pension will enable me to live a comfortable life but as much as that would be nice they weren’t going to be enough to support a wife. Besides, who would want an old guy like me?”

“You might be surprised.” She answered

We finished our drinks and ordered another and I told the waiter as he took that order that he could serve them in the dining room. He hustled over to tell the maitre de that we were ready to eat and then went to the bar to get our drinks.

Dinner was pretty good considering we were eating in a hotel. Some of these places don’t go out of their way to serve first class offerings figuring that many of their customers weren’t ever going to be frequent regulars.

I ordered a bottle of a nice Merlot to be served with dinner and we did manage to put a hell of a dent in the bottle. Our conversation continued, almost without any interruption, from what we had been chatting about when we first sat down in the lounge. She is one great conversationalist. We hit the sack around eleven and met for breakfast at seven the next morning.

We were only about a mile from the next client and we got there right at eight-thirty. We had been in their office a number of times in the past so it was like a meeting of old friends rather than a vendor and their customer. They were teasing Leah about looking tired and questioned her about boyfriends and wondered teasingly if that was the reason she was looking a bit run down. A few minutes of that and they realized that something was wrong and they might be treading on dangerous ground and they stopped the teasing.

After they got through teasing her they had a ball reminiscing about my last time on the golf course with some of them. It was a round of golf I’d just as soon forget. I couldn’t do a damn thing right and it was the worst round of golf I had ever played. These bandits were never going to let me forget it but we all had a good laugh about it. When I announced that I was going to be retiring the room went deathly quiet. The teasing stopped and they all got very serious with their comments and best wishes and they let me know they would never forget the relationship we had developed over the years. Their CEO and I had become close friends and he got me aside and said to call if I ever wanted a job in Atlanta. He would reassign his present manager of marketing and put kaçak bahis me to work the next day in that position. That was an unbelievably touching thing for him to offer. Leah heard part of it and broke down completely. I shook hands all around and said we had better be getting to our next appointment. Leah ran out of the place and jumped into our car and cried her heart out. I just started the car and headed for Jacksonville.

It was another hour before she regained her composure and apologized for her action. I assured her that it was a tough time for all of us and for her not to worry about it.

It was over a three hundred mile drive so we had to keep moving if we wanted to get there for dinner and that was kind of important since we hadn’t had any lunch. Fortunately it was all going to be Interstate so we could make some good time if I just kept our speed at five miles over the limit.

Sure enough we pulled into the motel parking lot right at five-thirty. She had been busy the whole drive typing up her notes from our Atlanta meeting so we hadn’t talked much on the trip.

Our meeting the next day wasn’t scheduled until one PM so we were going to get a good nights rest. It was a Marriott motel and looked fairly new. There were three accounts we had to visit in town so we were going to be here for a few days. We each were going to have a room with a queen size bed and a large flat screen TV so any sports that were on were going to be enjoyed to the fullest. For the first time they were adjoining rooms but that didn’t make much difference…..or so I thought.

We went down the road to a great little restaurant that specialized in fish, where we each had fresh shrimp cocktails and then broiled grouper. We accompanied the fish with our usual glasses of scotch and thought we were in heaven.

An hour after getting back to our rooms I heard a slight knock on the door between our rooms. I opened the door in mine to see Leah standing there —- absolutely naked. Holy shit. She melted into my arms saying,

“Bill, I have wanted to have sex with you for years but knew if we did it might spoil our working relationship. Now that you are leaving we don’t have a working relationship any longer so there is nothing to spoil.”

As she was saying all that she melted into my arms again and threw her arms around my neck and locked her lips to mine. Damn, I never knew she was built like this. She had great tits that were hard and firm with a very small waist. What have I been looking at all these years? I thought she just had an OK body. I never realized it was this nice.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bed and was stripping off my shirt and unbuckling my pants with the other hand as we walked. By the time we got to the edge of the bed I had left a trail of clothes from the door to her room right up to the bed. I gave her a slight push and she was flat on the bed looking up at me with the warmest most inviting eyes I had ever seen. I slid my Jockeys off and fell on the bed alongside of her. Whew, I never expected anything like this. What a going away present!

Sliding down on the bed I brought my mouth to hers and resumed the kiss she had started. I let one hand tenderly move down to cup a breast and let my index finger lightly massage the nipple. Her moans started right then and I could feel them through her mouth. Still keeping my mouth locked to hers I moved the hand I had on her breast down to her crotch and began prying the lips of hr pussy open so my fingers could search out her clit. Whew, it was the largest clit I ever felt. It was hard from the attention it was getting and it protruded at least an inch. As my fingers twirled around it and lightly flicked the end of it her moans became louder by the second.

She moved her mouth from mine to say somewhat breathlessly, “Bill, you are terrific. Where did you learn to do this stuff? God, you could bring me to orgasm just with your hands.”

That sounded great but I replied, “Well, if my fingers are that good let’s see how you rate my mouth.”

As I was saying this I moved down so my mouth was almost touching the lips of her pussy and then I moved in. I used my fingers on each hand to spread her pussy lips to let my mouth penetrate deeper so my tongue could do its magic on her clit. I worked on it for a few minutes and then pulled my mouth away and folded three fingers together and slipped them into her pussy. Once they were in all the way I spread them apart and began to quickly move each of them back and forth independently of the others and that put her over the top.

“Oh God, Bill, I can’t take much more of that. Please stop and put your cock deep inside of me.”

I moved up so I was holding her down with my weight. My knees wedged her legs apart and she spread them even wider, lifting them until she could hug my hips. I propped myself up on my elbows so I could watch her expression as my erection probed her, and pushed until I was all the way inside of her.

She let out a little screech and quickly covered her mouth to muffle her illegal bahis sounds afraid that other guests would call the front desk about something wrong going on in my room.

I began a slow but steady thrusting letting my cock go all the way in before pulling it out almost all the way before driving it back in to the bottom. I dropped my face to hers and let my tongue search out hers as I locked my lips to hers. Our kissing along with my thrusting went on for what seemed like hours before we both were riding the crest of orgasms. Whew, this time it was me who was making all the noise as I exploded deep inside of her. Her nails were scratching my back as she threw her hips high as her own orgasm overcame her.

I held myself up off her on my elbows looking down at her saying,

“Whew, I could get used to that in a hurry.”

“Me too” she replied.

I rolled off her and just lay there as my breathing was fighting to get back to normal. She was the same way and we looked at each other and just laughed. She rolled to face me saying,

“We both might give some thought to getting into some serious exercise programs,” and laughed again.

I responded with, “Would one that recommended day and night sex qualify?”

She answered back with, “I don’t know but if you find one that does maybe we can get a special discount if we join together.”

“Leah this is the biggest surprise I ever had. I too wanted to have sex with you over all the years we worked together but was afraid if I made a move on you it would be considered sexual harassment and that would have ended everything for me in the company. I’m sorry that I had to resign to have it all happen.”

“Yeah but just hush up for right now and kiss my breasts the way you did before.”

“How about if I just pull the comforter down and we get under the covers and cuddle. I’ll spoon to you with my cock rubbing your ass and my hand cupping your breast. You can turn your face over your shoulder so I can have a clear shot at it to kiss you.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” as she got up and pulled the covers down to let us get under them.

I’m not sure which of us fell asleep first but I know neither of us were awake very long after the cuddling began.

Sometime during the night I was awakened with her moving her hips around and that rubbed her ass against my cock. It didn’t take long before I was harder than hell and slipped it in her from the rear.

All I heard was, “Oh God yes, fuck me Bill. Fuck me.”

Well the least I could do was to honor her request.

I grabbed her hips and began to really drive into her as deeply as I could. The harder I drove it in her the harder she threw her hips back to me. Whew, she is a terrific piece of ass. This went on for a good few minutes before I felt her explode that was followed by my own climax.

Once again we were both panting fast and furious. She pulled away and turned to face me to put one of her hands on either side of the back of my head and pulled me to her for another deep kiss.

“Leah, have you ever been told you are one sexy gal?”

“No, but it’s nice to hear it from you.”

I laughingly said, “We’d better get some sleep or neither of us will be worth a damn in the morning.”

She followed on with, “You’re right but what a great way to be worn out.”

She awoke somewhere close to ten and after a few long and deep kisses she went back to her room to shower and get ready for the day. I did the same in my bathroom and we were both ready by eleven and went downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast. We locked up the connecting doors between the rooms before leaving and Leah messed up her bed so the maid could report, if asked, that both beds in the adjoining rooms had been slept in!

Our afternoon meeting went fantastic. I solved the outstanding issues in a half-hour and got another order larger than the one I got up in Raleigh. What a great day, I’d had an unbelievable piece of ass, solved some ticklish problems with the account and got a super order and it wasn’t even three-thirty. Once again I announced my retirement plans and went around shaking hands and we were back in the motel before five.

We had another meeting in town for the next afternoon so we had almost another whole day to do with as we pleased. I knew what was going to be at the top of the list?

Before leaving that account we asked for recommendations for the best restaurant in the area. We received suggestions from three different people and one place topped all three lists. We were off to dinner.

It really was a nice place. The silverware was silver and the crystal was actually crystal. Of course the prices went right along with everything else. But, and this was the main thing … the food and service were superb.

Strangely about half way through dinner Leah began sobbing. When I asked what she as crying about all she would say was that this was probably going to be one our final good dinners. She finally stopped and dried her eyes before finishing her dinner. We then sat and talked for some time while sipping some great cognac. It was really one of the finest dinners I had ever enjoyed and I have been fortunate enough to have eaten in first class places all over the world.

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