On separate vacations together


On separate vacations togetherLast night my wife and I were enjoying a nice evening at home , just sipping some adult beverages and recalling last summer. You see I’m her cuckold, she has multiple sex partners and I’m not allowed to have sex outside our marriage.Well she brought up this pasted June when she and I went on vacation in Panama City Florida. We met up with some of her friends after checking into the motel. Mike and Mark are two of her regular lovers and they were staying in the same motel as my wife and me. We were setting at the pool bar when Mark said to my wife ” you should just stay in our room ” . Mike agreed and said you going to be sleeping there anyway so it will save time having your stuff there. I know I could cause a scene and take my wife away from these horny guys but the fact of the matter is all this was my idea. I’m the one that introduced my wife to the cuckolding lifestyle. Once I got her comfortable with the idea she became a master of Cuckolding me. Let me describe my wife. She stands five foot four, her mousey brown hair is kept bleached blonde , it’s straight and cut with bangs, and stops at her shoulders. She weighs an even one hundred pounds and her tits are thirty four B. Her pussy is totally hairless and she tans wonderfully. Well as we sat at the bar she was wearing one of her ” special” bikinis. She has several solid color bikinis that she has had all the lining removed from so there is only one layer of extremely thin nylon between her body and the world. When wet they almost disappear. Mark was talking about how he and Mike work well together when they are fucking my wife. They each have thick fat cocks and love to double penetrate her. My wife said if you two are planning on stretching my butthole you better buy me more drinks. They talk as if I’m not even present, in fact I never add to their discussions about fucking. Mike said before we get to spun out we need to move your stuff into our room. I paid our tab and we all head to our room. It was obvious my wife had something to do with the guys reservation, because she and I had twelve o seven and the guys where in eleven o five. That means I could stand on our balcony and look van escort down into theirs. After we carried all of my wife’s bags into the guys room I left and went back to my room alone. I turned on the TV and laid down. It was only about one of clock . I couldn’t find anything to watch so I walked out on the balcony to look at the gulf. From a hundred and twenty feet up I could see way down the beach in both directions. I even looked down at the guys balcony. They apparently where having sex with my wife because none of them where out side. I was setting with my feet propped up on the handrail enjoying the breeze off the gulf when I heard my wife call my name. She saw my feet and knew I was out side. I stood up and leaned over the rail, looking right at the lower balcony. There stood my totally naked wife, she asked if I was hungry. I said yes , why? She said I have a massive pie here if you want it. In a flash I ran down to their room, not even waiting on the elevator I took the stairs. I knocked on the door and Mike opened it. He was wearing a pair of boxers , he said she’s on the balcony. When I walked outside my wife was leaning over the rail looking down at the pool. Her legs where apart enough for me to be able to see her pussy lips. I didn’t speak, I just went to my knees and buried my face into her pussy. She moaned and pushed back mashing her nasty pussy into my face. She reached back and held my head tightly against her. My nose was actually in her butthole and I could smell the sent of a man on her. I was sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. She was wiggling her ass back and forth and moaning. I bit down on her pussy lip and pulled it back. She likes it rough and she pushed back so I could get a better bit. I was able to locate her swollen clit then and sucking with all my might I pulled the little button into my mouth. She was going wild . Then all of a sudden she stood up straight pushing me away. I need a cock she said. I knew better than to offer up my little guy. I stood up and stepped aside as she walked back into the guys room. Which one of you motherfuckers can get hard she asked. Mark pulled down his boxers and out diyarbakır escort sprang a semi hard cock. It hung at about a fourty five degree angle from his body and even though not completely hard it was twice as long as mine and thick too. I’m amazed my little wife can take that in her pussy. She jumped on an already messed up bed and spread her legs. Fuck my cunt with that fat cock you son of a bitch she ordered. He moved up between her legs and I saw her hand take the now hard man meat and guide it to her opening. He pushed and sank it all the way to his balls . Her legs came up and she locked her ankles together behind his back. I moved so I could see better, her pussy lips were tightly wrapped around his dick. With every thrust he made she let out a little grunt. He fucked her every way a man can fuck a woman for the next hour. I actually walked out onto the balcony at one point. I had to get my mind off what was going on in there. I wanted to pull my own little guy out and jerk off but my wife doesn’t allow me to. In fact she usually has me in a chastity device but she didn’t lock me up yet for this trip. I head them talking so I walked back in. My wife was laying on her back, her legs wide open and a ring of white foam circled her slightly parted pussy lips. There was actually a small black hole between the lips. I stood at the foot of the bed and said baby your cunt is ruined. She said I now, I can feel my heart beating in it. I crawled up between her legs and place my opened mouth on her open pussy. My lips went between her outter lips and I sucked the thin inner lips hard. I ran my tongue as far up her as I could . She took ahold of my head and pulled me in tight. After I had cleaned her for the second time I left the room to go back to my roomI had plans of jerking off but just as I was about to there was a knock at my door. I peeked through the peephole and saw my wife. I opened the door and she walked in, she was wearing a Terry cloth cover up and it wasn’t tied. As she walked it opened enough to show she was naked under it. I asked her why she came up here. She said to stop you from jerking off you pervert. She ısparta escort went to my unpacked suitcase and opened it. Since she had packed our bags she had included my shortest chastity device. Stook took it out and said come here to me. My little guy was still rock hard from watching all the fucking she had just done. After opening the stainless cage she grabbed my dick, she squeezed it hard and then slapped my balls. I jumped back pulling my dick from her hand. I doubled over in pain. After a minute of so I stood up and my erection was gone. She said get over here. As she sat on the bed her Terry cloth cover up fell open. She had her legs crossed so I couldn’t see her pussy but as she worked my now soft penis into the cage I looked at her hard nipples. In a flash she pushed my stomach to push me way. I looked down and I was securely locked in the smallest chastity case made. It only sticks out from my body one inch. She said now you can swim in that and it shouldn’t show. I was complaining about having blue balls. She said if you think they hurt now and this is only the first day, you are going to be in agony when we leave in six days. I asked if she was going to stay with Mike and Mark the entire time? She said yes. I want them to fuck me every chance they get. She said I’m working on getting my pussy permanently sized to their liking. After she had gone back down to the room I laid on the bed totally naked. My little guy all locked away. There is no getting out of this one, it doesn’t use a pad lock it has a small brass bar that the key goes into and once the key is removed it can’t be taken off. I took a freezing cold shower to help cool my aching balls. That night the four of us all went to eat. We hit Angelo’s steak house. My wife wore a thin cotton print dress that came just above mid thigh. And as we’re getting in the car to go I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties. She sat next to Mike ate and I know he played with her pussy. After eatting we went to ride go-karts. I could tell as the attendant was hooking up my wife’s seat belt that she was showing him a lot of leg and possibly even her pussy.The remaining days usually consisted of the four of us starting out laying by the pool. Then my wife and Mark or Mike would go on for an hour or so. Then later the other one would take her in the room. I started noticing that there other people where watching. I’m sure they knew she was being fucked but I wonder what they thought about me never going in.

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