ONLY TIMEWife Sarah,s other life long friend Stella I listed for for years. Another stunning blonde even prettier than my wife which is saying something she married ten years after we did despite living with her husband five years prior to marrying him. She was a legal secretary so figured her career came before marriage. She invited Sarah and I to her fortieth birthday in 1987, but at the last minute her husband Niall a building contractor was called away on urgent business in America so it meant the possibility of cancelling the party as we were the only other couple invited. “I wouldn’t,t hear of it.” Stella sighed. “Niall May be away, but we,ll still have fun.” Unbeknownst to me Stella like Sarah,s best friend Ellen often stayed over with her or vice verse when they were just teenagers and Stella was never a shrinking violet at sex and initiated mutual masturbation sessions with Sarah which they enjoyed so when Stella suggested they use their mouths to make each other “feel good” Sarah Didn,t refuse as Ellen had already experimented with lesbianism previously yet Sarah knew she would Never be a true lesbian as she also loved to suck cocks though she hadn,t given up her cherry yet. Even so she hadn,t touched Stella,s cunt in years. The party was at Stella,s modern house Niall had helped build himself and as it was a hot August day Stella had it beside her fair sized swimming pool. Stella had a sari on over her bikini when we arrived and we both went inside to change into,our swim suits, Sarah in her new two piece navy bikini I in light blue trunks which were very tight, inappropriate really, but the other one karabağlar escort I had was boxer style and so loose my cock often was exposed which was great when with Sarah, but embarrassing around others. Mischievously I doubted Stella would mind, Sarah Didn,t seem to. “You don,t want to show Stella all you,ve Got too soon.” She teased. Actually it worked the other way. Once we joined her next to the pool Stella removed her sari and revealed her skimpy bikini. She,d let her long blonde hair down to her shoulders which were tanned nicely along with her curvy body she obviouslynworked hard to keep shapely, her tits fully as big as my wife,s hardly concealed by the bikini top, her tummy trim, but a few wisps of flaxen coloured pubic hairs escaping her bikini bottoms. “Wow you look hot!” Sarah complimented her. “Yes I,m very hot with all this sun.” Stella replied. “Didn,t mean it That way!” Sarah laughed. “Point taken.” Stella replied. “Joe calm down. I know Stella,s are just as big as mine, but you,ll burst the seams of your trunks if you don,t stay calm!” Sarah referred to my now straining trunks as my stiff cock fought to be released. “He obviously likes what he Sees!” Stella laughed. “Hard to hide it with Those trunks!” Stella giggled. “HARD is certainly the word! Can,t take this man any where!” Sarah laughed. “Perhaps you,d better take him to the bed room?” Stella suggested. “Maybe later. First I want to swim in your pool.” We cavorted in the lovely cooling water for a while then I relaxed with a cold beer as the women knocked a badminton shuttlecock about, the action of their big escort karabağlar knockers making my click strain my trunks again. Suddenly Sarah lost her footing going for a shot, tripped and Stella caught Sarah,s flailing leg and they both went down in a heap laughing. I quickly went to see if they were okay. “I,m okay, but my top is ripped.” Stella replied, her tits now freed as the material holding them to the elastic had torn away, her nipples the pouty type I Love to suckle. “Sorry Stella, I think I caught your top as I was falling.” “No point me putting my other one on as you,ve seen my titties, not that you hadn,t seen them before, Sarah, but Joe hadn,t.” Sarah reached behind and removed her top to free her tits, “Now we,re both topless!” “Being topless makes me ever so horny! Shall we put on a show for Joe then?” Stella suggested. “What kind of show are you thinking of girl?” Sarah asked, “What we used to do as teenagers whenever we stayed at each other,s house!” “Stella smiled impishly.. “Now you,re making Me horny!” Sarah sighed. Sarah changed loungers with me so she occupied the one next to Stella and moved it right next to Stellas, leaned over and kissed Stella passionately letting her tongue enter Stella,s mouth as her right hand gently fondled her friends left boob as Stella responded by massaging Sarah,s tits together. Stella now kissed down my wife,s body till she reached her tits and took the engorged nipple of the right one to suck on while pushing Darah,s bikini briefs down her legs and off. By now my cock was thick and as stiff as a rod made of iron as Sarah now karabağlar escort bayan removed Stella,s bikini bottoms and gently fingered the sensitive clitoris which seemed to make Stella suck harder on Sarah,s tit. Meanwhile I removed my trunks to release my cock so I could stroke it while concentrating on the women. Sarah was now sucking on Stella,s left boob as both passionate women fingered each other,s soaking pussies and groaning softly, their heavy breathing and panting clearly audible to me. It was Stella that now licked down to Sarah,s navel then over her clit which made Sarah open her legs fully to allow Stella to start feasting on her fleshy pussy lips tasting her sweet juices. After being licked for a while Sarah moved round so Stella could lower her own juicy cunt to Sarah,s face so then they performed a full “69” accompanied by groans and thevstrong aroma of highly aroused pussies. It was high time I,joined in the three some, but as soon as I entered Sarah she pushed me away, “No. Stella needs your cock first, Luv! Do,her first!” I was a bit surprised, but delighted at the same time as I slipped into new territory, but Stella,s pussy heat was highly intoxicating and we were soon in a rhythm as she knelt before me letting me hammer away while slurping happilynat my wife,s juicy cunt making Sarah groan and talk dirty which she only does when fucking and extremely horny. Sarah groaned herbclimax first, then realising I was on the verge of cumming got under Stella and licked her while I climaxed, some of my cum filling Stella, some swallowed by Sarah. Then Sarah cleaned the rest of my cum from Stella,s pussy and licked Stella to an intense orgasm. I can,t remember how many times we fucked and sucked each other that day into night, but we were well exhausted when we returned home next day, took a leisurely shower separately and went to bed to recuperate. That was the Only Time I ever fucked Stella sadly!

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