Operation Doppelbanger


I opened the door to my best friend, my almost-twin, wearing a criminally revealing royal blue dress over her voluptuous body. We looked at each other and cracked up. I wore a tight dress of a similar blue shade. And we’d each gone for smokey eye makeup, red lips, and hair sleeked back into ponytails. There was a reason our code name for this rendezvous was “Operation Doppelbanger.”

We’d been planning this day for weeks. Years really. We’d been best friends for most of a decade and though we’d never so much as kissed, the possibility never seemed off the table. Opportunities came and went but we carried on platonically, sharing family vacations and holidays and pretty much everything else together. But since the night we’d met, when the party faded into the background as we discussed sci-fi novels and sculpture and I tried not to stare into her ample cleavage, something more had simmered between us.

One night after a few beers she said, “You know we’re going to fuck at some point,” her dark eyes half challenge, half vulnerable. I agreed with a laugh more hearty than I felt, not wanting to let on how often I’d considered it. I resisted an urge to take her hand. But after that I started thinking about her more and more intimately. Her hard nippes and juicy cunt filled my fantasies and I kept wondering what she would taste like. And then I thought, why not. What’s a little sex between friends.My husband loved the idea of me with another woman and hers was similarly enthusiastic.

I was lying on my bed freshly fucked by my favorite vibrator, my hair disheveled, and my pussy wet and pink, when I decided. Too nervous to say it in person, I texted her, “Let’s do it,” with a water droplets emoji. Smooth.

“Do what?” she wrote back, but I knew she knew what I meant. “It,” I wrote back. She said, “????”

The time for subtlety was over. “Let’s fuck,” I replied. “OMG really???!?!” She wrote back. “It’s about time!!”

As the time approached, we got more and more graphic Beylikdüzü escort about our upcoming encounter, often staying up late texting each other with things we’d never say in person. “Do you like to be spanked?” I asked. “What about nipple clamps?” I was in agony, my pussy swollen and dripping and wanting. “I’m so excited!” she texted. “This is going to be fun!”

We had planned to go to brunch first, but that was quickly abandoned. Our first course would be steaming hot muffins. We both wanted to get each other naked as quickly as possible. The sun was barely out when she arrived at my house and I wanted to immediately pull off her dress and bury my face in her tits. But this was too good not to savor.

Pangs of desire shot through me from my chest down to my toes as I led her to the couch. We sat and were suddenly shy, our hands entwined. I reached up and put my hand behind her head, stroking the back of her head and neck. I slid my hand up into her hair and pulled her slowly to me. Our lips touched.

She giggled. Hmm. Not the most encouraging sign. But then I laughed too. This was ludicrous. I just kissed my best friend! Eventually we leaned together again and this time it was serious. Her mouth was soft and yielding and sweet. I stroked her lips with the point of my tongue and her tongue met mine and we both sighed. We kissed for years, for decades, until my body was on fire and I knew hers was too.

I broke free, panting, and kissed and licked my way across her jaw to her collarbone. I knew her neck and ears were sensitive, because mine were too. I took my time, delicately tracing the whorls of her ear then gently sucking and biting her neck. She moaned so beautifully that I wanted her in my bed and naked. I stood and led her to the bedroom.

LED candles and rosy salt lights lit the dark purple walls and illuminated the table of toys, lube, and towels, just we needed any of those things. “Take off your dress,” I said huskily. “You too,” she said in Beylikdüzü escort the same voice. We stripped, then stood there looking at each other. We’d seen each other naked, but this was different. We stood facing each other, our bodies so similar yet so different. I was all ass and hips with pale skin, while she was apple shaped with a deep tan. We looked at each and saw the same raw desire reflected in each others’ eyes.

I stepped to her and took her large breasts, straining against a black lace bra, into my trembling hands. Hers went to my smaller ones and we massaged each others’ breasts. “Fuck,” I said. “Take this damn bra off.” I took mine off too and immediately wanted nothing more than to close my lips around her large raspberry nipples. She began to lightly rub my nipples with her thumbs, but I pushed her back onto the bed.

I wanted to take my time. I took her tits in my hands and felt their weight. She reached for mine and I pushed her away. I sat beside her and ran my fingers over her soft skin, circling closer and closer to her nipples. She was breathing hard as I bent my head and ran my tongue in circles around her straining nipple. She arched her back and brought her hand to the back of my head, urging me on.

I began to gently lick the sides of her nipple, while my fingers did the same on the other side. She moaned. Suddenly I pinched hard and latched my mouth to the underside of her breast, sucking hard until I knew I’d left a mark. She yelped. Quickly I went back to her nipples, stroking, sucking, biting, pinching until her hips were moving and she was moaning continuously.

Her mound was pushing against my leg, nuzzling like a frisky foal. I pressed on it with my free hand and she moaned plaintively. With two fingers I slid down into her wetness on either side of her clit shaft. I massaged her that way as I kept torturing her nipples until she pushed my head toward her pussy and begged, “Oh please, please, please,” in a tortured whine.

I Escort Beylikdüzü had to oblige. She moved farther onto the bed and I took a position between her large thighs. With one hand I pulled her mons up for better access and dipped my head to drink from her like a thirsty traveller. I waggled my tongue along the length of her clit, slid it along the sides of her bud, thrust it in and around her juicy hole, and finally, finally, when her thighs trembled and she keened wordlessly, I took her clit into my hot mouth. She was close to exploding, but I sucked so gently and licked so tenderly that when it finally arrived, her orgasm was slow and filled with a bright fury that went right past the point when she would want to push me away and into a rarely charted territory of intense pleasure.

Eventually, her pussy stopped its spasming and her breathing slowed. I released her clit then, and climbed up to lie beside her. I found her face wet with tears. “Fuck,” she said simply. “That was amazing.” She cuddled up to me and found a stiff nipple. Her mouth was like an anemone that attached to the areola and swept the sea of small bumps there. I grabbed her head and wordlessly asked for more. There would be no slow build now; I was too worked up to wait.

After a minute of letting her torture both nipples with her teeth, I growled, “Touch my clit. Now,” while pulling her hair just enough to mean it. She looked up at me, ready to tease, but when she saw the raw need on my face, she slid her hand down and right into my hot hole, her thumb firmly on my clit. I bucked wildly and rode her as she slid down and placed her full lips onto my throbbing button while she continued to stroke my G-spot hard. In just a few moments, I screamed and exploded, flooding her chin and neck with my scalding juice.

We lay tangled up together, our fluids mingling on the floral sheets. Eventually, we got ourselves straightened out and under the covers and spent time just stroking each other and making satisfied sounds. “So that happened,” I said with a laugh. My fingers played absently with her hair.

“It sure did,” she said, and laughed too, and reached for me. After a long kiss that left us both breathless again, she said, “I’m starving… how about that brunch?”

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