Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 07


For the next two weeks life changed for me. I woke up every morning on the floor at the foot of my old bed. I would look at Sholanda and Darnique blissfully cuddled up in my bed snoring loudly. I would shower and go off to work. When I got home I usually found the girls giggling, drinking and just enjoying each other’s large bodies.

Sometimes Sholanda would have me eat out her ass or Darnique’s pussy but for two whole weeks the CB3000 stayed locked on my cock and balls and I did not cum.

I couldn’t understand it. Up until she moved in Sholanda had been insatiable. She gave me all of the sex that I could ever dream of. I loved her fat lips, big floppy tits, thick thighs, huge ass and juicy pussy. I know that she came so easily from me. Why the change?

Sholanda had quit her job at the Family Dollar store. She had me add her name to my checking account and get her an ATM and credit card. From the online activity, I saw that she was eating at least two meals a day in restaurants. I also noticed all of the new clothes that filled the huge oak dresser, that she had me buy her.

Sholanda asked if I had any savings or brokerage accounts. If she had been keeping me happy sexually, I would have gladly told her about all of the money that I had saved up in the last six years as an engineer. But since I hadn’t cum in almost two weeks, and my CD’s and brokerage accounts were in different institutions from my checking account, I lied and told her that I spent any extra money that I ever had on traveling.

I came home from work every day all hot and bothered by the plugs in my ass and the friction of the satiny panty material, that felt so damn erotic under my work clothes all day. Sholanda would make me dress in garter, stockings and heels that she bought for me, the second I walked in the door.

She also had me Nair all my body hair away. This was actually great because the frilly things felt so much better against my now smooth skin.

I would then spend the next few hours cooking dinner for her and Darnique, cleaning the apartments and servicing any needs that they might have.

A little over two weeks after Sholanda and Darnique moved in, I came home from work to find Sholanda entwined on the couch with a big black man. He was ripped and looked strong and menacing. “Who the hell is that?” I inquired.

“This is Tyrone.” Sholanda shushed me and said, “He is my ex, but I had to ditch his ass because he couldn’t pay the rent.”

“Doll, how would you like to fuck me tonight?” She asked.

Just thinking about her curvy loads of fat swallowing up my body, simultaneously with her juicy pussy engulfing Pendik Ukraynalı Escort my cock, would have got me hard but for the cruel plastic cage trapping my cock and balls.

“Sholanda, there is nothing in the world that I would want more than being close to you and in you.” I replied.

“Great Doll!” Sholanda exclaimed. “I am so horny for you, but I just need to part from Tyrone one last time before sending him off.” “Just let him fuck me this last time and he will be gone from my life for good.” Sholanda now commanded me,” “Change into your home clothes and get your chores done.”

With that I watched in awe as Tyrone dropped his pants and a huge ten inch dick was exposed! Sholanda just laid back on the couch spreading her legs and holding her fat pussy lips open.

I got dressed in my feminine clothing and started cleaning the apartment. Darnique was nowhere to be seen, and Tyrone was now pounding Sholanda’s pussy without mercy. I knew by her moans and grunts that she was having a much better time with Tyrone than she ever had with me.

It hurt me deeply and I burned with shame, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as I performed my chores. It seemed to go on forever, but eventually Tyrone let out a huge growl and collapsed on the couch, his huge cock glistening.

I was enthralled. I had never seen such a huge cock or such an animal performance before. Sholanda quickly called me over and said, “Doll, I need more cums, eat me like only you know how!”

I looked at her spread legs and ruined pussy. She had congealed cream all over her labia. The inner lips where all raw and inflamed. The crack was dripping with wetness. Some cum had even pooled around her anus.

I was mesmerized as I approached. I would have been stiff as rebar if not for the CB3000. There was some cum dribbling down her taint. Her lips were so raw and the pubic hair had congealed juice matted in.

“Come on Doll!” She commanded. “Lick me out good, I know your starved for me!”

I didn’t want to. I was so degraded, that my Sholanda who I loved, had just fucked another man in front of me! I burned with shame but was drawn to Sholanda’s pussy, like a moth to a candle. My self-reproach was complete when I leaned in and licked up the pooled cum on her anus.

Tyrone’s cum didn’t taste good but it was like an expensive single malt whiskey. So addicting, with a burn for more. With a long swipe I gathered all of the cum and cream on Sholanda’s taint. I then sucked all of the congealed pussy lubrication out of her pubic hair. When done with that I spread her raw engorged labia apart and licked the length Pendik Üniversiteli Escort of her trench. My god was it good! I buried by face in her cunt and burrowed my tongue in as far as it would go. When I got no more cream by doing this I just frenched her opening and sucked real hard. Quite a bit more slime came out and I loved it!

This whole time Tyrone had been quiet, but when he saw that I was not getting anything else for my efforts he said. “Damn that bitch liked it so much she needs more.” “I gots more for your Doll right here!” He now commanded, “Come here bitch and clean my snake off!”

“You better do it.” Sholanda agreed as Tyrone grabbed my hair and pulled my face over to his softening cock.

It looked like a glazed eclair! The sides where all shiny with slimy cum and a big bead had formed at the end of his piss slit. His pubic hair was all matted and sticky with Sholanda’s secretions.

“Do it Bitch!” Tyrone commanded, pulling my hair harshly.

I leaned in and licked the side of hid rod. It was hard but had a soft texture to it. With this lick I got a tongue full of his seed and it tasted the same as what I had so happily sucked out of my Sholanda’s pussy just a minute ago. The flavor was just so addicting that I licked a second and third time. On each lick I got another tongue full of Tyrone’s slime. I savored it it before I swallowing down.

Tyrone now pulled my hair hard and commanded, “Suck on it you fagot bitch.”

I didn’t really have a choice. He was just so much bigger than me but I would not say that I was forced. I actually wanted to suck on his large cock! It just felt so damn good in my mouth and the taste was divine!

I sucked up and down on his cock some and then lowered my head to lick the secretions out of his pubes. Once Tyrone’s pubes were clean and glistening I noticed that his balls were sticky so I started licking them too.

“He does better much better than you Sho!” Tyrone exclaimed, “Man this is awesome, I am getting rock hard again!”

“Well then he can be the one to suck you off from now on, cause I ain’t doin it no more! Sholanda yelled, “Your cock is just to damn big fo my mouth and it hurts my lips!”

With that she got up and sat down next to me on the floor so she could get a better view of the action. “You really are hard again Tyrone!” She exclaimed. “Maybe you a fagot too.”

Tyrone backhanded her hard across the face, and stated. “Only one fagot in this house and she is sucking on my nutz right now!”

It seemed like Sholanda was used to backhands like that because although her head snapped back Pendik Vip Escort from the force of the smack, she took it in stride and did not even shed a tear.

“You better suck him off till he cums again Doll.” She told me. “My cunny is just to damn sore from that pounding that he gave me to take him again!”

I let his left nut slip out of my mouth and put his head back in. At first I concentrated just on the head. I loved the spongy soft texture of his hard pole. It just fit into my mouth so nicely! I knew that I was addicted to cock sucking. The whole feeling of being on my knees doing such a degrading act was just so deliciously shaming!

I started bobbing my whole head up and down on Tyrone’s cock. The whole front of my panties were soaked in my precum. If that nasty cage was not locked on I probably would have cum by now just from the shame and friction of the panties!

After a few minutes Tyrone let go of my hair and grabbed my ears, one in each hand. He now started ramming my head down on his rod. Each time I could feel the head bang against my throat.

It only took him about eight or nine rams until he tensed up and gushed into my mouth. I could feel his power as the spurts rushed through his cock and burst onto my tongue! This was the first time that I tasted cum strait from the cock. I held it in my mouth and kept messaging the underside of his cock with my tongue, until Tyrone got hypersensitive and pushed me away.

I swished his load around my mouth some, savoring the flavor and then swallowed it all down. By then another dollop of cum had formed at the end of this cock so I took his cockhead back into my mouth and gave a hard suck collecting everything that was left in his urethra. This last half mouthful was just as good and I quickly swallowed it down.

Tyrone quickly got up, dressed, kissed Sholanda on the lips and left.

Once the door was shut Sholanda came over to me and gave me one of her big sloppy kisses and hugged me tight. “You were awesome Doll!” She told me. “I need for you to sleep with me tonight!”

She then led me int the bedroom and removed my panties and the CB3000. “You deserve this Doll.” She said, “Now fuck me gently cause Tyrone ripped me up pretty bad.”

I jumped on Sholanda and my cock sunk right in. I only lasted about 20 second before I gushed a huge load into her abused gash.

“Why couldn’t you last longer Doll?” Sholanda asked. “I still need to cum, and am just to tired to move so get that good tongue of yours to work!’

I quickly got down between her legs, pried those massive thighs apart and just dove in. Her gash was overflowing with two weeks of my saved up slime! I just sucked it out like a starving pig! I had developed a taste for cum and was in heaven! I had missed Sholanda so much these last two weeks. She had two strong orgasms, but I continued licking and kissing her fat meaty folds until I dozed off using her FUPA as my pillow.

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