QuicklyJane found a surge in her sex drive, recently she had a taboo FFM night [Another story] . This new found passion is a delight for myself fucking like teen’s. Were back to younger day’s fucking in the Car, Super market carpark, wherever the opportunity a rises, getting home she’s waiting in the house dressed slutty, Leather, Corset’s big boots whole nine yards. It was her birthday and we organised a house party all came round the usual group of close friends and both work college’s came round as well. Party was just starting theme good lady comes down to all eye’s fixed on her my eye’s Pop, thigh high boots leather skirt and stunning dress corset, Daring to say the least. Prozac Jaq wife’s Good friend comments “God Jane , not leaving much to the imagination!!” Chuckling the answer is “We only live once, can’t be comfortable in ankara escort my own house with friend’s then when can you”.Well her new confidence is soaring as the evening goes bye, introducing me to her black friend Jazz and husband Ted we all mingle and a lot off alcohol is drunk, keeping all topped up and refreshed is hard going and about 23.30 I try to see the birthday girl but to no avail.I head out the back to where the garage is more Wine, Beer and Champ’s on approach the door’s a jar but dark inside, I can hear voices” God your so fkn sexy”” Suck my cock oh ah””My wife will kill me”Slurping and groaning and curious to look in but decided just to listen fucking getting horny, don’t know the voice but he’s enjoying it.”Oh oh Fuck that’s good” “That’s it take more suck my big Black Ball’s!!!”Fuck it’s Ted antalya escort sneaky fucker, so I head round the other side next to the conifers peak in the small widow, groaning continues.Well there’s Ted and I’m sick to the stomach my slut wife legs parted crouching against my bench hand on a thick long Black Cock mouth around the helmet. Gutted yet fixed on the sight Jane comes up and they lock eye’s.”Time to put that tool to work on this bench Ted? Now be Fkn Quick we have been away long enough”She jumps up parting her leg’s”You dirty Slut, no Nicker’s eh””No now get it in !!”Jane’s eye’s roll back as he pushes in side my Wife.”Your soaked you sexy Bitch”Gasping “Its so big Bigger than oh Fuck Fuck”I’m gobbed smacked my wife just came on the black knob in a few Thrust’s, her nail’s dig into his shoulders escort bayan as he pump’s inside my now Slut wife.”Harder Ted Harder, fuck Fuck””I ain’t got a rubber where oh where!!!””My PUSSY Yes yes yes”As she shouts in his ear he’s already blown away inside her, the whole act lasted about 5mins including blowjob that I seen, watching them fix them self the sound of the plop from her swollen pussy is killing me.”You were fucking amazing” big smug smile.”Ted thanks for my present, now hurry up” Ted leans in for a kiss as Jane pulls away and heads out first, I’m as confused as his face standing there with super hard cock and my mind racing of her moment of Passion. I confess I pushed and opened Pandora’s Box little did I expect to witness what I did, I also confess I shouldn’t have watched but broke his Jaw but I will also confess I had 1 ragging Hard cock. The party went on till early hours and I still have not told Jane of what I witnessed and to date have yet to Fuck my wife but this will not last for long as jealousy is not my way but revenge on the man who was to Cuckold me well this I shall enjoy .

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